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Consensual Muslim Reality and the Mind of Abdullah

"Twenty-one-year-old Ramallah resident Sultan Abdullah Sulieman was recently released from the Ofer Prison. He said that during one interrogation session, Israeli soldiers brought an "Iraqi girl" called "Nora" into the room. "Nora" danced "seductively" in front of Suleiman, moving close to him before moving away.

Abdullah (21 years) from Ramallah said that the Ofer prison warders a new style used in the investigation, where the girl who came and entered the prisoner during interrogation, sitting semi-naked in front of the captive and begin issuing the voices and gestures for tempting him and was approaching the degree of contact with her body and then his body."

via Elder of Ziyon

The two things Westerners need to remember about Muslims is that they lie compulsively and that they believe their own lies. Variations of this particular absurdity have circulated through Muslim narratives of "torture" not just in Israel but in Gitmo and around the world. The media tends to ignore it for the obvious reason that it exposes their own "exposes" of torture as absurd jokes. But to the Muslim mind myths of dancing girls sent in to torture Muslims are as real as Korans in toilets or pancake saints or the keys to homes in villages that never existed.

When Westerners process Muslim narratives, they do so by trying to relate to it as if it were coming from people like them. The problem is that it isn't.

America and Europe are far from perfect but some attempt has been made since the Renaissance at arriving at standards of objectivity and accuracy and while they may seem shoddy, they are worlds beyond what passes for reality in the Muslim world where reality is simply consensual myth constantly created and recreated and internally contradictory.

Sultan Abdullah Sulieman (no relation)'s little adventure is a good case study of how this can work. Abdullah indulges in fantasies about girls while in prison, culturally relevant fantasies involving a belly dancer. Since many Iraqi refugees have become displaced and in parts of Syria and Jordan, Iraqi prostitutes have become ubiquitous, Abdullah fantasizes about an Iraqi girl (never mind that the only Iraqi girls in Israel are small and being treated in hospitals free of charge).

Now here's where the twist happens. Since Abdullah has enough religion for these fantasies to create psychological tension and guilt, he forms the fantasy into one in which the Iraqi belly dancer tries to seduce him and he resists her wiles! This gives him the benefit of his fantasies while transforming them into an Islamically acceptable outlet. Finally to explain the whole thing he blames Israel for sending the evil belly dancing girl to seduce him as part of their torture.

This allows Abdullah to transform his sexual fantasies into a heroic resistance against Israeli torture.

Abdullah's case is outwardly silly but it's a crude demonstration of the psychological origin of so many of the lies directed against Israel, America and the West.

Wonder why Muslims constantly complain about the sexual immorality of the West? Go back to Abdullah and the dancing girl and you can understand why the Al Queda terrorists went to a strip club before 9/11.

The immorality of the West is really the perversions within the minds of Muslim men who project that perversion on the West. It's the belly dancer all over again. Muslim countries are some of the world's biggest consumers of pornography. Naturally they project that guilt and the psychological tension it creates back at the West by ranting about Western immorality. With one stroke suddenly they're the "victims" of their own perversions. Suddenly they're the victims of evil Western schemes to entrap them. It's Abdullah and the Iraqi belly dancer on a global scale.

Want to know why Muslims need to cover their women from head to toe and why honor killings happen? Because if Abdullah feels lust for a woman and he can't blame the Israelis or the immoral West for it, he has to blame the woman. And cover her up or kill her.

In the primitive mind such shifts happen easily and naturally and Islamic civilizations may boast borrowed technology and some borrowed culture, but they are backward and primitive.

When a Muslim feels an inappropriate emotion or has an inappropriate desire, it's easier to shift it to a reliable target than to deal with it. Such behavior is not unique to Muslims but primitive cultures are less able to recognize and filter such mental gymnastics.

But let's leave sex behind and take a look at geopolitics instead. Abdullah's country receives Western aid. In Abdullah's mind the elementary emotion of gratitude forms toward these benefactors. Abdullah rejects this attitude as inappropriate because it degrades his sense of self as a member of that nation. Instead Abdullah plays belly dancer again and instead proclaims, "Western aid is only a trap meant to seduce us and we don't want it!"

Once again Abdullah has what he wants, his aid, and he maintains his self-esteem by rejecting it at the same time.

Now let's suppose Abdullah moves to Detroit or London or Paris. He gets an education, he gets a job and he lives every day with the knowledge that the country he has moved to and the civilization he lives among is superior to his own. He can't help but feel respect, gratitude and even awe. Yet he cannot allow himself to feel such emotions for they degrade his own sense of self-respect.

Instead Abdullah proclaims, "Damn this racist country. It only exists to seduce us with false promises. I demand Muslim law. I demand separate seating. I demand apologies and appeasements!"

As the politicians crowd around Abdullah promising him everything will be alright, he gloats on the one hand for his every whim is being catered-- but on the other hand the original cause of his projection is growing even worse. In their generosity the politicians are only driving the knife in deeper and demonstrating the contrast between their generosity and his insolence.

And so Abdullah grows only more infuriated, he denounces each thing they offer him as another trap, each benefit generates another grievance-- for he must prove to himself that rather than being generous to him, they are actually torturing him.

And so Abdullah sits in his cell, in his mansion, in Gaza, in Riyadh, in London and Paris and turns every envy and dream into bitterness and gall. He cannot take what is given to him and he cannot have what he wants, his own self-respect, so he fantasizes about taking it by force, about burning the cities that tower above him, about looting and rape in the name of Allah. And he fantasies about a dancing girl being brought to him and then he fantasizes that he is being tortured with dancing girls, for in the mind of Abdullah, for in the Muslim mind, reality is reshaped to protect one's own honor and the only true torture is the torture of shame.

The West wonders what it can do to live in peace with Abdullah. The answer is nothing for Abdullah cannot even live in peace with himself.


  1. Anonymous18/5/08

    They should be kept from women totally and not even be allowed to reproduce.

  2. Anonymous18/5/08

    Sultan, while I think you are correct in the view of Muslims towards aide, we should remember in Geopolitics aide is not the same as charity between individuals. Countries give aide to accomplish specific political goals, be they the stabilization of friendly regimes or using the aide to influence policy. As we see with Israel, where the US does use the aide to push Israel into policies that are bad for the Jewish state but the American government thinks are good for America.

  3. An excellent psychological analysis.

    I agree. Bringing in a scantily dressed woman puts the male Muslim prisoner in a double bind situation. To cave in to her seduction is morally intolerable. But the very normal physical attraction is also intolerable.

    He needs to escape this double bind but can't because though conflicting both desires are equally powerful. So what does he do? He blames his captors for torturing him. It's not his uncontrolled sexual impulses that are at fault. Nope. His captors.

    In other situations a double bind does cause great emotional torment and conflict and can possibly lead to psychosis.

    The Muslim reaction is a slight variation on that. They create a culture dominated by extreme sexual repression based on religion and then when it becomes intolerable and impossible to abide with they call it mental torture.

    These people just ain't right in the head. Conversely, it could all be a ruse to explain away their "torture" induced confessions.

  4. they need to create stories of torture in order to portray themselves as heroically surviving an ordeal, it's a cultural mandate for third worlders who want to imagine that they're warriors

    but transforming their own fantasies into imaginary tortures is where some of the psychological mechanism is revealed

  5. Anonymous18/5/08

    It's why the women in Afghanistan are expected to paint their windows black so the drooling goons can't leer in.. The Islamist perverts with zero self control expect the objects of their unbridled lust to prevent rape because they ARE NEVER RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! However, what-the-hell, if a woman doesn't blacken her window, it's HER fault he has to look in. If he rapes her, oh well, she could have prevented it with a little black paint. That's what she gets for being irresponsible.

    Women in Afganistan have designted tents in which they can eat an ice cream cones (or be beaten with a metal rod!) Can you imagine the sexual fury these nuts would experience when observing an innocent lick of an ice cream cone? There is no cure for this behaviour.

  6. So true, Udiyah. It's a religion and culture in need of psychotherapy. No matter what a woman does it's her fault. These people are sick puppies.

    SK: Yes, I suppose for people in these third world countries being a warrior in any sense makes them feel less like the losers they are.

  7. All Arabs are liars.

  8. Anonymous19/5/08

    Keli Ata said...

    " They create a culture dominated by extreme sexual repression based on religion and then when it becomes intolerable and impossible to abide with they call it mental torture."

    Then they concoct a ritual of bloody self-flagellation - like the "celebration" of Ashura and punish themselves for being the low craven, deviant creatures they know they are. It's their Tachnun. Murdering Infidels is also very helpful. The only real compassionate thing to do, is if you ever observe this sight is to ask them if they need help...


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