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Home Important Posts The Tribal War with Islam

The Tribal War with Islam

All wars are wars of equals.

That's true in the sense that each side attacks the other in terms of how it defines itself as an entity. States try to destroy other states. Religions fight other religions. Ethnic groups and races engage in genocide. They do this even when the other side does not see itself in the same terms.

The United States tried to fight guerrillas and terrorists as if they were modern states with their own industrial military organizations protecting their industrial core. This tactic made no sense in Vietnam or even Iraq because that wasn't the enemy we were facing. But states are built to fight other states. Tribes are built to fight other tribes. Religions are built to fight other religions.

The modern multicultural super-tolerant western state of this century takes stock of its strongest point, and decides that it's not the old industrial machine, which destroys the environment, its traditional heritage, which is problematic, or its problem solving skills, which are too technical, but its values of super-tolerant multiculturalism. And so it wages war on those insane terms.

The old Western model of war was brutal and efficient. Protect the industrial plant. Use it to churn out more military hardware. Smash the enemy. The new Western model of war is protect social harmony. Create more diversity. And the enemy will eventually be drawn into our global harmony.

When liberals take every terror attack as an opportunity to lecture us on the vital importance of not losing "our values", they are in their own warped and useless way waging war.

In the 20th century, war was distilled down to an industrial core. In the 21st century, the anti-industrial rebels who want to de-industrialize manufacturing while industrializing society, have distilled all that matters down to their values. In their confused world order, the terrorists are attacking "our values" and we in turn must attack "their values" with our superior "values".

Barely half the country accepts their construct of what "our values" are and they have no idea whatsoever what "their values" are, but they assume that just as our values are "our values" so too "their values" are also "our values". This is the sort of thing you do if you're an ideologue.

And also it's a natural human shortcut. It's human nature to assume that people different from you are just dumber, nastier versions of yourself who have the same basic goals and organization as you do.

Ideologues are most likely to assume that everyone agrees with their premises, but just hasn't been shown the right textbooks. And these days ideologues and their textbooks dominate everything.

To the left, Islam is an inefficient sort of Socialism dependent on medieval superstition and lacking modern idea. To Muslims, the left is an inefficient sort of Islam that's missing Allah, Mohammed and the Koran. It's all just a problem of explanations and textbooks.

The left plans to defeat ISIS with "our values" by which it means showing how effective our social harmony is, which it isn't, by refusing to actually fight Islamic terrorism. Eventually the Jihadists will give up their reactionary ways as the ordinary Muslims realizes that he has the same interests as the rest of the great rainbow coalition does. This hasn't even worked too well in Europe.

The left is a purely ideological entity and so it has reduced our countries and cultures to the transportable "our values". Despite Islam's ideological reach, it's not purely an ideological entity.

At the ground floor, Islam is tribal. The Iraqis viewed us as the American Tribe. Tribes raid each other. Their members lash out and kill each other over insults. They count coup on each other. They steal and humiliate each other's women. Tribes are nomadic and they are concerned with honor.

Tribes from Iraq, Syria and North Africa can come to Europe, set up their own territories, pile up loot and then humiliate the native women for New Year's Eve. And then laugh at the impotence of the European tribal authorities.

The Islamic no-go zones are seen primarily as religious, but they are also tribal. Islam incorporates both. Islamic migration also expands tribal territories. It's always been that way.

And this is also how Muslims fight us on a tribal level. They attack the honor of the European tribes. But it's not as if the Merkel government or any of the other European Socialist governments have any concept of honor anyway.

While European Socialists attempt to integrate them with "our values", the ungrateful integratees show that the systems have no honor on a tribal level and are not worth taking seriously.

Beyond the tribal, is the religious. In Islam, religion remains limited to the most primitive level of "My tribal deity Allah is stronger than your deity because we beat you up."

This is literally what Allahu Akbar means.

To the representatives of the secular West, religion is identical with "our values", which is to say that it contains nothing religious about it, certainly no claims which require divine validation or unique truths. Their religion is a spiritual background noise which affirms the essential position that we should be nice to each other while providing support for any leftist position of the moment.

No meaningful dialogue is possible between Allahu Akbar and "Our values" because the two are not speaking the same language except in one sense, both insist on absolute submission. But the left's demand for submission is based on the absolute moral superiority of "Our values". Islam literally means submission, but its moral superiority is a revealed truth based on Islam's military victories.

Islam is right, because it won. It won, because it's right. There's your cycle of violence in a nutshell.

Islam sanctified the tribal raid as a religious act and turned the dead into martyrs. That's Jihad. Terrorism incorporates both the tribal and the religious. Islamic missionary activity in the West also targets dissatisfied minorities, potential fifth columns, in the same manner as the original Arab Islamic conquests did. Even here, Islam unites tribal and religious tactics.

The final element of the tribal war is organizational. It is here that Islam attacks "Our values".

Tribes are forever quarreling. They are weakest at their points of mutual association. This is how Mohammed originally got his start. Islam expanded initially more through clever games of divide and conquer than military strategy.

To the Muslim mind, we are a series of fragile tribal associations. That is also how we appear to the "Our values" left. The "Our values" crowd thinks of the threat in terms of "radicalization", but the real threat is "integration". Mohammed did some of his best work by undermining from within.

To undermine a tribal association, you have to be a part of it. Then you have to raise grievances, find other dissatisfied allies and eventually promise them better treatment under Islam.

That's what Mohammed did. It's what his followers are doing today.

This is where groups like the Muslim Brotherhood play the long game while ISIS plays the short game.

The left's multicultural vision made this mess possible. It's also making it worse. The left despises tribal thinking and yet its entire political infrastructure is built on rewarding it. All Islamic organizations have had to do is built on the left's own work, joining its coalitions as Islamic groups, and then working to hijack them. The growing takeover of #BlackLivesMatter by Muslim groups is one example of the phenomenon.

Our enemies are not states and they will not fight us as states. To the extent that they are tribal, they will fight us as tribes. To the extent that they are religious, in a primitive sort of way, they will attack us that way. But the real problem is that we are no longer states either. Instead we are in the grip of a mystical deluded cult that squawks of "Our values" while tribalizing and dividing us to push through discredited economic and social policies. They have opened the gates to a cruel, backward enemy.

And in doing so, they have brought a tribal war into our own homelands.


  1. The left has no inclination to defeat ISIS in the least. At most the left assumes it can coexist with ISIS borrowing those aspects of it it can use, as much as they hope ISIS can borrow from the left parts of liberal secular dogma it can use to coexist with them. But the left will never come down and say 'end ISIS' it won't even postulate what the borders between them as us look like or even what the fundamental differences between them and us are or should be. The left wants to use ISIS as a lever with which to harm its enemies here. For instance, any leftist worth their hashtag will tell you they'd rather have ISIS in the US than anyone from the GOP.

  2. Anonymous11/1/16

    The left has been seeking a 'world government," devoid of independent nations since the late 1800s.
    Indeed,the attendees at the Communist Internationale immediately prior to WWI were simply shocked that the 'proletariat" of the nations engaged in that war, did not refuse to fight for their respective nations.
    In their minds, nation states - nationalism - were one of the causes of human suffering.
    Today, these leftists have embraced the fraud of global warming to advance that cause.
    But their real weapon is to utilize unlimited immigration or open borders to destroy nation states. They realize that once a culture is extinguished - German, French, American, etc., - the "advanced" nation states will cease to exist, and amongst the ensuing chaos, a "new world order," a UN dominated world order, will emerge.
    That is the utopian fantasy that the elitist left envisions. George Soros is flag bearer of this philosophy, despite his billions of $$ and his lavish , upper east side dwelling.

    One cannot but ponder if this "one world order" fantasy is not orchestrated and funded by Russia. Putin and his ilk realize that the way to seek Russian domination is best achieved by the SELF DESTRUCTION OF THE WEST. Note that Soros is a product of Hungary, and would be a perfect sleeper asset for the Soviets/USSR/Putin .

  3. I'll say it again. Especially for an avid reader of yours, who is seeing you develop ideas you birthed in previous articles, it's like every day is the best day of your writing career, and then the next day is better.

    What would you say to a young man aspiring to be a writer? How do you get a gig like this, and keep your talent as sharpened as you have?

  4. AesopFan11/1/16

    "The left despises tribal thinking and yet its entire political infrastructure is built on rewarding it. "

    That is exceptionally profound, even in the midst of this very enlightening article.

  5. AesopFan, thank you. It's another reminder of how twisted the left has become from its own roots.

    112, thank you. I would say, find what you want to write about and wrote about it. Then do it a lot because it takes a long while to get better at it. Keep trying new angles and things.

    I got this gig by blogging for years and getting an offer out of the blue. I wouldn't rec it as a career strategy.

  6. Daniel Greenfield, you are the best!

  7. 9. The End Game

    If the traitor elites can imagine sufficiently far into the future, then they must surely see international socialism lining up next for its climactic struggle against Islam, which shall be fought atop the still-warm corpse of European nationalism. Will these traitor-elite international socialists be able to hold the line against the ultimate victory of Islamic supremacism in Europe, or anywhere? Let us compare their assets and armaments.

    The traitor elites control vast wealth and many levers of power. But will the ready offer of unlimited wealth and fast-track career promotion outweigh the fear of the Muslim assassin, kidnapper, and beheader? Which motivating force will prove stronger in the long run, the proffered bribe, or the kidnapped child and her threatened decapitation? International socialism and world Islamism are both evil totalitarian ideologies rooted in a quest for absolute power, but I believe that more socialists will convert to Islam than the other way around, tending to tip the final outcome in that direction. Why? Because you can live without accepting a suitcase full of Euros or a juicy job offer as a bribe. But you cannot live with your head removed from your shoulders.

    Another enduring but rarely examined weapon in the Islamic conquest armory is the offer of amnesty to well-placed infidel leaders who agree to convert to Mohammedism. Can I see Angela Merkel wearing a hijab? Yes, certainly. Whether the badge she wears on her suit is red or black won’t matter to the former Communist, not if it is a matter of saving her neck while retaining her status. Study the history of Islamic conquest, and you will find numerous cases where Western leaders announced — after clandestinely opening the city gates to hijra invasion — that they had already converted to Islam.

    As reward for this valuable service, well-placed defectors to Islam are often allowed to preserve their wealth and positions by taking fresh Muslim names and swearing fealty to the new Islamic regime. It’s intentionally made very easy to convert to Islam. The shahada conversion prayer is only a sentence, a handful of words. Sincere inner belief is not required, only publicly outward submission, which is the true (and nearly always obscured) meaning of the Arabic word Islam. Submission.

  8. So when it comes to last-stand defenses, and head chopping time draws near, will the secular humanist international socialists fight to their last breath against Islamism? Not likely, not when simply repeating a silly and trite incantation about Allah and Mohammed can save their inherently dishonorable and traitorous lives. Simply stated, they will submit to Islam.

    I think that in the end, Mohammed’s evil and satanic Koranic blueprint for world conquest will prove to be even more virulent and persistent than the evil and satanic blueprint of the international socialists, going back through the Jacobins, Marxists and Communists. The unchanging Koranic blueprint for global domination is still replicating and advancing after fourteen centuries, while the international socialist blueprint is only two and a half centuries old. Based on proven longevity alone, a betting man would have to favor the Islamic formulation for conquest and tyranny over the international socialist version.

    And in the event that Islam either destroys or co-opts international socialism, I would expect the strife to continue until only Sunni or Shia Muslims are left alive. Then there would arise schisms and conflicts among new competing sects, because of the innately violent instructions central to the Koranic blueprint. But without an external host for the parasitic Islamic ringworm to feed upon, (having killed and consumed the golden goose of productive Western society), Islam itself will most likely fester and decay. What would succeed a failed global Caliphate, I can’t imagine. By that time, the last believing and practicing Christians in Europe will be lying cold and forgotten in their unmarked mass graves.

    From my essay "Tet, Take Two: Islam's 2016 European Offensive"

  9. A breathtakingly cogent article, Daniel. Thank you.

  10. Another brilliant piece, Daniel. All this seems so clear to some, yet either ignored or unnoticed by most. I believe some reading outside the insular bubble most in the left live in and a little study of history would open up a few eyes. Unfortunately, the blinders and rose tinted glasses are firmly attached to most.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  11. DenisO12/1/16

    "...The left is a purely ideological entity..."
    Profoundly accurate, but who leads the ideology? They can't all be followers. Their tactics come straight from the Communist handbook of revolution. Do the rich American (Socialists?) leaders, intent on changing America, imagine that they will survive, knowing that the end of the story in the handbook, written or unwritten, is that the leaders of the revolution cannot be allowed to live?
    Do the most powerful leaders of the now European-socialized Democrat Party expect to be immune from their own success, or does it ever enter their minds? The process of economic death is a long one, and the evidence is Greece, and the other "PIGGS" of the E.U. Their survival, now, is extended until the E.U. collapses. It is bigger and it will take longer. Will Islam move into the resultant chaotic vacuum, and do our Democrat leaders have a bag packed and a place to go like the Saudi Royals? I suspect not, as they are blinded by that ideology which ends in Paradise on Earth. I see absolutely no evidence that Obama and they have any connection to reality.

  12. Every time I read one of your articles, I learn something and or a different way of looking at things so that I can confront the leftists just a little bit better. The left is squealing hard on G+ and Facebook. It seems as if they know their day is over. FYI, the Young Turks had the most disgusting video I've ever watched a few days ago about the sexual abuse in Cologne on NYE.
    Death to Islam ... and the left.

  13. I wonder how we Jews, also at the time of the Jewish kingdom divided into tribes, managed to at that time live apparently in reasonable harmony (I can't recall any disputes that made it into our recorded history). Did this land "flowing with milk and honey"provide so well for it's inhabitants that we did lack the need of constantly raiding our neighbor like the Arabs in their much more barren surrounding felt they needed to do and which might have made them more warlike or did the often repelled try of conquest of the land by foreign conquerers combine our strength against a mutual enemy? Why did the Arab tribes never, like we did, ask for a king to rule all tribes to be like other peoples?
    Even before the by the, forced by Rome diaspora of the Jews did we lose our tribalism. Or was it just the moral standards of our religion that caused that loss and our desire for a peaceful just society giving even the other a place and legal protection?

    1. I thought the bible was quite clear with Gds warning to the jews and subsequent exile akd loss of the tribes. Jews. Must follow their law or suffer consequences. The arabian tribal captors meanwhile, never nice, morphed under their 7th madman so Quran coops the story and make themselves into god, forever blaming the jews for not following the law and determining themselves as the righteous executors. Its the essence of the situation and Daniel's exposition on the tribal and religious aspecta of islam illustrate this perfectly. The requirements of the Jewish tribes for ultimate success are perfectly clear.

    2. Speaking of Jews, I have been wondering lately; how many Jews in Germany voted for Hitler? Those Jews, what were they hoping for? What did they assume would happen? Were they assuming they would be rewarded? Was it basically everyone? Was it a tiny deluded minority? Seems like the only lesson history has to teach, is that no one, at anytime or place, has ever learned anything from history.

  14. This is deep. Every line deserves to be read over and over.

    Let me say something that no one will like (I know, since I don't like it myself.) One doesn't have to like the Moslems or agree with them about anything to recognize the possibility that G-d is using them as part of His plan. Maybe we in the West have become so decadent that G-d wants to remind us of His presence through people who at least are pretending to be on His side.

    It's all kind of scary, and almost enough to bring even someone like me to think about self-improvement.

  15. Anonymous13/1/16

    Note in appreciation to our leaders that equipped us with cultural ‘answers’ for Cologne-like events. Thank you to:
    J. Bush ‘It is an act of love…if you think about it’
    H. Clinton ‘What difference does it make now? Grow up girls!’
    And last but not least… the semi god
    Barack-hu Akbar ‘if I had a thousand sons, they all would look like a Syrian refugee’

  16. Anonymous13/1/16

    Mr. Greenfield,

    The connections you have made; the relationships, and concepts that you have illustrated are truly thought-provoking.

    Thank you and Bravo.

  17. Sorry Daniel, but on this you are completely wrong. Apart from a few details, the Left and Islam are IDENTICAL. Their aims of total subjugation are identical as is their ruthless, uncaring, supremacist viciousness.

    Where they differ is that with the hard symbols at Allah, Shariah, the prophet and the Koran, Islam is far more invasive and malignant.

    The tosspots of the Left see Islam as a fellow traveller, an ally to be subsumed as a means to their multi-culti one-world utopia of peace, love and socialist equality, except for the glitterati of the Left Leadership.

    Islam on the other hand views the khuffar lefties as useful idiots whose "liberal" tolerance of Islam will be exploited against us all. Once Islam has achieved its goal it will do what it always does and will kill them all because knowing what they know, they are a threat to Islam once they finally wake up.

    Both the Left and Islam are structurally and culturally intolerant, murderous, freedom hating, backward, misogynist, genocidal, regressive, beguilingly malignant and highly invasive to the minds of the young, the ignorant and the inadequate. You only have to look at the state of our schools and campuses to see this is so.

    As you correctly identify, both the Left and Islam attacks and monsters anyone who can see the bloody obvious, assuming rightly that we are disorganised, unable and unwilling to take them on. Worse, we are COWARDS, and more afraid of being tarred as "racists" than for our own survival, culturally, spiritually and physically.

    Keep watching the football, reading about the Kardashians or the damned Jenner's. Watch "Big Brother" and make sure that the deepest discussions you have are what is happening on the Soaps or whether red wine is good/bad/causes cancer/ cures it this week the title tattle tabloid crap that is used to anaesthetise us to the Islamic tsunami that the Left are currently allowing to swamp our countries.

    But the ONE branch of the Left that I really cannot fathom, are the Jewish Left in Israel who seem to have a real death wish. It is almost like leptospirosis which modifies the behaviour of mice to remove their fear of cats thereby using the cat and its natural instinct to hunt mice as a vector to spread the disease further by making the infected mice easier to catch....

  18. Anonymous17/1/16

    It would be nice if someone would examine the claim that Islamic terrorism is not an existential threat to the US. Ben Carson tried to do this at the last debate, not terribly well, I would say, but no one picked up on it. Terrorism is not, as the Sultan points out, conventional war and terrorists if they win, will win by using unconventional weapons: electromagnetic pulse, for example, delivered in a number of ways. If the electric grid is attacked and large urban areas (think hospitals, grocery stores, people on home oxygen, waste disposal) are without services for a period of weeks or months, millions will die, millions will wander looking for help, and those who have planned prudently for such an event, will be threatened and forced to make horrible choices to survive. So, an existential threat? I would say yes.

  19. Anonymous28/1/16

    Indeed, tribal wars it will be. But what the left forgets is that its policies which sow division are going to make it likely that it wil find itself a small and feeble tribe in the end. History is replete with examples of what happens when a nation breaks down. Civil wars are some of nastiest battles ever fought. Civil war sounds like a good synonym for tribal war to me.

    I expect that when the shtf, many lefty males that are just in it for smoking weed and easy chicks will look for a new tribe, because many women who now find cause with the left will make the move even sooner. In the end, the only people who will still be "left" will be those who have been rejected by stronger tribes, deemed unacceptable as converts or recruits.

    In its final days, the left tribe will find itself squeezed between the right tribe and the subhuman savage tribe. And at that time, they should expect no sympathy from me.

  20. Anonymous23/7/16

    To Hilltop Watcher.

    What you presented has plenty of merit, but to open it by insulting the host of this article by stating that he is all wrong, is no way to make friends or garner followers. In fact, it comes on like a leftist tactic, insult and discredit your rival, then present your 'more enlightened' view.

    Uncool in the extreme.

  21. Spurwing Plover24/7/16

    The war thats been going on for eons the warr between Christians and Islams continues and Obama and as as the UN are aiding the islamics


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