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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Israeli Arabs Post-Lebanon - UJC Aided the Enemy

After the latest Lebanon fighting, Helen Freedman of AFSI wrote a piece warning that much of the Federation raised funding for Israel would actually be going to Arabs.

"So you thought your money was going to the Jewish children and their parents who spent the past summer in bomb shelters. Or you believed that your donation was going to rebuild homes in the north of Israel that had been destroyed by Hezbollah rockets.

Did you think that a huge part of your donation would be given to the very Arabs who supported Hezbollah and danced on their rooftops in celebration whenever word came of Jewish soldiers or civilians killed? Probably not," Freedman wrote.

The UJC mainly met the whole thing with a shrug. The UJC is a money making machine which pays out 6 figure salaries to hundreds of executives nationwide. It's a massive bureaucracy that funnels huge chunks of money into their own programs and grants.

Some Zionist bloggers wrote up a letter condemning Freedman for actually suggesting that money for the victims should go to loyal Israeli citizens, rather than to the Arabs, who repeatedly demonstrated their support for Hezbollah's campaign and even when their own children died, still blamed Israel.

Snoopy the Goon, wrote up the following, "The majority of Arab citizens are loyal tax paying citizens of the State of Israel and the stories about them dancing on the roofs and cheering Jewish deaths are, most probably, a sad result of lumping all Arabs together. Indeed, the manifestations of happiness mentioned by Ms. Freedman were observed in the West Bank and Gaza. But in any case these manifestations are not relevant where humanitarian assistance is concerned.

We support the policy of UJC and other Jewish organizations to provide assistance to all the citizens of Northern Israel. We believe that this is the best way to win hearts and minds of Israeli Arab, Druze and other minorities and to show the world that Jews will not begrudge help to their fellow non-Jewish Israelis in the time of need."

Solomonia, Lisa on the Face and some others joined in praising the Snoopy letter and condemning AFSI's article as disgusting.

At the time I wrote up a rather bitter reply, saying, "Are we to be known as the sort of people who stop donating money to the people killing us? A thousand times nay! We should give them even more money! Personally I say we should double our donations for every time they cheer on the terrorists. Maybe triple. That will show them.

Surely after a while these loyal citizens of Israel will get so fed up with our generous donations, that they will abandon all support for terrorism and finally at last the joyful day will have come when we will have at last won their hearts, minds and livers ushering in that New Middle East."

Suffice it to say the hearts and minds of Israeli Arabs have officially not been won despite all the money pulled away from the victims of the violence, to those who sympathized with its perpetrators.

"A Haifa University study showed that 49.7 percent of Israeli Arabs justify the kidnapping of soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev by Hizbullah. The study also showed that 48.2 percent of Israeli Arabs justify the rockets launched by Hizbullah into Israel."

Half the Israeli Arab population openly supporting the enemy is a hard number to wish away. It's not a handful of misreported Palestinians dancing in the West Bank, as the Snoopy letter claimed. It's fully half the population. Assuming that most surveys underreport views that are illegal, terroristic or criminals, it's likely to be a good deal more than that.

Possibly the Israeli Arabs in question might not have been as willing to sympathize with the Hezbollah position if eager American Jews hadn't thrown money to smooth away their wartime losses, but even that is doubtful.

Arabs who took losses in the war routinely blamed Israel. An Israeli Arab Knesset Member boasted that he had suggested the kidnapping idea to Hizbullah. The Arab Deputy Mayor of Haifa was fired for openly supporting the terrorists.

The reality is you don't win anybody's hearts and minds with giveaways. It doesn't even work that well on six year olds. It certainly doesn't work on hostile populations who have real nationalistic and religious reasons for hating you. It didn't work in Vietnam. It didn't work in Iraq. It's simply not going to work. Period.

The United States rebuilt Europe twice and we're more hated there, than we are anywhere outside the Muslim world. You don't win hearts and minds of a hostile population, you simply eliminate the alternative possibilities for them besides loyalty. Then you can treat them fairly as they deserve. Anything else is a foolish and self-destructive squandering of resources. In this case one that deprived loyal Israeli citizens, Jewish and Non-Jewish of post-war aid and instead redirected them to the people who hate us in the plantitive hope that maybe now they won't hate us so much anymore.

Either way we should help our own, rather than helping a hostile population embedded among us. There are Holocaust survivors living in Israel who cannot afford proper dentures. There are children still going hungry and the economic situation in the Negev is terrible. The residents of Gush Katif who were forcibly expelled from their homes are living in refugee camps. Throughout all this it is inconceivable and indefensible that tons of aid was sent to Indonesia, which aids Hamas, and that aid money from American Jews was diverted to aid a domestic enemy.


  1. The Israeli-Arbas don't appear to have taken on the patriotism for one's country. With the present situation and the Arabs that have attained Knesset positions be prepared for more Arab demonstrations against the Zionist government. You cannot appease these people. Israel is for the Jews. They don't like that idea. Being descendants of a bastard they like it even less.

  2. incredibly israeli arabs are linking up with the palestinian arabs, islamic radicalism filters both ways and now we had an acting arab president who refuses to participate in the national anthem

    a troubling situation at best

  3. I don't really know all of the halacha on tzedakah. So I checked into it a little. If I'm off-base in my interpretation, I apologize. Apparently, the word tzedakah is derived from the Hebrew root tzade-dalet-qof, meaning righteousness, justice or fairness.

    Another website indicated that "Jewish law also obligates Jews to give tzedakah to non-Jews under the rubric of darkhei shalom, the "ways of peace"). It is foundational to the concept of covenantal society: society as an ethical enterprise constructed on the basis of mutual responsibility."

    That 49.7 (and I've read numbers as high as 68-percent) of Israeli Arabs support Hizbollah's destruction of Jews idealogy is certainly a countenancing of their actions. How does supporting terrorists and their supporters in any create peace and mutual respect?

    Compensating Arabs who directly or by countenancing the actions of hizbollah targeting Israeli Jews is neither righteous, fair or just. The Israeli Arabs are making suckers out of Israeli Jews.

  4. well charity first of all to people who want to destroy you, is obviously self-destructive and the opposite of righteousness

    the halacha of charity is aniyei ircha kodem, the poor people of your city first,

    which means you help the poor people around you before sending off money to indonesia

    a just society raises up the poor in its midst, an unjust one uses charity as a political tool

  5. Arabs are radical period.
    To expect them to be part of a nation is senseless.

    As for Tzedakeh, to support ones enemies is evil.

  6. Anonymous21/3/07

    I've had it up to here with diversity embracing weak sisters in Jewish organizatons. Gee, aren't they generous, magnanimous ... in how their heart is sooo big they include not only homosexual causes but even the sworn enemy in their tzedaka? Why, this is "social action" in action, Jackson!

    What perplexes me is the animosity and disdain shown to Jews thrown out of their Gush Katif homes by many of these giants of compassionate giving.

    Jews of Gush Katif lived in their homes for up to thirty years! Thirty years is a long time to live anywhere. How much have they been given by these organizations?

    They were farmers. They didn't murder anyone in buses or cafes, in markets or their homes. The Jews is Gaza didn't ambush unsuspecting people driving in cars, slaughtering then stopping for the coup de gras. They didn't swing children by their legs, bashing their heads on a rock after forcing them to witness the murder of their family members! They didn't drive bomb laden friends to slaughter innocent people in vegetable markets and bus stops.

    Why are so many punishing them for a crime they didn't commit? What did they do? Is being a religious Jew a crime? I guess it is.

    The way I look at giving, tzedakah, is this: I give to my family first - the Jewish people in my community, then to the greater Jewish community. In concentric circles outward. I give to other, non Jewish causes, orphans, the poor on a regular basis. But I don't want to be hounded by an agency to give and keep giving when the money could be going to a person who will transport the next suicide bomber to Jerusalem. If I'm giving to a Jewish organization I want the money going to Jews, and Jewish causes. Call me whatever you like. They've twisted tikkun olam and conveniently left out the most important part of the scripture:

    "Tikkun olam b’malchut Shaddai" To perfect the world under the sovereignty of G-d.

  7. to them tikkun olam is just an attempt to put a jewish religious gloss on liberalism thus trying to link it to the religion they supposedly practice, but don't

  8. 'a member of the religious of the perpetually enraged'!!!!!!! you do have a way with words, don't you sultan!!!yahooooo...i will add that to my favourite 'i'm sick of palestine pity'...sigh...stay safe my friend...geat post...someone has a sense of humour but i'm not laughing yet...sigh



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