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  1. Anonymous9/2/06

    Kol HaKavod on your persistence to expose the blatant hatred, prejudice, and anti-Jewish (as i see it) behavior of the disgraceful Olmert (Armilus) governing.

    Seeing what was perpetrated was as shocking as if I were witnessing the nazi's or pharaoh's edicts on the Jews.

    I'm guessing and hoping that before this Pesach is over we are going to witness some fireworks in Israel: the downfall of Olmert, a new leader of the people from ? (anyone's guess), possible quake, the US and Iran at each other,and ...

    Just like the first galus (Mitzrayim)
    and its miraculous/historical liberation,
    we will be witnessing the Hand of Hashem
    once again.

    Wishing you a very restful Shabbos.

  2. Anonymous9/2/06

    and a good shabbat to you too and may we all see yeshuos ve'nechamos and the end of this nightmare will be finally through

  3. Anonymous10/2/06

    Not for publishing:

    Take a look at the date on this posting. My computer shows it as Feb 16; perhaps you meant Feb 10.

    Shabbat Shalom

  4. Anonymous10/2/06

    it's a sticky post so using Feb 16th will keep it on top for the forseeable future

    todah for pointing it out though and shabbat shalom

  5. Anonymous22/2/06

    I just found something on another site that I think should be known. I can't verify the accuracy, but it sounds as if it is very close to the truth. And I was not able to add it to the Amona post. Please approve. Hope it is okay to add it here, since the topic is similar.

    "One girl was picked up by a policeman and held up high against a wall, while the other policeman shoved his club up her va....(sensored by me).

    "Because my friend just came from her house. The girl is hysterical. She has locked herself in her bedroom. She won't come out, she's screaming and wailing, her family is hysterical, their friends can't find a way to comfort them, can't get her to come out or to talk to anybody. She's screaming and won't come out.

    "Another girl was grabbed by two riot policemen who were shoving her into a paddywagon. One held her flat on her back at the edge of the paddywagon and held her legs spread open, and the other policeman rammed his club up her (sensored by me) so hard and so far that the whole club was inside of her, up to his fist.

    2 boys lost an eye --
    1 is being flown to huz'laretz to try to save his eye. I'm not sure if he is one of the 2, or a 3rd boy.
    4 girls have no womb anymore
    40 serious head injuries
    20 boys whose testicles were crushed so badly that they don't know if they can save them.
    3 of those 20 for sure are permanently ruined, they will never be able to father children.

    "...one looking as Russian. -- told him in Russian language:"Brother, we should be on the same side",
    The man in Israeli uniform answered in a proper Russian: "I am not your brother, jidovsky morda (in slang - face)"

    People need to know all the horrific things that the ill government is condoning. I would go so far as to try to convince anyone voting in the elections (which I don't think will happen) to vote for ANYONE but the establishment in Israel.


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