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The One Year Sultan Knish Blogaversary

On March 17, 2005, the first post went up on Sultan Knish. I had initially posted it as a comment on a bulletin board where it was then picked up by a number of blogs including and was reprinted in the Jewish Press. Now it's +40,000 visitors, 556 posts, three templates and one year later.

Sultan Knish has been listed several times in the Jewish Press Media Monitor blogs section, pieces from this blog have appeared in the Jewish Press, was nominated for Best Blog Overall in the IsreallyCool\Jerusalem Post blog awards, was linked to by Arutz 7, SedmoyKanal, AFSI and a large number of sites and publications over the events in Amona. It's a lot more than I expected when I first started and there were definetly times over the past year I considered shuttering the blog. Sultan Knish has gone from a more random scattering of ideas, observations and photos to being focused on important issues with an emphasis on the War on Terror. The photos have been spun off to their own blog at New York Minute.

This is not a diary blog so I don't talk about myself or discuss my life but I'm happy to have been able to make a contribution in this way. Sultan Knish will continue to grow. There will be more videos and photos as well as photo and video sections I've been working on as well as a turbocharged comments section and categories and topics. I am still looking into streamlining blog loading for those who are having trouble loading the page, but have yet to narrow down the problem. Considering that my previous background in web design happened in the early 90's, things are coming along and a lot of the thanks goes to my co-blogger, partner and friend who designed this latest template, LemonLimeMoon, whose blog is definetly worth a read on a quiet day.

There are other friends of this blog like Hashemsforever, who also has her own new blog, Matt who was around since the beginning still eating that same burger, CosmicX who may not blog much lately but has always been a friend, Neshama who has just come in recently, Akiva of Mystical Paths who has often linked here, Jason Maoz of the Jewish Press who has published material from the blog, Pinchas of Point of Pinchas, Yitz of HeichalHanegina, Meira of MeiraOnline, Zibbibo is Good and Biur Chametz and of course MentalBlog, Menachem in Israel, Destination Jerusalem, Kesher Talk, ZionTrain and of course LemonLime Moon again and many others.

It has been a long year, personally and professionally, it has been a long year for the world and the world is looking worse than ever. There isn't much I can do about it but I can and do speak out about it here. Let's hope the next year brings better things for all of us.


  1. Happy Anniversary.
    "Music plays, confetti falls, balloons rise bringing down aircraft in all directions, the African Rift widens, Greenland becomes Pink and New Jersey, ever the honeymoon spot of the western world enjoys peace at last"

  2. Anonymous17/3/06


    I've learned so much from reading your articles.

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. Anonymous18/3/06

    Happy Anniversary !

    Let this be the beginning of insights that continue to sharpen and zing! to the core.

    May Hashem give you Brocha to grow in wisdom - to share with us.

  4. Anonymous20/3/06

    Happy Anniversary!

    Aha, I must have missed the photo spin-off blog, I'd been wondering what happened to those. Your insight is greatly appreciated, it is well written and bound to make one think. Mille grazie.


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