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Our Canine Heroes and Islamic Dogophobia

Kalb, or dog, is one of the worst possible insults in the Muslim world. Call a man Kalb or Kalb ibn Kalb, if you want the knives to come out. In Afghanistan, those who fled the Taliban and returned to help the Coalition rebuild the country are called "Sag shouey" or "Dog washers" since Americans are infidel dogs and the Afghans who cooperate with Americans are menial servants of the dogs.

Mohammed, in addition to his affinity for pre-teen girls also had a compulsive hatred of dogs. Some Hadiths quote him ordering the killing of all dogs, others show him to be moderate ordering that only "'black dogs" be killed. Which gives a special edge to the not uncommon description in the Muslim world of Obama as a "black dog".

After Osama bin Laden's execution, an imam of the Al-Aqsa mosque castigated the "Western dogs" who had done it. And as it turned out a dog actually did accompany the SEAL team that took down Osama. Unlike the billions spent on trying to win over Pakistanis and Afghans, who went on aiding terrorists anyway-- the dogs remained true and loyal friends.

On September 11th, among the first responders were our four footed friends who risked their lives clambering around the smoking rubble in search of survivors. Muslims believe that an angel cannot enter a home when a dog is inside. But after the Muslims had killed thousands of Americans, it was the dogs who acted as the angels finding the bodies where they could and helping give the families of the dead something to bury.

When Muslims plot terrorist attacks, it is the bomb sniffing dogs who serve as the front line of defense against them. Military dogs walk the front lines searching out Taliban explosives and have become primary targets of enemy snipers. At airports, we would do much better to fire the TSA's gropers and luggage thieves, and dump the naked scanners, and replace them with dogs. The enemy may fool our politicians, our clergy and our law enforcement-- but they will never fool a dog.

Back in Israel, my parents found a puppy that had fallen into the hands of Muslim youths who tortured and abused it. That puppy grew into a wise and intelligent animal that went into a rage at the sight of one of its tormentors. No matter how they dressed or how well they spoke, people could be fooled, but she could never be fooled.

On a bus passengers would sometimes take issue with the fury that poured out of her when scenting a member of a creed whose holy books say, "Allah's Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed". When the rash of bus bombings began, carried out by terrorists who occasionally disguised themselves as Israelis, that canine scrutiny and anger would have been invaluable.

How can a dog tell the difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim even when there are no racial or ethnic differences? There may be no physical differences, but there are moral ones. It may be the casual cruelty that Islam inculcates in its followers that is as visible in the body language and attitude to a sensitive animal-- as a gun is to an airport metal detector.

In Iran, visitors tell of dogs who could distinguish between Zoroastrians and Muslims; "In Sharifabad the dogs distinguished clearly between Moslem and Zoroastrian, and were prepared to go…full of hope, into a crowded Zoroastrian assembly, or to fall asleep trustfully in a Zoroastrian lane, but would flee as before Satan from a group of Moslem boys."

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the dog is still a particular object of Muslim hatred. In Tehran an Islamic judge sentenced a 70 year old man to four months in jail and thirty lashes for walking his dog. And the parliament is once again tackling a law to outlaw dogs for posing a "cultural problem".

This particular "cultural problem" has been exported with Islamic immigration as cabbies deny rides to the blind because their seeing eye dogs will keep angels out of their cabs. Blind passengers have been thrown off public buses by Muslim bus drivers and disabled people in all walks of life have faced harassment due to Islamic 'Dogophobia' which translates easily into bigotry against disabled people.

The "cultural problem" doesn't begin or end with dogs. One Hadith states; "When one of you prays without a sutrah, a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cut off his prayer." Along with Dogophobia, the teachings of Islam also cultivate Anti-Semitism and Sexism. All far more serious problems than the constant defensive refrain of Islamophobia taken up by Muslim groups and their media panderers.

It is not the dogs alone who are treated this way in Afghanistan or the rest of the Muslim world. Casual mutilation and killing are suffered by women who have acid thrown in their faces, whose noses are cut off and whose murders often go unpunished. The same could be said of Jews, until the majority of the Jewish populations of the Muslim world fled to Israel, America and Europe-- only to be followed there by the same warped culture of cruelty which says that Allah listens to the prayers of murderers and rapists-- but not of dog owners.

In Afghanistan, Muslim Dogophobia can actually be an advantage for the people who befriend dogs instead of trying to mutilate them because a seventh century pedophile claimed they were unclean.

"Dogs can be used to pacify an unruly group of people — particularly in the Middle East," says one New York Times article, while avoiding specifying who that unruly group of people may be, and why they need pacifying.

An Air Force dog trainer is quoted as saying; "There is a cultural aversion to dogs in some of these countries, where few of them are used as pets. Dogs can be very intimidating in that situation." As can women, and people whom Muslims have an irrational hatred toward. The Times was outraged that Guantanamo Bay female interrogators had impinged on the "religious sensitivities" of Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists who routinely murdered and tortured women. Had someone thought to bring in female Jewish dog owners, waterboarding wouldn't have even been needed.

In the UK, Muslims have gotten themselves exempted from contact with bomb sniffing dogs on religious grounds-- if they can only find a reason why metal detectors are also against their religion, then the sky is theirs. But in Israel, the Zionist war criminals have begun deploying security pigs who have a nose for truffles and terrorists. While they may lack the same level of discrimination as dogs, a Gaza Ghazi who sees a furious wild boar racing toward him will think his worst nightmares have come true. If there was only some way to work in chess, kite flying and Rushdie novels into that scenario-- his doom would be complete.

In Afghanistan, dogs know to escape their "cultural problem" by taking refuge with Western soldiers. In Kandahar, former home of Osama bin Laden, one dog was beaten by a crowd, stabbed in the chest, had his ears cut off and thrown under a car-- until he was rescued by British and Aussie soldiers.

The article states that many of the locals "despise dogs only marginally less than they do coalition soldiers", but that dog's "refusal to submit became legendary" around the base. There is something to be learned from a creature who refuses to submit to the violence of a creed that calls for his death. A Muslim is literally one who submits and a Dhimmi is one who submits to a Muslim. We who do not bow to Allah or to Muslims can learn from the resilience of a simple animal in the face of evil.

In early 1956, a Nepalese traveler in New Delhi lost his dog whom he had innocently named Mohammed. "Lost, from the Hindustan Hotel, one fox breed dog, brown color, long hair, answers to name Muhammad." Local Muslims greeted the ad with the usual level of tolerance and restraint they are well known for. Thousands of them gathered in the streets, the newspaper apologized for the ad and the owner was arrested for insulting Mohammed, not the dog, but the man.

Yet is it Mohammed who should be insulted for being associated with a dog, or the dog who should be insulted for being associated with a mass murderer, rapist and pedophile?

A dog is loyal, Mohammed betrayed those who trusted him to keep his word. A dog learns the rules and follows them, Mohammed invented his laws and violated them whenever he saw something he wanted-- such as his son's wife. But most of all a dog loves honestly and truly. Islam teaches its followers the violent cruelty of the animal, but suppresses the natural affection, the sense of joy that living things are meant to have.

"There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam," Khomeini said. Additionally there is no mercy, no tolerance, no trust, no faith, no honor, no decency and nothing but deceit and death. There is no room in it for the simple virtues of a dog or the higher virtues of a man.

From the dogs who walk the front lines in Afghanistan to the rescue dogs who took the lead at Ground Zero, to the animals who are tortured and murdered every day in the Muslim world-- we can learn courage, loyalty and friendship. While the media insists on telling us how much we can learn from Islam-- there is more of goodness, decency and honor to be learned from a dog, than there is from the entire Koran.


  1. Anonymous13/9/11

    Thanks. This article is a tour-de-force. There is something seriously wrong with people who don't love dogs and mistreat them.

  2. They despise loyalty and honest friendliness as contemptible qualities.

  3. Dogs are angels with fur.
    You can I always tell good people from bad by seeing how they treat animals and also by seeing what animals sense about them.
    Dogs and cats can sense evil people and bad situations.

  4. Anonymous14/9/11

    I take them at their word; they hate life.

  5. Anonymous14/9/11

    You are so right about dogs instead of mechanical scanning at airports. In addition, a German shepherd or Doberman on every plane would go a long way in making air travel safer. Love you work!

  6. Sorry to disagree, Anonymous, but having a dog on every commercial flight would generate the rationale for Muslims to blow them up.

    And useless idiots as in the likes of the NYT, would be first to mitigate this natural resistance to imperialist arrogance.

  7. Regrettably the SS once used their German shepherds to cruelly attack Jews and an entire generation of Jews afterwards did not look to kindly upon dogs. In Israel such has been fully compensated for by the prolific ownership in the cities of especially at night time very very noisily barking ill behaving canines. Only in Switzerland the dogs are as exceptionally well behaved as their owners, when one walks in the mountainous nature and there are dog-owners with their pets, someone-else's dog not only never comes on to a passerby aggressively but even if two dogs pass each other they do not even sniff at one an other!

  8. Fitting that they're the enemy of man's best friend. And I won't even mention their pigotry....

  9. Alternatively, it is said Muhammad,
    cut off the sleeve of his own robe to avoid disturbing a sleeping cat.

    So while Hitler was nice to his dogs, Muhammad was nice to cats...

  10. Anonymous14/9/11

    Somewhat ironically, the belgian malinois dog used by the Navy Seals in the bin Laden raid was named 'Cairo'...

  11. Unfortunately, we have not "released the dogs of war" on Islam, to paraphrase Shakespeare. If we had, Islam would be rushing to the nearest exist. What we have instead is a "Hound of the Baskervilles" pro-Islamic policy whose Avatars can be bought off with a treat so they won't sound the alarm with a wall-shaking bark. Sorry, Daniel, but I couldn't resist the literary analogies.

  12. Unfortunately, we have not "released the dogs of war" on Islam, to paraphrase Shakespeare. If we had, Islam would be rushing to the nearest exits. What we have instead is a "Hound of the Baskervilles" pro-Islamic policy whose Avatars can be bought off with a treat so they won't sound the alarm with a wall-shaking bark. Sorry, Daniel, but I couldn't resist the literary analogies.

  13. Anonymous14/9/11

    Mary Boyce picked up on the pitiable situation of dogs in Muslim countries a long while back. Dogs could actually sense that they were in the presence of Muslims, and behave accordingly- mostly in a cringing manner.

    More recently, in Iraq, it was the same situation. Stray dogs went over to allied troops simply to get what dogs want - a re-assuring hand from who they consider as their friends and masters. A dog's DNA is hard wired to be friendly to humans - he cannot behave in any other way. So it must be hell for a dog to be in a Muslim country.

  14. It's amazing how everything about Islam is soaked in blood and death.
    How they can't even get along among themselves and yet the decadent West always gives them a pass.
    We are in self destruct mode because we dumped God's light of truth and darkness has filled the void.

    Old Job had it right thousands of years ago.

    'With Him are strength and prudence.
    The deceived and the deceiver are His.

    He leads counselors away plundered, And makes fools of the judges.
    He loosens the bonds of kings, And binds their waist with a belt.
    He leads princes away plundered,And overthrows the mighty.
    He deprives the trusted ones of speech,And takes away the discernment of the elders.
    He pours contempt on princes,And disarms the mighty.
    He uncovers deep things out of darkness,And brings the shadow of death to light.
    He makes nations great, and destroys them;He enlarges nations, and guides them.

    He takes away the understanding of the chiefs of the people of the earth,
    And makes them wander in a pathless wilderness.
    They grope in the dark without light,And He makes them stagger like a drunken man.'
    Job 12

  15. After reading "Wages of terror", I told a friend that it was you best piece ever but now I have to go back and explain myself to him with this piece.

    Thank G_d he's a dog lover!

    All the best,


  16. Linda Rivera14/9/11

    To hate innocent humanity, dogs and other animals is to HATE the G-D who so LOVINGLY created them.

    Only G-D knows the immense number of human lives saved by dogs. This is in addition to the affection, companionship and unconditional, undying love dogs have for their owners.

    Thank you, G-D, for your precious gift of dogs!

  17. Kristin Solo14/9/11

    The despicable attitude & actions towards man's best friend, perpetrated by hate filled Muslims should invoke Animal Welfare Organisations to BAN Muslims from touching any dog and introduce legislation to prevent those evil animal abusers from coming within 20 yards of these wonderfully intelligent, loving & loyal creatures!
    How amazing that dogs demonstrate the capacity to differentiate between Muslim dog haters & other persons!
    Not only do they have superior scent & hearing skills , dogs certainly have remarkable instinct and a sharp sensitivity to discern character too!
    I have noted when out walking that some of my German Shepherd Dogs have displayed a defensive stance on the approach of certain individuals, are indifferent to some and friendly towards others!
    I would trust my GSD's reaction every time!
    Love me, Love my dogs!

  18. Anonymous14/9/11

    There are several stories/videos of straight dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan who are friendly towards the americans and even follow their patrols. The same dogs were hostile towards natives.

  19. Black Dog Lover14/9/11

    Thanks for this story. My sentiments exactly. Nice to see it here. It should be blasted on the nightly news, The NY Times, LA times and in all the large newspapers. I wouldn't trust a muslim for anything. You never know what they are thinking and what they are being taught in their mosques. Even the so called good ones almost never speak up against their murdering brethern. I have 2 beloved dogs and wouldn't trade them for a muslim life, ever.
    And why hasn't the ground at the ground zero mosque been sprayed and saturated with pig fat making it unusable for these A-holes???

  20. Anonymous14/9/11

    Lotta years ago my son came home with a new "friend" Our Brittany was a loving ans affectionate dog. She took one look at this young man, her hackles went up and she made a noise in her throat we had never heard before. Couple months later the guy got arrested for car theft. He died on the street at 37. The dog knew.

  21. Linda Cohn14/9/11

    Wow, Sultan! You hit the ball out of the park with this article. One more time. Thanks for speaking the truth among all the crap the politicans and media feed us.

  22. Anonymous15/9/11

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Anonymous15/9/11

    That's very interesting about dogs, and especially about that particular dog that could detect all Muslims.

    I've always felt dogs can sense people's character. We know in nature that various animals can sense things humans can't as well. I've personally experienced throughout my life dog owners express surprise that their dogs accept me because they don't usually accept strangers.

    This particular dog rejecting all Muslims kind of puts the concept of moderate Muslims in a bad light. We all want to believe that they exist, but the culture is so monolithic that regardless of their theological sophistication, they seem to cheer infidel defeats and setbacks and cheer jihadist successes.

    I know know there are some Tawfik Hamids out there, and some who have lived among Muslims say that some 20 to 30 percent will stick themselves out to defend a kafir, but it makes you wonder.

  24. Anonymous15/9/11

    Even without the mass murders, female genital mutilation, filthy personal hygeine (mandated by Mo himself, of course) and general medieval attitudes towards just about everything, I could never have any respect or belief in a religion that hates that most noble animal the dog.

    Dogs smell better than most muzzies, too.

  25. Had no idea that dogs had that bad fame in Afghanistan, as the author say, calling someone "dog" starts a fight, what a cultural shock.

    I LOVE my puppy and I cannot imagen how someone could hurt, no to mention kill, one of them.

    Really interesting article showing us the cultural diference between us.

  26. The last line of the article sums it up it all up beautifully. Dogs, being part of God's creation, reflect something of the goodness of God, but Islam is something created from the pits of hell, and the Koran reflects that reality.

  27. Anonymous22/9/11


    -- spanky

  28. No Bueno10/10/11

    In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the dog is still a particular object of Muslim hatred. In Tehran an Islamic judge sentenced a 70 year old man to four months in jail and thirty lashes for walking his dog. And the parliament is once again tackling a law to outlaw dogs for posing a "cultural problem".

    Dogs are not a cultural problem, rather it's Muslims who are the "cultural problem!" I say treat Muslims the same way they treat dogs.

    I have two dogs and I know they are better than any Muslim...hands down!

  29. When I was a visiting professor in Turkey, one of the things I noted was the absence of dogs on campus. Back home in the US, our campuses always have "neighborhood" dogs that the students feed. True, there were lots of cats on the campus, but the lack of dogs was noticeable.

  30. this makes me wonder why Satan hates dogs so much...

  31. What a wonderful article, and comments!

    Our dogs are dear to us. We love them, and are attached to them, and I can't imagine not having them around. A religion that despises such a wonderful and marvelous creature as a loyal, loving, and protective dog, yet honors a lying, thieving, pedophile, is truly depraved and comes straight from hell.

  32. Anonymous13/7/16

    brilliant article! I grew p in Israel, near Beer-sheva and witnessed how the Muslims bedouins torture and mistreat dogs. Me and my friends rescued many but I shudder as I remember the abuse. Later on I moved to Haifa, a city where many Christian Arabs reside. I noticed a completely different approach to animals, as many of them are dog owners. Islam definitely plays a major part in this unimaginable cruelty to God's lovely, loving and useful four-legged creation.


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