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The Best of Ron Paul Art

Lately I've been getting emails and comment spam demanding that I revisit the failed candidacy of Ron Paul, which is somehow no longer a failed candidacy because of the attempted hijacking of the Nevada convention. And since it is late at night and no one is reading anyway, I'm happy to revisit it.


In the far future, seconds from now, when historians will gather around their campfires and herd their yaks together to gaze back across the vast oasis of time at the great religious movements of history, they will no doubt cast their glance back at the great epochal tide of religious movements, Edisonism, Glaucology and of course the Ron Paul Campaign.

Like any great religious movement the Ron Paul campaign has produced no shortage of great art and it is our manifest destiny here to present them in all their glory.

First up from Liberty Editions is the noble and glorious depiction of LibertyLand, the glorious amusement theme park to be created under Ron Paul, whose gates shall be guarded by a Transvestite wearing a torn American flag as a skirt, handling a variety of outdated weapons and accompanied by The Goat of Liberty.

Because nothing says liberty like a Transvestite with a goat.

Also there's a rainbow, because everything is happy in Ron Paul land. This poorly photoshopped masterpiece will only set you back 1,250 dollars. Get one today before none of them are gone.

Next from an unknown source comes this glorious vision of what Star Wars would have been like if Alec Guinness had been replaced by Ron Paul and Princess Leia had been replaced by the Statue of Liberty who had been calling on Ron Paul's services as an OB Gyn.

Some people might find this image symbolic. Others might find it poorly photoshopped. Still others will live with it haunting their nightmares for years to come. Don't thank me. Thank Ron Paul.

This is a gold coin with Ron Paul's head on it. This gold coin can be exchanged for one pound of lard, three pints of marijuana or four Nevada delegates. Like many people who imagined themselves to be Napoleon, it was inevitable that Ron Paul's head would wind up on money. Sadly it was not money that anyone could spend as the mint that turned this out was raided by the Federal government.

Nevertheless this mostly hypothetical gold coin represents the imaginary vestige of the great Empire, Emperor Ron Paul might have created. It is unknown whether the backside of this noble coin represents the Goat of Liberty from the first painting, but we can only hope that it does.

Via a Digg comment, this image of the Ron Paul Revolution symbolically devouring America makes it clear that Ron Paul's candidacy is a myth. A Greek myth.

It's time for the Ron Paul Baby-eating Revolution.

Ron Paul is shirtless and smiling creepily at you. I think that's all that needs to be said here. Clearly loving Ron Paul means something very different to some of his supporters.

Here the incredibly diverse Ron Paul fanbase imagines what Star Trek would be like if Ron Paul had been Captain of the Enterprise dedicated to promoting the gold standard, polygamy and racism.

This picture finally proves that Ron Paul is nothing more than an incredibly lifelike puppet. Which many of us who noticed his artificial smile and the odd texture of his skin knew all along. Here Ron Paul's Zionist puppet master prepares him for an appearance on Face the Nation.

This picture explains the influence under which some these pictures may have been produced.

This is Ron Paul under the influence of hemp. Please help him legalize freedom.

Any more questions? Very well then. May the Goat of Liberty be ever with you.


  1. I am reading as you know.
    Well great art. I appreciate this art show very much.
    Thanks for the culture .

  2. ROFL! Too funny!

    And I still say Ron Paul resembles Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven's Gate cult.

  3. Anonymous19/5/08

    It is interesting that the gun, that the "lady" in the first picture is holding, is MP40 (or MP38), often wrongly called "Schmeisser" - a German WW2 submachine gun. I am afraid it betrays the sympathies of the Paulians.

  4. good catch and not too surprising for a guy obsessed with the "zionists"

  5. This is one big page of political propaganda. Totally slanderous of Ron Paul's reputation. Shame on you.


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