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Home Obama's Israel Tour in Video and Pictures

Obama's Israel Tour in Video and Pictures

First up are two videos of Obama's disastrous Western Wall visit as Obama's attempt to use the holiest site in Judaism as an election photo op fell through as members of the crowd shouted at him, "Jerusalem is not for Sale." As Obama's security led him away, they attempted to drown out the protesters by chanting, "Obama, Obama."

Naturally this has gone virtually unreported in the American media, but has been briefly mentioned in a few British outlets.

Seemingly unaware or gloating, Obama grins on a visit to Sderot while holding up a T-shirt that shows the heart of Sderot pierced by a Kassam rocket, referring to the large scale rocket bombardment of the town. A reaction not shared by anyone else in the photo.

Obama did the usual Yad Vashem tour and then described the place commemorating the murder of six million Jews as "A place of hope." Maybe for him Jewish genocide is a hopeful phenomenon. It was probably either that or describing Yad Bashem as "A place of change."

Pictures of Obama, Hamas terrorist Rantissi and Jesus share the scene. It's like a liberal dream come true.

Obama gets a proper greeting in Israel. Of course the media mostly ignore them.

It's hard to sum up Obama's visit to Israel in a single image, but this does it perfectly, as Obama shakes the hand of the leader of a terrorist organization under the photo of Arafat.

Obama's campaign is certainly not stupid and would not have allowed him to be photographed under Arafat's portrait, except as a subtle way to reassure Muslims about his real agenda.


  1. There is an unholy, unnatural air to this whole 'campaign'. It is not of this world seemingly.
    It is truly creepy and I have never seen such creepy stuff before in my life.

    His climb to public life is not real, not natural. There is such an evil aura around him.

  2. it's very creepy and ripe with the image of a man trying to transform himself into a secular deity

    his signs are a true idol in the temple

  3. Anonymous25/7/08

    To Lemon and Sultan,
    Your words just match my feelings exactly. The way this man has made to the top is suprenatural, but my idea was that G-d is trying to bring this stalemate terrorism and decaying west to a boiling point, and who will be better to (not) deal with the situation than a hologram person like Obama. He represents the today people of the western world, empty with very superficial knowledge, but boy do they speak well, are charming and good looking! I have the feeling that he is suppose to win.

  4. Absolutely. That's been my sense all along.It's not a dream it's a nightmare and almost exactly the images that were going through my head when I did my omen post.

    Bravo to the Israelis who gave Obama the reception he deserved. Israelis seem to have found their voices. B'H it's not too late.

    Obama wasn't unaware of what the 'I Love Sderot' T-shirt signified and aware of the somber response of the Israelis surrounding him. He was smiling for the terrorists. A 'we got 'em.'

    Speaking of hope and the Holocaust memorial...naturally he would say that when his follow up speech was in Germany about tearing down walls. He wants people to just forgive Germans and forget the Holocaust.

  5. Anonymous25/7/08

    To Anony--"hologram person" perfectly describes Obama!! The best description I've heard of him, actually.

    I also believe his rise to influence has a supernatural component. Nothing else makes sense. Any other politico with his flaws would have been chewed apart by the media and public.

    Keliata from work


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