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Home globalism The Global Failure of Globalization

The Global Failure of Globalization

“We cannot allow to fall back into pre-globalization times,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned.

Merkel was welcoming Obama back to Berlin for the last time. The election had been fought and won nine days earlier. And Obama and Merkel were defending globalism against President-elect Trump.

To Merkel and Obama, returning to pre-globalization times was every bit as mad as going back to the caves. Globalization had become synonymous with civilization. And its prophets, like Thomas Friedman, traced back its rise to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the city where Merkel and Obama were chatting.

But globalization didn’t bring down the Berlin Wall. Nationalism did. The pro-democracy activists wanted a country where the people had a voice. That’s the opposite of globalization in which there are no nations and only the influential figures of various stripes have any kind of impact.

Globalization built the Berlin Wall to unite East Germany with a Communist bloc built around a set of political ideas that disregarded nations and individual peoples. Leftists had drawn a deeply misguided lesson from the fall of Communism. Rather than attributing the fall to the overreach of central governments and unaccountable bureaucrats, they developed a new postmodern historical materialism of globalism. The Communist bloc had fallen not because of too much globalization, but because there wasn’t enough of it. There were still too many borders and nations. And they all had to fall like the Wall.

Where Communism had failed by being too narrow, globalism would succeed in creating a new world.

By the time Merkel and Obama were mourning what Trump’s victory and Brexit meant for globalization, Berlin had become a wonderful laboratory for observing the end results of their philosophy. Haunted by the specter of national decline and falling birth rates, Merkel had opened her country’s borders to a million Muslim migrants who had flooded in from the Middle East and from as far away as Afghanistan.

The migrants were supposed to supplement the German workforce. Syrians would build the Mercedes coupes of tomorrow, Pakistanis would put together Siemens ultrasound devices and Somalis would produce Bayer’s pharmaceuticals. There would be no need for Germany to continue exploring the Japanese model of smarter automation to replace a falling population. Globalization would provide.

But the migrants weren’t coming to Germany to work. And they aren’t working. It’s still Germans and Eastern Europeans on the floor at Siemens, Mercedes and Bayer. The “refugees” came for Germany’s generous welfare programs. And they’ve wrecked enough of the country that Merkel wants to pay them to leave.

The welfare state so ubiquitous to Europe is there to compensate for the discrepancy between the expected standard of living and the declining options for earning that living. Globalization didn’t magically link together economies to create a new golden age. Its prophets, like Thomas Friedman, are being jeered as neo-liberals by a radicalized left looking more to East Germany than to Berlin.

Globalization moved jobs and production to countries with the lowest standards of living, the least human rights and the greatest government intervention in their economies. It’s no wonder that China thrived or that America declined in that environment. But at the same time it also moved immigrants with the lowest work ethic to America and Germany to benefit from the welfare programs that were meant to soften the economic impact of globalization on the native population.

The old immigrants had come to benefit from a booming economy. But if you want a booming economy with lots of entry level jobs, 21st century America is hardly the place to go. You can’t just walk off the street and get a manufacturing job that will take you up the ladder to the middle class.

The West gets two kinds of economic immigrants these days: scroungers and hustlers.

Hustlers can make their own opportunities. They’re the Koreans running local grocery stores and the Russian Jews starting revolutionary dot coms. But hustling demands creativity, smarts and an ambitious work ethic. Most immigrants are scroungers. They get by on some combination of welfare and semi-legal marginal jobs. If they have an ambition, it’s getting a comfortable government job.

Immigrants brought over as cheap labor quickly plug into the welfare state and become a net loss.

Globalization exports jobs and imports welfare scroungers making it a double blow to the West. The outbound jobs and the inbound migrant swarms punish countries with higher standards of living and human rights by depriving them of both. It’s hard to think of any better way to destroy a civilization.

The political and social gifts of globalization have been every bit as destructive as its economic effects.

Globalization doesn’t just make it possible for a million Muslims to show up in Germany, but for transnational Islamic terror organizations like Al Qaeda or ISIS to operate. It’s no coincidence that they took off with globalization. Or that globalized Islamic terror networks have used the machinery of globalization: jet planes, trains, human trafficking, the internet and multicultural cities to wreak havoc.

Instead of binding the world closer together, globalization financed a renewed wave of aggression by former failed Communist states and enabled Islamic terrorists to strike deep in the heart of the West.

Globalization finances China’s expansionism program in the South China Sea and a growing conflict that could lead to a regional war. It allowed the Russians to turn Americans against each other by pretending to be everyone from Black Lives Matter to Republicans on the internet. And it allows Islamic terrorists thousands of miles away to coordinate devastating attacks across America and Europe.

The internet, once the symbol of globalization, hasn’t brought us together. Instead it tore us apart into warring tribes living in separate bubbles. A generation raised on the internet has become the most intolerant of free speech in a century. And even the pro-globalization media is demanding new means of censoring social media and the internet to fight “fake news” from the political opposition.

The ambitious dreams of globalization that once appeared to unite big government advocates on the left with free marketers on the right have become a nightmare. Their failures have led to a renewed affinity for Socialism and even Communism on the left. The rise of Bernie Sanders and the growing comfort with Socialism among Democrats are road signs of the rejection of a free market. And on the right, populist nationalism is displacing an unquestioning commitment to a free market.

But globalization is also a global failure. It has driven China into a blind alley of economic bubbles, compulsive spending and colonialism. China is rapidly replicating a century’s worth of Western economic progress in a matter of decades. And it’s replicating the same problems and the same dead end. It won’t find the solutions by seeking cheap labor in Africa or by distracting its population with a new war.

Globalization interlinks economies and societies often more by their weaknesses than by their strengths. It exports instability more easily than stability and conflict more easily than progress.

Sophisticated systems are more vulnerable than primitive ones. It’s why Afghanistan and Iraq made more of an enduring mark on America than the other way around. In a globalized world, colonialism works in reverse with unstable societies exporting their instability to stable societies. The prophets of globalism marveled at the internationalization of culture. But culture in traditional societies goes far deeper than Marvel or Harry Potter. It’s only in the West, where culture, tradition and religion are being lost, that pop culture becomes culture. And that identity becomes equally shallow and unstable.

Globalization isn’t bringing us to a bright new golden age, but to an old age of iron. The new colonialism is being carried out by those cultures with a strong sense of identity against post-moderns who lack it. The decline of Western nations doesn’t open the door to a world government, but to the rising power of China, Russia and Iran. All our social progress has left us more intolerant and divided than ever.

Tearing down borders, physical, economic and cultural, hasn’t made us more open. Instead we live in hostile, divisive and unstable societies that pride themselves on their “openness” even as they unveil new schemes for censoring the internet, restraining free speech and punishing social dissent.

Globalization is a dead end. Open societies are open internally and mutually to people and ideas that share the premise of that ‘openness’. Not with those who hate them. Free markets are free when they interact with other free markets, not totalitarian slave labor camps that can always win on price.

As globalization falls, we can rebuild functional nation states or be swept away with the global flood.


  1. This entire globalization project so rings a bell to all those of your readers who are Jewish or know the bible, albeit an increasingly rare commodity: The building of the tower of Bavel by Nimrod/Soros in his open/global society challenge to nationalism and "narrow minded" individualism was it's historic symbolic predecessor and we know how it ended.....so proving that those who do not learn or even know history are bound to repeat it.

  2. Infidel29/10/17

    Michael Howard had some interesting things to say about the necessity of nationalism, way too deep for me to explain at this point.

  3. Anonymous29/10/17

    "Globalization": What would Ragnar have thought?

    1. And even more, what would Ragnar DO?

  4. I an`t begin to express my thanks and gratitude for all of your post Mr Greenfield.
    This one is yet another conceptual piece that dwarfs nearly anything else I ever see, read or hear in terms of world events and-dare I say-Judeo/Christian prophesy as it unfolds by the day. Yet again, you think big and go all around the world to make sense of so much. Then knit or plait it into something marvellous that allows the depest of thinking.
    Here in the UK you are adored-nobody this side of the Atlantic sees the "whole of the moon as you do".
    Thomas Sowell and Mark Steyn are similarly blessed with gifts that you regularly exhibit. But in terms of nailing it all to the scaffolding of Judaism and Christianity-you maybe have the edge.
    My God-you Americans are saying things that will only make sense here in Europe once it`s too late. We have no excuse not to learn from you whilst we`re still free to do so.
    Whatever you do-keep on writing like this...do not let up, even if it seems a bit dry or forced. Europe has nobody who sees the "big picture" as you do..thank you sir!

  5. Anonymous29/10/17

    Migrants from Muslim countries have retarded brains allowing them to kill instead of becoming useful citizens of a industrial developed country such as Germany. It's just a matter of time, short in fact, when Germany regresses to a third world country unable to sustain the basics of what entails to mean civilization. Germany is punished by G-d for what its people have done to the Jews. There isn't other explanation why a culture of exclusion that was Germany for centuries has become a hotbed of tolerance. GH.

    1. The retarted brains is because of Low IQ and INBREEDING (multi generational cousin marriage).

      We are importing retards to the west. To some degree it’s by design.

  6. Anonymous29/10/17

    Excellent explanation of the "big picture". I realize this is not exactly germane to your thesis, but I would just add that another reason to be against globalization is that some countries, like the United States of America, Japan, Israel, some western European countries are more modern, have laws that protect personal freedoms--are just simply better than other countries that are unstable, oppress their people, have Draconian laws, etc. Why would these former countries want to embrace globalization and go backwards in time and lose all the advances we have achieved over thousands of years? Why would we want to live like Iraq and Iran, etc., which, in many ways, is 5,000 years behind us?

    KingWestern Man

  7. Great article. I've always been for nationalism, and I do believe President Trump is our only chance at saving America from forced labor camps of the future. I do believe there will be major upheaval in America as the anarchists continue to destroy our history, traditions, and national past times. But I do believe the One World Order will fail in the end, and is failing now. One only needs to look at California to see that. So far, anyone who messes with Trump goes down. DC is the new blockbuster movie. I believe a lot of heads are going to fall as globalization fails in America.

  8. Anonymous30/10/17

    Thought provoking.

  9. asherpat30/10/17

    One thing that always flashes in any of the Right’s writings about inward immigration into Western countries is “the immigrants are/were brought to address the shrinking population and serve as the low-wage workers to enrich the elites” mantra. It is not.

    I truly admire Daniel’s work, it’s always sublime but thought-provoking and (at least in my opinion) impossible to argue-with logically.

    However, one thing that he misses is in the absolute base of the Left’s nature. It is counter-intuitive but it is the most plausible explanation for the Left’s actions: the Elites (even those that are called “Center-right” in Europe and “RINOs” in the US) have a long-term, intra-generational death-wish of the Western culture.

    Now, there is no secretive sect of suicidal-lefties with meetings in a tofu-filled rooms. But it is the group-think of the left, undeniably.

    It is the real reason why the Elites started bringing immigrants into Europe since the 60s, why the American Left fights tooth-and-nail against the Wall etc. – dilute the European-culture folk and bring-down the hated civilization that became the most humane in the history of man-kind.

    This is the reason, I hope that Daniel gives this notion one of his masterpieces. Oh and please, when you mention facts, ALWAYS give links where you take it from. I don’t doubt you, but in cases where I have to argue with Leftists, I need to be able to verify stuff.

    God bless.

  10. Globalism is really planetary Marxism and Trump is trying to set that shit on fire. This is one of the aspects of the cabal we are fighting against. Can I distill that down any further than it already is?Maybe is in globalism bad, nationalism good.

    In reality, the globalists like Merkel and frankly the whole of europe did themselves in because of their overly generous welfare programs really meant for their citizens, not the unwashed masses that find themselves from dissimilar countries of culture and language who see a wealthy society languishing in relative wealth while offering great sums of resources to people for simply showing up. What is the incentive to be an illegal or legal immigrant worker when the very act of simply showing up and existing is enough to be well off.

  11. Globalism didn't really fail. At least not in the way that most people think that it did. It's actual goal is the destruction of the nation state. Particularly the western ones. In that respect they've accomplished a great deal.


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