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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Muslim Men and Non-Muslim Women

When American mother Melissa Bender married Pakistani Mohammad Khan, she brought three children from a previous marriage into the relationship. Today the children are in protective custody after police discovered that her 13 year old daughter, Jessie Bender wasn't taken away by a predator, but that the predator had been right in her own house.

Mohammad Khan was planning to take Melissa and Jessie to Pakistan, where the 13 year old girl feared she would be forced into an arranged marriage. Instead she bravely went on the run and the police department appears to be doing the right thing. For now.

Had Mohammad Khan taken her to Pakistan and married her off, it would have been almost impossible for the child to escape again. Particularly from a rural area. She would have been repeatedly raped by her "husband", beaten by her in-laws and turned into a slave. And Khan would have likely profited from the exchange. Khan didn't just marry a middle aged woman, he married a woman with at least one girl at home. And in Pakistan that translates into a salable commodity.

Last year the British Home Secretary warned about grooming of English girls by Pakistani men.

Last month, Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Saddique, were jailed for a series of rapes and sexual assaults on young girls as young as 12.

Atma Singh, from the Sikh Community Action Network, said: “Well done to Jack Straw for being 100 per cent honest and saying what many people already know – that there are pockets of youngsters in the Pakistani Muslim community who treat girls from other communities as sexual objects.”

Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Muslim youth group the Ramadan Foundation said 53 out of the last 65 convictions for grooming had involved British Pakistanis.

“The reality is that there is an issue,” he said. “There is a perception that these white girls have lesser morals and lesser values than women from Pakistani heritage.

“It’s abhorrent and there needs to be debate.”

These are not quotes from the BNP or the EDL. These come from the inside. And it's time Americans thought seriously about what they are importing into this country.

Let's look at how women are treated in Pakistan. In many tribal areas, rape is a punishment meted out by tribal elders. Rape convictions are virtually impossible to achieve.

Here are apolitical stories from Western women living in major cities in Pakistan.

YES I believe you would be in danger if you dressed in a skimpy way. Flashy, skimpy clothes tell men that you are a loose woman, available to all. If you are raped or attacked, the men will say you brought it on yourself by the way you dressed.

It will also bring 'shame' on your husband and his family and may create large problems with the in-laws.

One of my friends was reprimanded for wearing capri length pajama pants and a t-shirt around the house at night. Her mother in law said it brought shame on the family.

If you're living independently, wear whatever you want inside, but I'd suggest always answering the door in full length pants, a short sleeve shirt and a scarf. If you don't, it is as if you are inviting men to have sexual relations with you.

Many Pakistani men already believe that Western women are loose and are all whores. Prepare to be groped in public by passing men, whether you dress conservatively or not.

That's it. In Pakistani Muslim culture not wearing a hijab is asking to be raped. Wear a t-shirt in your own house and you're setting yourself up for an honor killing. And even if you dress conservatively, you'll still be molested in public on a regular basis.

What does that mean again? Here is one woman's story from Pakistan. Be warned it is graphic, but it's also a reflection of what daily life is like in a culture with no respect for women as human beings.

The situation is worse for non-Muslim women, particularly indigenous Christians and Western travelers, who are held to be less than human.

Do you think that magically changes when Ahmed or Mohammed moves to London or New York? It doesn't. He only learns to be more discreet when outside his own community, otherwise the shaitan damned infidel yahood police will get him in trouble. His attitude doesn't change. Only his tactics do.

A Pakistani immigrant in Brooklyn blackmailed his friend's teenage daughters into having sex with him by threatening to tell their traditionalist parents they were being intimate with their boyfriends, law-enforcement sources revealed yesterday.

In one instance, Mohammad Naseer allegedly threatened to kill one of the Pakistani girls if she didn't sleep with him.

"If you don't do what I want, I will tell your father that you had sex with your boyfriend and if your father does not kill you, I will kill you. No one will find your body," he threatened, according to court documents.

Pakistani men are prominent in lists of sexual assaults over and over again. In Australia, the Ashfield gang rapes by four Pakistani brothers (whose father perjured himself in court to give them an alibi), their defense was that being Pakistani Muslims gave them the right to rape.

The eldest of four Pakistani gang rapist brothers has admitted lying at trial and apologised to his victims but said he thought he had a right to rape the "promiscuous" teenage girls.

MSK, 27, told the NSW Supreme Court yesterday that this was because the girls did not wear headscarves, were drinking alcohol and were unaccompanied when they went to his Ashfield home.

Here's a direct quote from the rapist himself, which should give you a terrifying understanding of how Pakistani men think

"She don't know us, I don't know her, like she was not related to us and she was not wearing any purdah … like she was not … covered her face, she was not wearing any headscarf and she started drinking with us and she was singing.

His cultural assumption was that a girl whose face is not covered, who sings and drinks has no rights whatsoever. It's not an unusual assumption. If it was, then Western women wouldn't have to be afraid of visiting Pakistan.

The legal system in this case and in every case misses the point. MSK is not a rapist, he's a Pakistani Muslim. In Pakistan rape is not a crime against a person, but against property. The father or the husband's property. His honor. Pakistani immigrants do not recognize the same notion of equal human rights that Westerners do. You can send them to jail for rape, but you can't force them to think like the citizens of the free world do.

The values don't change. They're embedded in the Koran. Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6. Half Jessie's age. A girl who reaches puberty is widely considered marriageable in the Muslim world. MSK is confused, the way most Americans would be if they visited a foreign country and in some unclear way offended their hosts. To MSK this is a cultural misunderstanding. And so it is to most Muslim Pakistani men.

Now think about a 13 year old American girl being taken into a home with a stepfather like that. And think about all the little girls who don't run away from home. Who do go to Pakistan. How many are they? We'll never know. But one thing we can be sure of, their numbers is growing.

Jessie Bender was meant to be an American Aisha. Instead thanks to her own courage, and a legal system that appears to be doing the right thing, she may now have the chance to grow up, fall in love and be a free human being. That elementary right which we take for granted and that no woman living in the Muslim world ever can.

How academic is this, let's take a brief trip from Pakistan to Egypt, home of the joyful Democratic revolution, where 98 percent of foreign women complained of being sexually harassed on a daily basis.

Let's step back and look at those numbers for a moment. Nearly every single foreign woman who visits Egypt can expect to be sexually harassed... every single day that she is there. Where does that kind of attitude come from?

Remember Sheikh Qaradawi, who heads the Muslim Brotherhood, and is preparing to be Egypt's Ayatollah Khomeini. The man who has managed to get more followers into Tahrir Square that any individual of the so-called leaders who the media promises us will lead Egypt to democracy, thinks that way.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim cleric currently on a controversial visit to Britain, believes that female rape victims should be punished if dressed "immodestly" when assaulted.

One question asked: "Are raped women punished in Islam?" A panel, headed by Mr al-Qaradawi, replied: "To be absolved from guilt, the raped woman must have shown some sort of good conduct . . . Islam addresses women to maintain their modesty, as not to open the door for evil.

"The Koran calls upon Muslim women in general to preserve their dignity and modesty, just to save themselves from any harassment.

This is the exact same rationalization used by MRK in court. It's a universally common view throughout the Muslim world. (Now imagine how wonderful Egypt will be for women under Qaradawi. This is the undeniable reality that the left refuses to acknowledge.

When a group of prominent women in Israel put out a letter urging Jewish girls not to marry Muslim men, cries of racism went up.

"There are quite a few Arab workers who give themselves Hebrew names. Yusef turns into Yosef, Samir turns into Sami, and Awabad turns into Ami. They ask to be close to you, try to find favor with you, and give you all the attention in world, they are actually here knowing to act with courtesy, acting as if they really care for you, say a good word, but their behavior is only temporary. The moment you are in their hands, in their village, under their control, everything changes."

"Your life will never go back to the way it was, and the attention you so desired will turn into curses, beatings, and humiliations,"

But frankly how can even the left argue with this assessment?

“It’s known that girls who go out with Arabs are beaten, these girls are in danger. . . . There is a violent social trend and everyone ignores it,” said the head of the group, Anat Gopstein, in a radio interview Wednesday morning.

But of course liberal clergy like Gilad Kariv shrieked, “Israeli society is falling into a deep, dark pit of racism and xenophobia”.

Is there anyone who still doesn't know it? And if women are treated just as well in the Muslim world, then why do 98 percent of foreign women in Egypt report being abused on a daily basis. There is no answer to the truth.

When Jewish women do marry Arab men, they often end up being trapped in villages, abused and degraded.

Galit met Rami Kadera, an Arab from Gaza, ten years ago when he was employed as a waiter in a wedding hall. She was just sixteen — “I knew he was an Arab but all my friends were meeting Arabs”— and thought he had Israeli citizenship and would be allowed to live in Israel. When he eventually took her and their four children back to Gaza after being forced to leave Israel, where he had been working illegally, she thought it was for a short visit, never imagining she would be taken hostage by her own husband. Instead, she found herself trapped, stripped of her documents, and routinely beaten and tortured.

...Her mother arranged to pay for the cab, and the relative made contact with the Israeli soldiers at the Erez checkpoint, explaining that an Israeli woman and three children would be passing through. When she arrived back in Israel, she was covered with bruises and weighed under a hundred pounds.

Sometimes they can be rescued by organizations like Yad L'Achim, but often they and their children descend into a life of permanent slavery.

Phyllis Chesler has lived this life when she moved to Afghanistan and speaks with an insight that few others can muster.

I have talked to many American mothers who have traveled to the Muslim world to meet their husbands' families who soon find that they cannot leave. Their passports may be taken away. They have no local resources to protect them.
Long ago, this happened to me in Kabul, Afghanistan.


He lied. One thing that Westerners find hard to believe is the ease with which many traditional Arabs and Muslims both exaggerate or lie. Think about how effective Islamist propaganda has been in the West. Then, think of how this capacity might play out in a domestic setting.
Talk to most Arab and Muslim men and you will find that the slightest departure from their being in control means that they have been victimized and must avenge their lost honor. Thus, Yazmin’s attempt to remove Sadiq’s “property” (their daughter) means that Yazmin will tarnish Sadiq’s honor. If Sadiq is like other Arab, Muslim men, he will say and do anything to avoid this.

Anything. That is the source of the honor-killing.

Finally to close with an Islamic Valentine's Day message from Western Rifle Shooters

But what if that hot new child bride is not in the mood to satisfy your male needs? Those teenagers (and preteens) can be quite a handful, as we all know. Well, she’d better get in the mood, if she doesn’t want a good thrashing! Our holy books are very clear on this. But what if she still won’t receive your overtures when you want to lay a little loving on her? You have even beaten her black and blue (except on her face), but to no avail. She’s lost that loving feeling, or maybe she never had it in the first place. Some teenage brides are just like that.

Men, this part is great, you will just love it. And this goes for any of your wives, from your oldest to your youngest. Just divorce them, by saying “I divorce thee!” That’s it! No lawyers, no paperwork, no alimony. After this legally-binding divorce occurs she’s thrown out on the street, penniless and rejected by society. The witch will soon be begging on a corner. She’s not exactly a pretty sight, but lucky for us men we don’t have to see her, since she’s just a lump in a burqa, squatting on the sidewalk with only her begging cup showing. Her pitiful example will also do wonders to encourage your other wives to please you better.

Isn’t that great, men? Truly, the one true religion of peace is perfect for us.

Read it all.

Samurai Mohel has his own list of reasons like

3. Don’t have daughters. If you do, first their clitoris will be cut off, and then their head if they ever dishonor the family by acting like teenage girls.

4. All your husband has to do to divorce you is recite a sentence in Arabic three times. He can also email it you or text it to you.

5. If you move to an Arab village and get raped, your rapists can accuse you of adultery. You can’t accuse them of rape.

6. Your mandatory body garment also doubles as a shroud when your husband decides to dispose of you.

On to an issue regarding yesterday's article. A number of sites have linked to the story on the Shariah 4 America plan to put a burka on the Statue of Liberty, before demolishing it and replacing it with a minaret. Some have begun to retract the story as a parody.

Confusion has arisen because there are two Shariah4America websites.

One is Shariah4America.com, the authentic site, whose contact phone number is the same as that for the Islamic Thinkers Society, a New York City based Islamist group, which is linked to Revolution Muslim and the UK's Al-Muhajiroun, formerly led by Anjem Choudary before being banned there. Anjem Choudary was due to protest in front of the White House before canceling his plans. The plan to deface the Statue of Liberty is on this site.

However Sharia4America (note the spelling) is a semi-parody site by Reza Soltani of MuslimsDebate, an Iranian-American from California, who calls himself a Muslim reformer and opposes the imposition of Sharia Law on America. These are two fundamentally different sites.

FOX News reported this correctly, but because of the similar website spellings there has been some confusion. The Islamic Thinkers Society is also known to be deliberately provocative, outrageous and confrontational in order to court publicity. (See more on this at Atlas Shrugs.)

Islamic Thinkers Society rallies have featured posters such as "Exterminate the Zionist Roaches", "Throw the Jew Down the Well" and the Holocaust was a Hoax. They have also desecrated the American flag. The proposals on the site are not out of line in that context.

Meanwhile Boker Tov Boulder notes that many of the Hamas 54 congressmen are still around and tied to anti-Israel group J Street's hate fest.

Even though it's funded by George Soros, J Street insists on calling itself pro-Israel, even though the conference featured panels such as

"Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in 2011: Who’s Afraid of the BDS?"

One of the most controversial trends in organizing around Middle East peace efforts is the use of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) as a campaign tactic. Our panelists will discuss their views on BDS’s efficacy as a means to end the occupation and move towards final-status talks, and the ways BDS may influence campaigns for peace in the United States and the region.

Are all the congresscritters signing on to this aware that they're endorsing a conference where calls for boycotting Israel are being promoted?

Lisa Graas at Newsreal has an ugly story that foreshadows the beginning of a new campaign for the ethnic cleansing of Egyptian Christians.

While the Left glories in the “Demubarakization of Egypt,” the Obama administration continues in silence on the atrocities being committed against the Coptic Christians who are the indigenous people of Egypt. Copts in southern Egypt are protesting the murder of a priest by Islamists shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The Egyptian military is busying itself in attacking monasteries by knocking down walls and launching RGB attacks.

Now, the Muslim Governor of Minya, has ordered a community center for handicapped children to be demolished unless protection money is paid, and ten new homes built by Copts are to be torn down unless a mosque is built, though no Muslims live there. The Obama administration’s policies regarding Israel/Gaza and Egypt/Copts appears to be exactly backward.

Puts that Ground Zero Mosque to be built in a place where no Muslims live in a whole new context, doesn't it.

And to connect the dots, Imam Rauf attended the J Street hatefest. Isn't it funny how those dots all connect. It's like we face a common enemy or something.


  1. Anonymous4/3/11

    Regarding the attitude of Pakistani men to Western women I want to tell you a story about what happened a couple of years ago at a British University where I work. A lecturer from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad - this is one of the most prestigious Universities in Pakistan - arrived on a research visit. He was a married man of about 30. Within 15 minutes of arriving at the University he had sexually assaulted a female member of staff in the Departmental common room. She is a feisty lady who fended off his request to fondle her breasts. When we questioned him his defence was that he assumed that a Western woman on her own in a public place was available for free sex. He later said that there were mitigating circumstances because he felt lonely and the lady reminded him of his 12 year old youngest sister. I was a witness to these 'confessions'.

  2. I've actually made a satire of the statue of liberty being covered with a burqa this September 11th.
    And another of a mosque with multiple minarets on top of the White House.

    So, either muslims have begun copying ideas out of my blog, or reality is becoming so absurd that soon there won't be any way left to satirize it.

  3. Any western woman who marries a muslim, has a screw loose.

  4. Anonymous5/3/11

    As a mom of a daughter who is about Jessie's age I really have to wonder where her mother's maternal instincts are hiding. Did she check them at the door when she married Muhammad or whatever his name is? Would she do anything to please this guy? If Jessie and her uncle are telling the truth in this situation then I don't think that mother better expect a mother of the year award.

    @Hermit - perhaps you shouldn't give them any more ideas...


  5. An Examiner piece claims to have inside information that makes this case even worse. I don't know whether it's true or not, but it wouldn't be surprising


    "learned through other family members that Mike was told two days before they were suppose to go to Pakistan, that Jessie was going to be married off to Mo's brother over in Pakistan because he was in some trouble and they wanted to bring him over to the states. They were going to get paid $3000 for this.

    Mo is Melissa's (Jessie's mother) boyfriend. He is married to another girl in Texas. That is why they (Melissa and Mo) are not married.

    Mike is Jessie's uncle, and he is the reason Jessie is doing so good in school. Jessie and her younger brother, John are living with him. Him and another uncle might have charges brought up on them, but these guys are hero's in my book.

    All her kids have the Muslim religion thrown in there (sic) face when they aren't even Muslim"

  6. This case just keeps looking worse and worse, Sultan. What about some old-fashioned public outrage? Is there any?

    And Debra - you're right. I should probably keep my mouth shut and not tell them about the plan to turn the Grand Canyon into the Grand Horizontal Mosque, which can carry the voice of a Muazzin for miles and miles.

  7. Anonymous6/3/11


    Just my thoughts : where is the mother because she has not been there for her daughter ?

    She didn´t care about the girl because she just care about herself !

    What a stupid b.....

    Vivi Andersen, Denmark

  8. there seems to be some outrage, but not on point

  9. Anonymous6/3/11

    What is getting Good Muslims all upset over the fact that Holder a most Screwy Liberal AJ is unable to "sleep at night" over the threat of home grown Muslim Terrorist as proven by facts and that a congressman is looking to open up the issue via hearings that are necessary? facts are that there are a majority of real american Muslim Citizen, like ant other Race or religion they need to admit that a small percentage are Radicalized Terrorists and help to solve the problem.
    Also if the Imam wants a Mosque close to 9/11 Sacred ground, wil he get his turban all twisrted if a Crusader White Tower with White Banners and Red Crosses can be build across the street as a Christian health community club or if gay and Lesbian Cocktail bars were also built there????

  10. Anonymous6/3/11

    "there seems to be some outrage, but not on point"

    Daniel, do you mean because everyone seems to be more focused on Jessie's mother's lack of interest in her daughter's welfare rather than on the fact that this is yet another example of creeping Islam in this country? I'm sure anyone who points that out will be labeled Islamophobic. They'll be tap dancing around that issue in the news.

    Hermit - that's funny

    Vivi from Denmark - I agree with you totally.


  11. Anonymous7/3/11

    I'm a white English Christian, and I know a huge number of Muslims who aren't anything like what you describe.

    To be honest it is insulting for me to read how you attack a group of people and generalise them so much. I know that a portion of Islamists are as you describe, but fearfully labelling all Pakistani men potential rapists is not accurate...

    On the other hand, I do agree that Islamists, even KNOWN radical are given far too much freedom, when there is zero chance of, for example, a Christian man getting ANY freedom of speech in their own country, as shown by the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, who was a great example of a Pakistani man who stand for good.

    And I know that there are Muslims that stand for freedom as he did, which is why generalisation is very dangerous and insulting to those trying to make a difference.

    Also, Western Rifle Shooters Association is a radical anti- Islam website with no substantial evidence or well written articles, so I wouldn't advise quoting them as an accurate source...

  12. Bhatti's courage was in defiance of Islam, which is the entire point. He can no more be used to defend Islam, than the actions of good Germans can be used to defend Nazism.

  13. Halycon2/10/11

    Muslim men target non-Muslim women to bolster their numbers and deprive the enemy of future generations, it is an intended act of conquest.

    If non-Muslim men started tricking Muslim women into marrying them in the same way then there would be violent repercussions.

    Either way, both Muslim genders are unwelcome in a free society which they will only try to mold into an Islamic caliphate.

    1/2 the world's Muslims are inbred so there is no benefit in them being able to freely mix with non-Muslims.

    They should be driven out of non-Muslims lands and then slowly, out of the land that they have forcibly taken from others.

    In time, the hope is that Islam will become nothing more than it's primitive origins of raiders and thieves who will be fully criminalised by the world and shutdown like any criminal organisation.


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