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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama, Mobama, Bobama

Well this has been a very artificially messianic week as Barack Obama, running for messianic savior of the world, made his ignoble tour, going from his hostile reception at the Western Wall where he was jeered with cries of "Jerusalem is not for Sale", despite his secret 3 AM visit intended to avoid protesters, to a speech given at Hitler's old Victory Memorial to a crowd drawn by free beer, sausages and a concert.

Forget about Bread and Circuses, Obama offers the German people Sausages and Beer, skipping on a visit to the wounded American troops he claims to care so much about that it motivates him to run away from Iraq. Can the Democratic party afford a beer and sausage for every American? With Obama's massive war chest I'm sure he could, but Obama isn't coming to power to give anything away, except America itself.

Via IsraelMatzav, Caroline Glick at the Jerusalem Post and David Horrovitz's interview with Obama paint one picture while Andrew Klavan paints another with Bush as   Batman.           

  (Image credit Lemon Lime Moon)                                                                                 

For now though Obama has clearly tied up the vital convicted murderer endorsement

PARCHMAN — Before he died Wednesday evening, death row inmate Dale Leo Bishop apologized to his victim's family, thanked America and urged people to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the scenes to end this practice," Bishop said.

If only they let convicted murderers vote, I'm sure it would be Obama in a landslide. Not to mention Gitmo.

Meanwhile the Houston Press has a disturbing expose on how the major magazines that are so busy promoting Obama like Newsweek, Rolling Stone or Time are destroying lives and committing crimes to keep their sales going

It's been a tough hop for this caravan of sales crews, though. Winding their way down from California, they lost a few agents. Two were arrested in Albuquerque after they allegedly forced their way into the home of an elderly couple and beat them to death, raping the wife first. A few weeks later, another agent allegedly raped a woman in Claremont, California, so he got picked up, too. Then, in West Texas, a van flipped, killing one agent and injuring three others. That's seven agents out of commission. That's about a $2,800 loss per day.

When asked what they're doing in town, the agents explain their job and how much they love it. It's a blast, they say. You lie all day to sell subscriptions, and you unwind afterward with some smoke. You tell the customers that you live a few streets over, that you go to the local school and play on the soccer team, that you just sold subscriptions to their neighbor, and the idiots buy it because by now you've got it down to a science. And on to the next town. And the next.

In the eight months the Press investigated door-to-door magazine sales across the country, the industry has seen at least three murders, one rape, two attempted rapes, one stabbing, one attempted murder, one vehicle fatality and one attempted abduction of a 13-year-old girl.

Interviews with former agents reveal a constant party atmosphere where agents have easy access — often thanks to their managers — to drugs. The agents come primarily from two populations: reprobates who need to leave wherever they are fast, and vulnerable kids from unstable families who believe that hopping into a van full of strangers is better than what awaits them at home.


The Magazine Publishers of America will give a variation of the following, which is a statement it gave to the Press: "Magazine Publishers of America condemns any door-to-door business that preys on vulnerable individuals or poses a threat to the public. [MPA] has long urged its members to identify any subscriptions coming from these sources and recommends that its members cease doing business with any company that does not fully comply with the law. Our guidelines and relations with subscription agents are clear, and we encourage all our members to follow them."

Which, based on the Press's investigation, previous media stories and industry watchdogs, is complete nonsense. The object is to push subscriptions, and it scarcely matters how.

A customer is a "Jones." A sales pitch is a "spiel," and there are all kinds of spiels — a school-spiel, cancer-spiel, you name it. These lies are known as a dirty canvass, and they're quite successful.


That's enough incentive to keep using sales agents. Of course, publishers don't want to be linked to any of the kids knocking on the doors, so the system has been arranged to keep everyone at arm's length.

It works like this: Agents knocking on doors turn their sales receipts in to their managers, who send them off to clearinghouses. A clearinghouse submits the subscription orders to the publishers, who then mail out the magazines. The clearinghouses choose which traveling sales crew companies to work with; the heads of those companies usually have their managers do the hiring. This arrangement allows the publishers, clearinghouses and road crew company heads to pretend they have nothing to do with the kids pushing the publishers' product.

The real blessing for everyone, though, comes in a labor loophole: Even though a crew's agents ride in the same vehicle, are dropped off in the same neighborhoods, are returned at night to the same hotels and have commissions held by managers who dole out the cash when an agent wants to buy lunch or alcohol or a new pair of shoes, labor laws have allowed company owners to hire their agents as "independent contractors." Since the crews rarely have solicitation permits, if they are arrested for selling without a license or for any other matter, they are instructed to tell authorities they are not in fact employed by the company they're traveling with.


The companies that run the crews primarily hire through newspaper advertisements promising big money and free travel. The ads are generally placed when the crew hits a town; the prospective hires meet a crew manager at a hotel and are usually hired on the spot. Although they're promised about $500 a week, their money goes on "the book," a mysterious ledger kept by crew managers. Often, agents will start out in the red, already owing managers hotel rent money. Managers also dock pay for canceled orders or other so-called infractions.

Agents sell from a "hot-list," laminated brochures of magazine titles, usually provided by clearinghouses, that agents show their Joneses. The agents work on a point system; the hot-lists show the points each agent would get for a particular subscription. For example, a 2006 hot-list from the National Publishers Exchange, one of the country's largest clearinghouses, shows 40 points for Reader's Digest and 80 points for GQ. According to the titles on the hot-list, the agents were selling for — and NPE was clearing orders for — Condé Nast, Disney Publishing, Meredith and others.

The article is worth reading in its entirety for the ugly face of the self-righteous magazines, who have no problem exploiting and destroying troubled kids to make a profit, in between promoting Obama, whose campaign is built on exploiting vulnerable youth, whether politically, economically or sexually.

Via IsraPundit, a hard look at Obama and the bigots at MoveOn.org

Barack Obama’s solicitation and acceptance of an anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic hate organization’s support is entirely consistent with his entourage of racists and/or anti-Semites like Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Michael “There were a whole lot of white people crying” Pfleger, and Louis Farrakhan. (Obama refused to “reject” Farrakhan’s support until Tim Russert and Hillary Clinton backed him into a corner on national television.) It is also consistent with his own campaign’s sanction of anti-Semitic and other forms of hate speech at the campaign’s official Web site.

Esser Agarot writes on his own experience at the vicinity of the protests

At this point police have already admitted that the story about a settler holding a knife to a policeman's throat is a lie, much like the acid in eyes story circulated during disengagement was another leftist blood libel.

The New Centrist has a look at the art of Arthur Szyk, whose work during WW2, particularly for the Bergson group, I greatly admire.

Lemon Lime Moon takes on Obama and religion

That we fight to defend what is right, that we fight our enemy as hard as it takes to defeat his hatred of good and righteousness and that in victory we are kind and merciful is lost on men like you.

~Men Like Obama Are Scary Because the ARE Scared~

You fear the fight. You hate it because of cowardice and because within YOU there is no good conscience. But these men go to war with clear conscience knowing that though hard, it has to be done to protect the weak and the good.

When a man's conscience is plagued with moral doubt, however, he is paralyzed with fear and he will espouse "peace at all costs" ,even to placating the enemy

Meanwhile back at the ranch in Berlin, Obama speaks to crowds of his equally clueless admirers by the famous monument that Hitler so loved.. speaking of a one world government and more importantly himself.. while passing up an opportunity to visit wounded American soldiers at the American base in Germany.

This is a man who uses and disparages religions that made America great just to get notice for himself. A man who plasters his own name on holy sites without regard for the desecration and crassness of it all.

Typical of a man whose religion is based on his own ego.


  1. The Bush as Batman post is extraordinary and hits the nail on the head.

  2. Anonymous28/7/08

    kudos to the image maker! It's as "complex" "deep" and "inspiring" as he is himself.

  3. I just read the final quote. In light of the content of Obama's prayer that he placed in the western wall all I can say is the quote was dead on the money. Obama's ego.

    Can you believe he'd go to Israel and ask in prayer to be an instrument of G-d's will?

  4. Anonymous29/7/08

    Thanks for the link, SK.

  5. Anonymous27/9/12

    The bush as batman link dosen't work....gives s 404....here's the another link



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