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Home resistobama Why George Washington is My President

Why George Washington is My President

Come Inauguration Day, January 20th 2009, I will have a President and his name will not be Barack Hussein Obama. It will be George Washington.

This is not merely a rejection of the Kenyan dictator and his cult of personality. Instead it is a triumphant affirmation of what America has stood for for and the ideals on which it was founded.

George Washington's America was a bold declaration of human independence in the face of a world of monarchies, tyrannies and empires. It was not perfect, but then no human system ever is. This America embodied the principle that human freedom and national independence is supreme above empire and the state.

The principle of the Divine Rule of Kings, the idea that a nation's ruler was somehow superhuman, a messianic figure divinely endowed to rule over lesser men, was broken by Washington at Yorktown. And yet despite attempts by others to build a cult of personality around him, Washington rejected royal titles and a government salary, humbly served out two terms while turning the other cheek to the vicious smear campaigns from his "progressive" opponents and insisted on his retirement thereby setting a precedent that a President is not a monarch or a deity, but only a public servant.

King George III, the monarch whose rule over America he had broken, stated that if Washington would indeed leave power and retire to his farm, "If he does that, sir, he will be the greatest man in the world."

Why Washington then? Because he embodied America's Republican ideals. He was the man who did not wish to be King, did not wish to be worshiped and did not wish power. Instead he possessed true grace, dignity and decency... a quality few even seem to value anymore.

Let us compare him with Obama. A man who has made himself King, built a cult of personality that worships him and wears his face on their clothing, that composes songs of praise for him, chants his name endlessly and is already comparing him to Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt and a dozen other men who did more in one weekend than Obama has done in his whole life.

Obama did not fight for his country or even stand up and put himself at risk for a single ideal. Instead he spent much of his career boldly and courageously voting "Present". He has climbed to power with no record of accomplishment or self-sacrifice. He has simply climbed a short distance to the top. He is the man without accomplishment who would be King, yet I prefer George Washington-- the man of accomplishment who would not be King. Who chose to build a Republic instead of letting his followers turn him into an idol.

In light of that Obama's campaign alone was a brutal and ruthless violation of the American republic on the platform of the gullibility of the mob, the hosannas of the press and sealed by blatant fraud at the ballot box. It showed its contempt for democracy and the ideals that George Washington fought for and now even as the flacks and hacks hover around Obama eager to inform us of his greatness, let us instead pay tribute to a man who was truly great, a man who could have had the laurel crown, but instead chose the fig leaf and the vine.

That is why even as the media hydra roars with praises of Obama, publishes letters to Obama from around the world in a pale mimicry of the USSR and North Korea and informs us of the gloriousness of his every bowel movement... my President will be George Washington. And he should be your President too.

Because the American Republic needs great men as leaders, not small men smelted into tin gods for the adoring crowds. That is why on January 20th 2009, America's first President will stand in for me in place of the tinpot Kenyan dictator and his kleptomaniacal wife and followers. This is not an act of denial or wishful thinking, it is a symbolic affirmation of America's true values to remind us of what we are fighting to restore.

George Washington is my President. Washington represents the triumph of meritocracy over entitlement, accomplishment over hollow verbiage, humility over arrogance, and citizenship over usurpation. Everything that is right about Washington is wrong in Obama, and everything wrong in Obama is right in Washington. The man who toppled one foreign King who thought to rule over America is the best symbol for toppling another foreign King who thinks to rule over America today.


  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful to post this article on the front door of the White House?

    "Instead he possessed true grace, dignity and decency... a quality few even seem to value anymore."

    Yes, that describes what I feel our beloved country is losing today--grace, dignity and decency. Not to mention a loss of innocence; something beautiful is slipping away from our country.

    Today we mourn, tomorrow we look with hope to the next round of presidential campaigning that will begin in two years.

    Washington is my president, too. I'll never bow to King Obama.

  2. Anonymous20/1/09

    Perfection in a blog post. Thank you. I will visualize President Washington throughout this day in an effort to survive it.

  3. Shadetree--me too:)

    Thank you for posting his inspirational and beautiful article on a day such as this. As Shadetree said, it will help us survive this day.

    All ready I'm having a tough time with Rev. Rick Warren's invocation in which he recited the first verse of the Shema and ended the invocation in the name of Yeshua, Issa, and Jesus.

  4. Anonymous20/1/09

    This is a depressing day.

  5. My God, man. This is brilliant.

    The new "Sun King" is not my President.

    Now, as Franklin said, we need to hang together, or we'll surely hang separately!

  6. Anonymous20/1/09

    another beautiful post from the sultan. thank you.
    everyone should remember that America is much larger and more permanent than one tin pot dictator wanna be. if obama actually worked [that's a laugh..he has never worked at anything in his life] at wiping out the real America every single second of every single day he couldn't even scratch us.
    America...the real America...is born and bred into every one of us, and short of killing us all he can't change that.
    a pox on HIS house. in four years we'll have ours back in American hands. until then, i agree with you completely....Washington is my president.

  7. restoring america means remembering true american ideals, rather than the trojan horse hijacked ones

  8. This is my first time here and what better day could you have come into my life? Wow. . . I was wondering how I was going to saturate my brain with POSITIVE THINKING rather than COGNITIVE THINKING!!!! :-) Now I have you and lamecherry.blogspot.com to come home to each day.

    Thanks for bringing some light to such a dark (no pun intended, I promise)day in America.

  9. Jeez, you're embarrassingly stupid.

    But hey, nobody visits this place, so you can labor in obscurity for the next eight years of President Obama.

  10. Anonymous24/1/09

    The Capital of the United States must be renamed to erase the memory of this dead white male.

    Suggestions received so far are Obamagrad and Saint Baracksburg.

  11. Anonymous26/1/09

    "Why Washington then? Because he embodied America's Republican ideals. He was the man who did not wish to be King, did not wish to be worshiped and did not wish power. Instead he possessed true grace, dignity and decency... a quality few even seem to value anymore."

    You can't value what you don't know exists. Those who are being swept away by O'Bummer's "brilliant oratory" don't have a clue what good public speaking is. Those who think he is a great man, haven't a clue what real greatness is. And I suppose one can hardly blame them, as it doesn't exist anymore, at least not in the public eye. There are some, but they are few and far between, and their stature is like midgets compared to those of even a generation ago. Without a role model, even that little bit will be lost in another generation unless those who are possessed of it rise to the occasion and are assisted from Above.


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