Home Neturei Karta pay visit to Sushan in support of Haman
Home Neturei Karta pay visit to Sushan in support of Haman

Neturei Karta pay visit to Sushan in support of Haman

 In time for Purim leaders of the Neturei Karta organization announced plans to pay a visit to Sushan in support of controversial Persian leader Haman HaRasha. 

 "We are here to proclaim that we absolutely reject the Zionists like Mordechai who claim to speak for the Jewish people," said Rabbi Dovid Weiss. "Haman is not an Anti-Semite, this is a lie. Haman did not want to kill all the Jews, he only wanted to kill the Zionists and we support him in this. While Zionists like Mordechai and Ezra are working to rebuild Israel and displace and persecute the native Samaritan and Idumean peoples, we Torah-true Jews reject this and stand with Haman and the Amalekite peoples in utter opposition to Zionism." 

 As part of their tour Rabbi Dovid Weiss, Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck and Rabbi Datan Aviram approvingly visited Haman's lots casting chambers, the king's treasury and the gallows where he plans to hang Mordechai. 

 "Haman is a great leader," said Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck. "For too long the Zionists have oppressed the Amalekite people and massacred their great king Agag. We support Haman's call for justice and a day of reckoning with the Zionists which we look forwards to knowing that no Torah-true Anti-Zionist Jews will be harmed in the process." 

 While the Jewish community of Sushan was busy fasting and praying the Neturei Karta delegation toured happier parts of Sushan where weapons were being sharpened and stakes prepeared by the sons of Haman for the Jewish community of Sushan. 

 "We have met with Haman and his beautiful wife Zeresh, we have enjoyed the hospitality of their home and their many possessions which Haman eagerly showed us," Rabbi Datan Aviram said. "I am sure that his ten sons will grow up to follow in their father's footsteps. They share our common opposition to Zionism and we are sure they will rise very high." 

 On departing the Neturei Karta delegation expressed their hopes that Haman would help ensure the dismantling of the Jewish authority in Israel and fully restore the rule to its rightfull Idumean, Philistinian and Amalekite rulers. 

 "I am not a Zionist or an Israeli," said Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck, "I am instead proud to call myself an Amalekite too and hope one day to live under an Amalekite government in an Amalekite state."


  1. Anonymous13/3/06

    this is crazy!!!

  2. Anonymous14/3/06

    Happy Purim everyone here!

    Confused me for a bit, as did Arutz 7 with their Tuesday satire edition-- at first!

  3. Anonymous14/3/06

    That was the very best commentary on Purim since the Scroll of Esther!

  4. Anonymous14/3/06

    It's called satire and a brilliant one at that. Congratulations!

  5. Its satire and it IS Purim, but, the article isnt all that off the mark.

    One has to seriously wonder if NK had lived in those times if they would have done just this.

    The Erev Rav , the descendants of John Hyrcanus' forced Idumean conversions are amongst us and rear their ugly heads in anti-jewish activity to this day.
    These are the source of the "self-hating" Jews.

  6. In the future we will have two Purims

  7. Anonymous17/3/06

    Zionists are very poor when it comes to a sense of humor. Indeed, Haman himself was the first incarnation of Herzl, yimach shmam vezichram. The Zionist state is the State of Haman. Its rabbis of Mizrachi and Agudah are Haman's rabbis.

  8. Anonymous17/3/06

    thanks 'anonymous'

    right now the Hamans of the world who want to wipe out the Jews are your 'friends' and the people you daven for or did you miss the 'lehascmid ve'leharog' part of their bulletin?


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