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The Wages of Terror

When Obama set off to visit the victims of Hurricane Irene, instead of visiting the American victims who had lost their homes and possessions-- he headed off to Paterson, New Jersey. Paterson is known as 'Paterstine' for a reason, it's home to the second largest Arab community after Dearborn, and while most of its residents are not yet Muslims, concentrating his visit there sends a message. And it's the same message that has been sent over and over again. Muslims come first.

Obama's decision to shut down the space program by terminating the shuttle and its replacement vehicle, combined with the loss of the Russian space freighter, means that the International Space Station may have to be abandoned. But as Obama's new NASA administrator Charles Bolden said, the new priority is Muslim outreach.

We may not have a space program anymore, but NASA has partnered with Saudi Arabia on "lunar and asteroid science research". The good news is that the Saudis can afford to buy us a new shuttle, so long as we don't let any women drive it.

And did you know that the National Park Service has an Office of International Affairs? Why does it need an office of international affairs? So it can fund mosques globally through UNESCO. The Obama Administration has eliminated the Park Service's 'Save America's Treasures" program, but there's always money for Islam. While the old outdated jingoistic NPS was concerned with the United States, the new NPS gives money to the Medina of Tunis, an adjacent Islamic school and a Muslim pilgrimage site in Turkmenistan.

It doesn't matter anymore if it's flood victims, outer space or national parks-- it's all about Muslims.

But how did it get this way, how did a formerly insignificant group that most people hardly ever thought about come to dominate all concerns in every branch of government? Go back to September 11 or February 26th for the original Muslim attack on the World Trade Center. The rise of Muslim influence in the United States is tied to Muslim terrorism.

Had Muslim domestic terrorism not taken off in the nineties, along with bad haircuts and Vanilla Ice, there would have been no Iftar dinners at the White House, no special representatives or the rest of the culture of constant pandering. Saudi money would have bought them some attention from universities but national policy would still  not be a game of, "Who can be nicest to the Muslims" with the end result that we don't have a space program, but we do have an appeasement program.

"Have you murdered and also inherited?" the Prophet Elijah asked. With the Ground Zero mosque that is literally the case, as Muslim terrorism destroyed property values enabling them to pick up a sizable property damaged in the attacks for a steal-- and then fundraise over the bodies of the dead to allow the morally bankrupt among us to show our tolerance.

But the Ground Zero Mosque is only a vulgar metaphor for the rise of Muslim power in America. Each bombing, failed or successful, has pushed politicians, law enforcement and corporations deeper into embracing Islam in the hopes of stemming further violence. The more blood is spilled, the higher the green and black flags fly over Washington, New York and the rest of the country.

Muslim political power in the United States derives from decades of atrocities, from foreign money gained through the theft of American oil companies and compensated for by taxpayers, from lands which they only gained through the original genocidal conquest of the region and the extermination, repression and enslavement of non-Muslims.

Think of the Third Reich stretching across a thousand years, cracking its whip across the backs of hundreds of millions, filling up pits full of the dead from Asia to Africa to the Middle East, and then setting up a hue and cry when one of its followers has to spend an extra 15 minutes at the airport.

That is what makes the annual commemorations of September 11 into an obscenity accompanied by bowing and scraping before the ideology responsible for the mass murders. Imagine Holocaust commemorations taking place in the shadow of a Third Reich on cordial terms with America, and with no mention of the Nazi role in the Holocaust. Liberals outraged over Bitburg should be able to understand this one. Every time a politician pays his respects at a mosque, it's Bitburg all over again.

It might be possible to respect a Tamerlane or a Saladin, but the princelings out of the Muslim world who show up to get their engineering or law degrees are another story The sons and daughters of wealthy Pakistanis, Egyptians and Kuwaitis who step on the vast majority of the people in their own country, and then pretend to be oppressed because there aren't enough positive depictions of Muslims on American television, are thoroughly repulsive. 

These princelings begin by bullying Jewish students on campus and then graduate on to think tanks or corporate life where they are hired to show off how tolerant the company is. A few of them become religious enough to go full Ghazi, stuff their underwear full of explosives and board a domestic flight. The rest incessantly lecture us on our shameless bigotry while telling the real story of the Muslim world as a happy place where family is important, women are respected and Sharia law makes everyone feel even more equal.

But what is it that makes them so in demand, that turns Islam into a mandatory topic that must be discussed at all times? It's the bodies turned into ash at Ground Zero, dead soldiers in Texas and dead office workers in Seattle. The Muslim Brotherhood built the civilian organizations and its terrorist children piled up the corpses. And every time the bodies pile up, the civilian organizations are called in to condemn the act and discuss how much money and how many privileges will help buy peace.

Want to see the price of terrorism? Go look at the grant money flowing to Muslim organizations and the climbing political influence after each attack. When Muslims kill people, the media worry that the survivors might get upset and take revenge, and so the police aren't deployed to protect churches and synagogues, instead patrols around mosques are beefed up. And when there are enough dead bodies racked up-- Muslim leaders get invited to the White House to discuss how peaceful their religion is.

Enough bodies and there's no choice but to conclude that we need to repair our relationship with the Muslim world by electing a leader with a compatible background and a middle name like Hussein. And then we can turn NASA into a Muslim self-esteem agency, and the National Park Service can pay to take care of foreign mosques and when a flood happens, the Ummah comes first.

The corpses of Americans have become tokens that can be cashed in for political influence. And every September 11 has become another opportunity for Muslims to cash in their tokens for prizes. It's been the same way in Israel where decades of terror, bodies piled up on the Mount of Olives led to the peace accords, which led to even more terror, which leads to even more concessions.

In Europe, Muslims hardly even need to kill anyone to gain political influence, the threat of it alone is enough to make most prime ministers, presidents and kings fall to their knees. But the bodies are still being presented in exchange for political power and influence. They just happen to be American and Israeli bodies displayed as a reminder to European governments what will happen if they resist. And if they forget, then Europeans like Theo Van Gogh can be added to the pile.

Every now and then Muslims put a bounty on the head of some defiant cartoonist or author, but it is the larger unspoken bounty of heads that their political organizations profit from. The severed heads that dangle from the hands of their leaders at White House visits, the ones that lie in front of every mosque, the bloodstains on the prayer rugs, the bloody hands of the faithful who wash them over and over again before prayers, but can never be clean.

Our own leaders examine the heads and put them away in a drawer and pay out the bounty in political favors and influence. But even worse than them are the organizations of the left that look upon the heads, lick their lips, and anoint their murderers as the new revolutionaries out to overthrow the reactionary capitalist hegemony. The more heads they see, the more the thrill runs up their legs. The red flag always flew dipped in blood, and if it can no longer rely on its community organizers to personally spill the blood, they pant at the opportunity to empower those who do the killing.

A Muslim terrorist in America will never lack for lawyers. A terrorist detainee in Guantanamo Bay will have more pro-bono lawyers than a dog has fleas. Followed by a fawning New York Times article, a book deal and a movie in which his lawyer will be played by George Clooney. Is it because he's innocent? The prisons are full of innocent men and women who had court appointed lawyers that slept through their hearings. No, it is because he is guilty. Because he is a murderer and the left loves its murderers. Its passions are fired by blood like Jane Fonda dallying with the Viet Cong.

This is why the left fell in love with a reactionary ideology where a woman leaving the house without a male guardian is considered liberal. It's the rivers of blood, the heads lying on the table and the cries of hate from within. A new exciting revolution that will drown civilization in horror and terror. And with Communism in decline outside of Latin America, the Islamisk revolution will have to do.

And so the murderers have become celebrities, and the bearded men who claim to hold their leashes have risen in power and stature. They have walked up the bloody red carpet to become the focus of everything that we do. These are the wages of terror paid to the profiteers of murder. The terrible day in September has not ended this Jizya, this price that the Dhimmi pays to remain in the good graces of his masters-- it has only increased the amount. And so long as we go on paying it, they will go on killing us.


  1. Tamerlane bragged about the numbers of Hindus he had slaughtered in the Indian sub-continent. Tamerlane (spelled various, different ways) also had hills made of the skulls of the Hindus he had slaughtered. When he found out that there was no way to transport the vast number of slaves he had picked up in the Indian sub-continent he had them slaughtered -- en masse.

  2. Having a mohammedan for a president does not help things.

  3. Anonymous13/9/11

    Thanks for the explanation of the left-muslim nexus. Is the left in love with totalitarianism, or are they in hate with 'capitalism'/the free market/the idea of God-given freedom? Either way, this dalliance needs to be identified, defined, and attacked (not too strong a word, note) or we're all down the tubes.

    Thanks again,

    Mike R

  4. Anonymous13/9/11

    We could give him the benefit of the doubt. With his 9/11 speech as a warning to all that Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Lord of Hosts has chosen it for his habitation, and more......is actually there and a present help in times of trouble for.....Jacob, not Ishmael, tho they can cross over anytime as A Tz ot is not a respecter of persons. You can see it here:


    Of course I am speaking tongue in cheek. Obama looks very uncomfortable and stresses the wrong words, and doesn't 'Selah' at the end of it as he would say....the bismillah. The video speaks volumes. YY has given him a chance to Let His people go, but, as with Pharoah, his having to read from a Bible (dead obvious) and not an autocue is a stark warning which I suspect will only stiffen his already stiff neck (his resolve in the way he is going to go). kate b

  5. Which confirms the age old rule:
    Threaten a coward with violence, and you can get anything from him.

    The condescending 'elites' aren't more tolerant - only more scared.

  6. Brilliant, perfect, truth! Kol ha Kavod!!


  7. tenquid13/9/11

    What will it take, Daniel, for the truth about Islam to be spoken out loud by our leaders and its power nullified? What event could be horrific enough to turn our leaders from the path of appeasement? My imagination cannot fathom it.

  8. Anonymous13/9/11

    "It's been the same way in Israel where decades of terror, bodies piled up on the Mount of Olives led to the peace accords, which led to even more terror, which leads to even more concessions."
    Not true. The peace had more supported when terror was perceived as separate from the "normal" Palestinians that were believed to want peace.
    Nowadays when the "peace partners" are active in lawfare and incitement , people are more skeptical. It is clearly not the case that more bodies make you more soft .

  9. You are a bit mistaken about NASA... George W. is the one who canceled the space shuttle program. The replacement system got canceled because it was over-budget, over-weight, under-powered, and years behind schedule. It should have been ready to fly in 2012-13 but the last schedule was no later then 2018. If then. It was a turkey that needed killing and can be replaced by commercial systems very nicely.

  10. In my country, in the city of Amsterdam, remembrance day for the dead in WW2 and for the victims of the Holocaust has been transformed into a sickly pc event where politicians and other big shots show up to commiserate with ´all victims of violence and discrimination everywhere'
    After all, how would remembering people who were murdered more than sixty years ago have any relevance for people today, if it weren't for 'the lessons that can be drawn' for the present?
    Needless to say muslims just simply have to be present here too, and that is how frail, elderly, lonesome and traumatized senior citizens with KZnumbers still visible on their arms on their their mourning gathering are being lectured to and chastized about 'the palestinian holocaust'..
    Some of these very old people who actually to show up for such a disgusting farce, feel obliged to 'sound another jewish voice' - i.e. to publicly distancing themselves from the new nazi-like state of Israel and it's despicable zionism..While they, of all people should know better, shouldn't they?!
    How else could they ever feel justified in taking up so much room; for asking so much attention for their sadness and grief, if it wasn't for trying to make the world a little better?

    This world of ours really is the cruellest place..

  11. The shuttle program was transitioned under Bush to a next generation vehicle. Obama killed the vehicle and refused to delay the cancellation of the shuttle program.

    And no it wasn't replaced by commercial programs, it was replaced by Russian vehicles which failed us.

  12. Linda Rivera13/9/11

    Instead of Americans working for the safety of, and the good of America and Americans; Americans are forced via their taxes, to work for Muslims and to support and empower global Islam. What an outrage. What an injustice.

  13. Anonymous13/9/11

    The perversity of the Western liberal culture, after 9/11 America has a muslim president. Now I'm waiting to see an arab as PM in Israel, then we know the end is here and Mashiach on the way.

  14. revereridesagain13/9/11

    Two words: Howard Roark.

    Two more: John Galt.

    Three more: Don't. Effing. Cooperate.

    Practice non-submission in our own lives. Treat all practicing muslims as what they are: hostile foreign agents working towards the destruction of our constitution and way of life. (At this point the only muslims worthy of respect are those who have stuck their necks out by declaring themselves to be "reformers" in opposition to the sharia state. The trapped women and children are worthy of pity, though not at the expense of our own future.) Replace their feigned oppression with reality-based uneasiness. Not threats. Just the cold disdain of one more kuffar who will never be a dhimmi.

    Someone in the comments on an earlier post asked when will we be justified in defending ourselves against these invaders. The answer is that we are always justified. But we do not yet know when, or if, the moment will arrive when it becomes an imperative.

    On the morning of April 19, 1775, on North Bridge in Concord, the colonial militia were about to retreat from a withering volley by British regulars when one of their officers cried out, "Fire, fellow soldiers, for God's sake, fire!" And in the next instant a shot was heard and the world pivoted on that point, and was never the same again.

    We missed that moment 10 years ago. We must not miss the next.

  15. This article is a much needed (and rare) dose of reality in this Orwellian media manipulated world of darkness,great deception and lies.
    A very real 'spiritual' dimension with the godless,perverted Left and Islam is that they both serve(worship)the same Father of lies,Lucifer, aka allah.
    This is also how such differing mindsets are united.They love their lying pappy and hate the God of Israel with deep,deep Satanic passion.
    Israel's big mistake (sin) was to hitch their wagon to this falling star,America Babylon, instead of the Bright and Morning Star

  16. @Marcel

    Israel's big mistake certainly IS NOT "hitching their wagain" with the xtians god/messiah (bright and morning star)

  17. @Linda, I agree with you.

    Isn't the government's use of our tax dollars to fund the construction of religious buildings unconstitutional?


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