Home resistobama 10 Reasons Why We Fight Against Obama
Home resistobama 10 Reasons Why We Fight Against Obama

10 Reasons Why We Fight Against Obama

Let's get it straight. This isn't sour grapes and it isn't business as usual. We're not opposed to Obama because he's a Democrat or a Liberal. If our disagreements with him were just political, we could join the others in wishing him well and hoping he steers the ship right.

We can't. Because this isn't a matter of political disagreement, this is a national catastrophe, a threat to the lives of millions and the survival of America itself.

Here is why.

1. Obama was Not Elected through a Legitimate Democratic Process but through Fraud - While Obama is not the first US President to be fraudulently elected, he is the first in well over a century, since the election of 1876.

Furthermore Obama's case is unique in several ways. The fraud committed to move him into the White House was multilayered, and began with his own apparent ineligibility to serve in office. It also did not involve only local polling fraud, as was and is commonplace, but the vast well funded ACORN network, backed by local elected officials to perpetrate a massive multi-state electoral fraud operation.

These tactics supersede anything the United States has ever experienced before, and in their degree of sophistication can only be compared to organized crime. Regardless of which party perpetrates such a fraud, allowing it to stand is a knife in the heart of "One Man One Vote" democracy, and renders the entire American system of government into a fraud.

Finally Obama has never won a single election through the democratic process. Rather his operatives have sabotaged his opponents, either using lawyers or smear campaigns conducted through the press.

2. Obama has No Stake in Democracy - Not only was Obama's election undemocratic, but Obama has never relied on the democratic process to win elections. This makes him an active and present danger to American democracy.

Obama reached the State Senate by using lawyers to disqualify the signatures of his opponents, including his own mentor Alice Palmer, who first gave him his start in politics.

Obama made it to the US Senate when his campaigns pushed dirt about the private lives of first his Democratic Primary opponent Blair Hull and then his Republican opponent Jack Ryan. Both men had been doing better than Obama in the polls and both saw their campaigns destroyed by allegations from their ex-wives promoted and spread by the Obama campaign.

Obama won the Democratic Presidential Primary when his party leadership shortchanged the votes of states such as Florida. He won the Presidential election through ACORN's well organized campaign of electoral fraud.

As disturbing as all of these facts are, the truly disturbing conclusion is that, Obama has no stake in the survival of American democracy. Democracy is Obama's enemy. He has never achieved anything because of the democratic process, but despite it. For the first time in our history since the forces of King George III were shown the door, America is ruled by a man to whom the Democratic system is actually a threat.

Obama has subverted Democracy before taking office. What he will do in the White House can only be imagined.

3. Obama is the Product of a Criminal Organization - Many if not most politicians are corrupt, but Obama is the product of an extremely corrupt system that easily crosses the line into organized crime. The cases against Obama associates such as Tony Rezko and Governor Blagojevich, are only the tip of a much larger Chicago iceberg.

And lest anyone assume that Obama would change his ways once in power, stocking his cabinet with crooks, such as Pardongate figure Eric Holder as his Attorney General, or tax cheat Timothy Geithner, shows a disturbing contempt for even going through the motions of putting forward a law abiding cabinet.

There is a fundamental difference between political disagreement and political corruption. There is no bipartisan or patriotic virtue in closing our eyes to criminality on the part of the White House.

4. Obama is Disturbingly Incompetent - As a Junior Senator with very little experience, Obama is unqualified to sit in the big chair. The media has shouted down all questions about his experience, but shouting down the messenger, does not make the problem go away.

Even if Obama were well-intentioned, his lack of experience makes it all too easy for him to begin making very bad decisions. JFK, the man Obama is often compared to, had more experience than Obama and yet he quickly began making basic mistakes, two of which resulted in military conflicts that America lost. Worse still, JFK was perceived as weak and inept by foreign powers. And what goes for JFK, goes double for Obama.

Constantly challenging a clueless administration is the best hope for catching mistakes and problems before they cause catastrophic damage.

5. Obama is Unquestioned - Never before has a White House occupant been worshiped and his actions treated as above reproach by the press, as Obama. The American political systems rests on free speech, on the right to question a candidate. The media has not only abrogated its responsibilities in this regard, it has ruthlessly suppressed and smeared those who would question Obama.

There is a name for such a system. It is tyranny, a system in which the press acts as the naked emperor's clothes. That is not the American way, and imposing it threatens to mark the end of American Democracy.

The more a politician is treated as Above the Law, the more crucial it is to oppose him. The more a politician is unquestioned, the more we must question him at every turn. The alternative is to give in to a tyranny of manufactured populism created by endlessly feel good coverage in which not even a child dares to cry out, "The Emperor is Naked."

6. Obama Sympathizes with America's Enemies - At a time when we need a leader who puts America first, we instead get an occupant who puts everyone but America first. If Obama won't put America first, then we need to put America first by rejecting his policies and fighting for those that put America first.

7. Obama is Wrong - Whether it's the Wall Street meltdown or in Iraq, Obama has been wrong time and time again. The policies he has championed have caused the economic recession. The ideas he supported undermined American troops at a crucial time.

Time and time again, Obama has been wrong and his arrogance and inexperience insures that he will go on being wrong. His plans to spend our way deeper and deeper into debt only highlight the start of the high price of Obama's errors, and what they will cost us.

8. Obama is a Racist - As the product of a racist Church, whose hate speech has has defended, Obama's inaguration only showcased more examples of racism and fostering racial divisions, e.g. "and when white will embrace what is right."

The problem is not that Obama is black, the problem is that he is a racist and that he surrounds himself with racists. It has been over half a century since America has been ruled by a racist, in the days when segregation was a fact. The return of racism to power in the White House is a disturbing event with unknown consequences.

9. Obama Threatens Our Survival - Facing severe terrorist and economic threats, Obama's record of being wrong on both, his corruption, his inexperience and his inability to put anyone but himself first-- poses a grave and severe threat to America and the world.

Rather than bringing reform, Obama brings danger. His weaknesses deeply threaten our economic and physical survival. And the refusal by the press to question him creates an extremely dangerous situation in which he can move from disaster to disaster, shielded by a lapdog press too busy singing praises to the Prince of Chicago, to criticise his actions.

10. Obama Rejects Everything About America - From our rule of law, to our tolerance to our commitment to free enterprise, to our democracy itself-- Obama rejects everything about America that matters, while his acolytes work to remake our country in his own ugly image, greedy, selfish, hateful, egotistical, shallow, ignorant and compulsively deceptive.

We cannot stomach such a cultural and political transformation. America might survive it, but it would emerge as a very different and far uglier place in the process. That is why we must resist from day one, lifting our voices, speaking out, researching, disproving and getting the message out to everyone that Obama is not our President, and not America's President, and that what we fight for is a restoration of genuine democracy and the rule of law.


  1. Great Post! could not have said it better....thank you!

  2. You and Mark Levin are the only people I've heard speaking the truth today! Thank you.

  3. Anonymous20/1/09

    Wow!! You said it ALL!!

  4. Anonymous20/1/09

    sultan....great post again.
    all real Americans now have to remember that we must protect our country from all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    obama is both....
    we have to keep the flame of the true values of this country alive and well for the next four years. and we must be tough about it, no more turning the other cheek.

  5. It was an awful thing to see him even nominated.
    He has no credentials and might not even really be an American.
    He slide by on everything.

  6. Anonymous21/1/09

    Chauncey Gardiner= Obama

  7. Almost forgot one... OBAMA IS A MISOGYNIST!

  8. Obama is Haman reincarnated.

    Ordinarily I abhor everything about politics but in Obama's case I do feel the need to become more politically aware and outspoken.

  9. Fantastic Sultan. You have summarized all the reasons we can't stand with this guy and why we didn't vote for him. Thanks for speaking the truth. Others are saying he is our president get over it and support him. You remind us why we can't support.



  11. Okay, dude. Just cut it out. You're making me redundant. Who could add anything to this??

    Brilliant. (Again, damnit!)

  12. Thank you, S.K. Very well said.

  13. Anonymous21/1/09

    Not only did Joseph Lowery state, " when white will embrace what is right." This of course is part of the Black Christian Theology, which is based the Black Muslim racist creed. But Obama stated this country of "Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus... and non believers". The order wasn't chosen as an example of poetic license. It was done on purpose. As a matter of fact, the first call he made this morning was to Abbas.
    We must be worried. We must be vigilant. We must wake up the sleepwalkers.

  14. Excellant. Can this be sent to world net daily, newspapers, articles, anywhere since the main stream media wont report it. We must do what we can. I am sending this to my local newspaper.

  15. Anonymous21/1/09

    Excellent...the tip of the Chgo iceberg is correct. You're right on the money...Jack Ryan was catching fire and Hull was moving when both men were trashed! And I mean trashed in the Chgo papers.
    I was shocked by the carefully chosen words throughout the speech. Rick Warren's too.
    Christians, Mu-slimes, Jews. Thanks for the truth.

  16. Anonymous23/1/09

    I'm an Italian blogger and I am one of the few ones in Europe who understands what a huge danger BHO is for world peace.
    I agree with you we all must stand on since Day One.
    I am really afraid BHO first term will end with a global war caused mainly by him and the Clintons.

  17. Truer words have not been spoken. Keep fighting the good fight.

    A Canadian!

  18. Anonymous24/1/09

    acually, pretty scary. thanks for giving us real truth. i find it shameful that the american people are not educated and don't want the truth... thanks again...

  19. Anonymous25/1/09

    At last, someone who has the neural connections not to be utterly hoodwinked by this platitudinous fraud. The Euro-morons have jumped on the Obama bandwagon and promoted him as G-d, yet we nothing about his track record. Keep digging the dirt on this imposter Sk and broadcasting it. What gets me is that millions voted for a nonentity who was supported by Jay-Z...Welcome to the nightmare!

  20. Anonymous25/1/09

    I have been waiting to find a website like this. People think I am crazy or want to shut me down when I bring up facts like these. Even frineds who once were with me, now speak no ill of the great obama. Complacency is a a dangerous choice. Anyone think it strange that our v.p. was on Oprah? What is going on?!

  21. Anonymous26/1/09

    All you said tenfold.....we need a strong, catchy phrase such as the "give 'em hell, harry" one. I abhor what has happened to our democracy. Justice will be served on the fraudulent barf and his compadres. Can't you just see the dirt all over him? America Wake Up!

  22. Anonymous27/1/09

    Excellent summary!

  23. Anonymous1/6/09

    Well done. I am surprised that you have time to write and post these stories almost everyday. I have found much of what you write insightful and brutally honest. No more sugar coating the threats of liberalism and islam.

  24. Thank you, it is hard to find the time


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