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The Black Heroes Who Took Down the Freddie Gray Hoax

Judge Barry G. Williams once again handed the Freddie Gray lynch mob a decisive defeat, shredding the prosecution’s case against Lt. Brian Rice, the highest ranking police officer targeted by the mob.

Judge Williams stated firmly that, the court “cannot be swayed by sympathy, prejudice or public
opinion.” Instead he insisted that it had to follow the law. Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who became a national figure by heading the Freddie Gray lynch mob, did not even bother to show up. She knew what was coming. And she had no interest in following the law.

Unlike Mosby, who quickly became a national figure by championing the prosecution of six police officers after the accidental death of Freddie Gray, a drug dealer injured while being transported to the police station, or Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who supported giving the Baltimore rioters and looters supposedly angry over Gray’s death “space to destroy”, Williams remains strictly local.

And there’s a very good reason for that. It’s the same reason why the media that helped cause the Baltimore riots with their non-stop coverage of the Freddie Gray death haven’t been covering the trials.

Not only is their Freddie Gray hoax being destroyed, trial by trial, based on the lack of evidence, but the destroyer is an articulate and principled African-American judge. Worse still, Judge Williams had prosecuted police misconduct cases for the Justice Department. And when he takes apart the Gray hoax, as he has done in multiple trials, it’s from the standpoint of a uniquely qualified expert. You can see why the media is staying away.

The better part of Judge Williams’ verdicts can be summed up as laying out all the ways in which the prosecution failed to prove its case, did not even bother to prove its case or did not even understand what case it was trying to prove. As in Officer Nero’s verdict where Williams politely mentions that, “In order to convict the defendant of any of the charges under the theory of accomplice liability, the state would have to prove that a crime occurred... The state's theory from the beginning has been one of negligence, recklessness and disregard for duty and orders by this defendant. There has been no information presented at this trial that the defendant intended for any crime to happen.”

This is the judge’s concise explanation that the prosecution has no idea what it’s talking about. You can see why Marilyn Mosby hasn’t been bothering to show up.

The legal case against the six officers consisted of speculation, assumptions and innuendo. The case was baseless, but the fix was in from the White House to the residence of Baltimore’s mayor, and a bad judge would have let it pass. From the start, Judge Barry Williams insisted on sticking to the facts.

The law enforcement officers targeted by #BlackLivesMatter in the Freddie Gray hoax were black and white. Judge Williams treated them all fairly. He kept asking the prosecution the tough questions and the right questions, whether it was in the case of Officer Caesar Goodson, who is black, or Officer Edward Nero, who is white.

After Goodson’s trial, both men embraced. And Goodson was in attendance to hear Lt. Brian Rice’s verdict and then shook his hand in a fine example of blue lives solidarity across racial lines.

And meanwhile Judge Williams continued to stand up for the truth. He dismissed the prosecution’s “rough ride” meme in Goodson’s case as an “inflammatory term”. He asked the entirely common sense question, “If the doctors are not clear as to what would be happening at this point in time, how would the average person or officer without medical training know?"

In the latest case, he wondered whether the fact that Rice didn’t put on Gray’s seat belt made him, “guilty of these crimes”. And he insisted, above all else, that the facts had to be there. He would not rule based on assumptions or insinuations. He would not be a judicial activist. Instead, he said, “As the trier of fact, the court can't simply let things speak for themselves.”

Judge Williams has destroyed the Freddie Gray hoax by asking one question after another. By demanding to see the evidence and by following the law. Despite his devastating statements in court, he has sought no publicity and done no interviews on the case. Instead he did something that is at once ordinary and extraordinary. He did his job.

It’s why he will never be a national figure.

But Judge Williams is not the only African-American hero who shut down the Freddie Gray hoax. There was yet another courageous figure who will also never achieve a national profile because she did the right thing.

Detective Dawnyell Taylor was the lead detective in the Freddie Gray investigation. The prosecution handed her four pages to read to the grand jury right before her appearance. Detective Taylor found inaccurate and distorted statements there. Prosecutors then prevented her from answering questions and didn’t want her case notes on the investigation. So she turned them over to the defense. The notes included a medical examiner’s statement to her that Freddie Gray’s death was a “freakish accident, and that no human hands can cause this” despite claiming at trial that it was homicide.

The prosecution attempted to silence her again, but Judge Williams allowed her to testify.

In a disturbing moment in the courtroom, a member of the prosecution team insisted that she had been removed from the investigation. Detective Taylor replied, “You made the request, but you don't have the authority to remove me.” That moment summed up the corrupt machinery at work in Baltimore.

The Freddie Gray hoax was a rigged game. It took courage to expose it. And that’s what Judge Williams and Detective Taylor did. Despite the threat of riots and warnings of more violence, they did their jobs. Despite the damage to their careers for opposing the agenda of the national and local governments, they stood up for the truth. Despite the encouragement of the media, they did what was right.

The Freddie Gray hoax has made national figures out of hacks like Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, but has left the heroes like Judge Barry Williams and Detective Dawnyell Taylor in the dark. And that is something that we should remedy.

Despite the claims of racism, the Freddie Gray hoax was fought in a mostly black city between black officials. Even half the police officers charged in the case were black. The Freddie Gray case came down not to black or white, but to telling the truth and doing the right thing. And we should remember that despite what we often see on the news, despite the riots and the murders of police officers, there were African-American heroes in Baltimore who stood between the #BlackLivesMatter lynch mob and the police.


  1. Anonymous22/7/16

    Thanks Daniel for telling this story. You'll NEVER hear it in the major news media.

  2. Anonymous22/7/16

    The saddest thing is the summary the leftists are going to cackle for gullible minorities to swallow e.g. you are in bad shape now.. image if Trump the boogeyman wins

  3. Anonymous22/7/16

    I attempt to imagine myself in the shoes of Judge Barry G. Williams and Detective Dawnyell Taylor. Opposed are the President of the United States, U.S. Attorney General, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

    I could not ignore the peril of "revenge best served cold". How many ways can a President, Attorney General, on down, incite events against me or my loved ones? Consider the bizarre deaths of Antonin Scalia, Vince Foster, Alexander Litvinenko.

    Crazy theories or not, our heroes already know the corrupt, violent world. Williams and Taylor and their families will live under the threat of "what happens to Uncle Toms". May providence and the vigilance of justice protect them and theirs.


  4. Infidel22/7/16

    "Freddie Gray hoax"

    Thanks. Got me thinking, this is the biggest legal hoax I can remember at the moment (in USA of course).

  5. "It’s why he will never be a national figure."
    On the contrary. I can imagine him an excellent nomination to the federal bench. Perhaps someone who one day might mature into a Supreme.

  6. Infidel: "this is the biggest legal hoax I can remember at the moment (in USA of course)"

    Duke Lacrosse Hoax and attempted frame

  7. Biggest legal hoax? Well, it's certainly worthy of the title. I'd submit a couple for consideration.

    The arrest of the poor little old youtube film maker who was arrested because his video caused the spontaneous Bengazi protest that led to the deaths of 4 Americans. First, the video had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Bengazi, but second, is making a youtube video a crime? No.

    The other hoax was the non-indictment of Hillary for the private email server.

  8. Anonymous23/7/16

    Judge Williams you Sir are a shining example of what is actually right in our legal system. Yes police work comes with certain risks and many of these risks are from an angry public that are looking for lawsuits. There is a system of checks and balances that will protect an officer from unjustified prosecution and this system works when all the facts are laid out in a fair and just court.

    This judge is an amazing man and should be what all judges look to as a benchmark. Bravo Judge Williams you have made all the hero police in America very proud.

  9. Great article, Mr. Greenfield. So much attention is paid (by the MSM) to the outrageous, initial allegations, and then there's no followup by those same media outlets to see if those allegations can actually be proved in a court of law. Well, they couldn't, at least in the case of Freddie Gray.

    Thanks for doing this research and publishing the article - it just shows that the Freddie Gray controversy was pretty much we thought it was at the time - 100% political agitprop with no actual legal substance. - Jamie

  10. Wow, I didn't even know about this!

  11. DenisO23/7/16

    It would be naive to think that all "blacks" think alike. Judge Williams is a hero to many inner-city blacks suffering under the Demorat politicians that ignore the problems and hope that blacks will keep putting them back in office. Only the uneducated and ignorant among them can remain blind to the disaster of Demorat-controlled cities. The pandering to the black criminals will kill the Demorat Party, and maybe the real Democrat Party will re-emerge, somehow (Third party?).

    1. Anonymous25/7/16

      Boy I sure hope your right▪

  12. Thanks so much, Daniel. The media have blood on their hands for their nonstop Incitement to riots and mayhem.

  13. hope these gentlemen can afford good security. that the left does not tolerate dissent is an understatement.

  14. Anonymous24/7/16

    Excellent coverage of the Freddie Gray story, but as a Baltimorean, I’d like to mention a few other facts.

    The city gave $6.4 million to Freddie Gray’s parents, and this was before the trials and before anyone knew what really happened. In addition, the six police officers have been on administrative leave without pay since Gray’s death, and after the trials they will have to face an internal review, as though they are still guilty.

    Also, two of the officers charged in the Freddie Gray case are suing Marilyn Mosby. I hope Barry G. Williams will be the judge in her case.

    1. Anonymous25/7/16

      I think those officer's have a right for that money that was handed to them without a second thought ... talk about corrupt ... Sue the family for making their lives a living hell as they were doing their job☆

  15. Anonymous25/7/16

    "Lynch mob" sets the perfect tone for this article! For all their mockery by the Left of the Right as "Square", "Stuffy", "Sanctimonious", it's the Left who claims Moral Superiority.

    The real lynching was mostly done by Southern Democrats. Modern Mortal Sins are Racism, Islamophobia, Sexism. The victims are Blacks, Muslims, Women. Sinners are Whites, Christians, Men. In Freddy Gray, the Sinners were, of course, COPS.

    Just being a cop makes it a done deal, the damned consigned to Hell, undeserving of due process, appeal, compassion. Even more heinous than lynching, this would have been Human Sacrifice.

    Thank you, Judge Williams and Detective Taylor.


  16. Anonymous27/7/16

    I contrast the courage of these two with the cowardice of FBI Director Comey.

  17. Anonymous27/7/16

    Update on the Freddie Gray case: Charges against the last three officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray were dropped this morning.

    Now, the State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby will have plenty of time to worry about her own trial, five of the officers charged with Gray’s death are suing her for wrongful arrest.

  18. Please add Ivan Bates name to the list of heroes, a black defense attorney, among several, who successfully defended the officers. His comments indicate great integrity and intelligence and a person who saw through the disgrace of the prosecution. Good to know there are still good people in the justice system.

  19. it's a shame that righteous black people like the honorable judge Williams and detective Taylor as well as the defense attorney mentioned above are such rare novelties. I have tremendous respect for black people who value truth and do not harbor an attitude that constantly seeks reason for vengeance.

  20. Anonymous1/8/16

    Thank you Judge Williams and Detective Williams........it is wonderful that you stood up to those overbearing IDIOTS who are totally CORRUPT in every way !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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