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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Proving Once Again that Muslim Hatred of Jews is Completely Deranged

Demonstrators burn an Israeli flag during a protest against Pope Benedict's remarks on Islam after Friday prayers in Tehran September 22, 2006. Some 300 people chanted 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel' as they burned U.S., British and Israeli flags, witnesses said. REUTERS/Caren Firouz (IRAN)

Proving Once Again that Muslim Hatred of Jews is Completely Deranged Muslims burn an Israeli flag to protest against the Pope. What did the Pope move to Israel or convert to Judaism when I wasn't looking? Are we now responsible for what the Pope says too?

Or do they have no Vatican flags or New Testaments to burn and a surplus of American and Israeli flags? I think when they were protesting the Danish cartoons they burned Israeli and American flags too presumabely since the world is after all controlled by America which is controlled by the vast Zionist conspiracy which is controlled by Mr. Herschel Dingheim who lives at 85 W35th street and every day from his black rotary dial phone gives marching orders to all the leaders of the world.

I halfway suspect there's a huge factory somewhere in the middle-east that does nothing but turn out Israeli and American flags.

"Hello Habib, yes we need 200 Israeli and American flags to burn tommorow. Can you fill the order, good? By the way do you happen to have some kind of Pope flag since we're really against the Pope. What, no? Never mind. Just send the Israeli and American ones over and we'll just burn them as usual anyway."

Of course every time there's a protest emergency rooms across Pakistan quickly fill up with protest related burn and gunshot injuries.

"Get Abdul over there to emergency, another case of burns from an American flag, damn those cheap polyester flags! And move Mohammed over to 1B, they were firing guns into the air to protest the Zionist regime doing something or other and there was a ricochet. Oh now, now the Pope said something. We'll have more rallies. Move all the patients up and out of the beds. We'll be getting hundreds of injured now!"

But this serves as a concise reason to liberals who keep demanding we reason out why they hate us. Why do they hate us? Because they're bloody lunatics. The Pope criticised Islam and they're burning American and Israeli flags! It would be as if we got upset at Iran and went out and threw tomatoes at the Swedish embassy. What does one thing have to do with the other.

This does remind me a little anecdote though. President Wilson was trying to negotiate between various European countries in the aftermath of WW1. The Polish delegation came to him insisting on their right to a particular corridor of land. "If the Polish people do not get what they want, they will be enraged and go out and beat up the Jews," they warned Wilson, knowing that Wilson had been concerned about pogroms in Eastern Europe.

So President Wilson worriedly consulted a Jewish advisor who told him not to worry. "If they don't get the corridor they will be angry and go out and work out their anger by beating up the Jews. If they do get the corridor they will be happy and go out and celebrate by beating up the Jews."

The moral of the story, they just plain hate us. Trying to reason with thugs, bullies and lunatics is a waste of time and appeasing them only feeds their appetite and demoralizes us tricking us into a Stockhold Syndrome pattern of trying to please the enemy and taking his side in order to relate to him better.

You can't fix the kind of deranged irrational hatred that brings Muslims to burn Israeli flags in response to something the Pope says. Israel has nothing to do with the Pope and the Pope has nothing to do with Israel. Just as Muslim hatred for Jews and Israel is not grounded in any kind of reasoned injustice that can be resolved with X, Y or Z; but Jews are simply a general resevoir for all their hatred and resentments.

So there is Abdul happily burning an Israeli flag for the photographers. He'd happily burn a Jew too and he will if we give him the chance.


  1. Burning all 3 flags proves they know who Israel is.

  2. yup they know who they hate

  3. Naturally any offense against Muslims real or imagined is an opportunity for them to attack Jews and burn Israeli flags. It's not the pope they hate. The pontiff serves as yet another in their endless litany of excuses to attack Israel and Jews (and any nation/person) that would support Israel.

    Hence, no yellow and white (Vatican) flags will ever get burned.

  4. And once more, you don't talk to evil, you destroy it. Alas, if only the government would wipe the muslims from the face of the earth. We could have a new holiday and eat neat cookies called muslimtashins! Stomp as their names are read during the story recalling their evilness and final destruction!

    Oh well! I can dream! :]

  5. Anonymous30/9/06

    They forgot the Danish flag :D



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