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Obama Practices Oprah Style Politics

Appear on a lot of magazine covers, get your own Prime Time TV special, and when things aren't going your way find a homeless woman somewhere, prep her to say "I love you, please give me a house" and make sure everyone sees the clip.

Oprah or Obama? Actually it's both of them. Obama has picked up the Oprah style of publicity manipulation, and taken it all the way to the top with constant media appearances and a perpetual "listening" campaign that consists of Obama going to places he would never normally set foot in, and taking some pre-screened questions from ordinary people, while promising to give them lots of stuff out of the goodness of his heart.

It's as phony as a three dollar bill, or that birth certificate our Kenyan friend just can't seem to find. In Oprah's case it conceals a ruthless controlling woman whose real personality is a 180 degrees away from the one she shows on TV. In Obama's case it likely conceals the very same thing.

Obama has modeled the cynical tactics of celebrity, feeding out trivia about what food he likes and his family life, to give the public the illusion that they know the real him. And even inside the White House, he has kept up the same charade, campaigning instead of doing, promoting himself while quietly reversing himself.

Naturally Obama's public rise began with a book, metastasized with endless TV and magazine appearances, and was based on soliciting the mass worship of gullible people, many of whom expected Obama to give everything away to them. Behind the scenes of course is a seething mass of corruption, and a man who does his best to limit the access of reporters to avoid denting his public image, and elevates partisan hacks such as the Huffington Post's Sam Stein, preferring "court jesters" to questions from the professional press.

That's the way the country is run now. A shallow glowing film of celebrity draped over an empire of greed. While promoting the trillion dollar money grab that Obama can't defend, he instead aims right for the shallow center with staged stunts such as the Henrietta Hughes scene. Don't ask questions about all the money we're stealing from you, is the message. Here watch the Messiah heal the sick and give away houses, right after this commercial for I Can't Believe It's Not the President.

If all else fails, trot out a doomsday scenario, and pretending you're doing this all for "the little people". You know the ones you moved to D.C. and put your kids in private school, so you would never have to deal with, except at carefully staged events. There's phony talk about bipartisanship in the front, and 60 Seconds of Hate on TV and the Radio, paid for by the very people giving you the kickbacks you want to ram through.

For all the grandiose rhetoric, the stolen poetry and lines borrowed from his megapreacher of hate, Jeremiah Wright, what Obama falls back on are Oprah style politics... shallow, hollow and a deceptive shell with an ugly interior inside. Like Oprah, Obama's outward vapidity conceals a great deal of manipulative cynicism by a man who seeks power that he isn't fit to wield.

The danger of Oprah style politics is that it subverts democracy, and shifts the discussion away from the issues. When the public no longer has access to a debate on the issues, only a media blitz consisting of fluff pieces eagerly promoting one politician, there is no democracy. Only an Oprahocracy.

Obama and his backers have subverted American democracy, and have done their best to replace it with book clubs, magazine covers, and stories claiming that Michelle Obama shops just where ordinary "little people" like you do. And now trying to raid the bank accounts of a country already over 10 trillion in debt, to the tune of another trillion dollars, in order to reward the green corporate donors, political hacks and union goons who supported him-- Obama is robbing America blind, while the coverage continues to be about what cookies Michelle Obama supposedly likes to bake.

Suppressing debate over a trillion dollar theft with a smiley face and a featured clip of Obama at a few staged events threatens both American democracy and economy. It's time to demand more. It's time to speak up and turn the TV off.


  1. Anonymous11/2/09

    Both are supreme narcissists! Wonder how many mirrors are in their homes? It's all about them all the time.
    Freedom and democracy? What's that?

  2. Obama didn't win an election, he won his own reality TV show produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions in yep Chicago.

    Pathetic, isn't it? Who knows, in four years we could well replace voting booths with 800 numbers.

    Vote for Obama 1-800-IDOLS.

    I never had much respect for Oprah. She acts like she alone got Americans to read books. FYI to her--many Americans were already reading books. The final straw for me came when she tried her pop psychology on holocaust survivor and novelist Elie Weisel.

    IF Oprah had indeed read his book Night she would have shut up with her pop psychology and just let Weisel describe what happened. In the preface to Night he makes it clear that he didn't want it to be an analytical book about the Holocaust but rather, a "slim volume" of substance--entirely descriptive. Just the facts, the horrors, as they happened without commentary.

    Oprah had absolutely nothing to add to it. Nothing.

    As for Obama--I hope he doesn't make a practice out of interrupting prime time television. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and two local channels...all Obama.

    Call me crazy but it had a "this is your leader" quality to it. You couldn't escape him, aside from turning off the TV.

  3. And yes, Obama's attempts to schmooze with the little people he really holds in contempt is condescending and insulting, as is his attempts to cast himself as the poor little rich boy.

  4. The whole world runs on personality and looks today.

  5. Anonymous12/2/09

    It all started after the election with that phony trip down the trail of Lincoln on a train where he tried to hypnotize everyone into thinking he was the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. As Llyod Benson said to Dan Quayle, I knew John Kennedy and sir, you are no John Kennedy. Well we all know Abraham Lincoln, and you Mr. Obama, are no Abraham Lincoln. For one thing, Lincoln was a humble man, who took it all very seriously and had an honesty which Obama lacks.

    I do not see Obama as a scholar. He may have gotten good grades, who knows (all the records of his life are sealed). Many like to say he is brilliant because he has a Harvard law degree. I say so what? He is not interested in the details but leaves that to others to do their research and present him with some facts and figures which he can go out and parrot back at the appropriate time, much like Ronald Reagan did. He does not seem to have a good grasp of the economy, but much worse, I do not feel he really cares about it at all. He seems much more concerned about show, being in the spotlight, being center stage. Like a character in a play, he has put on the "costume" of president, but I have not yet felt his heart is in it. In his own mind, he is still understudy for the part.

  6. Obama spent all his life playing parts, as he admitted in his own books, he's still playing one because he's certain that no one wants to see the real him

  7. That would account for the deep distrust so many working class people have toward Obama.

    Kind of like the uneasiness of talking to someone who is wearing sunglasses. You can't really see into their eyes. Behind all his masks nobody knows the real Barack Obama. He's yet to remove the final mask.

  8. Susan--I think you're right. Obama's heart isn't in it at all. I personally feel that he's just in love with the idea of being a descendant of African slaves who rose to become president of the US centuries later, paying homage to Abraham Lincoln.

    But he's not a descendant of slaves. When Roots aired for the first time I cried at the finale when the freed slaves stopped their caravans and prayed, being with "Old African!" referring to Kunta Kinte.

    PBS has been airing a very powerful series called Slavery and the Making of America. Again, you'd think after watching that I would be moved by Obama giving a speech from the White House.


    If Obama's fantasy had been anything close to that reality the entire country would have been balling their eyes out, even if they didn't support Obama they would still have been moved by an event so powerful.

  9. Anonymous12/2/09

    I think you have described him and her well in this write up, but I thought he was more like the BEST TV Evangelist EVER,myself.Either way the "flock" will follow.

  10. Anonymous--the best TV evangelist ever was a movie character lol--Elmer Gantry. That's exactly what and who Obama is, with a new age Oprah twist.

  11. Anonymous13/2/09

    What is this I just heard about: Obama signed an order paying $$$millions to bring Hamas-related people from Gaza to Long Island NY to live and Americans are footing the bill? Just hearing this brings chills of terror down my spine. Please someone comment.

  12. I believe you are referring to this


  13. Anonymous14/2/09

    I have been speaking and speaking and speaking. My fingers hurt from all the e-mails to my rep and senators. Now I am starting on my state reps to find out if we have secession resolutions being discussed in our state house, and if not, why the hell not.

    I have feelers out to try to mount legal challenges to every area of this new Pork-pie law that may be suseptible to a "facial" constitutional challenge (before all the courts are packed). Very time consuming and expensive!

    I joined ACT and several other groups. Now I get seven e-mails a day telling me what I already leaned from a quick a.m. perusal of the blogs and web-news sites. So, except for the 800 petitions I've signed, none of those groups seem to have much planned for the "resistance."

    I e-mail friends, talk to people - about 1 in 30 seem to care, and about 1 in 10 of those have any interest in doing anything about it. Up til now many have dismissed my concern as "tin-hattism", but after the census coup, and the ACORN funding in the bill some seem to be paying a little more attention.

    If no one challenges this, and if states don't tell the Feds that we created the Fed gov't and we can "uncreate it", we will lose.

    We will lose our freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly, gun-bearing and privacy through this legislation and international treaties and UN resolutions as set forth below.

    This Pres. and congress will adopt the UN resolutions against defaming Islam, they will take away our guns, the Fairness Doctrine will be applied to all radio, TV and the 'net; they will adopt the UN resolution giving the UN the jurisdiction over certain gun control issues (the small handgun resolution), and will adopt the UN resolution regarding the "family" - giving kids the "rights" to report their parents if they don't like parents' choices for kids, among other things.

    So speak now, while you still can do so without going to jail. Because when that time comes, you won't be able to tell any of us about it.

    This juggernaut will hit us before Congress adjourns for the summer.



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