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Obama is too Old and Confused to be President

McCain is too Old and Confused to be President. That's the message that Obama supporters are trying to put out and they have a point. After all McCain is clearly old. McCain is an aged 71 while Obama is a spring chicken at the tender age of 46.

Unlike McCain, Obama is unconfused and on the ball all the time.

For example Obama knows that there are 57 states in the Union and he's visited every one of them. Particularly Mars.

Obama knows that 10,000 people died in a Kansas tornado that killed only 10 people. Clearly math was never his strong subject.

At Selma, Obama informed us that his parents met four years after he was born and that his Kenyan diplomat father had a flag draped coffin.

He knows that Canada's Prime Minister is actually a President

Obama knows they speak Arabic in Afghanistan and that there are poppy fields in Iraq

Obama knows that Matt Lauer is really Tim Russert

Obama had no idea whatsoever that his home church and the reverend with whom he had a 20 year relationship was a crazy america hating racist.

Hell Obama couldn't even figure out how to use the voting buttons in the Illinois State Senate

Barack Obama angered fellow Democrats in the Illinois Senate when he voted to strip millions of dollars from a child welfare office on Chicago's West Side. But Obama had a ready explanation: He goofed.

"I was not aware that I had voted no," he said that day in June 2002, asking that the record be changed to reflect that he "intended to vote yes."

On March 19, 1997, he announced he had fumbled an election-reform vote the day before, on a measure that passed 51 to 6: "I was trying to vote yes on this, and I was recorded as a no," he said. The next day, he acknowledged voting "present" on a key telecommunications vote.

He stood on March 11, 1999, to take back his vote against legislation to end good-behavior credits for certain felons in county jails. "I pressed the wrong button on that," he said.

Obama was the lone dissenter on Feb. 24, 2000, against 57 yeas for a ban on human cloning. "I pressed the wrong button by accident," he said.

On Nov. 14, 1997, he backed legislation to permit riverboat casinos to operate even when the boats were dockside. Moments after its passage he rose to say, "I'd like to be recorded as a no vote," explaining that he had mistakenly voted for it.

Maybe Obama was just tired all these years and needed a nap. Let's just hope he manages to figure out how the nuclear button and the intercom button works before he blows up the planet while trying to order some Spanish ham.

But don't worry, when Obama's campaign makes a mistake, it's always his staffers who are at fault.

After the Politico raised questions about questionnaire Obama filled out in 1996, Obama supporter Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wa., took to Tucker Carlson's MSNBC Show to say, "He didn't fill it out and he did not support those positions then . . . That was a questionnaire filled out in his first state Senate campaign back in 1996 not by Senator Obama but by somebody on his staff that didn't get it cleared."

Well that sort of thing can happen once or twice, right? Or over and over again. But what can you expect from a guy who doesn't even know what letters he's writing or for whom?

In a March 2008 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times to answer questions about Tony Rezko, Obama was asked about the fact that Obama had told the newspaper in November 2006 that he had never been asked to do anything to advance Rezko's business interests. But the Sun-Times had subsequently learned about a October 28, 1998 letter Obama wrote to city and state housing officials on behalf of a housing project for seniors that Rezko was working on.

Responded Obama: "I wasn't even aware that we wrote the letter. The answer that I gave at the time was accurate as far as I knew...This was one of many form letters, or letters of recommendation we would send out constantly for all sorts of projects. And my understanding is that our letter was just one of many. And I wasn’t a decision maker in any of this process.”

Who does the buck stop with? Not with Barack Obama who barely even knows when he's writing a letter in support of building a senior center on a toxic chemical spill waste site for the guy closely tied to his law firm who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for him. I mean whatdaya expect anyway? He's not a decision maker.

But with all of Obama's confusion and his ignorance of how many states there are and his constant inability to keep his staff from fooling him, maybe Obama is just too old and confused to be President.

At 46 isn't it time for Barack Obama who has had a dignified record of pressing the wrong buttons in the Illinois Senate and a hundred days or so in the US Senate voting Present on many major issues, to be put out to pasture and retire so he can finally enjoy the good life?

Far be it from me to mock Obama's premature senility but it would seem that his age and mental confusion makes the Presidency a too high pressure job for someone with his fragile memory and awareness.

Instead maybe it's time for the Democratic party to let in some fresh new blood such as 32 year old Rep. Patrick McHenry from North Carolina or 21 year old superdelegate Jason Rae. They clearly have the fresh ideas and the experience garnered from years of videogaming to figure out which buttons to press to vote on crucial issues.

If younger is better, than we can certainly do better than Obama. It's time for new ideas and less confusion. It's time for Obama to take his nap and make way for the younger generation. The fact is he's clearly too old and confused to be President anyway.


  1. Anonymous19/5/08

    Not a bad list. Accurate too.

  2. Now I'm torn between imaging Obama as the befuddled Mr. Magoo...or maybe Steve Erkel from "Family Matters."

    I can see Obama using Erkel's catchphrase---the nasal "Did I do that?" when caught in a lie.

    Or maybe he's more like Flounder from "Animal House." Remember how the Dean told Flounder that "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." Obama's not fat, not drunk (though he did admit to using cocaine) but he's certainly not bright.

    Hmmm. Okay I got the picture in my head of a combination of Mr. Magoo, Erkel and Flounder. Ah, if only I were an artist you'd be laughing at this lol.

  3. Anonymous19/5/08

    Great post!
    Funny but true.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous19/5/08

    Barack is tired, that's all. I think you Mr Honkey are unfair in your categorising Barack as stupid.
    How well would you fair after visiting 57 states in a row and how would you feel if your staff would not let you go to alaska and the other one too.
    Matt and Tim are almost indistinguishable . All you white folks look alike.
    Comparing Steve Urkel to barack is racist and cruel. Maybe you are a honkey with a big butt.
    Go on laugh at mr obama and see how far you get.
    Hes goning bring us chages in this nation that long over due like a library book with no cover on itself.
    You going to see

  5. LOL.

    An Urkel comparision isn't racist and I should mention Mr. Magoo and Flounder are both white characters.

    As for the "Did I do that" catchphrase it's a common phrase now for anyone who does something wrong--intentional or not--and then acts all suprised that they're responsible.

    It applies to Obama.

    But more seriously, I doubt Obama is just tired. He's either lying or grossly unqualified for his job.

    What disturbs me most all is his attempts to change his voting record smacks of 1984. Changing public records is the same as altering history and shouldn't be tolerate at all.

    Isn't it bad enough we have mainstream media outlets in the world doctoring photos and slanting news stories? Do we really need politicians in the civilized world trying to change American history?

    Yes, I do believe changing voting records is very serious and does change history.

  6. barack needs a nap, a long nap somewhere quiet like Alaska where he can work on his memoirs, rock back and forth in his rocking chair and go back to smoking pot and stay out of politics

  7. Well, if he's willing go I'll start crocheting him an afghan to keep him all warm and toasty.

    Nighty-night barry, ooops, I mean Barack. Sorry, I forgot you like to be called by your real name.

  8. Anonymous19/5/08

    Well, you better start getting used to President Obama, makes me sick, but it will happen. A time of great great trouble for the Jews and Israel.

  9. Anonymous19/5/08

    And hey, lay off his ol' lady - she's disapppointed.

  10. ROFL Keli!!! Hilarious!

    "rock back and forth in his rocking chair and go back to smoking pot and stay out of politics"

    um, Sultan? Obama isn't aware he's in politics. LOL!!!!!

    ROFL!!! Who wrote the bogus "barak supporter" comment? That's hilarious! Bad spelling and all! ROFL!!!

  11. Thanks Yobee :)

    Sultan: I apologize for joking about the topic of the article. The article was very well researched and informative.

  12. there's nothing to apologize for, the article was meant to be a little tongue in cheek

  13. good, I just like to check, though :)

  14. This made me grin and wince simultaneously. Very amusing piece.


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