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The Real Face of Mikey Weinstein

During his fight against the Air Force, Weinstein has received widespread support and has been vilified. Here, he holds a letter of encouragement he received in January from the Jimmy Carter Foundation, with a handwritten note from the former president.

Mikey Weinstein has been in the news a lot lately, claiming to fight for the rights of Jewish Veterans and Air Force academy students. Now there's no doubt that there have been cases of Jewish and non-Jewish students and veterans discriminated against and harassed and even victimized by proselytizing, but anyone relying on Mikey Weinstein needs to take him with a grain of salt.

Mikey Weinstein is all too willing to utilize extreme rhetoric-- including shamelessly invoking the Holocaust with pronouncements like this, "As a Jew I confronted a situation through ears that still hear the cries of my people walking silently into the brick buildings that would reduce them to ash. I cannot stand still and let that happen to my country." This sentence is exploitative as hell considering the target and it leads into a paranoid rant that reveals Mikey Weinstein's real agenda.

Mikey Weinstein has heavily relied on his time working as a legal counsel in the Reagan White House, his photo of himself with Reagan and his repeated statements that he is a Republican and a Jew-- but the letter of support he holds up is from Jimmy Carter, America's most Anti-Semitic President currently doing his best to lobby for Hamas. The President who complained there were too many Jewish names on the Holocaust Memorial Council.

It doesn't exactly line up with Mikey Weinstein's claim to be the sworn defender of the Jewish people. And it gets worse. Consider these ugly and hysterical quotes from Mikey Weinstein's own blog.

"America now has a national religion whose tenets extend to a foreign policy that sees war in the Middle East as the fulfillment of its core mission

Those who have carried out this stealth operation, an imperious fascistic contagion growing for the last 30 years, have an agenda.

They knew they needed to change the institutions and expectations of Americans to ensure they would keep control. To that end they employed political operatives to build up the facade of respectability those ideas needed... That facade is what we today know as the NeoConservatives or “NeoCons.”

Organizing and planning far in advance with funding provided by corporations through those we now know as NeoCons, they laid out the stealth plan that has been followed until the present day.

Funding provided by those major corporations who put us in Iraq to augment their profits and ensure control of oil funded the NeoCons who wrote the orders taking us to the Middle East against all truth."

Put it all together and you've got chunks of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky and the various nutjobs of the left. What you don't have is a Jew, a Republican or an American patriot. What you have is a regurgitation of conspiracy theories-- which use Neo-Cons as code words for Jews and accuse Christians and unstated others of a vast conspiracy to take over the government and start the War in Iraq for oil. It's par for the course at DailyKos and MoveOn.

This is the real face of Mikey Weinstein, a left wing political extremist-- who attempts to pass off his left wing activism under Republican and Jewish colors. There is real discrimination but Mikey Weinstein is exploiting those cases for his own agenda and any association with him or his organization will only serve the cause of those who hate America and who spread the hateful extremist conspiracy theories of the left wing. Some explicitly anti-semitic in nature.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation created by Mikey Weinstein featured former Ambassador Joseph Wilson as a the Guest of Honor at its dinner and includes him on its Advisory Board. Wilson had accused Israel of being behind the War in Iraq making statements such as, "it becomes increasingly apparent that this (the War in Iraq) was all done to make Sharon's life easier and that American soldiers are dying in order to enable Sharon to impose his terms upon the Palestinians that people will wonder why it is American boys and girls are dying for Israel."

It's hard to think of a statement more calculated to promote Anti-semitism in the US military than this one. It's beyond hypocritical and obscene for Mikey Weinstein to posture self-righteously as the defender of Jews in the military against Anti-semitism, when he honored and placed on his advisory board a man who provides fuel for ZOG and dual loyalty charges.

The simple reality is that Mikey Weinstein is not fighting for the Jews. He's not fighting for America. He's fighting to promote the agenda of the left wing of the Democratic party. The problem is real. He isn't.


  1. Nice article.

    Anytime I read someone that prefaces a statement with "As a Jew I..." You always have to wonder what's behind that, what the rationale really is. Perhaps an individual or organization trying to gain legitimacy by having a Jewish spokesman?

    Or maybe, by throwing his jewishness out there, non-jews would be too scared to openly criticize him because he is Jewish.

    OT: I read on A7 a story about a liberal organization that has a holocaust survivor as a member, saying some pretty awful thing about Israel. Turns out, she did not survivor the shoah. Her parents were sent to the camps but she was safely in England.

    Her name is Heddy something.

    bbb, I'm going to try and find the name

  2. Part II-

    Here's the link I mentioned:


    Please also read the comments following the article. There's some disgreement on who a Holocaust survivor is. According to one, it's anyone who lived in Germany while the Nazis were in power.

  3. well a holocaust survivor literally had to have survived the holocaust

    someone who got out before the holocaust in time... was simply a refugee

  4. It's really not just people who lived in Germany during WW2.
    It is those who were killed because of being Jewish during WW2 and the vast number were not German Jews at all.
    They came from all the western and eastern European nations and even North Africa and Spain and Italy, etc.
    It can include some who got out safely as they might be victims due to the loss of their entire families and possessions.

  5. It's true that there's a lot of anti-semitism in the military. A lot just depends on where you're stationed.

    If Mikey the Fakey really wants to help Jews in the military he should take a lesson from my conservative rabbi. My former rabbi works faithfully with the Jews stationed at Fort Jackson. Without him they wouldn't have what they need for the yontifs or a home to stay during Shabbos.

    He makes sure they have transportation to come to synagogue each week and encourages them to bring their goyische friends. Bringing their friends or any other goy who wants to come helps the goyiim understand us better. Usually the goy will come back because everyone makes them feel so at home. Not too mention they love oneg shabbat. LOL

    You destroy anti-semitism through educating, not through Fakey Mikey's way.

    Keli: When my adopted rabbi in Bel Air is about to blast some fake rabbi in Israel or elsewhere over something, he uses "as a Jew I..." When he says it, we know it's coming from the very core of his being and he means business. :] On the other hand, when others use it, I'm with you. LOL I question the motive. :]

  6. Agreed Yobee! Some use it to establish authority, while other misuse it.

  7. This is Casey Weinstein, Mikey's son, Air Force Academy graduate, and current Active Duty Air Force Officer. Please don't pretend to understand what my father, my family, our allies and I are fighting unless you have served in the military. You truly have no idea the enormity or breadth of the issue we are dealing with, but you might if you took the time to contact us (it's easy from our website) or research what materials we have there before bashing my father's noble efforts.

    Now LISTEN - There is NO ONE else standing up for the rights of non-evangelicals in uniform as we carry out the policy set forth by this right-wing, largely evangelical-christian-contolled and influenced administration.

    It is not your asses but MINE, my wife's (also Active Duty) and my brother's (also Active Duty) who are on the line here. As fellow Jews, it is a true BETRAYAL that you would spew this hatred toward my father instead of offering the support he has gotten from so many people of countless backgrounds.

    Keep cozying up to the religious right if you want. I'll continue fighting with my dad now, to prevent any further deterioration of our great country, and to prevent its tranformation into the fundamentalist theocratic state that our enemies desire.

  8. I know quite well what you're fighting. Anyone who has faced prosyletization and a hostile environment and intimidation by superiors to convert or attend Christian services or has their religion denigrated or their children witnessed to knows.

    But none of that changes the fact that your father is preaching far left wing conspiracy theories and aligned with outrightly anti-semitic figures like Jimmy Carter and Joseph Wilson-- which throws his credibility in fighting for Jews directly out the window.

    As fellow Jews it's a betrayal to cozy up to Jimmy 'Apartheid State' Carter. But that doesn't seem to be much of an issue for you, now does it?

    You've posted a very outraged message but you have nothing to say about any of the points I've raised.

    One can resist a theocratic state without making a deal with the sort of people your father has made a deal with. You can do it without promoting their agenda. As it is the agenda your father promotes becomes their agenda and Jews get hurt by his actions.

  9. Anonymous22/5/07

    OK...Now I get it. When I first read the piece on Mikey Weinstein, I naturally assumed it was just another sortie from the ever expanding Forces of Evangelical Christian Righteousness which have honed the standard ad hominem attack into a veritable blitzkrieg of vituperation.

    But then, clicking furiously on the link I came upon the website in which this article was posted and there in living color was the descriptor "Sultan Knish."

    I knew then that I was dealing with an intellect far above that of the run of the mill Dominion Christian who was simply trying to get a couple more licks in against all things non-Christian before being sucked out of his shoes and into Paradise during the "Rapture."

    No sir. This was no common Christian Soldier. Fascinated, I clicked on the "About Me' link and my suspicious were confirmed. There, described in rather succinct heroic fashion, and swathed in Mufti, was the key to the good Sultan's bitter diatribe against Mr. Weinstein.

    The Sultan is, himself, a Jew and born in Israel to boot!

    Now I could get down to the root of the Sultan's missive of malediction. It became clear that the good Sultan, a Jew, tired of always being on the wrong side of discrimination and continuously proselytized, sought the comforts that only an oppressive majority could offer. And, in the absence of the now defunct Nazi Party, what more oppressive majority is there than the rich and powerful host of devolving Christian Supremacists ostensibly known as Dominionists?

    Yes, fraught with insecurity and running low on Matzoh as well as integrity, Sultan Knish, in the great tradition of turncoatism first made so indelibly historic by the Apostle Peter and later by Vidkun Quisling and Benedict Arnold, sold himself to the deleteriously devout.

    The Sultan, armored by his affiliation with the Juggernaut of Jesus could now, with near absolute immunity and under the aegis of his Masters at Armageddon Central, effect vindictive campaigns against those of differing races, cultures and religious beliefs.

    Who knows why Sultan Knish went over to the dark side. Was his retention of the nom de plume ”knish,” an homage to his prior Jewishness or simply an appellation with which he was branded by Holy Headquarters to remind him of his place? Should he assume the name “Sultan Toady” or “Complicit Knish?”

    I would rather French-kiss Janet Reno than hurt anyone’s feelings but I must say that the Sultan‘s rather transparent and often tedious exposition on Mr. Weinstein was below par and (gasp) un-Christian.

    Richard Baker
    De-Flowered Altar Boy

  10. Hi Dick,

    Thanks for scrawling your crazy conspiracy theories here. Personally I have little use for either the religious right or the left. Assuming that because I oppose the left, that I belong to the religious right is the classic fallacy of fanatics and other foolish people.

    I realize you have some rather obvious issues with Christianity but those aren't my problems and don't hold my own interest. You see yourself as fighting the Evil Evangelical Christians out to take over America. You can't conceive of Jews as having independent ideas and views on the subject and you commit the second stupid fallacy of left wing fanatics of assuming that any minority not on your side must be an Uncle Tom.

    Feel free to get back to your conspiracy theories now. Quick question, how do you account for Bush's amnesty package to millions of Roman Catholic Mexicans in his great plot to have evangelical Christians take over America?

    The Very Jewish Sultan

  11. Anonymous22/5/07

    Dear Sultan Knish

    To answer your question about how I would explain Mr. Bush's amnesty program for millions of Mexican Catholics I must first remind you that only about 30% of the south of the border illegals now living in America are Mexican Nationals. The other 70% originate anywhere from Guatemala and Columbia to other points South.

    Secondly, Evangelical Protestants are not the only sect which proselytizes or would be glad to substitute their dogma for Constitutional Law.

    Catholics are notorious for usurpation throughout history and remain the de facto government of Ireland, Spain, Italy and most South American countries.

    In addition, those wonderful folks that brought you the Inquisition now have the vestiges of that little party neatly bundled in "Opus Dei" a cunning little bunch of potential genocides who, given the opportunity, would embrace even James Dobson, detractor in chief to Catholics and the Pope.

    Politics is not the only pastime which creates strange bedfellows.

  12. Okay so now it's an Evangelical Christian\Catholic conspiracy to take over America. Sure you don't want to include anyone else? Mormons? Jews? Witnesses? Presbyterians?

    Your conspiracy needs to be broad enough to include everyone in. Or unless we support Mikey Weinstein, we're clearly all just tools of Opus Dei and James Dobson and take our marching orders from the big shiny Crystal Cathedral or whatever it's called.

  13. Anonymous22/5/07

    Dear Sultan,

    It is not my desire to take up your time with a colluquy of contentious caterwalling so let me end our tete a' tete with this:

    Rather than conspiracy, I think the machinations of our extreme Christian friends actually amount to a cabal. At least that sounds more sinister.

    I can broaden my theory to include many Christian sects but I am forced to exclude the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses for, they too, have fallen afoul of the Dominionists.

    Now identified as "Godless cults" by Dr. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, The Mormons and Witnesses, outcast and castigated, must make their own way through life with only the billions they have fleeced.....er collected from adoring sycophants.

    While I, sans any shining cathedral, or shiny anything for that matter, must settle for the dull ache of secularism and the disturbing knowledge that I will go to my grave, much to the delight of worms everywhere, and accede only to the title of chief fertilizer.

    Oh the indignity of reality.

    Thank you for your responses.

  14. Anonymous22/5/07

    Baker seems to like using the word Jew as a epithet.
    It is evident what he is to decent people everywhere.

  15. Anonymous22/5/07


    Since I do not seem to have a clue, can you tell me what it is I evidently am to decent people?

    Also, I asuumed the title "Jew" to be the correct nomenclature. Just post the word you would prefer and I will comply.

  16. Anonymous22/5/07

    Richard, use the word "sweetpie".That would make me all warm and fuzzy then.
    Thank you for your time.
    By the way I love how you talk all those big words and stuff.


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