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Obama's Lawless America

Obama chooses not to defend DOMA in court. His attorney general tries to deflect a congressional investigation into his office's Black Panther cover up by playing the race card. Congress passes laws which it does not read. A Federal judge rules that inaction is also a form of action. What all these have in common is that they are symptoms of a lawless society.

When most people hear "lawless society", they picture anarchy, but that's not actually the case. All societies have laws of some sort, but where a lawful society is governed by its laws, a lawless society is ruled by power. In a lawful society, the law applies to everyone. In a lawless society it does not apply to those who are in power.

Obama began his term in office by setting up an infrastructure of czars to implement policies without legislative oversight. It was an ominous move, and a predictable one. And it didn't end there. In an ethical administration, the Attorney General serves as a watchmen. In Obama's Administration of 40 Thieves, he was bound to be the ringleader. The pick of Eric Holder, a key Clinton Administration Pardongate figure, meant that the attorney general would lead the cover up of any administration scandal.

Additionally new offices were created with ill defined duties to reward supporters. These new office holders jockeyed for power with established cabinet members. Corruptocracies are built like the leaning Tower of Pisa, a peak at the top and a shaky structure underneath. It wasn't long before overlapping powers led to a convoluted chain of command, with infighting and scrambled signals. The lack of law in a corrupt system leads to chaos. While the lack of law benefits the corruptocrats, it also impedes their effectiveness. A corrupt system is greedy, but ineffective. It uses law to control others, but it is not ruled by any law.

There is talk of calling another Constitutional Convention, but when the political system does not respect the existing Constitution, then the problem is not a matter of closing the legal loopholes through which entire freight trains have been driven in the night (e.g. the Commerce Clause), but to restore respect for the law. And by the law, I don't mean every single piece of confetti tape spewed out by numerous legislatures and executives at every level-- but the structure itself.

How do you remodel a house, when the management insists that it's not a house, but a tepee, a carnival, an office building, a launch pad or an apple orchard or anything that suits them at a given time. A lawful society depends on an understanding of the relationship between government and the governed. But in a lawless society, the parameters of the relationship are redefined at the whim of those who govern.

The Living Constitution is a relationship constantly being redefined not by law, but by the will of those in charge. The pretext of change has been employed to dismantle a system of laws, and replace it with rule by fiat. And now under the banner of Hope and Change, there are no more laws, only decrees. Liberal judges scrambling to justify the absurdity of the ObamaCare Mandate are forced to search for retroactive justifications for it. When the legal justifications for a bill are such a mess that a judge's defensive ruling becomes a philosophical debate about the nature of action and inaction, then we are only one step away from convening courts to judge animals, as was done in the Middle Ages.

Every defense of the mandate revolves around the unworkability of ObamaCare. For the sake of preserving it, legal novelties have to be trotted out. Liberal judges cover up for bad lawmakers with leaning towers of logic. Because congress did not use its mind, judges must claim that the government can regulate the mental activity of the public. All this in the wake of a financial crisis which went down the same way, with "too big to fail" incompetence getting covered up by people who knew better, but were determined to keep the system going anyway. Liberal pundits claim that the financial disaster is proof that we must regulate Wall Street-- but who will regulate a government that is behaving the same way?

Everyone knows the Emperor is naked. And the media won't stop throwing invisible cloaks over him. Obama has become their "Too Big to Fail", the messiah they invested everything into with nothing to show for it. And ObamaCare has become his centerpiece achievement. And if one of Clinton's judges must rule that by not buying a product you are participating in a commercial transaction, to protect that crystal chandelier of achievement, then that is what she'll do. The law be damned.

In its spare time, the media speculates how many people knew that Madoff's financial program was unworkable, when all of them know about a much bigger and much more unworkable program. And are part of the cover up for it. The reason the debate doesn't happen, is because they can't afford one. The cards are right in front of them and all they can do is keep bluffing their way through a bad hand. But they aren't alone. Both Democrats and Republicans have their own set of bad cards. Both are bluffing each other. And when the game ends, so does the country.

This wouldn't happen in a lawful system for the simple reason that lawful systems are also truthful systems. The law is a test, not just of adversarial prowess, but of functionality. But when there are laws, but no law, then the laws exist to conceal the underlying lawlessness.

Legislation is used to cover up the faults of the legislators. Two sets of books are covered up with a third. And a law forbidding anyone from even mentioning it. A crisis is dealt with by a round of fingerpointing, and the best fingerpointers get into power just in time to blow their turn at the next crisis. Crisis management becomes a test of public relations and an opportunity to loot the treasury in the name of fixing the crisis. Reforms never happen, because that would mean identifying the actual problem. And the problem is the system itself. Their system.

Both parties agree more than they disagree. The chief thing that they agree on is the need to preserve their own power, to pile new laws over old laws rather than strike at the heart of the dilemma. The big questions go unasked because they are too dangerous. Dangerous not to those who are under the law, but those who make the laws. The lawless men who make laws for all. But do not bind themselves by them.

Can we reform government is not the question. We can reform it in the same way that we can take a vandalized house, slap a little paint on it, oil the hinges, tinker with the plumbing, and then lean back and accept congratulations for a job well done. Even if it means that the house will just fall down a little later. That is the kind of reform that our politicians are very good at. But we don't need to reform government, what we must do is restore lawful government. You can only slap so many fresh coats of paint on termite ridden walls before the whole structure with its new white walls come crashing down.

The Obama Administration has set a new standard for lawlessness. Not in disobeying or disregarding, but in displaying outright unawareness of it. To the liberal legislator, the Constitution has become no more relevant than the Magna Carta. Placing limits on authority is irrational to him, as it defeats his chief notion of what the purpose of government is, to provide services and keep the people from harming themselves through their own ignorance and vulnerability. In the legal sense, they do not see themselves as public servants, but as caretakers of the public. They see themselves as no more bound by the laws they make, than parents are bound to follow the curfew they set for their children.

This is where the constant redefining of the relationship between government and the governed has brought us. To rule through a two tier system by a breed that sees itself as legislative Eloi scrambling to rein in the gun-loving and bible-keeping Morlocks. Elitist petty tyrants who assert their authority in our name, but without regard to our wishes. Their elitism justifies tyranny. Law becomes a means of reigning us in, while giving them free reign. And as in any system, where the ruled are not considered to be on par with the rulers, either morally or mentally, the laws which apply to the ruled, do not apply to the rulers.

Elitism means entitled privilege. Beneath the veneer of self-sacrifice beats the lawlessly progressive heart, always on the lookout for new layers of authority and new means of control. And the luxuries of office are justified by their self-sacrifice. To fancy yourself morally superior is to possess the right to treat others as moral inferiors. To take what is theirs in the name of your grand cause. And thus lawlessness becomes law. The relationship between government and the governed becomes that of predator and prey.

Welcome to Obama's Lawless America.


  1. Let's just cut to the chase here:
    He stinks.

  2. Anonymous2/3/11

    Certainly the nub of the issue.

    We have sold our birthright for a few drink umbrellas made in China.

  3. Good narticle, Sultan. We're staring to face this here in Australia. One thing - I notice people using the word "reign" when they mean rein. You too have fallen into this trap!
    It's "reining us in", not "reigning".

    Reigning is unfortunately what Obama and his gang think they're entitled to do ,as do our Oz "govts".

  4. Anonymous2/3/11

    What has always amazed me is that no other country has copied American laws and Constitution even though it is the foundation of our success.

    Certainly the UN is a force of anti-Constitution values and practices. The elite elite.

    New constitutions with strong American input look nothing like our own -- e.g. Iraq.

    I think is says something about the nature of mankind. Clearly people prefer the illusion of security to the responsibility of freedom.

  5. When the rulers go out of control, it becomes the people's responsibility to reform the system;
    and if they won't act on that responsibility, then tyranny is all they're going to get.

    I believe the American people still have a chance to prevent this from happening.

  6. Anonymous2/3/11

    Ah! The 'elite revolutionaries' always overstep.
    Valerie Jarrett said they would be ready to RULE on day one. Past is prologue.

  7. The United States at this most dangerous time in her history is a rudderless ship captained by a drunk with power, fiddling while America burns president.
    America now has as her leader a dictator and it doesn't feel good.
    My question for you Daniel...for the next two years is there nothing decent Americans can do to stop this madness? Is there nothing the CIA can do to stop Choudery from coming to this country and declaring war on our nation and raising the flag of islam over the White House? Nothing the CIA or FBI can do to shut the likes of louis farrakan up when he brazenly stands up and preaches the end of America and the rise of islam with impunity???? Is there nothing we as Americans can do to keep the narcissist in chief from kowtowing and ring kissing every sworn enemy of the United States and Israel???
    I cannot believe that in the two remaining years of his reign, terrorist rogue nations will not take full advantage of the weak and clueless party president and attack us.
    And,thank you for your always brilliant posts

  8. Anonymous2/3/11

    I like the way Cheryl puts things in perspective, also the use of capitals or not (I do the same).
    Obama represents the culture of America today and he also takes advantage of it because of its shallowness. Just look at your media, Hollywood, artists, universities and schools--a herd with not one thought in their minds and they are the ones shaping the American understanding of life, PC flat.

  9. Americans put this madness in office and Americans elect the Congress that refuses to stand up and protect the Constitution.
    Our present mess is a result of how far down Americans have been willing to allow things to go. Without a national change of heart there will be no change.
    Politics is the result of the mind set of the people.

  10. Anonymous2/3/11

    I believe that a majority of Americans made a statement in the last election. However, the vote isn't enough as the system itself is bent against the will of the people. You can stand against Islam and the nightly news paints you as a bigot. You can stand against the president and your painted as a racist. You can stand for morality and your painted as an old timer who doesn't understand current values. When good becomes evil and evil becomes good the only way to change it is if the whole world turns-upside-down.
    Its harder to fight against a group that believes they have the Moral High-ground as they wallow in their mud-piles. I don't entirely blame the American people as they have had a Media and Government system that has actively plotted against what is best for them.
    America has become sort of like the hippy parents who let there son smoke pot and invite girls in the house at 13 -- man, were cool and not ever considering the moral ramifications of such and action.
    All I can say is - God Help Us.

  11. Anonymous2/3/11

    Right on Sultan Knish!

  12. Anonymous2/3/11

    I have been lurking here for months, and admire this blog greatly.
    My question is a simple one, wth is wrong with the media ?
    I don't believe for a minute they are all just wide eyed idealists.
    Except for Fox News, they all have terrible ratings, and any newspaper left alive is struggling.
    Ratings and readership used to translate into dollars.
    Yet most of the true believers are very well paid, in spite of low audiences.
    I have always believed in 'follow the money', so I am stumped.

  13. The media is an ideological entity now dedicated to promoting the worldview of the cultural elite.

    They're still making money, though most of their outlets will die, but there will be enough for some of the big boys to survive.

  14. drive101172/3/11

    SK, you are truly an insightful writer.

    I talk to people and send your (and other) articles around, but still feel that common-sense is slipping away from the docile herd.

    Maybe we all need to go "Galt" and force a do-over...

  15. The rule of law IS the only thing that separates the United States from Argentina and if taken to it's extreme Zimbabwe and Somalia.
    First World countries follow the Rule of Law, Corrupt Third World shitholes follow the Rule Of Whim, if you are wondering why Gold and Silver (economic collapse plays) are setting new records, re-read the sentence above.
    The United States of Argentina - Panem et Circenses = Change your getting.

  16. Anonymous8/3/11

    I, too, am screaming inside with frustration, and I echo the question, "Is there nothing we can do?"

    I think it's vital that we don't let the Tea Party lapse. We need to ridicule and laugh off their charges of racism, just as they do when we ask for a birth certificate. And we need to start the meetings again -- tax day might be good for the next. We scared the bejesus out of 'em last year -- they're still calling us names -- so we need to keep it up.

    If anything, people are even angrier that the state administrations they elected in November are being attacked and fought by bands of bussed-in thieves in the name of "the working people." I believe we could get twice the number of people that we had out last year.

    And we need to decide on candidates for 2012 for ourselves, and not let the left/media do it for us. We have several possibilities who have the number one characteristic necessary: toughness -- and I believe every one of these people would surround him/herself with trustworthy experts with real-world experience, to balance out any weaknesses.

    Let's get going. Our best people right now are: Bachmann, Bolton, DeMint, Palin, West, and Walker. We need to start backing up our personal choices publcally and working for 2012 now.


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