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"This stuff some sources sling around about America wanting to stay out of the war and not wanting to fight is a lot of baloney! Americans love to fight, traditionally."

General Patton, 1944

Anyone following the Flight 93 "Crescent" memorial, filled with Islamic symbolism, probably wouldn't be shocked by anything coming out of the Flight 93 Memorial Project, nevertheless Alec Rawls finally brought them to affirm their actual agenda.

The fact that the Circle of Embrace is really a broken circle means two things. First, it means that the giant crescent is still there. Architect Paul Murdoch always described the Crescent of Embrace as a broken circle. Our circle of peace was broken on 9/11, with the unbroken part of the circle, what was symbolically left standing in the wake of 9/11, being the giant Islamic shaped crescent.

Adding an extra arc of trees that explicitly represents a broken off part of the circle leaves the unbroken part unchanged. What is symbolically left standing on the Flight 93 crash site is still a giant Islamic-shaped crescent, still pointing to Mecca.

At the Memorial Project meeting last summer, however, Alec Rawls was able to pigeon-hole Memorial Project Manager Jeff Reinbold and Deputy Superintendent Keith Newlin.

“You can’t just say it was ‘the flight path’ that broke the circle” Rawls admonished. “This is a story of human action. So who did it? In your depiction, who is breaking the circle?”

“The passengers and crew,” said Reinbold.

“But the circle is a symbol of peace,” Rawls continued. “Who broke the peace? It was the TERRORISTS who broke the peace on 9/11.”

Reinbold countered that that the circle is also a Druid symbol, and a Christian symbol.

“But it is still a symbol of peace,” said Rawls, especially as the Memorial Project is using it, with the circle being broken on 9/11, “so who breaks it?”

“It was the passengers and crew,” Newlin repeated, elaborating that: “They are the one’s who brought the plane down.”

This is not at all surprising when you understand the cultural mindset that of postmodern liberalism. The moral equation between all forms of violence, regardless of the source or the context is here. So is the elevation and the celebration of the culture and beliefs of the enemy.

The construction of memorials that do not actually memorialize the dead as persons or remember the courage of their virtues, but instead try to make some sort of abstract statement about the world and the act that killed them, has become commonplace.

The Crescent of Embrace takes this to a new level by embracing the Islamic interpretation of the events, and laying it down as a memorial for the dead, the terrorists and their victims and those who fought them. It is as if the Viet Cong's perspective on the Vietnam War had led to the design of the Vietnam Memorial, or if a Holocaust memorial had been built designed as a giant Swastika.

But Jeff Reinbold's explanation of the Flight 93 Memorial has yet another side to it. Our side.

In the view of the Memorial Project, it is the passengers and crew who broke the circle. When Reinhold talks about them breaking the peace, the equation between the symbol of Islam and Peace is fairly clear. To the Dhimmi, Islam means Peace. To the Muslim, Islam means Peace through Submission.

Where the circle symbolizes wholeness and completeness, when it is broken what is left behind is Islam. A shattered mockery of peace.

The "peace" that the hijackers sought to impose on the Flight 93 passengers and on America, was the "peace of submission", the Peace of Islam. When the passengers and crew fought back against them, they broke the peace. They broke the Islamic plot to fly Flight 93 into the White House by fighting back.

Breaking the Peace can be a great thing indeed, because there are two kinds of peace. There is the peace with security that comes from a vigilant citizenry. And there is the peace of submission that comes from surrendering to your enemies. The passengers and crew of Flight 93 did indeed break that second kind of peace, a false peace, just as the crescent is a false circle.

They broke the peace by choosing to stand up and fight back. Just as America chose to break the peace by taking on the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Osama and Saddam. We could have stayed where we are doing nothing. Instead we chose to resist. We chose not to submit.

The Crescent is a blood red scar on our landscape. A reminder of the ravages of Islam and the domestic treason of the Dhimmis who cry peace, while embracing the terrorists. It is a reminder of what must be done to blot out the evil that it symbolizes. A scar that can only be removed when the terrorists and their aiders and abettors are removed as well.

What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word, As I hate hell... Canker'd with peace, If ever you disturb our streets again, Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.

There is no peace in Islam or with Islam. There is only a false peace that must be broken by resisting the enemy, an example that the Flight 93 crew would set by refusing to do what so many others have done across the world, bow their knees to the blade of Islamofascist terrorism.

When Britain deported Geert Wilders, they kept the peace... just as Neville Chamberlain kept the peace when he turned over Czechoslovakia to Hitler. "We have brought back peace for a generation," he proclaimed, when all around him the war had already begun.

When Israel surrendered to the Peace Process, there was no "peace", but there was a great deal of false peace. America's new foreign policy conducted out of a White House rife with terrorist sympathies will bring that same kind of false peace as well.

It was this sort of false peace that the passengers and crew broke. It is why the Project 93 gang will demonize them for breaking that false peace with Islam. It is an old argument among Americans.

Many thought Patrick Henry had the last word roughly 234 years ago, when he said, "Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! ...What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

The passengers and crew of Flight 93 did it his way. Like many of those in America and across the world who have fought for liberty and civilization, they died. They died breaking the peace of tyranny and slavery. They refused to submit and in doing so broke the peace.

Here is to those who keep oaths and break peace. Their true memorials are not carved in stone or earth, but in true and brave deeds. And greatest of all is that final knowledge that they were willing to do what so few are, to risk their lives, rather than bow their heads.

May we one day live to see the Crescent of Islam broken, in Pennsylvania and across America and the world.


  1. Its an ugly world lately that despises good and loves evil.

  2. Anonymous13/2/09

    “It was the passengers and crew,” Newlin repeated, elaborating that: “They are the one’s who brought the plane down.”

    Oh man ...
    Tar, feathers, Newlin; some assembly required.

    "May we one day live to see the Crescent of Islam broken, in Pennsylvania and across America and the world."

    Amen to that, Sultan.


  3. Anonymous13/2/09

    Which explains this blog, eh?

    Gawd, of all the comments, the one on the Flight 93 memorial takes the cake. Do you believe this crap?

  4. Anonymous13/2/09

    Freedom lives in our brave soldiers around the world, not in the White House which is run by a coward and a fraud.

  5. Anonymous14/2/09

    I have never been in a war. However, both grandpas saw battle in WWI - one infantry in France and one in the Navy. My father in the Army landed on the beach in Normandy right after D-Day - he was in the unit that supports the front line and he was almost blown up by a mortar. He was also in the Reserve through the Korean War. My uncle was in the Merchant Marine in WWII - HE also was almost blown up; my other uncle was in the Pacific during WWII - a nasty, nasty business.

    I will be damned if they fought and lost friends and comrades in arms for NOTHING. If France goes the way of Great Britain, we may need to move our boys from Normandy to a more suitable resting place. Like Israel.

    As for me - I will die before I'll dhimmi.

    I am a Christian - I believe this is not my "real" home. Some other believers think that we should not fight for freedom because we are looking, as it says in Hebrews of Abraham, for a "better country."

    But we are supposed to be salt and light "on the earth." For me, that means standing up for what I know is right. I know that God hates proud eyes, the feet that run to shed innocent blood. He HATES the oppression of the people by the rulers. Gotta love Psalms.

    Anyway, while I still can, I must fight for our culture of freedom, respect for human life and for the physical, moral and spiritual autonomy of every person. This culture must not be sacrificed for some weird jihad death cult.

    I also cannot get this out of my head - while I know many people in occupied Europe may not have been aware of the extent of the violence / genocide perpetrated against the Jews (and let's not forget the Communists, the gays, the gypsies, certain righteous gentiles and the mentally and physically disabled), apparently lots of people rationalized it as "God's judgment" against the Jews (and everyone else, I guess). This sickens me beyond expressing. I do not want to meet my Maker and have no explanation for why I did not stand with the oppressed and defend them to the best of my ability.


  6. If I had a relative that went down with that plane I'd be protesting my head off. There's just no words for the disgrace they've brought to that site of heroes.

  7. An eloquent article once again, Sultan.

    Basically it sounds like the Flight 93 Memorial clowns believe the brave people on Flight 93 destroyed the reputation of Islam as a peaceful religion.

    It's impossible to think of that flight and not remember that the passengers fought.

    The memorial morons of course want to shift memory away from that and to the evil--Islam.

    I don't know where they came up with the idea that a crescent is a Christian symbol. The only circle I ever saw in Catholicism was a flat Adevent wreath that is placed on a flat surface and has candles. It's supposed to represent life and eternity; a sense of wholeness and peace.

    The Islamic crescent reminds me more of the sickle in the Russian hammer and sickle of Communism. I know the sickle is an agricultural tool but it still can be used as a dangerous cutting weapon. Which reminds me of Islam and there love of beheading people.

    I agree with you 100-percent. Placing an Islamic crescent on the memorial is like placing a swastika on a Holocaust memorial or even a hammer and sickle of Communism on a Vietnam memorial.

  8. B"H

    I don't know if you'll agree, but we may have another crescent monument in Jerusalem.

    That Bridge

    This caught the attention of Alex Rawls. Now I'm wondering just how many other crescents there are being built around the world like the Flight 93 Memorial.


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