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A Burqa for Lady Liberty and a Mosque for Ground Zero

A Muslim group has announced plans to cover the Statue of Liberty with a burqa and then replace her with a minaret. But there's no reason at all to take such plans seriously. Lady Liberty being treated the way the Muslim world treats women in general, is as unlikely as a massive mosque being built just downwind of Ground Zero. Or Queen Elizabeth donning a hijab on a visit to Abu Dhabi. It's one of those things that we're told not to worry about until it happens and then objecting to it becomes a crime against tolerance. The tolerance of intolerance.

In Germany, a Kosovar Muslim airport employee cried, "Allahu Akbar" and opened fire on a group of US airmen. Of course the motive has yet to be determined, and after a long period of speculation touching on everything from his mortgage problems to his scratchy uniform, the truth will be known and quietly buried, along with the two men he killed. Little more than a decade ago, the United States Air Force was instrumental in helping create a terrorist state for Kosovar Muslims. This is the gratitude they got in return. A hail of bullets. And this is the gratitude that Westerners can always expect for their aid.

Anjem Choudary, the leader of the Islamic group that would like to sandblast Lady Liberty, and Arid Uka, the airport gunmen, were not hatched in some cave in Pakistan. Choudary was born in the London Borough of Bexley. Arid Uka was born and raised in Germany, where his family had lived for some 40 years. They are not immigrants, but native born European Muslims fighting to remake Europe into an Islamic state. The idea is fanciful, just like the Statue of Liberty being blown up by the American Taliban to make way for a minaret. But there was a time when a short Austrian corporal's plans to build a Thousand Year Reich on the bones of Europe were as laughable as Choudary's antics.

In 1993, Americans laughed at a gang of stupid Muslim terrorists who had tried to blow up the World Trade Center using a Ryder rental van, and then actually tried to get their deposit back on the van. 8 years later a gang of terrorists not all that much smarter than them hijacked four planes with box cutters and knocked down both towers, killing 3,000 people. And suddenly it wasn't funny anymore.

Evil is often ridiculous in its pretensions, but horrifying in its execution. It is silly only until it begins to succeed, and then the joke turns to horror and madness. We may find Kim Jong Il funny, but no one in North Korea does. Saddam's love poems, Stalin's toupee, Hitler's comic bellicosity, Khaddafi's eccentricity are funny only because we never lived under them. The presumptuousness of a Choudary presuming to wave the flag of Islam over the White House and announce plans for dynamiting the Statue of Liberty is a joke. But the punchline is how little we are doing to halt the day when it really does fly over the White House.

"All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." But our governments are not doing nothing, they are aiding it along. European leaders grumble about multiculturalism and call for more integration. Choudary and Arid Uka are the successes of their integration. The politicians talk and the refugees swarm and the mosques spread. Most European Muslims are not going out guns blazing or cursing returning soldiers. They don't need to. They can do the math better than the politicians can. And they already know they will win.

We don't have the same demographic gun to our heads yet, but we are retreating almost as quickly. In the aftermath of 9/11, the temerity of a Ground Zero mosque was unthinkable. Now it's not only thinkable, it's downright mandatory. And does anyone really believe that Barack Hussein Obama could have been elected at any other period in history, but the one in which our relations with the Muslim world have become of paramount importance?

This is how craven we have become in the face of enemies armed only with box cutters, IED's and the occasional RPG. But the days of the suicide bomb are passing, and the day of the suicide nuke is coming.

While we have been dismantling our nuclear weapons, Pakistan has been building them. Pakistan has passed the UK to become the world's fifth largest nuclear power with 100 nuclear weapons. Today the mobs bay in the streets of Pakistan for the blood of Christians charged with blasphemy. What happens when an Islamic regime tells us to ban all criticism of Islam or they will launch a full scale nuclear strike? Do you think we will still have freedom of speech left then.

If we have not been able to stand up to suicide bombers without flattering and pandering, what will we do when we are confronted with the cold hard choice. Either put a burqa on Lady Liberty or fight a nuclear war.

Most of Europe has already made its choice. Some states are still dragging out the inevitable. But there are only two options. There have only ever been two options. While the debates drag on, the size of the occupying army grows. No less a figure than Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan proclaimed that the “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.” In the secular Turkey of the day, he was jailed for it. But with support of the European Union, he now rules over an Islamist Turkey. A prospective member of the EU.

Yesterday Erdogan paid a visit to Germany, and delivered a boisterous speech to German Muslims, the likes of which Dusseldorf had not been seen since Schicklgruber was entertaining industrialists with promises of a better tomorrow. Today a German Muslim killed two American airmen in a scene that might have been lifted from Turkish propaganda films such as Valley of the Wolves. Germany attempted to ban the movie, but it has been screened nonetheless, and now German and American audiences have been treated to a live showing, with Arid Uka taking on the Polat Almedar role. Erdogan leaves Europe to attend a funeral for Turkey's first Islamist Prime Minister, alongside the leader of Hamas and other world terrorists, but his work has been done. And done well.

If Europa is halfway to donning the veil, is Lady Liberty any better off? Choudary's march will be met with the fiction that he only represents a tiny minority of extremists. Arid Uka's killing spree will be filed in that same folder with all the other lone gunmen and bombers who just happened to shout, "Allah is Great" at a crucial juncture. Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood will keep on slithering deeper and deeper into the corridors of power. And our leaders will go on trying to win over the Muslim world with a buffet of appeasement. And evil will go on triumphing.

There was a time when Hitler and Lenin could have been squashed like bugs, until a few years later when it would take half the armies of the world to stop their ambitions. They could have been stopped. But the world chose not to. And that is what is genuinely awful. Beyond the death camps and the gulags, the terrible knowledge of how easy it was to shut them down. How many people died, how much of the world was destroyed, because men did nothing to stop them.

The Islamists could have been stopped yesterday. They can still be stopped today. But tomorrow the cost will be much higher, if it will even be possible at all. Each passing year erodes our power and grows theirs. The balance of power has already shifted in the minds of our leaders. But it will shift in reality as well. The difference between a mad dream and a terrible reality is power. Alone Charles Manson was another lunatic drinking deep of the poisoned well of his own power fantasies. With only a few women and men, he terrorized California. And the evil we face now makes Manson seem as harmless as a stuffed bunny.

History's monsters were rarely geniuses, most often they were men with a bad idea, willing to do absolutely anything to see it through. Islam is a very bad idea that breeds monsters. It has all the usual components of of the "Bad Ideas" that nearly destroyed humanity in the 20th century. Absolute power in the name of a perfect order, conspiracy theories and the rise of the oppressed. The Koran 2.0 has gone digital and a new generation is being taught to see the world as a target rich environment-- from a German airport to an island in New York harbor where the 'mighty woman with a torch' is attracting a new breed of exile these days. Who come not to be free, but to enslave us all.

A burqa for Lady Liberty and a mosque for Ground Zero-- that is their vision for us, if we allow it to happen. Freedom undefended turns easily to slavery. Not only defended by force, but in meaning. We have forgotten that freedom is not universal tolerance, but a moral force that springs from the determination of each individual in a society to be free. It is no more a safe space for the burqa, than it is for the slave's chains, it is not an open door of tolerance for the crescent and star, the swastika or the hammer and sickle. Freedom is not blind, that is anarchy and soon undone. It is not only a negative absence of law, but a positive determination to maintain the free society against those who would threaten it. Without that determination Americans will bend under the same chains that a billion already wear in the East and Lady Liberty will done her burqa.


  1. mindRider3/3/11

    Once again you are right and put the finger on the sore spot, however the problem is that in order to stop Islam from taking over it has to be fought. Simple as it sounds, with even in the US a more or less split of society in the middle between the left and the right one can not politically nor spiritually muster the force needed to combat this terrible evil without creating the possibility of a new civil war! Your suggestion that we might have to restore to nuclear power to fend of the darkness of Islam is in itself contrary to the justness of our moral society, we can't justify killing hundreds of thousands of which many shall be innocent bystanders before WE have been attacked with nuclear weapons, a true catch 22 situation.

  2. Anonymous3/3/11

    NKPlaice: Wow. All I can say is Wow. Best, most articulate critique of the Ground Zero Mosque and what it represents that I have read. WOW.

  3. Anonymous3/3/11

    "All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

    But if the rule of law has been corrupted by spineless politicians, worthless judges and malleable union bosses then all the money quotes in the world will not motivate a people to rise up and defend.

    The average US student doesn't have the slightest idea of what patriotism means let alone why we were the defenders of freedom in the first part of the twentieth century. Seventy-five percent of the people in the company I work for are under forty and completely clueless about any heroes of The Revolutionary War. Patriotism and loyalty to them are meaningless abstracts.

    There really are two kinds of people in the US: Us and Them. And Us are very few.


  4. There is song called "Requiem for France" from Gallia Watch. Although the song is in French the message gets through, although it will be nice if somebody could provide some sub-titles.
    This is the fate that awaits all of us in the free world if Muslim immigration to the West is not stopped dead in its tracks and reversed. Here is the link to the song.

  5. mindReader,

    in the "old" days of WWII, we killed "innocents"...there were no rules of engagement..only way we fought Hitler...same today, only way. Either deport all of them or fight with all we've got.

  6. Anonymous3/3/11

    Everything Sultan Knish has said is true indeed, but it is necessary to point out that ee (the people) have already made up our minds to close our eyes to the evils of puritan Islam. Sure, there is Sultan Knish here and a Robert Spencer there, but the bulk of us have decided that this is a war in which we have no stake, and there is no need to fight it. Small surprise that there are few politicians who will stick their necks out to do what needs to be done. We kaffirs are all so divided, so busy fighting each other and intent on protecting just ourselves that politicians can just play us off against one another without any fear or problem. More than half of US voted for Obama. If three quarters of US stood up to Obama and told him that he could not play his games any longer, then he would be forced to acquiesce, even if sullenly. But no one is interested, and things go on as they are. Sultan Knish, you are absolutely right that all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.

  7. Let them have the Statue of Liberty. They've earned it and lying prostrate before the Statue of Liberty is what has brought us to the current crisis.

    It was also immigrant communities who stood up for Hitler and while that nightmare was finally shut down, we are still scratching ourselves trying to find its refugees who knew they had a safe haven here.

  8. occupant 93/3/11

    That river in Egypt has spread well beyond its banks and Denial soaks far too many westerners-of-influence with a profound negligence too self-servingly cavalier to measure.

    This fight will not be fought by our nation states for Islam makes it personal and in that way, silences, terrorizes and gains power by targeting individuals. We must spread the risk by speaking up in real ways that serves to bring the true Muslim adherent out of the woodwork and into the light of day. A Kevlar vest *might* help protect oneself from the Muslim "backlash." Expect Muslims to create skirmishes (to protect their "honour") to escalate and agitate in super markets, work places and public spaces in general.

    The "genius" of Islam is its duty to appropriate the better ideas/beliefs/inventions/accomplishments/conventions of the vile other, to specifically use against that same other, ultimately in order to destroy said better idea etc too.

    I know I live in "Dar al-Harb" and the irony is that not one apologist I've encountered has yet been able to place "Dar al-Harb" on a map, yet they remain steadfast in their capital "B" Belief that "Islam is a religion of peace" with a minority of fanatics. It helps little to point out this "minority" is a larger number than the combined general populations of most of Europe, let alone their standing armies.

  9. Excellent if frightening analysis. I will recommend readers of my blog to it. ~Bob Hall

  10. Anonymous3/3/11

    What has happened to the West when now Al Jazera is considered "real news" by someone like the Sec State? Really, the Middle East news corp is what passes for objective news reporting? Like they don't have Arab race Islamic religion ME region centric bias in their reporting or what they choose to omit in their reporting. With the likes of Islam is a relgion of peace Bush, and Christie Islamist ties on the right, and the unsurprising sucking up to Islam and Arabs on the left, the Western world has fallen so far.

  11. Grumpy true Zionist4/3/11

    a truly fine piece of journalistic work
    as always the 'Sultan' logically and clinically peels back the layers until there it is - the appalling truth
    we (or most of us anyhow)live in the belief that the world has ridden itself of the great scourges ie nazism/communism, and fail to understand that we are slapdamn in the middle of this current scourge ie islamism (islam not a 'religion of peace' or a religion by any definition - but instead a fundamentalist ideology cloaked in the bs of a religion)
    the truly depressing part of all this is the happy bunch of enablers (sort of like the kapo's in the death camps)moving us along to our inevitable end,pleased with their days work

  12. Anonymous4/3/11

    There seems to be a very strong leftist push to get Al Jezera into the US. First we had the Huff Po article earlier this year by I think the chief of the AJ network trying to get people to ask for AJ in the US. Now we have Clinton saying it. More leftist Islamist alliance now with a major news station? See the US through Muslim ME eyes that fits the leftist narrative on the US and pass it off as objective news unlike the US media? But then Fox News is heavily Saudi owned. How to have our US news free from foreign bias and influence, and truly objective. This push for AJ network is major from the left outlets like Huff Po and Clinton.

  13. thanks tartan

    anon, not to mention the al jazeera chief delivering a high profile TED talk

    grumpy, evil never goes away, or the obligation to fight it


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