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The Muslim Rape Epidemic and Islam's War on Women

Between 2000 and 2002 Sydney experienced a rash of rapes carried out by Muslim gangs against Australian teenage girls as young as 14. The attacks were horrific and brutal some involving over a dozen men who taunted the girls for being 'Australians.' The assailants were utterly shameless insulting their victims in court, defying the judge and used Islam as their defense. The attackers argued that the victims deserved it because they weren't wearing headscarves. Their lawyers argued that their culture drove them to do it and they weren't responsible. The families of the attackers provided every alibi for them and continued to defend them and insult their victims down to the end.

In 2005 six Australian women from Sydney were killed on vacation in Bali. Their memorial was located at the site of the beach where the riots took place with beachgoers carrying Australian flags attacking many of the same Lebanese and Pakistani gangs had harassed women flicking cigarettes at them, calling them obscene names and telling them they were whores who deserved to be raped. The same Muslim gangs assaulted and beat two female lifeguards, one into unconsciousness. When Australians fought back the next day, the gangs fled in true cowardly style and hours later were on a rampage of stabbings, vandalism and church burnings. While the media blasts the racists, the Muslim conquest of the west continues.

Rape has always been a fundamental part of Islamic conquest beginning with Mohammed who made the rape and enslavement of women part of the reward for his troops and took a number of such women himself. Modern Islamic law dictates that this is legitimate today and that married women may be assaulted as well. While Western liberals praise the diversity of immigration, to Muslims immigration has become a tool of conquest and Muslim immigrants increasingly see themselves as the modern armies of an Islamic caliphate conquering by demographic expansion.

In a war of demographic expansion the means of victory is through reproduction and the tool is the woman. In Israel, Palestinians had embraced such a strategy since the 70's with arab women being praised for having many children to fight Israel with. Such high reproduction rates in an impoverished economy results in unemployment and gang violence, for which the Palestinians have developed the 'suicide bombing' as a release valve to dispose of young men. The flip side of this strategy though is that terrorists will deliberately target Jewish women, particularly mothers. Eyewitness accounts tell of suicide bombers deliberately approaching mothers with children before detonating themselves.

Palestinian advocates argue that the higher number of Palestinian casualties prove they are the victims but most Palestinian casualties are male, by contrast a large percentage of the Israeli deaths are female. Half the Palestinian demographic war relies on the oppression of Palestinian women and the other half with the murder of Israeli women.

This is not a uniquely Palestinian pattern but one practiced by Muslims in any Western nation where they are jockeying for demographic superiority. From Australia to Sweden to France there are growing numbers of honor killings in which Muslims murder Muslim women who refuse to participate in the demographic war by complying with arranged marriages and assaults on Western women.

Rape charges in Sweden have tripled in 20 years. Rapes of children are 6 times as common. At the same time it's four times more likely that a rapist in Sweden is a Muslim immigrant rather than native born Swede. In Oslo, Norway, site of the peace process, two thirds of those charged with rape in 2001 were Muslim immigrants. In Australia Muslim gang rapes such as described above have become an epidemic. In England police ordered a documentary on Muslim assaults of British girls pulled for fear of 'inciting' riots by Muslims. A Mufti in Denmark who functions as an Islamic jurist deciding Islam law, stated that women without headscarves were "asking for rape." In France with a 10 percent Muslim population, the Tournade or the gang rape has become part of French-Muslim culture and French authorities look the other way even as rap music by Muslim immigrants celebrates rape, the rape of women and the rape of France.

While matters may be worst in France which will be 25 percent Muslim by 2020 and where the Sydney rapes would be nothing more than just another day and barely worth remaking on, the same situation exists in any Western nation with a large Muslim minority. While Westerns blame economics and racism, the conquest continues at a steady pace. Muslim women are used by their families as chattel and tools for reproducing the next generation of Muslim conquerors and killed by their own brothers if they resist this arrangement. The excess young men produced by this reproduction for whom there's no jobs go into gangs that deal drugs, steal cars and answer to Islamic fundamentalist Mullahs.

When the Islamic revolution comes, they will form the Islamic militias and terrorist groups, the French equivalents of Fatah and Hamas that will terrorize and murder on their way to making France a Muslim state. The pattern will then be repeated across Europe over and over again. The stone throwers and gunmen, the suicide bombers and militias are only a generation away from the same Europeans who lionize them. When the Muslim percentage of a population in a country is sufficiently high, the war will begin. In the meantime there are other 'entertainments' for the Warriors of Islam till the fighting begins.

Islam is not a moral religion but a tribal one governed not by right and wrong but by primitive understandings of strength and submission, honor and shame. To Muslims besides the act, the purpose of rape is to shame the woman's family. Thus in Pakistan tribal councils have ordered gang rapes of women to atone for the actions of their families as a kind of 'Blood Price.' Muslim women who are raped are often murdered by their own families for the shame they have brought on them. Raping Western women is the means that these Muslim gangs use to shame and humiliate the people of the countries they live in and to show their superiority and fight their demographic war by attacking the demographics of the enemy through their women.

Since to Muslims there are two kind of women, the 'modest' Muslim women they marry and use for reproduction to win the demographic war against the West and 'whores' who are all Western women or Muslim women who don't comply with Muslim dictates. Marriage by definition cannot be sexual since it exists only for the purpose of creating a new generation of soldiers for Allah with a 'modest woman,' and a woman who is at all a sexual being is a whore. Therefore sex to them can only take place with 'whores' but such a woman's consent is immaterial. As a woman belonging to the enemy she is the property of the Muslim conquerors and a 'whore' she has no rights whatsoever.

For these Muslims therefore sex can exist in no other form except rape. Citizenship in a nation too can exist in no form except the rape of the country. Islam does not co-exist, it conquers. For a Muslim living as a minority in a non-Muslim country is shameful. This shame can only be lifted by actively working to conquer it and by transferring the shame to the majority through rape of their women.

Any relationship, whether between two people or two groups or two nations must be premised on tolerance. This is what liberals got right. But when one side is thoroughly and fundamentally intolerant of the other and to it tolerance is inconceivable, that social contract is broken and the other side must take steps to defend itself or be destroyed. This is where liberals have gone wrong, not in calling for a tolerant society but of failing to acknowledge that they have largely succeeded in convincing the majority of the virtues of tolerance, their efforts have failed with Muslim minorities who are actively fighting a war of conquest. Women are the weapons and the targets in the second wave of the Muslim conquest.

The only response of liberal to growing Muslim intolerance is to demand more tolerance from their victims. The more bombs explore in London, New York or Tel Aviv, the shriller the left cries for understanding not the pain of the murdered but the murderers. This is part and parcel of the traditional approach towards rape, blaming the victim for the act of the perpetrator.


  1. Anonymous12/2/06

    C H I L L I N G L Y ____ E X C E L L E N T!

    What is next?
    What can we do to counter this?
    Mass letter-writing?

    You've created a superb expose!
    Would you send it to the major papers in all the major countries?

    The ticking bomb is getting louder.

  2. Anonymous12/2/06

    know and speak the truth is the first step

    the mass media, educational systems, the intellectual elite tries to create a mass consensus by suppressing the truth and repeatedly broadcasting its distortions

  3. Anonymous12/2/06

    There was a time in America where men who raped and attacked women or children were treated as they deserved.

    Notice they never confront men.

    The world has gotten soft and weak and too politically correct.

    The pendulum will begin to swing to the other side and we will enter a new phase.

  4. Ordinarily, if a rape victim in the US was blamed for the attack by being "immodest," the National Organization for Women would frothing at the mouth, lambasting anyone for implying that a rape victim brought the attack on herself.

    When it comes to barbaric Muslim crimes, I doubt the liberals will change any time soon since to condemn the crimes of Muslims they must condemn Islam itself, strike at the very core of the religion; the twisted belief system that fostsers such horrendous crimes.

    Why aren't they doing that? I don't know. I just don't know. Most people sympathized when sex abuse victims of Catholic priests came forward. Catholics and non-Catholics alike had no problem whatsoever condemning celibacy in the priesthood which fosters such pedophilia.

    Yet with Muslims...the media and liberals in general insist that we must understand their religion, culture, beliefs, practices. Not doing so makes us "intolerant."

    Then call me intolerant, for I am. I have no tolerance for rapists, murderers, homicide bombers...and any number of atrocities committed in the name of a perverted religion and culture.


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