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New War Crimes in Germany

The UN Commission of Experts identified 1,600 actual cases of rape in the Bosnian War that took place in the former Yugoslavia over a period of years. In Germany, 2,000 Muslim migrants sexually assaulted 1,200 women in a single night in cities across Germany.

The former was considered one of the worst war crimes of the decade. Its perpetrators were bombed and then faced war crimes trials. The perpetrators of the latter received a slap on the wrist.

In Cologne, Hassan and Hussein were handed suspended sentences. Hassan, who had demanded that a man hand over two women to him by bellowing, “Give me the girls, give me the girls - or you're dead” was tried as a juvenile offender and was sentenced to community service and an integration course.

The integration course will no doubt try to inform Hassan that women have a right not to be assaulted even if they are outside the house and unaccompanied by a male guardian. But such “Don’t Rape” classes for Muslim migrants have had a rather shaky track record.

A 16-year-old Muslim Afghan migrant raped a catering worker in France despite receiving a course on how to treat women in Flanders. Hassan, despite being tried as a juvenile, wasn’t a teenager at the time of his offense. He was a 20-year-old. But German courts still decided to treat him as a mischievous teenager. If the “boys will be boys” excuse has fallen out of favor in Europe, the pass still holds true for Muslim rapists who will always be boys. Even when they’re fully grown men.

In the Norwegian version of the “Don’t Rape” class, Muslim migrants were trained on how not to rape by being given positive role models. There was a bad fellow named Arne, a native Norwegian, who treats everyone badly, and Hassan, a charming Muslim immigrant who gets it right.

Be like Hassan. Don’t be like Arne.

But the real life version of Hassan was a sexual predator who had walked away laughing from the court room with a suspended sentence while his victims, who had come out to testify, wept.

Now Hassan will giggle his way through yet another “Don’t Rape” class and this one may also have Hassan as a positive role model. And then Hassan will be out there for the next New Year’s Eve knowing that he will get away with it all over again. And by then he might be a slightly older “juvenile”.

The majority of the Muslim rapists came from North African countries. Half of them had been in Germany for less than one year. If there were a UN tribunal to be held for the war crimes committed by Muslim migrants against European women, Frau Merkel should be sitting in the dock.

It was her decision to open the borders that led to the horror inflicted on 1,200 women in one night.

And 1,200 women is just a single episode. We don’t know the full total numbers. And we may never know them. Yet at this rate it’s entirely possible that the total of Merkelicide might exceed even the wildest inflated estimates from the Bosnian war. And yet it’s considered indelicate to discuss such things because this time around Muslims aren’t the victims, they are the perpetrators.

It’s not just Merkel and the German authorities who find the topic uncomfortable.

Selin Goren, a spokeswoman for a left-wing refugee group, admitted to lying that the men who sexually assaulted her were German instead of Arabs because the act of the rape had a “political dimension”. Instead of thinking of the men who had assaulted her, she thought of a pro-refugee rally in which she had called for fighting “against racism and sexism”.

And predictably the former took a back seat to the latter.

When the police officer asked her if refugees had been responsible, she retorted that they had spoken German while resenting the officer for being so racist as to assume, correctly, that Muslim migrants were to blame.

A friend had told her that she acted like a battered wife protecting her abusive husband.

It’s an accurate description of not just her, but of the entire left which has turned its own values inside out in order to protect Muslim rapists from a theocratic culture not fundamentally different than ISIS which believes that women are fair game during their gleeful invasion of Europe.

The German Parliament’s efforts to tighten sexual assault laws, usually a cause championed by the left, has made the left very uneasy because it endangers their favorite new refugee pets whose neediness is exceeded only by their predatory behavior.

Halina Wawzyniak, a lawmaker from the Left Party, insisted that while she usually supported stronger sexual assault laws, she worried that these particular sexual assault laws would lead to a “disproportionate” effect on Muslim migrants committing minor sexual offenses who might then be deported.

And so, given a choice between protecting women and sexual predators, the left chooses rapists.

This is the simple ugly truth about their refugee policy and our refugee policy. From Cologne, Germany, where the authorities have done far more to crack down on people making critical remarks about Muslim migrants than on the Muslim rapists, to Twin Falls, Idaho, where United States Attorney Wendy J. Olson warned anyone spreading “inflammatory” statements about the Muslim perpetrators that they might be violating “federal law”, the priority is protecting Muslim rapists at any and all costs.

Two of the Cologne attackers received suspended sentences. Hamburg courts freed their suspects from pre-trial detention. Not only will the vast majority of the 2,000 attackers never even come close to facing trial, but the few who do will see small and feeble sentences.

It’s not that German authorities are incompetent. A January headline informs us, “Germany springs to action over hate speech against migrants”. Merkel forged a censorship deal with Facebook and Twitter. So that next time Muslims commit thousands of sexual assaults, it will be much harder for the populace to get the news out through the digital curtain of dot com censorship and propaganda.

With her Communist background, Merkel understands the mechanics of censorship. And that makes her an accessory to the war crimes that Muslim migrants have committed in their invasion of Europe both before and after the fact.

A 29-year-old German woman had received five months probation for her outrage over Muslim rapes of women. In today’s Germany, the sentences for Muslim sexual assaults and for denouncing them are eerily similar.


  1. Anonymous18/7/16

    Rape is an act of war...whether on a personal or on an organizational level it is war. Herman the German needs to wake up and pull his, hers or its collective heads out of their "seats"......

  2. Anonymous18/7/16

    What is the essence of being American, French, German? Love of country. Not every politician, but certainly the greatness of American freedom and opportunity, French art and lifestyle, German intellect and productivity. We deserve the pride we feel.

    East is East and West is West. Kipling knew it. Churchill knew it. Marco Polo knew it. Stronger civilizations eat weaker. Slavery, colonization, genocide were practiced by all. Many who still do receive our sympathy and aid. They shouldn't.

    Not even murder is a graver offense than violent insemination by a traitorous stranger, rescued from his own fatal culture. Our daughter's bastard will be attracted to the fifth column, bent on our destruction.

    What loving father, brother, husband would welcome stud service from a cur? What daughter, sister, wife would welcome it? Only those of us enfeebled by self-loathing.


  3. Having already disarmed the citizenry, the plan is to use censorship to isolate it and continue shoving kafir-hating rapists down its throat until Stockholm Syndrome is firmly encoded in the native population's DNA. Deutschland UNTER alles. Great strides made so far, still a way to go. Our own Left is watching closely.

  4. Disgusting indifferent Merkel and the other left wing power hungry politicians. None of them care.

  5. Anonymous19/7/16

    War crime? Our PC Newspeak is killing us. A liberal Muslim isn't a Muslim. Islam leads inexorably to the death of the West and all of us, our children and grandchildren.

    The Magna Carta, Renaissance, Hume, Locke, U.S.Constitution, Franklin, Thoreau will all be destroyed and forgotten for all time.
    Look what happened to the Buddhas of Bamiyan, Graeco-Roman-Persian Palmyra. All vestiges of the Infidel will go.

    To do it right, not even Dhimmis survive. That's the last Taqqiya. The passengers of American Flight 11 were assured by Mohammed Atta, "Just stay quiet and you'll be O.K. We are returning to the airport."

    You Social Justice, New World IDIOTS!!! Islam is the Black Hole of human history. No compromise, no halfway, no way out.


  6. At this point you have to stand back and let them own this. Let whatever happens, happen and let them lead it wherever it goes. If it ends in not much, fine. If it ends in death camps, genocide and medieval insanity, then that's fine too. Just keep pointing out they all got what they wanted, they all got the permission they demanded to let it unravel.

  7. Anonymous19/7/16

    Muslim emigration resembles the heavyside function ( nothing happens for a while) then suddenly all hell breaks loose. The incubation period allows for some, namely our own misfits, to deny the reality, even to celebrate the new enriched society. It won't last...it isn't already.

  8. Germany, France, all EU countries, have one chance, vote out the socialists (Merkel, Hollande, etc.) who, due to multiculturalism, political correctness, and socialist hatred of freedom and individual rights, are consistently destroying every nation which they govern.
    If the EU nations do not do this, they will succumb, perhaps after bloody civil war, to the evil Islamic hordes which are ready and eager to take over.

  9. Those who bless Israel are blessed and those who curse Israel are cursed..

  10. Anonymous20/7/16

    Europeans are infected with two virusses: one is called "Islamisation of the continent" by allowing aliens from barbaric culture to "enrich" native's culture. The other one, much more serious, is called " progressivism ", and it started in 1968 by throwing away all good and old values which made great Western civilization. The Leftist narrative is pushing Europe to commit suicide. But after decades of slumber, there is hope of awakening. There are signs of it all over the continent. Nationalistic and identitarian movements are growing, like Pegida and AfD in Germany, like PVV in the Netherlands, like Lega Nord in Italy, like Front National in France. Eastern Europe is refusing with the Visegrad group to admit Islamic invasion. Austria is returning to polls, after the Leftist recent fraudulent attempt to elect a Leftist president. Boris Johnson, the winner of Brexit, composed a remarkable limerick on Erdogan some weeks ago. Now he is Minister of foreign affairs of his country. The Swiss are wise and neutral. The Norwegians have said " No way " to Bruxelles. The Danes are back. Island is proud and independent. We in Europe are confident that the Americans, after eight dark years, will eventually change colour too.

    Clelia&Eric, Eurabia, Italian province

  11. Anonymous22/7/16

    DP111 writes..

    In Britain, it is “Asian” men of Pakistani heritage. Though what that heritage is, the BBC, or for that matter the political elite, does not tell us.

    In Sweden, the ethnicity could be “North African” men of Algerian heritage. In the Netherlands “North African” men of Moroccan heritage. And so on.

    The “M” or “I” heritage is studiuosly ignored.

    There are perverts in every society. The problem we have in Islam is a doctrinal injunction that encourages the exploitation of Infidel women, with the express intention of humiliating the culture that the women represent. Thus in adition to the normal perverts in any society, we have a section that is organised around the principle of raping women. This is what has led to the mass of rapes coming from just one section of society. I’m sure that there are Hindu or Buddhist perverts, but as a whole, Hindu or Buddhiost culture or heritage, does not subscribe to rape as an instrument of war.

    In Burma, India , Thailand, and Nigeria for instance, it is the women froim these ciultures that are on the receiving end from Muslim men. Race, colour(Brown), Nigeria( Black) is not the issue. It is the fact that they represent a non-Muslim culture that has to be humiliated, and shown to be wanting, by raping its women.

    Therefore, the rapes of tens of thousands of White girls in Britain, is a gauntlet that has been slapped on Britain’s self respect.

  12. Israel-Bashing BDS Movement refuted by Alan Dershowitz:



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