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Home Olam Haba is a Gutte Zach, Lernen Toyre is a Besser Zach

Olam Haba is a Gutte Zach, Lernen Toyre is a Besser Zach

Text of Shas TV Ad

In the video, Shas leader Ovadia Yosef tells of a man who passes away and reaches shamayim:

"The malach at the sha'ar ha'shamayim says to the man, 'Go right in.'

"'Why?' asks the man.

"'Because you built tens of mikvaot and batei tefila,' answers the malach.

"'I built all these things?' asks the dumbfounded man. 'I barely earn a lira a month.'

"'But on the day of the elections you voted for Shas, and Shas built a lot of mikvaot and batei tefila, so your place is in shamayim.'"


"The malach at the shar ha'shamayim says to the man, 'Go to your place down in gehinom.'"

"Why?' asks the man.

"Because you caused the murders of thousands of Jews, the destruction of numerous batei midrashim, batei tefila and mikvaot and the ultimate destruction of Eretz Yisrael,' answers the malach.

"Me?' asks the dumbfounded man. 'I never did anything.'

"But on the day of the elections you voted for Shas and it was Shas' vote that allowed Rabin to pass Oslo. It was Shas' greed that caused them to be willing to enter and remain in governments solely for the shekels. It was that which led to the destruction of Gush Katif, the partition of Yerushalayim and the anhiliation of the land of Israel. Even after you were repeatedly told how corrupt Shas is you continued to vote for them on being promised brachas and kameyas and olam haba like some Christian televangelist. Go now to your proper place."

"Rabbi Ovadia reiterates his promise that whoever votes for Shas has a place in heaven," Eli Yishai said.

Since the Gemara Sanhedrin says that Yerovam has no helek in Olam Haba one wonders how his modern day descendants intend to get one. If Shas voters get the benefit of Shas's 'Mitzvot' then they also get the benefit of Shas' Aveiros, of which there's no shortage.


  1. It is not up to any man(thank G-d) to say who has a portion in olam haba and who does not.
    This decision is in the hands of the Almighty G-d of the Universe no matter what puny men think.
    Since the dawn of time men have tried to put themselves into the place of G-d... Nimrod was one of the first.
    the Catholics try it with Vicarious Filei Dei.. in the place of G-d ...in speaking of the Popes powers.
    Well G-d never NEVER gave that power to any human being and never will.
    Olam haba cant be bought or bribed or weedled into .
    It is for those who lived the words of G-d in their daily lives.
    Its not a political pay off.


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