Home resistobama Obama Can't Let Go of the Politics of Personal Destruction
Home resistobama Obama Can't Let Go of the Politics of Personal Destruction

Obama Can't Let Go of the Politics of Personal Destruction

The White House coordinated campaign against Rush Limbaugh, along with the attacks on Santelli and Cramer, demonstrate that the Obama Regime is incapable of letting go of the politics of personal destruction.

The same tactics that were pressed into action during the campaign to destroy Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, were not an aberration or limited to the campaign. Operation Rushbo, the strategy targeting Rush Limbaugh demonstrates that this how the Obama Regime does business.

And the press is hypocritically cheering and participating in what amounts to a government led assault on private citizens who criticize their policies.

On September 17, 2001, there was a great deal of outrage from the press when White House spokesman Ari Fleischer criticized talk show host Bill Maher for claiming that the 9/11 terrorists were courageous and we were cowards for "lobbing cruise missiles from 2000 miles away."

Paul Krugman for example accused the White House of "ominously" attempting to intimidate Americans into not asking "awkward questions". The media widely treated the exchange as an example of the White House attempting to suppress individual speech, and some conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, ironically enough, joined in supporting Maher's right to free speech.

Naturally there's no outrage now at the government conducting a public assault, coordinated out of the White House, against its critics. No one in the media is expressing concern about the First Amendment. Instead they're enthusiastically backing a government crackdown on its critics.

The message is that anyone who criticizes Obama, can and should be destroyed, in a Stalinist campaign of denunciation and demonization, coordinated at the highest levels of government, and carried out to loud and unwavering applause from every organ of the press.

Unfortunately for the Obama Regime and its devoted adherents, this is the still the United States of America and not the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The media may speak in one voice in support of the Great Leader, but they are far from the only voices around. The attempt to target critics of Obama who do have a wide public audience, such as Limbaugh, in a democracy will and must backfire.

Attacking Rush Limbaugh naturally empowers him. The Obama Regime has mostly failed in its efforts to divide Republicans, so now the Alinsky politics of personal destruction that this corrupt administration lives by dictate Operation Rushbo, to characterize the GOP by Rush Limbaugh in order to demonize the party. Naturally what this kind of high profile attack does is drive listeners to Limbaugh. Furthermore if there's anyone better positioned to smilingly endure the assault, it's Rush Limbaugh who has been a target for longer than Obama has been in politics.

Much as the Obama Regime may try, the GOP is represented by elected officials, not by talk show hosts. Attacking Limbaugh creates a political brawl between elected Democratic officials and a talk show host. The only possible winner in that encounter is the talk show host. The Republican party will not suffer from attacks on Limbaugh. The Democratic party will. In a tough economy people want solutions, and they voted for the Democrats expecting them to solve those problems. They didn't vote for Limbaugh, but if the Democrats insist on bringing attention to Limbaugh, they'll only be giving him a wider forum to air his criticisms of their failures.

Attacking Limbaugh may be red meat to the left wing base, which is becoming uneasy about Obama, but it only weakens the Obama agenda. It demonstrates that the Obama Regime can campaign better than it can govern. That it is utterly intolerant of opposition, and that it relies on tactics borrowed from totalitarian regimes, rather than conducting open debates.

Using their media and social networking leverage, the Obama Regime wants to target its critics with a constant stream of Two Minutes Hate, the campaign of public intimidation and denounications however unlike in Oceania cannot blind the American people forever to their failures and the misery they have spawned. Propaganda is the tool with which a totalitarian regime redirects frustration outward at approved enemies of the state. Much as the Obama Regime would like to do that, all they're doing is redirecting the frustrations of their own base at Limbaugh, while giving a greater forum to those who question their policies and integrity.


  1. Excellent article and graphics. The one at the top is right on the money.

    Most politicians would simply understand that a righ wing Conservative is going to speak out and be highly critical of an ultra Liberal and ignore people like Limbaugh.

    Obama who wants total control and total adoration will have nothing of that. His background with Alinksy and Gamaliel Foundation won't allow him even if he wanted to.

    Having witnessed the Alinksy and Gamaliel Foundation in action all I can say is that their tactics are grossly unfair and controlling.

    They're not the type of people to agree to disagree. Even when I've agreed with their position their tactics have disturbed me.

  2. their only real position is power

  3. Anonymous5/3/09

    All this is getting really ugly. I have seen some Obama's sites that lists the names of people or car's license plates who disagree with Obambi.
    Big Brother Obama Supporters On the Internet Are Watching You

    French Canadian

  4. Democractic regimes, and even the US, can indeed create a very totalitarian like atmosphere. Consider the US of the 50's and the McCarther era.

    In Israel, the Rabin administration created the crowd-beating police (yassam) and grew the internal security police - Jewish division by a factor of 10x.

    If the citizens of the US don't stand up early, it's going to get very ugly. Clearly you're sounding that alarm - but even the GOP seems to have it's head buried in the sand.

  5. Anonymous5/3/09

    As a volunteer and supporter of Hillary Clinton during the primary, I saw first hand how viscious the ObamaZealouts really are. Mr. Obama & Co. turned Bill Clinton into a racist, which left him lying on the road limping and bleeding and he could not defend himself against that kind of pre-meditated attack. Many have no idea what Hillary actually endured during the primary from Obama & Co., which was distorted and twisted by the MSM to make it look like she was the bad one.

    ObamaZealouts were constantly in your face race-baiting, guilt-mongering, threatening race riots unless you voted for him. They intimated little old ladies in caucuses and their staff was very organized, ready for blood. If any of your readers are interested in what REALLY went on during the primary and how the ObamaZealouts threatened, intimidated, corrupted the system, Lynette Long has done extensive research on CAUCUS FRAUD, and her web-site outlines just how the Obama Regime stole the pimary from Hillary.

    Obama is a Chicago-style thug and mobster (I know of whence I speak since my home town Chicago is the quintessential mobster town). But with his regime now being more national rather than local, he is much more Stalin-esque than Al Capone. During the final weeks of the election, Obama had "Truth Squads" show up at rallies and election sites to intimidate people and threaten riots, calling people racists. IMO, Mr. Obama is a man without conscience and that pretty face masks someone who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims. What are his aims? The same as any dictator has: To rule the world.

  6. absolute power on his own terms

  7. and it's amazing how the press goes along with the second coming of richard nixon

  8. Susan--you're probably right, which is most likely the reason Bill Clinton refused to cave in to Obama and continued to dog him. He saw what they were doing.

    Obama wants total power, total agreement and total control. For Obama and his minions the end justifies the means. G-d only knows how extreme they'll get in terms of tactics.

    We're dealing with something much more powerful than even the most liberal agenda and leader.

  9. The best thing the Republican party can do is to document each and every act of intimidation and expose them.

    Then, in the next elections, bring up the M word--McCarthyism.

  10. Total Power. Total Control. Absolutely! It plays to his narcissism. Obama simply can't take any taking a stand against him or his policies. Remember Gibbs attack on Santelli. Obama is at work in Kansas. His propagandists said the first tea party in Overland Park was staged by the Koch Foundation! Does that mean the one in Wichita was? Or the protest in our capitol on Monday?
    UGH! Sigh! Ditto to all above!

  11. paranoia is also part of it, obama is certain that everyone is as ruthless and power driven as him, so if he does it, it's only because we would have done it to him first

    a mindset that justifies absolute tyranny

  12. The "rushbo" wounds to the conservative/Republican side are self-inflicted. It wasn't Obama that made RNC Chairman Steele speak idiocy on tv with DL Hughley. Sure, Carville and co. capitalized on the idea of targeting Limbaugh, but the ditto heads and the fawning of Republican "leaders" is the ammunition.

  13. Obama has exposed his achilles heel recently, though. Apparently he became upset when a reporter asked him if he was a Socialist.

    Obama even felt the need to call the reporter back and say he wasn't a Socialist.


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