Home Israeli Liberals unveil Plan B for Middle East Peace - But....but.... maybe this time it will work
Home Israeli Liberals unveil Plan B for Middle East Peace - But....but.... maybe this time it will work

Israeli Liberals unveil Plan B for Middle East Peace - But....but.... maybe this time it will work

(Sometimes there are moments when the pathological stupidity of the liberal whose only solution to everything is to appease their enemies and throw themselves on their mercy reveals itself with shining clarity and can only be gaped at... I present now for your inspection....)

'Talking to the neighbors: It's time Israel embraced the Mideast' -

Avi Azrieli - International Herald Tribune

Israelis now speak of the Arabs' hate as a chronic disease that Israel is destined to live - or die - with. To revive its hopes, Israel must dare to consider a change of paradigm: transform itself into a Middle Eastern country... A change of paradigm for the intensely besieged Israeli society would not be easy, and embracing the culture of the enemy could be confusing, if not outright repulsive. Yet it is necessary and possible.

The immediate effort should center on language. Few Israelis speak Arabic, even though it is one of Israel's two official languages, alongside Hebrew. The government should fund a campaign to teach Arabic to every Israeli. Fluency in Arabic should be a condition for a high- school diploma, for a government job and for a professional license of any kind. National television and radio stations should offer parallel Arabic programming. All government and business documents should be written in both Hebrew and Arabic, all laws adopted in both languages, and agencies should be ready to serve the public in Hebrew and Arabic.

Nothing in modern Zionism contradicts an acceptance of Arab culture. Some Jews have always sought to understand their neighbors better. My great-grandfather and namesake, the rabbi of a farming community on Mount Carmel a century ago, learned Arabic in order to converse with his neighbors. (Unfortunately, he and his family were massacred while visiting relatives in Hebron during the 1929 Arab riots.)"

To analyze liberal insanity is to understand that liberals always assume that the conflict is really our fault and that the enemy would accept us if we just changed. When just making territorial concessions doesn't work, they offer up all our culture and language to the enemy. There's nothing they won't sacrifice in the increasingly delusional belief that if they can just bid high enough, they can buy peace. No matter what the Arabs do, it does not change this formula it only raises the bidding price.

If the Arab pulls a knife, he must be upset and offer him a villa. If he pulls a gun then he must really be upset and offer him a state. If he kills you, offer to become an Arab or a Muslim just like him certain that his hatred is legitimately based and that you can bribe him enough to dispell it in the name of tolerance and botherhood. Plan A was to give up land to the enemy. Plan B is to give up our language and culture. Plan C is probably to convert to Islam. What will they have left as a Plan D when they've anhilated everything and the enemy still waits with bared knives?


  1. Trying to analyze the logic of liberals is sort of like trying to play cribbage with a luntic. The cards fly everywhere and you don't know what in the world is going on.

    Seriously though, anyone who thinks Israelis can embrace Arab culture and remain Jewish is insane. There is no way they could live in peace and share each other's culture as the French and English do in Canada or the Protestant and Catholics are trying to do in N. Ireland.

    It's an innocent enough though delusional belief that with more dialogue, understanding (on the part of Israelis) will lead to peace.

    These Israelis seeking understanding are not merely sheep being lead to the slaughter. They are leading themselves to the slaughter. Don't think for a second that Arabs are mocking them behind their backs for making their work so much easier.

  2. Liberals today are cut literally from the same cloth as those they pity and prioritize.
    Living in a nation and taking on the name of that nation does not make you one of the people you live among.
    In the first century Idumeans lived among Jews and called themselves Jews. No one really knew the difference until trouble came. It was at that point that Idumeans (edomites) became more recognizable. Some because they denied outright being jews, even though they had heretofor called themselves Jews, they, like the Karaites in WW2, now loudly denied that they were.
    Others showed it by their complicity with the Romans and other haters.
    Esav and Yaakov were twins and as Yaakov once posed as Esav, so now Esav often poses as Yaakov.

  3. liberals offer no solution except giving in to the enemy and the madness seems boundless

    it's self-destructive and suicidal and just impossible to reason with

  4. Unfortantely, the voices of Conservative Israelis aren't being heard because it is not acceptable in today's world to speak the truth about Islam. Case in point--the pope's recent comments.

    Even as Muslims are calling for an International Day of Anger (um, everyday is a day of anger for muslims) for later this week, churches in Gaza and the West Bank are torched, and a nun and her body guard are murdered in Somalia the media are blaming the Pope and church for inciting this violence.

  5. the media and academics begin from the premise that violence and anger by those they label minorities only occurs as a direct consenquence of oppression

    thus muslim anger is by definition the outraged reaction of Muslims to their oppression

    it's a closed cycle in their reasoning that can't be interrupted and believe me I've tried


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