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Israelis for Obama Can't Speak Hebrew

In the ongoing pathetic charade that is the pretense that there's Israeli support for Obama, we have the "Israel for Obama" group, whose "official head" Jan Samson Altman-Schevitz was quoted as saying that Obama would offer "tough love" for Israel instead of a free hand. This quote was widely reproduced by the press and then radically censored, as I've documented. (Altman-Schevitz is incidentally German born and raised, before moving to Israel.)

Though often quoted as the head of "Israel for Obama", on the Obama site Israel for Obama is a rather dubious Messianic Black Hebrew group whose leader Yeshaya Amariel is busy passing himself off as an American Jew who supports Obama, while waiting for the apocalypse and one of whose members may have been involved in violent attacks on Jews in Arad.

"Israelis for Obama", which is the group getting the press, is really headed by Tony Jassen. Tony Jassen may have created "Israelis for Obama" but neither he nor the rest of the group, barring one actual Israeli, can write in Hebrew.

This is the pathetic recitation of how Jassen managed to get Altman-Schevitz quoted in media around the world.

Today we meet at the Kind David Hotel, and surprisingly were able to make it inside. Barack was meeting with Israeli opposition leader and head of the Likud Benyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. We hung around the lobby making our prescence known to the media waiting by passing out flyers explaining who we are (thanks to Shahar for helping with the Hebrew translation and design!) and being interviewed by some as well (RTVi- Russian TV, Army Radio, Reuters, AP).

Nothing says Genuine Israeli like not being able to write in Hebrew and needing help to translate simple flyers and slogans. At least Tony Jassen and the gang at "Israelis for Obama" are slightly ahead of Yeshaya Amariel at "Israel for Obama" who is not actually Jewish and doesn't seem to like Jews all that much. But you have to wonder why this campaign of support couldn't hunt down Israelis. At this point it should be renamed "Black Hebrew and Subliterate Anglos Hanging Around Israel for Obama".

Meanwhile aside from this "Israelis for Obama" has little content except to repost Yeshaya's material, including his announcement that his father's Black Messianic Church has endorsed Obama. Of course he calls the place "Tabernacle Congregation of Prayer Yeshiva in Israel" which just goes to show that Jassen has no monopoly on Ivrit illiteracy.

But it's only fair that with a shortage of actual Israelis to campaign for Obama, there should also be a shortage of actual Jewish synagogues in Israel to endorse Obama. At this point Obama would be better off clapping a Kippah on Reverend Wright's head and renaming Trinity, "The Cobernacle Tangregation of Yeshiavism in Chicago".

But Israel for Obama or Israelis for Obama or Frauds for Obama gets even better than this... its membership list is headed by Aly Baba Faye, a dubious character, who has been written up before and appears to be a non-Jewish Somali living in Italy who is not a US citizen and is heavily involved in promoting Obama.

Then there's Bradford "Hussein" Lyau, seemingly an Asian fellow from New Mexico. He's followed by Citoyen De Monde, who lives in Japan. At this point you might reasonably wonder why Obama can't hardly find any Americans who support him, let alone Israelis.

Going down the membership list of Israelis for Obama, I couldn't seem to actually find any Israelis living in Israel who support Obama besides Shahar Golan, their token Israeli who translates things into Hebrew and makes posters for them. I did find Jamella from Brooklyn, who isn't Israeli or Jewish. There's Jon Car Harris, a black man/lady from Wyoming. Then there's the Reverend Bry, a Presbyterian minsiter from Virginia. No he isn't Jewish or Israeli either.

I hesitate to say how much of the Israelis for Obama fraud is aimed at Jews and how much of it is simply the commonplace social networking inflation that characterized the Ron Paul campaign and now characterizes the Obama campaign. Phony friends lists and large numbers of people joining groups that have no connection to to make it seem as if these groups are influential or relevant. Right now Israelis for Obama is giving Jews for Ron Paul a run for its money in the lack of credibility department. And that is a genuine achievement when you consider that the head of Jews for Ron Paul was a gay Wiccan minister who stole money from people and pretended briefly to be Native American.

For those truly bored, other highlights of Israelis who support Obama from the group include, Abdoulaye Dieng ,Standing Rock Sioux Nation and Ehuzu Hussein who truly exemplifies Barack Hussein's message of being "All Things to All People".

Ehuzu Hussein is a member of African Americans for Barack Obama

1,000 Black Men for Obama , 30 something women for Obama , A Rosary A Day for Barack Obama , Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual Committee for Barack Obama ,Chicago Jews for Obama , Church Of God In Christ For Obama , Cuban Americans for Obama , Delaware United Auto Workers for Obama , Disabled Oregonians for Barack Obama , Dogs for Obama! , Native Americans for Obama, Gay Republicans for OBAMA , Irish Catholics for Obama , New York Asian Americans for Obama, Iowa Latinos for Change and of course Jews for Obama.

Honestly the only ones I can believe Hussein really is one of these, DC Lawyers for Obama or Egyptians Supporting Obama .

Hussein, Ehuzu rather than Barack, exemplifies the culture of fraud on Obama's blogs, on Digg and YouTube and elsewhere that creates the image of widespread support, often by foreigners like Aly and Hussein, for Obama.

Obama's campaign is a scam and its subsets like "Israelis for Obama" or "Ukranians for Obama" or "Arabs from Abroad Promoting Obama" are scams too, cashing in on identity politics and fake user names with groups that may really have a small handful of members to promote their candidate.

Next time you encounter someone online who claims to be a Disabled Gay Asian-American Autoworker for Obama, keep in mind you're probably just talking to Ehuzu Hussein. And when you run into Israelis for Obama, you're dealing with people who can't even write in Hebrew without help.

How do you spell scam? Yes we can.


  1. am wondering how long til one of the mega-blogs picks this up and fails to credit you yet again.

    Great scoop

  2. Yes. Excellent newsgathering, too.

    The feds should investigate all of this online campaign support to see if the magic behind Obama's successful online fundraising actually originate in Arab countries it is illegal to do money transfers with.

    I just have a gut feeling that they are.


    Most of these black Hebrew groups are more Muslim than Messianic if you ask me. They think of themselves as the lost tribe of Israel (perhaps why they have no trouble lying about being Israeli).

    One group in FLorida worships a convicted murderer as messiah but they refer to him as a mufti. That sounds very Muslim.

  3. Another thought: As someone who has only been reading Israeli websites be they media outlets, charities, informational websites etc. for about three years, this "Israel for Obama" site would have raised a huge red flag even if I knew little about the people behind it.

    Virtually every Israeli website I've seen that seeks to either communicate with, solicit funds or educate has both Hebrew and English versions. They understand that most Americans and people in the west don't know Hebrew.

    "Israel for Obama" sticks out like a red thumb.

    It's very suspicious that a so-called "Israeli" one would not have a little "click here for Hebrew."

    If you want to communicate with Israelis and Americans you'd have it in Hebrew and English.

    Kinda like crossing into Canada. You see Welcome/Beinvenue signs. Most either know English or French

  4. great expose..did u seem him getting heckled at the Kotel..it appears he's now runnin for Pres in Germany SK!.pfftt!

  5. yes i've posted the two videos at jchannel.blogspot.com

  6. Brilliant!!! Brilliant!!! Brilliant!!!

    He's using the same crap the scamming web gurus use. It works really well until people start blowing your cover. You can practically sink a person overnight if it spreads far enough. :]

  7. yes the so-called grass roots internet campaigns like paul and obama's are built around that

  8. Pardon my ignorance, but isn't that one of the things kids are taught in a Jewish upbringing? I was always under the impression that is was a requirement of the faith, to learn Hebrew. How can they claim to be Jewish if they know so little?

  9. No Kate, there is no requirement in Judaism to learn Hebrew.
    If you are Orthodox you learn some by reading tanakh and from prayers. Not every Jew speaks Hebrew at all.
    It is not a requirement to being Jewish.

  10. Jews who are raised religious or in Israel will commonly know Hebrew

    The sort of secular Jews who support Obama are much less likely to know and speak Hebrew

  11. Oh. I just thought it was something that was taught....kind of like learning the Apostles Creed or something in Sunday School.

    Learn something new every day. :) Thanks.

  12. it's something that's taught in religious schools

    secular people don't tend to go to those

  13. Anonymous25/7/08

    Hi Kate :)

    Hebrew can be hard to learn but it is taught in conversion classes because you have to learn how to pray using a siddur. Even if you use a transliterated siddur (prayer book) you still have to understand what the words mean. So yes, you do learn Hebrew and some Aramaic, too.

    Hashem knows all languages but praying in the holy language is incredibly beautiful and a powerful experience.

    Changed my life forever, actually.

    It seems Obama's fake israelis Sultan is writing about cannot write in Hebrew or even do transliterations.

    Religous or secular if you're raised in Israel you know Hebrew. It's the official language.

    I think even Arab and Druze Israelis know Hebrew, too, as any citizen of Israel would.

    Keliata from work

  14. I just picked up this site and, two years after the Obama election to the US Presidency, I can still state with unequivocal knowledge that you are an idiot regarding Mr. Tony Jassen's credentials as a Hebrew speaker. Not only was he educated at a premier Orthodox Day School in the USA, Mr. Jassen made aliyah to Israel approximately 12-15 years ago, served with distinction in the IDF in the bomb search squad, became a drill sergeant during his last phase of the army, speaks Hebrew so purely that neither Israelis nor Anglos could not determine his country of origin, AND lives an Orthodox Jewish life in Jerusalem, the Holy City, that would make any fellow Jew and parent proud of him. I know... because he is my son. You are entitle to your opinions but do not impugn the reputation of people about whom you know nothing.

  15. I quoted your son's own comments about his group's Hebrew language skills. Anyone is free to read his remarks and draw their own conclusions.

    As to your suggestion that any Jew would be proud of a son who campaigned for Barack Hussein Obama-- only a father could be proud of such a man.

  16. Sorry, you absolutely DID insult on Tony's personal Hebrew fluency: "Jassen has no monopoly on Ivrit illiteracy." Politics are politics but no one should ever doubt what Tony has done to defend the State of Israel. Tell us about your service.

    That's what's great about America; you can say whatever you wish and some people might believe you but do not bother to confuse your opinion with fact.

    Oh, yes, a father and 52% of the US voting populus plus his friends who did not agree with Tony are proud of the fact that he did not dismiss Obama because of 1) his skin color, 2) unsubstantiated rumors of his birthplace, or even 3) that he was not Tony's first choice. Unlike the knee-jerkers, my son studied the issues, the person's character and his forward-looking ideals and reached a conclusion...kind of like a gemarah study session: Even if we personally agree with Shamai's conclusion, we follow Hillel.

    Let me guess, you probably question Obama's birth records, too. Are you, like Sen. McConnell, an avowed member of "our mission is to do whatever we have to do to destroy the Obama presidency?" If that is correct, I wish for you Sarah Palin as the GOP candidate in 2012.

    Abi gezunt!

  17. I quoted your son's own comments on needing the help of an actual native Israeli to translate their pro-Obama propaganda.

    Based on what's available on the internet, your son's "contribution" has been to promote the rise of an anti-Israel radical in American politics, and to characterize Israel as racist. You may consider that to be a service to Israel, I do not.

    52 percent of the US voting population? You'll find that it's a lot lower now. But since your son was playing an Israeli, maybe it's better to ask what percent of Israelis would be proud of him?

    You'd be lucky to get 10 percent.


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