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a mockery of a people

"The Palestinians aren't really a people in the normal sense of the word. In a very genuine way, they are simply the dark shadow of the Israeli people. Without Israel, they have no reason to exist. The Palestinians were conjured up out of nothing to serve the specific purpose of demonising Israel, and if Israel were to disappear, the Palestinians would vanish right along with it.

Their entire existence is centered around a negation of someone else's identity. Why do the Palestinians exist? To destroy Israel. What do they tell their children their purpose is? To kill Jews and become martyrs. What role should a Palestinian state fill in world history? To be the launching pad for the extermination of Israel.

Five seconds after Israel would be hypothetically destroyed (which God forbid of course) Syria, Egypt and Jordan would start fighting like wild beasts over how to divide the carcass up between them. Any Palestinians who objected would be shot out of hand. And there would be no Palestinian state.


How long can "Palestine" exist simply as a shadow of someone else? Can hatred and nihilism and taking the enemy's most sacred symbols and twisting them into some mockery serve as a basis for national existence? Are the Palestinians nothing but Orcs?"

From: SilentRunning


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