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The Fradulent Ron Paul Phenomenon

They stand near the state of a mounted George Washington raising his sword high for Evacuation Day. Union Square and the statue of America's General have often been targets for Anti-American protests since 9/11. For a time it was perpetually defaced with posters, graffiti and Anti-War slogans.

The handful standing now by the statue hold a hand-lettered sign reading "The Ron Paul REvolution". They're young and in their twenties. Most likely college students. One approaches me to ask me if I know who Ron Paul is.

"Yeah I do," I answer. "Are you Republicans?"

He shakes his head violently at the idea. "No we're just here to support Ron Paul."

"But he's running in the Republican primary."

"We want to see this country get out of Iraq," a girl next to him chimes in.

"But if you aren't Republicans then why are you campaigning for one candidate in a Republican primary?" I ask them.

"The voice of the people needs to be heard," he says. "Haliburton is just going to elect another Bush and continue the war against the world."

"So if Ron Paul wins the primary, would you vote for him in the general election?"

He hesitates and finally shrugs his shoulders. "Depends on who wins the Democratic primary."

"So you're campaigning for a candidate for a party you don't support and might not even vote for," I point out.

"Don't you want to get the country out of Iraq?" the girl demands.

"So basically the ends justify the means, including tampering with Republican primaries?" I say.

"People are dying every day. Ron Paul is making the Republicans face the music and answer the tough questions. More and more people are joining the Ron Paul revolution. We can't be stopped." His rant is clearly just getting started.

"Unless a better Democratic candidate comes along," I say.

"You can't stop us," the girl nearly shrieks.

"I wasn't trying to," I say and walk on.

A man in a red coverall reading 'Prayer Works' thrusts a flyer at me mumbling, "Christ." I avoid him easily and walk on.

* * *

The problem with viral phenomena is that they're inherently artificial. Consider the Hillary 1984 commercial created by the Obama campaign (which continues to lie about it to this day). Consider the Deanites and consider Ron Paul. For decades Ron Paul was one of a small constellation of nuts who believed in government conspiracies often verging on the racist fringe. The difference was that Ron Paul was a congressman.

The left hadn't been paying much attention to Ron Paul until 9/11 when a new alliance began to be formed between various fringe factions within America, which despised each other but hated the United States even more. From the far right to the far left, this new alliance brought together conspiracy theorists, left wing professors, far right racists along with their newfound Muslim terrorist allies. That witch's brew helped boost the 9/11 Denial movement. It has become a breeding ground for unifying general conspiracy theories into centralized ones, for Anti-Semitism and for support for fringe candidates.

As a racist, anti-semite and conspiracy nut, Ron Paul was almost made for this group. His opposition to Federal power and racism makes him a natural for the far right and his opposition to the War on Terror and isolationism makes him perfect for the left. He isn't a smart man but he doesn't need to be because it isn't his campaign. In the end all Ron Paul has to do is show up. The witches brew produces his campaign staff easily enough.

All it really takes to create a viral phenomenon on the internet is time and numbers. And when you don't have numbers, time will do. So long as you have people willing to create 500 Digg accounts and Digg every Ron Paul post, you can take over the entire election section with Ron Paul posts. you can repeat variations of this trick at social networking sites everywhere.

The last I wrote a post mentioning Ron Paul I immediately noticed a few incoming searches on Technocrati and Blogsearch for Ron Paul. This was followed shortly thereafter by comments in support of Ron Paul. This is a typical experience for many bloggers because in addition to Digg spamming, Ron Paul supporters spam blogs with statements of support for Ron Paul.

The support for Ron Paul is indeed a phenomenon, but not the one that his supporters like to pretend it is. It's the phenomenon that demonstrates that with enough time spent and enough obnoxious behavior you can get an obscure candidate noticed. What happens then is of course nothing. As with every movement there's a fanatic crowd that really believes Ron Paul will become the next Republican candidate for President. Most however are simply satisfied with vandalism to express their anger and frustration. If they've moved on from vandalizing statues to vandalizing the internet, it's simply because they've chosen a more efficient and legal form of vandalism.

The fanatic obsession of Ron Paul supporters has gotten him attention but not quite the kind they were banking on. ABC and MSNBC have both have to clean up comment forums and polls and most reporters are now more convinced than ever that Ron Paul is a fringe candidate associated with nuts and loons. On Digg anything with Ron Paul's name on it is routinely labeled spam, without a second look. Little Green Footballs pulled Ron Paul's name from its poll after continued spamming.

The Ron Paul phenomenon happens time and time again with fringe candidates whether it's Ross Perot or Howard Dean or Ralph Nader. It's also inevitably never a phenomenon that supports a genuinely worthwhile candidate. Instead it inevitably coalesces around candidates who not only shouldn't be elected President but shouldn't be elected dogcatcher. Howard Dean cleverly exploited his supporters to get him a top spot in the Democratic party. It's doubtful that Ron Paul has the brains to do anything with his fanatical fans because he is ultimately their creature. A fumbling candidate who mumbles tired rhetoric, a racist and fringe extremist who stumbled into a movement he has no real control over. It's a sad and pathetic sight.


  1. Anonymous21/5/07

    wow, guess you want the government to take care of you from craddle to grave... this is not a sustainable form of government. Ron Paul supporters understand this and have created Ron Paul out of the collective conciousness as each persona knows it is their ultimate responsibility to fight for personal liberties.

  2. Anonymous21/5/07

    I get the feeling you don't like Ron Paul (which is certainly your right), but I was wondering which declared candidate you support in the primaries? After all, it's relatively easy to an attack a candidate based on one position or another, but it's a bit harder to defend your own favorite from the same scrutiny.

  3. I am sorry I think you are completely wrong.

    The idea that Ron Paul supporters are "spamming the polls" is completely ridiculous. Do you have any idea how these polls are set up or do you even know that you can set up these polls so that only one vote per IP address is counted. It is not that hard. Any self respecting web developer could do this easily.

    Also another questions comes to mind. Why don't the supporters of the other candidates do the same thing? Why, because they can't. McCain even said on his website that his supporters should spam the polls.

    I think it is highly unlikely that supporters of Ron Paul create 500 accounts and digg everything with his name on it. How ridiculous can you sound. When in actuality it is digg that does the censoring.

    Time and time again you find articles that are rising with diggs then all of the sudden the story will get buried. Look into the DVD encryption key scandal that happended on digg. That is just one example. Im am not advocating stealing DVDs but it shows that there are Elite group of diggers that can bury thousands of diggs with a single click. Articles from Alex Jones's websites, Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com, on 911 continually get buried after receiving thousands of diggs from users. Google even censors Alex Jones Materials. Ratings for some of his documentaries repeatedly have been reset while climbing the Top 100 list.

    If you can not see that big corporate media is not trying to extinguish and censor the voice of Ron Paul then you haven't done your homework. All you are is a mindless cohort who spits the same thing as mass media. All I could hear from MSNBC and FOX was his supporters are spamming the polls. How bout you drop the mantra. You couldn't be any more wrong.

  4. No I don't want the government to take care of

    Nor do I want to vote for a racist anti-semitic candidate who makes excuses for terrorists and is surrounded by fanatics

  5. Anonymous21/5/07

    If elected President, I wonder how long it will take Ron Paul to abandon the United State's longstanding foreign policy of supporting Israel? Not long at all I bet! Could this possibly have anything to do with your dislike for Ron Paul? Just curious.

  6. Ron Pauls explanation for why we were attacked is because of foreign policy. He sites the 911 commission report and Michael Shuerer a CIA Analyst as sources for this stance. Are you saying that the 911 Commission Report really is full of lies? The report pretty much states that our imperialist foreign policy angers the hell out of the middle eastern people. They don't hate us as Americans or as a people. They dislike what we, the government, is doing over there. And don't even bring up the fact that we were there to bring democracy and overthrow a dictator. Thats a load of bull as well. We put Sadam in power, we gave him the biological weapons that he used to kill his own people and we certaionly did not find any weapons of mass destruction.

    Ron Paul made no excuses for the terrorist attacks that have so shaken this nation. If you want to keep beleiving that then keep on day dreaming. You improperly misquoting Ron Paul is a sure sign that you don't know what you are talking.

    Also are you going to censor my last two posts? Are you going to be a good little Neo Con puppet? You know you want to.

  7. Ron Paul supporters are in fact spamming the polls


    and it's easy enough to get a different IP address

    why don't the supporters of other candidates do it? Maybe because they have a life?

    Digg is hardly big corporate media but the entire point of the site is ruined if it becomes nothing more than a forum for a group of dedicated spammers to promote particular agendas

  8. if elected I'm sure Ron Paul would go after all sorts of minorities-- not just Jews

    his statements are on record

    so are the rantings of many of his supporters like--

    "Is it because if Dr. Paul were elected president thhat the US would fightt no more proxy wars for Israel? Or that the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve might be shut down? Or is there some other issue that I missed that has the Jewmedia lashing out and gnashingg teeth?"

  9. The 911 commission report is full of crap-- but that's hardly news

    Ron Paul isn't operating from the report though, he's making an ideological statement which shifts the blame to America for 9/11

    no surprise considering how many 9/11 deniers he's in bed with

    "They don't hate us as Americans or as a people. They dislike what we, the government, is doing over there"

    Can you say load o'crap? The Muslim Brotherhood-- which is the granddaddy of modern islamic terrorist groups was founded by a guy repulsed by American mores and values.

    "They dislike what we, the government, is doing over there. And don't even bring up the fact that we were there to bring democracy and overthrow a dictator. Thats a load of bull as well."

    What we were doing over there before 9/11 was liberating Kuwait from Saddam.

    "Also are you going to censor my last two posts? Are you going to be a good little Neo Con puppet? You know you want to."

    Good going. Now rant about the Jewmedia censoring Ron Paul. You know you want to.

  10. Anonymous21/5/07

    Look I have nothing against Jews, but this thing with Israel and the fighting over a piece of land has been going on for 40 plus years and it looks likes there is no end in sight. It's just not worth all the bloodshed. The United States has dragged itself into Middle East affairs because of fear that the Soviets would beat us to it and for the oil.

    On a related topic, I find it incredibly ironic that congressman like Michigan's Bart Stupak are against the war in Iraq (which is about oil), but voted against drilling in ANWAR and voted against allowing more refineries to be built. And now Bart Stupak wants to be the Champion of lower oil prices by sponsoring price gouging legislation??? If he had allowed drilling in ANWAR and allowed more refineries to be built in the US, we wouldn't need his impotent price gouging legislation! Bart Stupak has a history of waffling and is a moron.

    Ron Paul has my vote(s)!

  11. Anonymous21/5/07

    Anti-semitic? Because he doesn't support AIPAC?

  12. Anonymous21/5/07

    So let me get this straight:

    You post on your blog about a given subject.

    People interested in that subject see your post on technorati and click through to your site.

    Those people read your post on that subject and comment on it.

    - And you're PISSED about it?

    What's wrong with you? What is the point of blogging if you don't want people to read your blog and comment about it?

    By the way, if you had an even passing familiarity with libertarian politics or Ron Paul you'd know that your claims of anti-semitism are ludicrous. The libertarian movement has been dominated by Jewish Americans since the time of Ayn Rand [nee Alice Rosenbaum]. Ron Paul might attract some anti-semite support, but that's pretty much an accident of the fact that his support of the gold standard draws in anti-Federal-Reserve conspiracy theorists who like to babble incoherently about Jewish bankers.

  13. Anonymous21/5/07

    I am confused. I have never voted more than once in any poll, never spammed site, and everyone I know who supports Ron is just like me. So...is my little world the exception to the rule or are you just simply making a knee-jerk conclusion to a "revolution" as we like to call it.

    I am a normal joe. Work at a restaurant, own one gun (shotgun for rabbit hunting with my grandpa), I am a city councilman in a small town, and rarely shadow the steps of any of the churches in my town (because I work 7 days a week). AND, all of the people I know who support him are just like me...normal.

    As a person who sounds inteligent, I simply ask that you rethink what you are saying.

    I know there is alway bad with the good. McCain is on record for swearing, Rudy has all his wives, and so on. If Ron has a couple hundered "truthies" out there working the internet, so what?
    I know there are tens of thousands.

    Case and point, I believe more people are actually listening to him for what HE has to say, not his fans.

    On a lighter note, I find it interesting that, I, who had never heard of the guy before the debates, came to a much different conclusion as to the result of them. I didn't think Rudy's comment was well said.

    I am actually a Iraqi Freedom vet. I spent a year there. I can say with good credentials, that we really don't need to be in Iraq. We are dying simply trying to protect ourselves. Most of the convoys are support convoys for our own troops.

    Sorry for the ramble. I hope you don't think I am spamming. Just taking a lunch break and wanted to add my two cents.

    Sid B.

    PS I actually like the look of your site. I will take the time to read some of the stuff you got here later. Best of luck on your search for the truth.

  14. - Survival is worth bloodshed. It's the only thing that really is.

    - fluffy, no I'm not pissed about it. I'm just pointing out that this is an organized campaign tactic. And I doubt there's much reading going on. Simply an assessment to see if the post is pro or anti Paul and then a comment.

    I'm not claiming that libertarian politics are anti-semitic. I'm more than a little libertarian myself. I'm claiming that Ron Paul and his crowd are.

  15. and meanwhile you guys can enjoy dancing your way around this stuff



  16. Anonymous21/5/07

    Ron Paul is another Ross Perot urged on by fringe elements to make Republicans look bad and racist and break the election.

    When a racist religious maniac like Paul runs for president its a dark dark day

  17. Sid, putting aside the issue of Iraq, Ron Paul has explicit ties to Truthers


    and he's flirted with them as well as with neo-nazis... see links on previous comment

    and the basic reality is that there is extensive spamming going on, I'm not saying that you are spamming anyone but I have to wonder why there are people doing persistent blog searches for Ron Paul's name in order to jump to his defense

  18. Anonymous21/5/07

    Fluffy you think because someone has a jewish sounding name that makes them a Jew?
    Does an Italian last name automatically make one a Catholic?
    What a racist.

  19. Anonymous21/5/07

    Jerry, What you mean "Giuliani" is not a Jewish name? Oh wait that's right, ever since the last debate "Giuliani" has become synonymous with "not having a clue". My mistake, me bad.

  20. It is interesting that you have so many Ron Paulists on your site today Sultan.

  21. Anonymous21/5/07

    lgf, Micheal Malkin, the politico are all neocon hacks.

    Ron Paul is winning, because of his message.

    You can cry "Racist, racist, racist, Anti-semitic!!!"

    All you want most people are numb to it and it shows how weak your argument is when you have to attack the messenger, because the message is accurate.

    The people who are following the GOP debates are not stupid and are trying to get the best candidate to win the nomination.

    Please explain how you hack or spam a text message poll:

    Fox Has Ron Paul’s lead second Debate:

  22. I suspect it's only the same few Paulites really - Lemon

  23. the text message poll is easy enough to spam

    in real polls that can't be tampered with, ron paul is winding up last

    and no Ron Paul ain't winning, unless the name of the contest is "Whose Ass is Giuliani Gonna Kick"

  24. and finally anonymous-- last time I checked DailyKos was hardly a neo-con site

    nor have you answered any of the points that have been raised

  25. Anonymous21/5/07

    "in real polls that can't be tampered with, ron paul is winding up last"

    Actually, that brings a question to mind: Do opinion polls contact people who only use cell phones? A lot of Rep. Paul's support seems to be from younger "net savvy" voters, and I probably have half a dozen friends who don't even have a landline.

  26. oh yes I know Ron Paul is really popular with the 'kids'

    also the polls exclude 3 year olds who would be likeliest to vote for him

  27. continuing the list:
    Crespin, Caro, Dalyan, Danon, Canon, De Aragon, Silva, De Silva, Cardoza, Rerreres, Franco, Gaguin, Galanos, Geudalia, Halfon, kampanaris, Kokkinos, Laredo, Lombroso, Lugasi, Maimon, Narimen, Nahman, Pereira, Pereiro, Rofe, Rafi, Soriano, Zadoq, Zafrani, Rosales, Contini, Bassani,
    Colleta, Cole,
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    Catalano, Abulafia, Barone,Priest, Episcopus, le Blund, Levesque, le Gros, Le Pretre, Parnas, Fraternali,
    Colombo, Columbia, Chipora, Cuntasse, Dura, Fleur, Genta, Hanna, Alexandrini, Benleveng, Bonafi, Delacress,


  29. As a Sephardic Jew..let me answer for Jerry.
    For the racists amongst us.. here is a Partial list of SEPHARDIC JEWISH SURNAMES FROM ITALY, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, GREECE.. ETC

    Guiliani, Romanelli, Castro, Martinez, Arroyo , Avila , Caceres , Sierra , Mancado,
    Pardo, DelValle, Maduro, Henrique, Azulay,Louzado, Lousado, Sasportas,
    De Sousa, De Leon, Valaderes, Toledano, Tello, Elnecave, Avivi, Gabriel, Abecassis,
    Montefiori, Redondela, Verin, DelMonte, Bondia, Crequez, Coffen, Coffe, Villa Real, La Porta, Cavalleria, Gerondi, Spinoza,Deulesalt, Serfdeu,
    Bonenfaund, Bonfil, Bonevie, Deulacres, De Angelos, Almanzi, Carvajal, Leon , Robles, Sevilla, Mortara, Meldora, Pisa, Veneziani, Galante, Behar, Paop, Galipapa, Bilbil, Jamilla, Sabad, Mendola, Miranda, Romain, Carvallo, Monastiri,

    Mind you this is a very very miniscule list

    2:53 PM

  30. Anonymous21/5/07

    Still at this ?
    I suspect Sultan Knish, that these Paulists cannot answer real questions.
    Guys like this utter rhetoric, nothing else. They have party lines but do no real thinking

  31. Anonymous21/5/07

    No, Jerry, I think that because I've read a Rand biography that mentions her Jewish background, that means that she was Jewish. She was personally a militant atheist, but she came from a family of Russian Jews. Go read the Ayn Rand article at Wikipedia.

    I also know enough Objectivists and libertarians to be able to tell you that Jewish people [or lapsed Jews who are now atheists] are very heavily represented in those political groups. An anti-semite just couldn't get himself nominated to run as the libertarian party's candidate for the Presidency. It would be like Mel Gibson getting elected President of Israel.

  32. Anonymous21/5/07

    Fluffy, just how fluffy are you?
    I like air headed women, maybe we could do coffee sometime.

  33. libertarian covers a lot of ground

    rand's people tended to be urban educated professionals

    they had little in common with the kind of more rural conspiracy theory spewing crowd that went into the John Birch society then (Paul has a 100 percent rating from the John Birch society) and is tied up with the far right today

  34. Anonymous21/5/07

    Sultan, that's my point.

    Libertarianism, like any other extreme or utopian political outlook, is going to attract varying types of supporters. You're going to get intellectuals, you're going to get young people, but you're also going to get very angry "Buchanan Brigade" types. Paul's supporters run the gamut from the Randroids over at Reason.com to black-helicopter types motivated by anger at mythical "Jew banker conspiracies". My point is that if Paul was an anti-semite he wouldn't get the support of the first group. The anti-Jewish sentiment you're seeing from some Paul posters is a function of the regrettable overlap among "goldbugs" between people who have economic-theory reasons for supporting a metal currency and thugs who think paper money is a Rothschild plot.

    I also think the real reason Paul's online presence has so outmatched his real-world poll performance is because the groups I referenced above are overrepresented online, and also typically are obsessed by the political process despite the fact that they have no chance at succeeding in it. Libertarians are crawling out of the woodwork to vote in online polls and to post on blog boards because people are actually talking about a libertarian, and that's unusual. There's a lot of pent-up "participation energy" being worked off. The political season will roll along and a frontrunner will emerge on the Republican side to suck all the oxygen out of the campaign and the Paul people will go back to complaining among themselves about the statism of their fellow Americans, and once that happens they'll leave you alone.

  35. Anonymous21/5/07

    "oh yes I know Ron Paul is really popular with the 'kids'

    also the polls exclude 3 year olds who would be likeliest to vote for him"

    *smacks forehead* So that's the level of discourse around here.

    Still, I'm curious on who the paragon of virtue is that we should vote for in the primaries.

  36. Except that ideologically Ron Paul swings to to the government conspiracy side himself and to the paranoid fringe and has extensively catered to them and his own writings and newsletters have reflected their views

    there are some libertarians on the randian side who dislike a lot of paul's views but are gritting their teeth and voting for him anyway because he's all that's available

    but of course the objectivitists themselves have multiple factions and denominations

    at the end of the day the average libertarian hard core ron paul supporter sees a lot of them as neo-cons and government tools too

    the much larger group of activists who aren't so much committed to ron paul's ideas as they're opposed to the bush administration and think he represents their agenda and don't bother to look too closely at his beliefs don't figure into things altogether except in terms of short term activism

  37. Fluffy, most do not recognize anti semitism when they see it. Attitudes of that sort are filed under all sorts of excuses rather than what it really is.
    It goes along with the statement made by some that "some of my best friends are black".

    The US has really given little practical help to Israel in the way it helped in Vietnam, Korea , and today in limited police actions. but never on behalf of israel.
    Whatever help is given is bitterly decried. Again, one has to ask why this is?

  38. there's no paragons of virtue-- just flawed politicians

    I'm generally in the Giuliani\Tancredo range myself - staunchly opposed to Romney, McCain-- mainly because the former two have the best chance of making a real difference in office while Romney in a windbag and McCain downright mentally unstable and a liberal basically

  39. Three cheers for the Sultan!!! Man, you really got someone's bloomers in a twist! LOL!!! I love it!!!

    PS: Chris, if you're serious about trusting government reports - I've got a little island in the south pacific I'll sell you. :]

  40. well fanatics never do like to be contradicted

    and criticizing ron paul to that crowd is tantamount to blasphemy

  41. Ron Paul is the ONLY rethug candidate with any integrity for AMERICANS, as opposed to allegiances for other nations.

    I respect him.

  42. Hashfanatic you're still banned from this site but it's hysterical that you've come out to support Ron Paul

    if there's anything this thread needs it's an endorsement for Ron Paul from a mentally ill troll, UFO fanatic, 9/11 Denier and bigot who claims that Bush has concentration camps for gay people

    You should ask to run as Paul's VeeP

  43. Too frightened to print what I actually wrote, heebeleh?

    Or are you still engaging in your whole (typically fraudulent) redaction of all non-neocon, non-Kahanist posters' replies, and trolling progressive websites??

    I support Paul as the REPUBLICAN candidate, you foolish oven magnet.

    Reading comprehension...guess you can't get THAT from a government-funded shteeble....HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Americans, waste no time trying to argue with this prick. Work to attack evil from INSIDE...

    There's nothing redemptive here.

  44. Anonymous21/5/07

    wow, I their work release program came to an end. The Paulists seem gone now.

  45. Tell us about building seven, sheigetz....

  46. Marty, your work release program hasn't even started yet....

  47. Tell you what Hash, you're banned from this site but just this once I'll give you a pass in honor of St. Whackos Day and because you amuse me

    You aren't being redacted. You were and are banned from the site. But I can see you're still not back on your meds. And here I had such high hopes that you'd finally gone back in treatment.

    Tell us about Germany-- Hash

  48. "you foolish oven magnet."

    Do you get your lines from The Tick?

    But I do appreciate your puny attempt at insulting me, you ignorant sanitary napkin of a man

  49. I have to laugh because you are COMPLETELY unhinged over someone whom a)you cannot attribute ANY antisemitic or hateful statement to, and b) because what this is all really about was Carter's weekend statements, and avoiding confronting THAT...

    now, we couldn't have THAT...

    because most of Carter's statements criticized the Sharon administration, and much of what YOU posted for the better part of three years criticized, uh, the Sharon administration...

    So let's TAKE IT TO THE STREETS! Yeah, let's remind the wingnut street that Israel is all just an AMERICAN issue! Yes, Millie in Kokomo will never be safe until those pesky Pallies have been exterminated!

    And SULTAN'S candidate threw out that dirty looking perv Arafat out of Lincoln Center!

    Who SAID you can't have it all?

    Problems? pshaw....

    It's all just an EEEVIL LIBERAL CONSPIRACY....those godless LEFTISTS want to seperate our interests, and DEFINE them!

    Don't worry...we'll pull Thompson out of a hat at the last minute, if it's really an actor y'all want again!

    And what happened to the "Sultanettes"??

    Really, Sultan, don't ever change...the religious Zionist blogosphere couldn't find another simple parasite so cheaply if they tried.

  50. Yes I'm clearly unhinged, Hash. That's probably why I have no idea why you jumped from talking about Ron Paul to rambling about Jimmy Carter and Sharon who's in a coma.

    I'd suggest you actually talk about Ron Paul-- but far be it from me to direct your craziness in any particular direction.

    Oh wait. It's my blog. So yes, talk about Ron Paul or I go back to deleting your comments. Amuse me. Dance for me crazy gay UFO loving monkey, dance!

  51. I can see that you don't like the guy as a candidate because you believe he is racist, but calling the phenomenon "false" is factually incorrect. Every poll taken after the primary debates showed that he "won" the debate. Youtube subscriptions are higher than any other candidate. Technocrati already said they believe the interest to be genuine because they are able to filter "bots" and similar methods of distorting numbers.

    The fact is, people are interested in the candidate because he speaks freely without resorting to the same non-answer rhetoric that you hear from every other candidate. He also makes a lot of sense in his ideas on foreign policy and not spending ridiculous amounts of money policing the world and causing hatred of the usa.
    Also, I don't see how it's somehow wrong to wait and make a decision about who you vote for president until it's closer to election time...was that girl supposed to have her mind made up already? I don't see how it's unethical to try to get a republican candidate through the primary that you might actually vote for. I'm Centrist and I wouldn't have a problem with that.

    How I found out about him: My brother saw some of his youtube videos, recommended them, and I've been watching them for the last 2-3 hours. I've really liked what I've seen so far. Hopefully you will elaborate on this supposedly racist guy who's delivered over 3,000 babies....were they all white or something?

  52. (ok. the last attempt didn't go through. welcome to attempt #2)

    I hope you guys keep the commenting going till you're at least up to 100. I'm enjoying watching you keep Hash's knickers in a twist! (evil grin)

    PS: Hash, you may be a pimple on the butt of the worlds smallest amoeba, but your comments are really entertaining.

  53. The only polls that showed him winning were laughable web polls that could be easily gamed and text messaging polls- ditto

    every real poll shows him dead last

    funny how that is

    YouTube subscriptions? Get real. I have 5 YouTube accounts myself. All you need to get one is a free email account. If I was insane and a Ron Paul supporter-- I could get 200 in an hour.

    Ron Paul's rhetoric is lame and his charisma is at the level of a dead fish. He's simply being promoted by a small number of fanatical people.

    The same small number that's doing constant searches for Ron Paul on blogs and then defending him as here.

    And what does his delivering babies have to do with racism? One of the most prominent war criminals in Yugoslavia was a pediatrician.

  54. sadly hashfanatic had to leave

    the sun came up and he just can't tolerate sunlight

  55. The problem with YouTube subscriptions is most subscribers are under the age of 20. The next largest group is under 30. Thus subscription numbers are meaningless.

    And since I'm old enough to be their mother, I shall ramble on. Kids tend to be gullible little beings who believe politicians can be real. They want someone to believe in. But, without experience and lacking abilities in critical thinking and standards they are easily swayed by smooth talkers. Yes, I'm including below 30 in that as well.

    Lastly, if you try to argue with the above - I know you're under the age of 30 and most likely under 20, but never fear in another 20 - 30 years you'll understand. Unless your name is Jane Fonda. :]

  56. Hey Hash, thanks for reminding me why you're banned. Now you're rebanned.

    Wave bye to all the nice people.

  57. Yes, it could be true that his numbers are inflated by fanatical followers, but I didn't even know he existed until yesterday. I only came to this blog because I was searching for more information and this popped up on a google search.

    And yobeeone, I don't see how age has anything to do with whether you agree with his points of view or not...Non-intervention foreign policy, less taxes/conservative spending, etc... I'm 25 and in law school, so I'm really hoping I'm not easily duped and gullible because I don't have gray hair yet, otherwise I might have to re-think my profession...

    Sultan- Did you cite where you found info on him being racist? I haven't found anything and I obviously don't want to vote for a racist so if you could point that info out I'd appreciate it.

  58. The Dream Ticket:

    Ron Paul-Hashfanatic

    Endorsed by:

    Yisroel Dovid Weiss
    Moussa Assad Friedman
    Moussa Bashir Beck
    Chaim Frybrain
    Lenora Fulani
    Al Sharpton
    Creedmoor Democratic Club
    Kingsboro Psych Republican Club
    and of course:

  59. you can see material on ron paul's racism here


    and here


  60. Anonymous27/5/07

    That's it? A random blurb about a newsletter which may or may not have been written by him? I'll wait for something more definitive before making a judgment on whether or not to dismiss him based on an article on a random website.

    Also, that 2nd link didn't work for me.

  61. the newsletter was written by him and even if it wasn't... it was put out by him

  62. It's amazing what several thousand fanatical supporters can do, they can make a politician appear to have an army of multi-millions. If Ron Paul would have had as many people backing him as his obnoxious followers wanted us to believe he had maybe he would have won something but unfortunately for him you have to be a real person to vote even if you do have 500 internet identities. As for myself if a person doesn't support Israel then that person is my enemy. Ron Paul is my enemy!

  63. Anonymous2/2/10

    This critique is a bunch of baseless name-calling. How many times does the author use "nut" and "racist?" Not much analysis. to find out about Ron Paul, read his book and browse his website, campaignforliberty.com. What will it hurt to do homework? jcm from VA

  64. So you really think that the best way to learn about a politician is to only read his own press releases?

    If you seriously think that, do everyone a favor and don't vote.


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