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We’re All Coyotes Now

Last month, New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams was pleading with Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis to stop busing migrants to New York City. And then Adams began busing migrants to Canada. Now Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault is warning Adams to stop doing it.

Since Texas and Arizona’s GOP governors first began busing migrants to New York City, D.C. and Chicago, and since Florida’s Gov DeSantis made national headlines by flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Democrats have decided that they can bus migrants too.

While Republicans like Abbott and DeSantis were accused of cruelty for dumping migrants elsewhere, Colorado Gov. Polis claimed that, unlike Republican governors who were using people as “political props”, he was “honoring our values by treating people with dignity and respect” by busing migrants to New York City and Chicago.

“Sending migrants to our cities whose systems are over capacity, where they may struggle to find shelter and other services is wrong and further victimizes these most vulnerable individuals,” Adams and Chicago’s embattled Mayor Lori Lightfoot wrote to Polis.

Last year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed that Texas busing migrants to Chicago was “racist”. And then she began busing migrants to nearby suburbs.

New York City was already busing migrants to Florida.

After vocal protests about the unfairness of busing migrants to New York City, the city’s Commissioner of Immigration Affairs claimed that NYC’s busing is okay because many of the migrants “want to go to places like Florida where the largest community of Venezuelans live.”

Busing them to Florida was, “helping them get to their actual final destination.”

Republicans cruelly bus migrants because they’re bigots while Democrats kindly bus them to help them get to where they want to go. It’s substantively different if you’re a PR flack.

Busing migrants to other states was only wrong when Republicans did it. When DeSantis sent migrants to New York City, Adams called it a “political stunt”, but when he sent migrants to Florida, that was about helping the migrants go be with their own kind. Which wasn’t racist at all.

But with New York City shipping migrants to Florida, and Florida shipping them back to New York City, Adams began buying the migrants bus tickets to within sight of the Canadian border.

“We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue,” Quebec complained.

But unless Quebec starts helping them cross the border into America, they’re going to stay in Montreal. That’s what Democrats have figured out resulting in a game of musical migrant chairs.

In Arizona, Democrat Katie Hobbs will continue busing migrants while borrowing the rhetoric of Democratic governors and mayors like Polis and Adams. “We wanted to make sure that we were getting these folks transported in a way that was efficient and humane, and actually provided relief to the communities on the border that have the influx of these asylum seekers and don’t have the resources to help them,” she told the Arizona Republic.

“They’ve been accused of human trafficking,” she said, regarding Republican governors busing and flying migrants.. “We’re interested in focusing on the humanitarian aspects.”

It’s trafficking when Republicans do it, but humanitarian and humane when Democrats do.

Beneath the rhetoric, the reality is the same. No one can accommodate an invasion of millions that never seems to end. Busing migrants is a simple matter of survival.

El Paso’s Democrat mayor bused thousands of migrants to New York City and Chicago. But what was he supposed to do when overwhelmed Border Patrol officials began dropping off migrants at bus stations? And what is Adams supposed to do? And what is Quebec supposed to do except ship them to Baffin Bay or the Arctic Ocean? Or dump them back in America?

In a nation without borders or walls, every city and state is just a bus or plane ride away from a border crisis. And so they’re building their own ‘mobile’ walls by moving the migrants away.

Florida enacted the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program which allocates $10 million to move migrants to “sanctuary cities”. It’s the first state law in the nation to formally legalize busing and much as the media denounces it, busing has become the informal policy of the Democrats.

We’re all coyotes now.

Despite all the earnest pretenses, nobody, including the sanctuary cities can handle the mass migration enabled by open borders. The only difference between Republicans like Abbott and DeSantis and Democrats like Polis, Lightfoot and Adams is the hypocrisy.

The protection of the nation’s borders is one of the few legitimate functions of the federal government. Washington D.C. burns through trillions doing all sorts of things that it has no constitutional authority to do, from claiming jurisdiction over people’s ponds to censoring internet content to policing racism in local communities, but has refused to secure the border.

After the Supreme Court’s decision in Arizona v. United States prevented states from enforcing any kind of immigration law, states and cities have no other recourse. Chief Justice Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer and Sotomayor put the sole authority for immigration enforcement in the hands of the federal government and have nothing to say about what cities and states can do when the federal government decides to open the border and flood them with migrants.

Biden has opened the border as wide as it can get and millions of illegals have swarmed through: overwhelming federal, state and municipal systems. And the current Supreme Court has little to offer beyond helping states try to keep Title 42 in place to remove some of the migrants. But Biden’s DOJ has announced that the end of the pandemic emergency also ends Title 42 (even while arguing that the “emergency” still covers his illegal student loan bailout.)

Whatever the Supreme Court does, using a pandemic emergency to limit migration is a temporary solution. A Republican Congress could modify or tear up much of the asylum system, including LBJ’s UN treaty, that makes mass migration possible, in the unlikely event that it chooses to exercise its powers to modify existing laws for some base other than the Chamber of Commerce, but there is no conventional remedy for a flagrant disregard for border security.

Except impeachment.

If a president were to unilaterally announce a surrender to China, dismantling our military and flying the enemy flag over the White House, there would be significant resistance. Allowing an even larger mass invasion by migrants that transforms the country is no different.

Until the White House does its legal duty or states are empowered to secure their own territories, everyone, Democrats and Republicans, are reduced to being coyotes, frantically busing migrants somewhere else before they can be overwhelmed. Migrant busing, like bailing water from a hole in the boat into another part of the boat, is no solution, but it slows the rate at which any individual city or state takes on water, while opening up a civil war over migration.

Borders are more than just walls: they maintain the dignity and unity of a nation.

When the federal government ceases to protect the borders, every state, every city and every community realizes that they are on their own and only they can protect themselves.

That is what is going on now.

Open borders makes Texas, Arizona and Colorado into enemies of New York City, Chicago and D.C., it sets New York City at war with Canada and Florida. Without borders there are no United States: only divided states in the throes of a covert busing civil war waged with bus tickets and chartered flights while the enemy remorselessly advances across the border in the millions.

The only way to end the civil war of buses and planes is to restore our borders.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous20/2/23

    The federal government has shunned even its primary powers. This has imperilled even the existence of that institution. The construct of fedgov therefore is become only to enable unbridled graft and corruption. It is then the basis of a tightly centralized power assigned to a few by usurpation from The People. It is a construct which uses the full powers and authority of an alleged government as means to abuse the citizenry in arbitrary manner, including abridgement of natural rights protected and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

    How is this not war?

  2. Anonymous20/2/23

    Like government programs, the Alien Invasion is
    irreversible. They quickly acquire family
    connections, form constituency groups, coalesce
    into cultural/linguistic hives. Refusing to
    adapt, they'll further fragment what it used
    to mean to be American.

    Home just doesn't feel the same with a Hoboes
    squatting in the living room.


  3. From Catholic Catechism: "Those who would deny that a country has the right to control its borders are denying that the country has a right to exist. " This sums up the mindset of the left and, unfortunately, many on the right, that the US has no right to exist and should be destroyed.


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