Home The Real Agenda Behind Iran's Cartoon Jihad: It's not about the cartoons, it's about Denmark
Home The Real Agenda Behind Iran's Cartoon Jihad: It's not about the cartoons, it's about Denmark

The Real Agenda Behind Iran's Cartoon Jihad: It's not about the cartoons, it's about Denmark

While a lot of attention has been paid to the so-called 'Cartoon Jihad' with commentary on Islam and its views on depicting Mohammed; most if not all have missed what is really behind all this.

The cartoons themselves had long since been published. They even appeared in an Egyptian paper with little response. The fury that is now taking place was shown to be deliberately whipped up with joint calls by Imams to protest and the publication and distributions of fake insulting cartoons blamed on the Danish press.

But it's not about the cartoons. It's about Iran.

Iran is facing a showdown over its nuclear designs. That showdown is extremely likely to take place in the UN Security Council. How does this involve Denmark? Denmark is currently a member of the UN Security Council. In June, only four months away, Denmark will assume the presidency of the UN Security Council.

Among a roster of UN Security Council members like Russia, Greece, Quatar, France and Ghana; Denmark with a conservative ruling coalition and friendly ties to the US is far more likely to be a vote against Iran. That makes Denmark a target for Iran. The cartoon controversy stirred up by Iran has the agenda of turning attention away from Iran while putting the Danish government on the defensive against Islam and making it far less likely to take a position against a Muslim country.

Similar operations should be expected against the US and the UK, along the lines of the fake desecrated Korans, that will accuse UN Security Council members which oppose Iran of crimes disrespecting Islam along with worldwide Muslim protests.


  1. Anonymous9/2/06

    Its a Scam. Most of what these people do is a scam.
    They dont have a real religious bent, they use their religion as a tool.
    A Huge Scam.
    Keep Exposing the Scam of Islam

  2. I figured there had to be something much more sinister behind all of the violence than a simple cartoon published in September 2005.

  3. Anonymous11/2/06

    The Islamist SM created the intifada in Israel, carried it to France, and now seem to be taking it all over Europe and elsewhere. Looks like the same footprints to me - rage, intimidation, destruction and threats.

    By the way, the original 12 were really not that bad, it was the additional THREE which were doctored by the Islamists (a Palestinian member of the Danish contingent) themselves that were gross!

    After Chirac yelled back, and now Rasmussen is bravely speaking out, who will be next? By the way, does anyone know if France is still in trouble, or did their threat stall things?

  4. It took FOUR MONTHS before the Muslim World reacted. Isn't there something telltaling about it? They do not need an excuse for doing what they're doing. The West however with it's rediculous and devastating political correctness uses it over and over again to bash it's leaders as well as aiding the Fundamentalist Muslims in their effort to subjugate the world to Islam by either subjugating or killing infidels. The flushed Koran in Guantanamo which proofed to be made up, Guantanamo at that time had 14 or 15 occurences of treating the Koran with disrespect.
    One or two by guards, the rest by the incarcarated Muslims/Al Quaida/Teleban. It is the same like hiding behind women and children and in mosques. They know we will not take that step.

    I for myself crinch when I drop my bible on the table in thoughtlessness and apologize to my Lord and Saviour.


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