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Who is the Real Threat to Israel?

Is it the hundreds of Arab terrorists?

The Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved the release of 250 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas amid persistent violence around the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

In a similar move in August, Israel freed 198 Palestinian prisoners. More than 11,000 Palestinians are still held in Israeli prisons. Hamas welcomed the approval of the prisoner release but criticized Abbas for maintaining normal relations with Israel despite its crippling blockade of Gaza.

Or Jewish Zionist young people who live in the settlements and oppose the government?

Welfare Minister Yitzchak Herzog announced Monday that his ministry would create special institutions for young Israelis living in Judea and Samaria who are not enrolled in any formal program or institutional framework. The initiative is aimed at the “hilltop youth”--teenagers who spend their days building new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and fighting border police and other forces who attempt to evict them.

Herzog defined the youths as “a danger to security.” Not only do they endanger security, he said, they are “a danger to education and to society that we must deal with.”

"Hilltop youths” should be treated like criminal youth, Herzog said. Such treatment would include providing the youth with therapeutic settings and rehabilitation as well as increasing law enforcement on their activities.

According to Haaretz, the Welfare Ministry is already taking bids from construction companies interested in building “Safe Houses” for hilltop youth. The houses will target teenagers under the age of 18 who have dropped out of school or broken contact with their parents. Some teens will enter the homes by choice, while others will be sentenced to the homes after breaking the law

If you've been following any of what has been going on in Israel for the last decade and a half, the results won't surprise you. The government is freeing convicted terrorists who will then go on to commit terrorist acts and proposing to jail Jewish teenagers whose crime is maintaining Jewish towns and villages.

The corrupt Kadima oligarchy had never quite so openly proposed building reeducation camps before, but its extended and indefinite imprisonment of teenage girls who participated in protests, had the same agenda.

Herzog's proposal merely rolls out a larger scale comprehensive approach to the growing threat of a Zionist youth movement. The more formal settler and conservative Zionist organizations have been subverted or moderated into uselessness. But the youth are a problem because they have no central organization that can be controlled and whose leaders can simply be blackmailed or bribed to turn informer. They are disorganized young men and women who know that a great and terrible wrong is being done by their government to their country and their land, and so in their way they resist it, by building where Israel's corrupt leaders prefer to destroy.

Israel's former corrupt left wing government would have us believe that the real threat are not the terrorists that they release into the wild, but from the boys and girls who build makeshift homes in the land of Israel. Heir to those most vile of extremists who presume to plant trees, build homes and raise families, the settlers.

And they are halfway right. It is not the terrorists who are the greatest threat to Israel, but the Israeli politicians who enable them. It is the men and women of this government who are the greatest threat to Israel. And they know it.

So naturally while the families expelled from Gush Katif still lack homes years later, bids are already being taken for the reeducation camps Herzog proposes. Perhaps from the same contractors responsible for the Bridge of a Thousand Scams.

Let's take one more look at who is the threat to Israel, via this heartwarming story about Pellephone offering Koran on the Go.

For Muslims who just can't fit the five-times-a-day Salah prayer routine into their busy schedules, an Israeli mobile phone provider has a new solution: Mobile Koran.

Pelephone has begun offering a Koran text service that enables users to tap into verses of choice from the Muslim Holy Book at will. For the modest sum of $1.50 per month, subscribers can download what appears onscreen as an actual book of Koran, and scroll through chapter and verse.

"We are providing something to subscribers who want to be connected to these texts any time and any place," said Pelephone Product Content Director Moti Cohen. "So naturally we are targeting a population that would use this type of service. Our Arab sector customers are very enthusiastic."

Naturally it doesn't occur to Motti Cohen that what he is really offering is the equivalent of Mein Kampf on a Cell Phone. For an Arab Muslim population already seething with hate for Jews, he's offering the most ancient terrorist propaganda on the planet, complete with verses spewing hate toward Jews and remembering Mohammed's massacres of Saudi Arabia's Jewish population.

Truly perfect for the terrorist on the go, who can flip open his cell phone, study a verse from the Koran about martyrdom before blowing himself up on a bus filled with Israeli passengers.

Exageration? Why should it be. Lenin said that the capitalists would sell him the rope to hang them with. To this day you can find the ravings of Lenin and his successors on sale at finer bookstores everywhere. Rope or Koran, it doesn't make that much of a difference.

So the question is, who is the real threat to Israel? The answer is the same as the real threat to America and to Europe and to every country being undermined by politicians who care more about power than national survival and businessmen who care more about profit than the future. And ultimately all of those who think that tolerance is a higher value than any other, and make of it an altar on which every national ambition down to survival can be sacrificed.

They are the real threat, and they are in power. Their refusal to protect their countries, their hatred for the patriots still loyal to the values that made their countries great and their love for the enemy is the real threat.

Terrorism on its own could be squashed in a year were the willpower there. Terrorists are only a threat because the Herzogs and Motti Cohens enable them to be a threat. Arab nations have fought war after war against Israel, and lost every time, despite having superiority of numbers every time. Arab terrorists are winning now, not because Israel is weak, but because it has been weakened.

The real threat as always is from within. A healthy body can always fight off an external infection. But the body weakened from within, sucumbs easily and perishes. To survive, the immune system must purge the diseased cells. Only then can the external threat be neutralized.

Netanyahu's victory represents a chance to roll back the left wing's culture of hatred for Israel, and to embrace the pioneers and settlers, the origins of Zionism and the respect for the virtues of Israeli nationhood, that the left has so flagrantly made war on.


  1. I have tremendous respect for Netanyahu. I pray he will act in Israel's best interest; that he will stop the insanity of giving in to the Arabs. Dis-allowing the left to give Israel's sovereignty away is key to Israel's survival.

    Unfortunately, It is often the immune system, by destroying the healthy cells, destroys the body from within.

  2. I believe we are at a cross roads. I think we will see if by next week Netanyahu forms a Jewish Nationalist coalition like it appears will be formed then the Jewish Nation will begin to return to life. I cannot say that for the USA.

  3. All those criminals released to kill more Jews, while another
    young Jew sits in G-d only knows what conditions.

    Israel has lost all its marbles and all semblance of a moral compass.

    The US is following hard on their heels.

  4. Koran on cell phones?! Hashem help us, where are we going???

    I don't have my hopes too high about Netanyahu and the Likud. Sharon used to be considered extremely right-wing too, and look what he did at Gush Katif.

  5. Anonymous4/3/09

    SK you are absolutely right, but we have no chance. The rootlesness in Torah, lack of education in pride of being a Jew and the bombardment of the western media with materialism have destroyed the SECULAR zionism. Now the secular post zionists are fighting the only Zionists left--the religious young people who still have the goals and the fire. The only problem is that there are not enough of their kind. I would not put to much hope in Netanyahu, he is not that different from the other aparatchiks and he has a very tight governemnt to have any leverage, this is why the coniving Zippi doesn't want to join, expecting he will fall.

  6. And for building new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, these young Zionists will be imprisoned in "Safe Houses"?

    You can only pray these safe houses won't be those orange cages that were brought out in 2005 in Gush Katif.

    The government wants to make patriotism a crime. Scary, especially as it is targeting kids.

  7. Anonymous5/3/09

    who is the real threat to israel the muslims of course they are all terroists


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