Home Mercy to the Cruel is Cruelty to the Mercifull - Aid to the Palestinians is Murder to Jews
Home Mercy to the Cruel is Cruelty to the Mercifull - Aid to the Palestinians is Murder to Jews

Mercy to the Cruel is Cruelty to the Mercifull - Aid to the Palestinians is Murder to Jews

M16 weapons transferred to the Palestinian Authority, to President Abbas' bodyguard of terrorists were used in an attempt to murder Jewish girls. This is not the first time that weapons provided to the Palestinians for "security purposes" were turned against Israelis either. Each time weapons were provided to the Palestinian terrorists the media and politicians describe as police officers, soldiers or presidential bodyguard; those weapons are inevitably used in the service of terrorism, because whether it's Fatah or Hamas, the ruling authority of the Palestinians are always terrorists.

For over a decade the bleeding hearts who selectively bleed for every murderer with a bomb and gun have but whose hearts are closed to the suffering of their Jewish brothers have pushed aid as the solution. They have shoveled aid to the Palestinians. Aid to Indonesia which turned around and spent it on donations to Hamas. They have built factories for the Palestinians while the unemployment and poverty rater in Israel rose. They built schools for the Palestinians where they could teach their children the virtues of killing Jews while Palestinian rockets fell on Israel schools. And the government of Israel gave the Palestinians land. Land from which to launch those rockets, to build their bomb factories and train their killing squads. They gave, they gave and they gave and we bled.

Foreign aid pays for the salaries of 165,000 employees of the Palestinian Authority. That's 1 out of every4 adult males. Or 1 government worker to every 18 Palestinians. As I had written about before. Of course the PA doesn't remotely need 165,000 employees especially as they provide no services and the PA does nothing beyond employ the armed gangs of their security forces, carry on propaganda to the West and funnel money into secret bank accounts.

The foreign aid goes to pay those very same terrorists and armed gangs who shoot up the Palestinian Parliament when they don't get their cut, it also goes towards patronage that buys political allegiances of entire tribes and sections of Palestinian society. The war being waged against Israel requires a structure. Neither Fatah nor Hamas have any real government structure in place beyond borrowed titles. Their real structure resembled a street gang or a drug cartel. Unlike actual gangs though the PA has few profitable activities beyond squeezing their own people, and most of the Palestinian Christian businessmen have already left. The main aim and purpose of both Fatah and Hamas is a war with Israel and this requires money to finance their operations. The foreign aid being pumped into Palestinian areas provides the cash flow. No matter what it's officially directed to, what it really does is shore up whoever is in charge so they can pay off their foot soldiers, pay out patronage to their own top officials and buy weapons. The only activities any Palestinian government has ever engaged in.

The M16's provided to Abbas which were then turned around and used in an attempt to kill Jewish girls are only the most obvious way in which aid to the Palestinians is transformed into a weapon. Every dollar, pound, rupee and zloty poured into the PA finances the operations of a terrorist organization. All money provided to the PA is quickly transformed into bullets, bombs and shells. Mercy to the cruel is cruelty to the merciful. Not because the cruel do not deserve mercy as that they will even transform acts of mercy rendered to them into acts of cruelty.


  1. Anonymous20/6/06

    Those arab animals.

  2. We can never show mercy to the cruel. Great post, SK. Thank you.

  3. It would be nice if American Jews pressured the US politicians for government aid to help the still unemployeed people of Gush Katif to find stable homes; and counseling and health care services for Israeli terror victims.

    Wish I knew which organizations to conact, but most in Buffalo such as the Jewish Federation supported the disengagement, and as I posted numerous times, they praised the shallow promise of Sharon to provide the families of Gush Katif with $300,000, which of course never materialized.

    One day all of these terrorist will have to answer to Hashem for injuring and killing his people, and the innocents among all nations.

    These arab monsters should be trembling in terror of that day.

  4. Anonymous21/6/06

    The Israeli government is far too willing today to pander and compromise with evil.

  5. "He Who implants the ear, shall He not hear? He Who fashions the eye, shall He not see? He Who chastises the nations, shall He not rebuke?"

  6. Anonymous20/7/06

    Hezbollah fuhrer's demand for release of child killer Samir Kuntar - Islamist hero - shows need for terrorist death penalty.


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