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Breslov Hassidim with Missiles and Grenades

Absurd, certainly, but this is only the latest in the long parade of attempts by Shabak to finally catch some 'Jewish extremists' plotting to blow up the Dome of the Rock, even if they have to manufacture them, themselves. This time they arrested several Breslov Hassidim who were supposedly trying to obtain a missile and some grenades to fire at the Dome from their Yeshiva. Though if they were going to throw grenades from their Yeshiva, those guys would have had a throwing arm that would qualify them for the New York Yankees.

On investigation, no missile or grenades were actually found. None of the men involved had military service or had the faintest idea how to use such weapons or any weapons really. The missile they were supposedly trying to acquire is aircraft mounted on an F-16 and fires Sidewinder missiles that are meant to target other aircraft. What in heaven's name they would have done with any such launcher and missile had they even gotten hold of them is best left to the imagination of various assorted lunatics but the Dome of the Rock would have been very safe indeed.

To top it all off, the Israeli courts, not know for their sympathy to religious Jews has freed them; which rather suggests that once again Shabak has no case. You would think that their fearsome inteligence could at least concoct a conspiracy that doesn't look like it was produced by Oliver Stone and Barry Chamish's love child. Throw in some of their trademark cuban monsters and sabbatean conspirators and it would still be more plausible.


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