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  1. Anonymous7/9/12

    Mr Greenfield, I am a fan of yours. Your essays
    are often so profound I can barely keep from
    weeping. Prolific & rapid fire, they keep getting better and better.

    bob e

  2. Anonymous3/10/12

    Mr. Greenfield, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with unfortunately a limited audience; - you are so enlightening and a true master of conveying a message to your readership. If I had my way, I would make it obligatory for having your outstanding commentaries read in the school system around the country to educate the ignorant next generation. Please accept my personal regards from a loyal fan of your and reader.
    Karel E.

  3. Anonymous19/2/13

    Brilliant as always. But how do we get the rest of the world to listen?

  4. Tim Pottorff18/11/13

    ...maybe we could work on funding for a 'reality show' with Daniel as the main character...we could call it 'Being Daniel Greenfield'.

  5. Anonymous6/2/14

    BE Careful and stay safe. Our country is in dire need of leaders like you.

  6. Anonymous15/9/15

    Thank goodness I came across your writings. Thank you.

  7. Just found you from Refugee Resettlement site. I tried to subscribe to your blogs on Kindle. I have a Kindle Fire HDX 7 but it says that not on the list to subscribe. Disappointed.

  8. I'm sorry about that Marie. I don't have a Kindle myself, so I don't know what might be wrong. But you can always subscribe by email.

  9. Anonymous27/5/18

    Daniel, reading your "Warrior's Tale" I felt, as it were, the scales fall from my eyes. Thank you for your deep wisdom and understanding of humanity. I am not a dedicated fan, and will be sharing your blog with everyone I know!

  10. to send you Sir e mail is impossible. It shows error and " that is all we know" google. Best regards from Sweden olga

  11. Anonymous27/5/18

    Thank you from Sweden

  12. So I was going to comment on how prolific and consistently correct and brilliant your message is. I noticed that half the posts are exactly saying that and I dont want your ego to get out of control and perhaps change you. Therefore I will not make any complimentary comments. I do hope your family heath issue has resolved itself positively.

  13. Anonymous29/7/18

    Shalom Daniel
    We read you here at the Ends of the Earth in New Zealand.

    Thank you for your insightful prose, more often than not you make me cry and laugh (I prefer the laugh :-).
    I do pass some articles on, including on to other websites.

    Can I ask you to include a print button at the end of your articles, I like to give your articles to people who don't do social media (there are a few).
    Kiwi Mike

  14. I keep trying to make a PayPal contribution but I get a "page expired" message or Paypal never loads. How can I support your work?

  15. Wonderful insights and excellent reading. Keep up the good work.

  16. Anonymous31/3/19

    I just read the story about the beautiful little Jewish girl “ who was seven and will never be eight.” It was heartbreaking, and though I am a Christian, I deplore the insidious anti-Semitic culture that has spawned from the depths of hell. May God repay them for their evil agenda. May He bless the little girl’s family and all Jewish people who have lost loved ones by those fiends. “ Vengeance is Mine, and I WILL repay, saith Jehovah!”

  17. Anonymous4/10/19

    A pleasure to read. Hillaryland.

  18. Thank u sir this article could be a block buster moive i hope clint eastwood read your blog

  19. Anonymous26/1/20

    Read your article recently called "How Do Civil Wars Happen". It rings true ever more a few months later, and especially while we're in this impeachment fiasco.
    I have shared it with as many people who I thought would read it. Keep it coming, you have an excellent pen!

  20. Anonymous28/7/22

    Jeeeese , you think somebody might ha figured it out by now

  21. Anonymous29/11/22

    Excellent article encapsulating why Democrats are so powerful in government because they have captured every institution. How? Hiring practices are discriminatory whenever Democrats are able to focus exclusively on hiring other Democrats. Elected Democrats and their pawns in government are a major problem because they are essentially dictators.

  22. SAMMY EPPEL23/12/22

    I send a comment on your latest ADL article, obviously you didn't like my comment. Regards Sammy

  23. Anonymous13/9/23


  24. Your article on the French Black puppeteer needs a new word introduced to describe these people that live, walk, talk, and hear nothing but racism.
    Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast. Racist! Those are little black kids you're crunching while being drowned in WHITE milk. For upper, BLACK BEANS and White rice! Ditto.
    I call them "racialists". They use racism to forward whatever view they have on virtually everything they encounter, thereby, promoting racism with every breath.
    Racialism and Racialists. Use these terms to help combat these grifters.

  25. News Tip23/2/24

    Re Cong. Johnson’s Calling Jews “Termites”
    JOHNSON JR, HENRY C (HANK) has run in 6 races for public office, winning 6 of them. The candidate has raised a total of $3,275,100.
    Top Donors/Enablers of Jew Hatred (via https://www.followthemoney.org) including well-known brands such as Home Depot, Coca Cola, AT&T, AFLAC, Lockheed Martin, and Cox Communications, WalMart, Microsoft, UPS, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumen


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