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HOW Harvard Oppresses Women

Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard, who had gotten into trouble for daring to suggest that there were possible less women in the maths and sciences because of biological gender differences rather than inequity has now signed off on a 50 million dollar package in order to change this inequity. What does this package contain? It can be divided into two categories, blatant quota based affirmative action and the wierd.

Creating a fund to support the hiring of faculty members who would add to the diversity of the faculty

Translation: Spending money to hire people for the maths and sciences based on gender, ethnicity and race rather than ability. A good way to destroy scientific fields that depend on ability rather than political correctness.

Improving university-wide data collection on faculty demographics and the use of surveys to measure attitudes of members of certain groups about how they are treated by the university.

Essentially a very expensive complaints box. Who are the members of these certain groups? Undoubtedly minorities whom the university will give a forum to complain about being discriminated against, which we will discover can only be remedied with prefferential treatment.

Starting new “dual career” programs to help find professional opportunities for the partners of faculty members.

Why in the world should the university be in the buisness of hiring spouses of faculty members? Isn't this nepotism and isn't this pretty much how we end up with people's brother in laws running things they're not remotely qualified for?

Creating programs on diversity for department chairs.

Yes but those programs themselves had better be diverse too. A diverse array of diverse programs teaching diversity. Or as Shakespeare put it, a tale full of sound and fury told by an idiot, signifying nothing.


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