Home Divide and Conquer - How the Present Kadima Tyranny Took Power in Israel
Home Divide and Conquer - How the Present Kadima Tyranny Took Power in Israel

Divide and Conquer - How the Present Kadima Tyranny Took Power in Israel

Divide and conquer has always been historically and traditionally the tactic of the enemy. When Shechem raped Dina, his father offered the rest of the family lucrative business prospects if they went along with it. When the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, the tribe of Levi was set apart from being enslaved so that their vigorous energies would not be directed into resisting Pharaoh. When Amalek attacked, he cowardly struck at those who lagged behind.

But in each of those cases the Jews refused to be divided and thus conquered. The brothers of Dina fought for her and destroyed the city that had abducted her. From the Tribe of Levi came Moshe and Aaron, the liberators of Israel. When Amalek attacked some of the Jews, all the Jews led by Yehoshua fought Amalek and slaughtered them. Sadly this state of affairs didn't continue for long.

The divisions between Yehuda and Israel strengthened Edom and allowed first Babylon to strike one and then the other, and during the Second Temple infighting within the remains of Yehuda opened the door for Rome, descended of Edom, to get its foot in the door and eventually Israel. The same pattern continues today.

Kadima came to power by gathering elements from Labor and Likud, undermining those parties from within by sabotaging their primaries, and unifying the traitors of both parties into one party assembled from the shattered remnants of both.

The second stage of their assault though was in dividing and conquering Labor and Likud voters. To this end ethnic parties played a key role. Immigrant communities have traditionally voted for right parties like the Likud. Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas scooped up a large number of those voters by pretending to be right wing and concerned with Israel's security when in actually they're under the leadership of men like Avigdor Lieberman and Eli Yishai, who are corrupt to the core and have all the morals of a prison full of thieves.

Ethnic parties have long been the product of Israel's 'old boys network', corrupt bureaucracy and the general hostility of both to new immigrants. But of course like Tammany Hall, ethnic parties are the flipside of a system that keeps new immigrants down. Like Tammany Hall, parties like Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu claim to stand up for the rights of downtrodden immigrants. The reality is their whole existence is based on keeping Sefardim and Russian Jews down on their political plantations and beholden to their corrupt networks of influence.

No ethnic or racial party actually wants to empower the races and ethnicities they claim to represent. Shas and Israel Beiteinu, no more than Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, want to see the emergence of communities of succesfull Russian Jews or Sefardim who don't need them anymore. Like Jackson and Sharpton their whole modus operandi is to emphasize oppression, offer themselves up as the brave fighters for equality and toss a few crumbs from the table to their supporters, while cutting their own deals with whoever is in power to deliver the votes in exchange for millions of shekels and power.

I could go into details of how corrupt both Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu are but it's a waste of breath. Their corruption is by now legendary. Both parties hide behind quasi-mystical icons who have little to do with the day to day running of the party and are in reality far more flawed than their myths suggest. Natan Sharansky for Yisrael Beiteinu and Rabbi Ovadya Yosef for Shas. The key purpose of those icons is to pretend that the parties stand for something more than they actually do, which is naked greed.

Next we have the Pensioner's Party, which helped deliver additional blows to Labor and Likud. The Pensioners Party was started by a former top intelligence official and all-around corrupt and dubious figure. It was a blatantly obvious attempt to cash in on the concerns of older people while delivering votes for Kadima. That is exactly what it did.

Next we have the fiascoes of the National Religious and Haredi parties which are perpetually divided and can never get along. Then we have Shinui whose voters mysteriously rebelled at the primary destroying Shinui and driving its votes to Kadima instead. And so it went.

The Arab parties suddenly found that many of their voters were moving over to Labor and Kadima too. A host of tiny right wing parties sprang up, none of whom managed to pass the threshold, but did conveniently add to the general chaos preventing many from figuring out who to vote for, even as the parties who should have joined together to oppose Kadima, instead fought among themselves.

Divide and conquer. Kadima did not democratically earn its mandates in the Knesset. It stole them first by illegally occupying the Prime Minister's seat. And then through an election full of sabotage, lies and dirty tricks. Kadima divided and conquered Israel's political landscape, as it is now plotting to do to the very earth of the land.

Kadima's policy of Divide and Conquer succeeded however because the divisions were all there. Rather than paying attention to the real enemy, everyone was too busy fighting among themselves. Religious against secular. Haredim agaist Religious Zionist and with each other. Religious Zionists with each other. Secular against secular. Labor against Labor. Likud against Likud. Russians against Sefardim. Sefardim against Secular and Haredim. And so on and so on and so forth.

And this was how the third temple burned.


  1. Very nice post.
    Thanks for information

  2. Anonymous21/6/06

    So what would you have us do? If by your own admission the various leaderships are corrupt. So how do you figure Jews who only want to follow the Torah are supposed to survive if they do not fight those who are traitors and corrupt?

  3. Wow first time here. Very nice blog.

  4. LLM - Todah

    KL - problem is a lot of the fights are between leaders competiting for the chance to sell out really. Few, nearly none of the fights going on are about getting rid of corrupt leaders, but just egotism and power struggles.

    Social worker - Welcome in and glad to have you.

  5. Anonymous22/6/06

    If you would have a torah government why turn to men?
    Don't we really get the kind of governments we deserve?
    This is a genuine question.
    When Israel was doing well, we had good rulers, when not.. we had junk as we do now.

  6. Which party ruled when Israel was at its strongest?

    (waving at social worker/frustrated mom) HI! We meet again! Good to see you here, too.

  7. Anonymous22/6/06

    Good post.

    I have always felt that the Pensioner Party, with its spooky leader, is stealth Kadima.

  8. yup, the pensioner party was a clever gambit by some nasty people, of course it won't make it past the next election but it doesn't need to

    they'll just roll out a new gimmick third party

  9. HF - arguably a labor and likud coalition did, a joint government when the country was genuinely unified

    sadly that time is past


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