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Islam's Violence is Rooted in Instability

Islamic violence is nearly impossible to deny. But why is Islam violent? The usual answer is to point to Koranic verses calling for the conquest and subjugation of non-Muslims. That certainly covers the theological basis for Islamic violence. But it fails to explain why Muslims continue to practice it. Even against each other. Violence has become the defining form of Islamic exceptionalism.

Optimists speak of reforming Islam. But such reforms had over a thousand years in which to take place.

Islam is an ideology. Its violence is a strategy. That strategy fit the needs of Mohammed. Mohammed chose to use force to spread his ideology. He needed to recruit fighters so he preached the inferiority of non-Muslims, the obligation for Muslims to conquer non-Muslims and the right of his fighters to seize the property and wives of non-Muslims as incentive for them to join his fight. Furthermore he even promised them that if they should fall in battle, they would receive loot and women in paradise.

The strategy was barbarous, but quite effective. Mohammed had created a new super-tribe in a tribal society. The tribe of Islam united different groups in a mission of conquest. The Islamic religion allowed the varying clans to be more effective and ambitious than their victims. Within a surprisingly short amount of time the chain of conquests made Islam into a world religion. The most effective Islamic conquerors could not only claim vast territories, carving up civilization into fiefdoms, but they could prepare their sons and grandsons to continue the chain of conquests.

Islam made the standard tactics of tribal warfare far more effective. Its alliance was harder to fragment and its fighters were not afraid of death. But at the same time Islam remained fundamentally tribal. It made tribal banditry more effective, but didn’t change the civilization. It codified the tribal suspicion of outsiders and women into a religious doctrine. That still drives Islamic violence against non-Muslims and women today.

And yet Islam could have reformed. All it had to do was choose a different civilizational strategy.

The current clash of civilizations is between cooperative societies and hierarchal tribal societies. Western countries are cooperative societies. They succeed by bringing together a variety of peoples into cooperative organizations. These organizations negotiate and exchange everything from goods to mutual defense. Primitive versions of such organizations existed in Mohammed’s time. They have also existed within Islamic societies, but they have been inhibited by the tribal instability of Islamic civilizations. Cooperative societies emphasize internal conscience over external posturing. Religion is a matter of personal morality, rather than collective conquest. Economic resources are developed by harnessing new ideas and techniques to provide wider benefits to the society.

Islamic tribal societies are governed by extended family groups and other hierarchies that, like Islam, serve a similar role. While such societies can be locally stable, albeit backward, expanding them is difficult because their only point of unity comes through conflict with outsiders. Without external conflicts with non-Muslims, tribal societies degenerate into internal tribal conflicts.

That is what happened in Iraq and Syria, not to mention Yemen and Libya. Most Muslim countries are delicately balanced on the edge of a precipice and they can be very easily tipped into horrifying violence between different groups if their fragile internal order breaks down and there are no outside enemies.

The Muslim expansion became unsustainable once the external spread of conquest limited the access of Muslim armies to non-Muslim victims. Islamic unity did not survive Mohammed for very long. Stability came through feudal societies which were slow, backward and unwieldy, but prevented conflict.

Ultimately the only stable Muslim society is a slave state. Modern dictatorships, which strive to imitate modern countries by building up professional elites of doctors, engineers, lawyers and generals, are eventually undone by them. It’s the genuinely backward kingdoms that rely on oil wealth and slave labor which best weathered the changes of the past generations and maintained their ruling privileges.

And here we come to the fundamental crisis of Islamic violence.

Islamic civilization is fundamentally unstable and unsustainable. Contact with the modern world destabilized it setting off a series of chain reactions. Islamic civilization, particularly in the Middle East, could not make the transition to modernity. Those countries that had oil could buy their way out of the problem with generous subsidies at home while purchasing influence abroad. The Saudis made their own people rich while controlling the West. They financed wars without needing generals by funding terrorists. They kept a tribal society going by hiring foreign professionals to do most of the technical work.

Most Muslim countries however couldn’t buy that type of immunity from modernity. And even the Saudis had only bought a temporary immunity that is running down along with oil prices. The most Islamic societies had followed the old Mohammedan practice of exhausting the land. But where were they going to move on to?

The mass migration to Europe is part of the answer. While Europeans are shocked at the sight of millions of people just picking up and walking away, the Middle East still has deep nomadic roots. Most Muslim countries are political and historical fictions. Family groups matter far more than national identities.

Outside Israel, agriculture in the Middle East is sparse. The strong attachment to the land that is found among Israelis or Europeans is absent. Feudalism associates working the land with inferiority and feudalism is a more recent memory among Muslims than among most Europeans. Success means expanding into someone else’s land and living off the spoils rather than staying and working your own.

Western cooperative societies eagerly welcome Muslim migrants because they expect them to cooperate and contribute. But that is not happening. Muslim societies are hierarchal, not cooperative. The new arrivals expect to fit into a hierarchy. If they don’t encounter a strict hierarchy, they seek to “conquer” by establishing their hierarchy with the supremacism of the Koran as their guide.

Western societies seek to settle permanently. They plan for the long term. Nomadic tribals burn through resources, viewing cities and institutions as assets to strip, raid and dispose of, before moving on. The Islamic migration is not a new phenomenon and Europe is not meant to be its stopping point.

This is a variation of Mohammed’s old strategy. While some Islamic groups, such as ISIS and Al Qaeda, stay behind to battle for the dying lands of the Middle East to establish their own perfect society, large numbers of Muslims are choosing to move on to fresher pastures. This cycle will only repeat itself.

This strategy is why Islam continues to be violent. It’s why exporting democracy is useless.

Democracy works in cooperative societies. It can only work within tribal societies as a democracy of groups. And it requires that these groups prefer cooperation to conflict as a civilizational strategy.

Islam favors conflict over cooperation. In the absence of outside enemies, its doctrine allows its quarreling groups to name each other as infidels, heretics and enemies. To reform Islam, Muslims would have to make the civilizational transition to a cooperative strategy. They would have to fundamentally change their values, their priorities and how their societies function.

And there is no sign of that happening.

Islamic civilization becomes unstable once it expands beyond its tribal limits. Its only coping strategy for that instability is violence, whether directed externally at non-Muslims or internally at other Muslims. Its economic development tools are limited and make supporting a modern society very difficult because they emphasize maintaining internal hierarchal stability over innovation and progress.

Islam is violent because it’s unstable. Its only tool is violence. Its societies exhaust their limited resources and then invade their neighbors. They repeat the same strategy until they are stopped. Then the exhausted Islamic civilization becomes a staid slave society that is stable, but backward. If that society is disturbed, then the egg cracks and the whole horrible process of war, invasion and exhaustion begins again. That is what we are experiencing right now. And there is no easy answer to this problem.

We can inhibit the expansion of Islamic migration. Or it will wash over our societies and destroy them


  1. Anonymous9/6/16

    Dr. Greenfield, your description of Islam is exactly our key to understanding this horrendous enemy, a remorseless juggernaut of acquisition and destruction. Our most beloved people, esthetics, and entire civilization are at stake. This enemy is formidable; we must first shed all compassion and equivocation.

    In countering Islamic onslaught, are we obliged to become the "Moses/Jesus" Team? Muslims have been well prepared; certain that martyrdom brings infinite reward. Our Western beliefs have been compromised, hedged, left behind. Our society can no longer win by emulating the Knights Templar.

    Will victory go to the most obsessive? To vanquish aggression from these dehumanized hoards requires knowing what they are, and who we are. (Sun Tzu) Our ideal weapon is our focused, dispassionate rationality. We don't wait for the rat to bite before setting the trap. We attack preemptively, unpredictably, from many directions: social, economic, psychological, kinetic and more. Ruthlessly and overwhelmingly.

    Some countermeasures should be obvious:
    - Redefine Islam as an Ideology, not religion.
    - Immediately start exploiting our energy resources.
    - Selling the surplus on the world market.
    - Abandon all "global warming" nonsense.
    - End foreign aid to Islamic countries, U.N. and NGO's.
    - Retribution to all connected to hijackers, hostage takers.
    - Control entry.
    - Expel all likely enemy persons.
    - Quick punishment for treason, conspiracy, abetting.


    1. VA Rancher23/7/16

      Brilliant and completely correct. Too bad it can't happen here...

  2. Most Jews do not know that the laws of Islam require that 100% of Israel be destroyed and forever wiped-off-the-map.

    According to Islamic law, the status of Jews is only a little higher than the status of slaves. Therefore, Islam considers an independent Jewish state to be almost as unacceptable as an independent state of slaves.

  3. Kim Harrison9/6/16

    Thank you

  4. Whenever I hear people mention how Islam needs a "reformation" like Christianity had we have to remember that the Protestant Reformation was about returning Christianity to the roots of Jesus teaching and doctrine.

    Islam has already had this same "reformation". It's called Salafism and Wahhabism

    1. Anonymous10/6/16

      The printing press also spread numerous copies of the bible allowing people to recognize that its message was far more peaceful than established doctrines.

      With islam this greater awareness has the opposite effect especially in modern times where the internet facilitates in spreading its hateful message and provides jihadis a global reach.

  5. There's a long discussion at the blog West Hunter about the Saudi attempts to modernize and diversity their economy. Several people with first hand contact with Saudis left comments. They seem very hopeless, since the elite are used to not having to work for a living. Greg Cochran (a scientist who runs the site and doesn't usually discuss such topics) said just from reading the news, with some knowledge of history, he concluded that that ME was hopelessly dysfunctional.


    Thinking of the overall trends in the Middle East. Strategies thus far:

    Traditional rulers = lazy thieves. Doesn’t work.
    Irreligious modernizers: Ataturk, Baathists, Nasser, FLN, Shah. Doesn’t work.
    Islamic fundamentalism. Doesn’t work.

  6. Anonymous10/6/16

    I see that Merkel is planning to bring in another half mil migrants into her beloved Germany in spite of increased crime, disruption to the lives of the citizens and burden on the state to house and feed them. One has to wonder if this is lunacy or perhaps a long range plan. Since they breed like rabbits one ought to be able to conclude that 500,000 will double inside of two years. Yup, looks like a plan to me. Otherwise one would have to lay the blame on incompetence but then that would indict most of the leaders of the western world as morons wouldn’t it? Agenda seems more likely. Has there ever been, in recorded history, such a well planned, sanctioned invasion? Everywhere?

  7. Infidel10/6/16

    I was going to point out that the violence is part of a strategy, but you beat me to it. Oh well :)

    I have been wondering today whether Muslims have been devolving since the 700s, so we get a chance to see what people were like back then by watching them.

    OK, back to reading and finishing the article :)

  8. Infidel10/6/16

    OK, brilliant article. A+++

    You continue to amaze with your deep understanding of and insights into strategy.

  9. Reads as an accurate portrayal of something for which there is no solution except finding another planet to inhabit.

  10. Part of it is the open countryside that the Arab populations come from. Combine that with transportation by horse or camel and the situation is one that strongly favors attacks and disfavors defense. The commonplace outcome will be aggressive tribal people. Other examples of this are the Russian Steppe region that produced the Mongolian 'Hordes' and the horse warriors in America's Great Plains region.

    More specifically with regard to Islam is that the sex rules tend to cause reproduction between closely related individuals. This will strengthen the tribal culture and internal to the tribe, the clans; at the general expense of larger cultural units such as nation states or multi tribal empires. Thus you have what commonly exists in most Islamic areas, feuding tribal people who have little ability to form strong national unions.

  11. Anonymous10/6/16

    In Europe we are happy to have Mr Orban and Mr Zeman. They are not prone to bow at the snap of Brussels finger, and refuse to islamise their countries. And even in Western Europe the opposition to EU elite and their crazy policies is growing and growing. Brexit could be a tremendous blow to the European Soviet Union and it's islamophile Leftist government.

    Clelia&Eric, Eurabia, Italian province.

  12. Two very important points Greenfield makes, the first being the Middle East's "deep nomadic roots," a fact seldom, if ever, included in explanations of the mass migration occurring in the EU right now. Secondly, that tribalism is only democratic when united around a common purpose, such as an agreed-upon conquest or alliance, which then devolves again into tribalism when the former agreement ceases being agreeable and/or the factions begin warring with each other again over power and control. True democracy is completely out of reach when these two points are closely considered and understood, which is why the EU's fantasy of happy, multi-culti diversity as a desired outcome of allowing the invasion is magical thinking and doomed to fail. By the time -- and IF -- the dupes and dopes running the EU figure this out, it will be too little, too late and the formerly united Judeo-Christian founding of many of the EU's countries will have dissolved as in acid. I don't see this being discussed anywhere else but here, so I deeply appreciate Greenfield's unique take on these issues.

  13. "And yet Islam could have reformed. All it had to do was choose a different civilizational strategy."

    Why should they change? What compelling reason can we offer? World Peace? They don't believe in that concept. Nothing could be more foreign to a desert tribal society founded on scarcity. The whole world must become the Ummah before it's a safe space for Islam.

    The key is "choose different[ly]"...but such choice/change is incompatible with the rigidity of its foundational documents...

    As you have written so eloquently in the past Islam is an aggressive, imperialist and totalitarian ideology.

    Besides, the bloody massacres are a good way to use/dispose of single males who would otherwise turn their natural testosterone-driven aggression inward, attacking/displacing the old sheikhs. Creating a way to turn them outwards instead increases cultural cohesion and gets rid of those troublesome youths.

    The system works, particularly with the death penalty cemented in place for "apostates". It wasn’t that long ago when Catholics and Jews exacted a high personal/familial price for anyone who chose to leave. But there was an alternative place to BE for those Judaeo-Christian apostates. However, when the whole of your world is Islam from horizon to horizon where can a poor, ignorant and unskilled young man go??

    And why would those who exercise the real power in this ideology *ever* want it to be any different than it is now? As usual, FTM: Follow the Money.

    Watch MENA become more pliable over time as their need for Israel increases. Obama's deeply immoral "treaty" with Iran and his release of 150 bln to an insane eschatological polity allowed the ayatollahs to ramp up the arming of Iran’s murderous allies. Saudi Arabia is scared stiff...and the violence against Israel/Lebanon, etc., will increase exponentially. It has already begun. Poor Sderot.

    People change when there is something in it for them. What's the benefit of change when the tried-and-true works so darn well??

  14. "We can inhibit the expansion of Islamic migration. Or it will wash over our societies and destroy them"


    I'm afraid that "inhibiting" them isn't going to cut the mustard. Slowing down migration still leaves the tumors festering, waiting to boil over and start the whole thing again. I'm not advocating genocidal holy war... they are. Sadly, I don't see how this cycle stops without horrific efforts to eradicate this evil "religion of peace". They are not going to stop until they are stopped. *sigh*

  15. I'm reminded of the Biblical plague of locusts- an instinctive biological imperative to gorge and then move on when the food source is exhausted. Consanguineous relationships likely factor into the mix as well and limit cognitive development in an exponentially exploding population. Tribal, primordial, instinctive. Scary.

  16. Thank you Daniel! Thank you Anon - ABSJ1136!

    In my 8 or little more years of study of the islam satanic fraud gang of control and destruction, your program is the first to be well laid out, broadly considered, realistic, comprehensive, detailed, strategic and reachable.

    The only most difficult part I see is to shed “all compassion and equivocation”, so far I judge, that to be very difficult for America, for both good and confused (due to apathy, laziness, lack of education, and above all lack of true Spiritual Knowledge, confidence, and Faith (all of which lead to gullibility in the face of incredible deceit (taqiyya, kitman), even from our own regime, along with stunning inexcusable arrogance too, (Gruber, Rhodes, hussein, Clinton, et al)!!!), as was also our entry into WW2, which involved much the same principle. We presently are in the very dangerous national position of the ‘frog being boiled by slowly raising the temperature!’

    The question is, will we collectively notice in time before we are effectively parboiled, or wake up and jump into action ferociously, playing catch up?!

    How do we address these issues? Sadly evidenced by this from AP and D. of Education: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/83b63dd072834510bb75d2cce1dd4658/look-chronic-absenteeism-across-america Among numerous other studies of evidence of our Western and American fabric fraying to tatters, of a dangerously “compromised” America!

    Even those who should be a strong vanguard, THE ASCETICS, are horribly “compromised” and unimaginably misled, willingly, in faiths that should not ever be so. Many even attempt to "build bridges" of an infinite gap to the unseen satan and his devils!!

  17. Anonymous11/6/16

    Today's 11, a much favored date and it's ramadan month... just keep safe. When they push we push back harder. That's it

  18. A very perceptive insight into the nature of Islam. Islam is a primitive system that ought to have been consigned to the dust heap ages ago. But Western "tolerance" of its "civilization" has given it a new lease on life by enacting pro-immigration policies -- shall we call them the "Prime Directive" from Star Trek for an advanced civilization not to influence Islamic culture, ethics, and practices? -- by allowing millions of Muslims to leave their pest holes for fresher meadows to despoil, instead of remaining in those pest holes and fighting each other there over whose tribe is the strongest or superior. And because it is forbidden to leave Islam under pain of death, Muslims simply perpetuate their stagnant system and seek to impose it on conquered Western societies -- and largely at the invitation of PC Western governments, which Islamist leaders wish to take over or stack in the way of demographics.

  19. Islam is history's most successful criminal ideology. Supremacist ideology must always have violence due to the innate inequalities of life. If one neighbor has more goats than self, it can only be due to exploitation because self has been told, since childhood, that he is supreme.
    This ideology is reinforced upon millions with low IQ, with poor impulse control. As they migrate into Europe, dhimmitude stance such as not being arrested for sex crimes, only enhances self view of supremacy.
    Islam versus post-Christian Europe? Islam, by knock out, in the 5th round.

    Peter Hyatt


  20. Infidel11/6/16

    Reading the comments got me thinking, maybe Islam should be blamed for climate change and environmental destruction in their areas over the centuries.

  21. Anonymous11/6/16

    I don't know if the "Islam" mental affliction will ever vanish entirely. Yet, like Smallpox, Plague, Malaria, our understanding of its nature, vectors, epidemiology leads to its defeat.

    Recently, the oil wealth seized from Western companies fed it. Before that, Christian lands of Spain, Byzantium, Zoroastrian Persia, and Mediterranean shipping fed it. India, Indonesia, Mindanao and more all became hosts.

    The widespread acquisition and use of technology and science to create wealth never happened in these afflicted societies. The spoils of war were consumed, then the Dhimmis were squeezed.

    This is what fed Islam. Then what? It will starve without the "Sanction of the Victim". (see Ayn Rand) What are the rivers of resource flowing into Islam?

    1. Misguided (or worse) Politicians: Obama, Merkel, Holland, etc. admitting and subsidizing legions of Jihadis/Hijra. Bad trade agreements, treaties.
    2. North Korea, junkyard dog of China, and recipient of stolen U.S. missile and warhead secrets via China.
    3. Deluded religion leaders, tourists, journalists. They serve up poisonous propaganda, and become hostages and human shields.
    4. Members of self pitying favored "minorities"; signal their virtue by providing ideological aid.
    5. Crony industry giants, who live by government fiat. They often become preferred traders to Islam, even in spite of laws.


  22. Anonymous12/6/16

    To Johnny: You give the Arab too much credit comparing them to the Mongol horde. And while their migration to Europe has been in dribs and drabs for years now, the flood gates only started a year ago as part of a new strategy to "overwhelm" governments. The traitors in government leadership know full well whom they are dealing with. They will not work. They will not contribute to the public welfare. They will only drain the coffers as their numbers explode and as those numbers explode the situation will explode as well.

    To Sheri: "find another planet?" Are you serious? Will you leave your home because a couple of rats show up? Don't be a coward. Let's send more Jihadists to their promised land!

    Dymphna: The "... aggressive, imperialist and totalitarian ideology" is aided by foreign enemies called the media who brainwash the public about the "ROP", religion on peace. Religion of Peace my ass!

  23. Islam looks like mass hysteria. What's in it for any sane person? Perpetual war, mass killings, bombing marketplaces. Never enough peace or stability for normalized living. Note that the millions of Muslim refugees streaming into Europe don't want to go to neighbouring Muslim countries but will risk everything to get to Europe because they see comfortable stable life awaiting them that someone else has worked hard to create & pay for. Europe was devastated and ruined after WW2 but we pulled ourselves out of it by hard work and determination. Now the European left have sabotaged our continent by importing this virus. It's Hitler all over again. Attacks on European Jews have increased with this influx. I fear for the rational, civilised world we made. We're handing it to neanderthal savages.

  24. Anonymous12/6/16

    Now let’s take Mr. Greenfield’s thought to the next level: The progressive left also follows a tribal model. What, after all, is identity politics but the fracturing of a cohesive and cooperative cultural whole into competing tribes? What are urban poverty plantations and “black lives matter” other than the creation of a grievance-powered tribe? What is the entire effort to destroy and erase from memory American culture but a movement towards tribalism, some which are officially favored, some officially detested? Once you grasp this, the decades-long love of progressives (and fascists before them) for Islam becomes more understandable. These are TWO scourges that need to be eradicated before anything approaching harmony can exist on our planet.

    It will be amusing to watch how the mass shooting by Omar in Orlando plays out in the Oval Office and the “news”rooms of the MSM. Here we have two of the Left’s special-status favored groups at war. Oh my goodness, who shall we side with? Can we blame the gun? Did white males start it? Is ISIS Islamic? (Wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth offstage.)

  25. A thousand times more commentary by non Muslims vs the self reflection of Muslims themselves have been wasted on the topic of 'what the hell is wrong with these people?'

    Enough. Truly. Enough. There is no value no point in wasting another erg on this stupidity. This IS Islam, this IS their culture. No further exegesis is needed nor is it useful. At best it's a distraction. They see us like insects to be squashed. Why that is is irrelevant. Take the appropriate steps in accordance with their beliefs and actions.

  26. Anonymous14/6/16

    Dan, you are SO on target here, however the current situation is not being done by idiots, however tribal their origins. WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM in order to most effectively oppose them. I recommend your readers learn all about it by checking out the work of Stephen Coughlin and of Frank Gaffney; start with YouTube and then go to Amazon for their books. It's also very worthwhile in understnding what's happening to read Syed Qutb's MILESTONES, which you can download as PDF from tinyurl.com/qutbmiles. THIS IS THE PATH THEY FOLLOW, get to know them. "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu


  27. They see us like insects to be squashed. Why that is is irrelevant.

    What is relevant is our own self-image as worthy of existence which is in great need of strengthening if we want to fight this group which has no trouble justifying itself. Maybe this is why the topic of 'what the hell is wrong with these people?' is still popular, because it puts things into some kind of perspective, but what we really need is to know what we stand for, not just why they are evil.

    One of the main things that is wrong with homosexuality is that it is by nature an extreme form of selfish hedonism, as opposed to the normal ('heterosexual') sex drive, which can and should be channeled into producing and perpetuating families and the human race. Everyone knows that the "gay marriage" movement is a fake and that only a tiny percentage of homosexuals are really interested in it (and certainly not in the sense of the traditional exclusivity of marriage) since their whole lifestyle is only directed towards their own temporary pleasure.

    The Orlando shooting puts this all into sharp focus. If all "we" stand for is "gay bars" and the like among the "straight" majority, we will never defeat Islam. Who is willing to die (or even to kill) for hedonism?

  28. Anonymous14/6/16

    Could you tell us what the fascination the Democrats have with blaming everything on the constitution and always working to Destroy it, is this to prepare the US for Sharia Law?

  29. For all of their oil wealth, and the golden toileted hotel rooms, the Saudi's can't even run a hospital without "importing" labor. And since the majority of employees in most hospitals are women... well you can understand how their staffing quotas are hard to meet.

  30. Anonymous14/6/16

    Empress Trudy, thank you for your terse truth. We suffer from over-introspection. Should we become a tidbit to Islam? We were fed guilt about the Crusades, Inquisition, Native Americans, Slaves, Imperialism, Capitalism, Pollution, Hiroshima, Planetary Death... Enough!!! Wake UP!

    Swat this malarial mosquito. Then let's continue as the creative, benevolent, self-correcting, free civilization we are.


  31. Anonymous15/6/16

    "He will be a wild ass of a man; his hand will be against everyone
    and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility
    toward all his brothers.” (cf. Genesis 16)

  32. We in the west are at the mercy of our leaders. These leaders seem bent upon not seeing the islam as a threat. Why?

    So, as an older Christian, God fearing woman, I do pray for the West. But I also fear. I read an analogy that sticks with me, the West is like an armored limousine driving through an insanely violent land. Sooner or later ....

    Saints preserve us, as the women in my family used to say, pray. Saints preserve us. Might I also add, powerful, intelligent men and strong, superior technology preserve us.

  33. Anonymous16/6/16

    Trump has to be the defence

  34. Anonymous16/6/16

    Weaponized muslims are the leftists’ ultímate warrior, their wettest dream come true, because you know, the have-nots aren’t reliable once they get a flat screen, gays want a third bathroom and that’s about it… but muslims when weaponized with that mixture of guilt for wanting western goodies and rejection for fear of acculturation, oh my, they really are the perfect machine gun. Immigration therefore is a must if chaos is to prevail which is the first stage, the second is disarming the population at large. Thirdly the Soetoro-Clinton-Dynasty reigns a thousand years after renaming the Bible as Obamorum Koranorum where prophet Barry dictates the definitive ecolo-creed.

  35. Anonymous16/6/16

    Hey Daniel, In scriptures, there is the writing on the wall. Most radio and other pundits never address the free agency given by Jahovah to humans. There is a LISW test given to people to determine their perception of others. A psychological tag to put on people to discern their defficientcy. Sorry, going through a lot in my life. But still pay attention. Cancer, consumes one's thoughts.

  36. Terry16/6/16

    This article is as profound as it is chilling. It's one of the best I've seen written by anyone. I would amplify what you've said with the following comment: One major problem with Islam is that it is approximately 700 years behind Christianity (and even further behind Judaism) in its evolution toward modernity. Even within Christendom, the last major war of religion ended as recently as 1648 (Thirty Years War). Unless the pace of cultural evolution within Islam increases unexpectedly, it will be centuries before Islam is ready to leave the Middle Ages, enter the modern world, and adopt peaceful standards of behavior.

    Thanks for what you do, Daniel, and keep up the good work.

  37. Anonymous16/6/16

    Cool, concise, got that whole Humpty Dumpty aspect goin on, you the man Dan, givin sociology profs fits, love it brother. Greg Rn.

  38. Anonymous16/6/16

    People aren't going to give up their religion and beliefs, taught to them as children, without a serious fight. Maybe 1 person in 100 can see through the cultural biases and build his own ideals.

    Societies can be turned over many decades through the elite having control of areas like media, entertainment, schools & universities. Along with judiciary and rules writing in the institutions. As is happening in Saudi Arabia... the Saudi rulers make the point to Westerners that each step of reform they make is fiercely opposed by the people of the nation, and so they can only go so quickly.

    But Saudi Arabia has oil to placate people, and oil to literally buy time to gradually change minds. And oil to pay for an army to mercilessly kill those who fight back against being 'reformed'.

    But most Muslim countries do not have much time, because the industrial worlds media & technology have hit these tribalist societies like a ton of bricks. The people can't stop these technologies as they are too cheap and effective. And they can't stop the media/entertainment, because it is too seductive to resist. But since the new ideas & the obvious superiority of non-muslim nations fundamentally breaks their paradigms of the world - they strike out with sheer rage.

  39. I think you got the cart before the horse. Mohammedanism is violent and unstable because that is what's written.
    It's even a stretch to actually believe that Moe existed as he is described in their war books. I find much more evidence of it being created in Bagdad after the initial conquests occurred. It's base may have started out tribal and nomadic, but by the time it was actually settled, it was fully urbanized.

  40. Islam is an unstable ideology which has innate contradictions that create cognitive dissonance in the minds of its adherents. The relatively peaceable, tolerant earlier Mecca writings and directives are completely contradicted by the violent, angry, supremacist Medina writings. There is an irreconcilable difference between the two. This keeps individuals, families, groups, tribes in conflict and in a state of mental instability.

    Islam conditions its adherents to become angry, sociopathic, inhumane, cruel, without conscience or self-control. Islam obliterates humanity, love and mercy, forgiveness, redemption. Islam creates mindless killing machines, people who rationalize taking others property, rape, cruel forms of punishment, invasion, disrespect and disregard of other people, ideologies, laws and nations.

    Islam's fruit, lust, lies, oppression, misogyny, radial hate, conquest, death, is the opposite of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit which is righteousness, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, freedom and self-control.

    Islam's idea of martyrdom is killing others for its ideology. Even this is contradictory to real martyrdom, which is being persecuted and killed for one's cause.

    Islam is the opposite of holy in every way. As a priest once wrote, Islam is the religion of the fallen flesh...a man-made ideology which reflects the character of fallen man.

  41. "Optimists speak of reforming Islam. But such reforms had over a thousand years in which to take place."
    -Daniel Greenfield

    What if Islam had a reformation, and this is it?
    - Mark Steyn, America Alone

    This isn't an immigration event, this is a Hegira.

  42. Anonymous24/6/16

    The reason that America is being victimized and will be plundered by these nomadic raiders is because we as a people believe that Islam is just a religion, and is thus protected by the 1st amendment. Greenfield stopped short of addressing that issue, but his implications make it clear that no Muslim including citizens should be allowed to reside or even travel in any free nation. They have always plundered the wealth of nations, raped, enslaved, and committed the worst atrocities known to man. To allow them to live among civilized, cooperative peoples is to doom western societies to their intrigues, and mind control tactics which undermine the core values of freedom by their subversion of the laws and cultures of Judeo-Christian constitutions, which is the basis for all God-given freedom. DEPORTATION is both constitutional, necessary and righteous in preserving our nation. Let us begin to promote and plan to initiate the idea here in the United States. It is the most humane and effective way to prevent the certainty of future conflict, and spare our nation the plague of Islamic atrocities which can be mapped by the movement of this international Mafia crime family whose godfather Mohammad taught them how to plunder their way through history.


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