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Islamophobia Kills

The deadliest mass shooting in American history happened because of Islamophobia.

Islamophobia killed 49 people in Orlando. It didn’t kill 49 Muslims. Instead it allowed Omar Mateen,  a Muslim terrorist, to kill 49 people in the name of his Islamic ideology and the Islamic State.

Omar, like so many other Muslim killers, could have been stopped. He talked about killing people when he worked at G4S Security, a Federal contractor that provided services to the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. But, according to one of the co-workers he stalked, a former police officer, his employers refused to do anything about it because he was a Muslim.

The FBI conducted an investigation of Omar Mateen. They put him on a watch list and sent informants. They interviewed him and concluded that his claims of Al Qaeda ties and terrorist threats were reactions to “being marginalized because of his Muslim faith.” Omar told the agents that he said those things because “his co-workers were discriminating against him and teasing him because he was Muslim.”

And they believed him.

Poor Omar wasn’t a potential terrorist. He was just a victim of Islamophobia.

Omar got away with homophobic comments that would have gotten Americans fired because he was Muslim. He weathered an “extensive” FBI investigation because he was Muslim.

Anyone who says that there is no such thing as Muslim Privilege ought to look at Omar Mateen.

There is a direct line between Omar’s Muslim privilege and the Pulse massacre. Omar Mateen’s Muslim privilege protected him from consequences. While the media studiously paints the image of a beleaguered population of American Muslims suffering the stigma of constant suspicion, Omar’s Muslim background actually served as a shield and excused behavior that would have been unacceptable for anyone else. Omar Mateen’s Muslim privilege shielded him until he was actually murdering non-Muslims.

And Omar’s case is not unique. The Fort Hood killer, Nidal Hasan, handed out business cards announcing that he was a Jihadist. He delivered a presentation justifying suicide bombings, but no action was taken. Like Omar, the FBI was aware of Hasan. It knew that he was talking to Al Qaeda bigwig Anwar Al-Awlaki, yet nothing was done. Instead of worrying about his future victims, the FBI was concerned that investigating him and interviewing him would “harm Hasan’s career”.

One of his classmates later said that the military authorities, “Don't want to say anything because it would be considered questioning somebody's religious belief, or they're afraid of an equal opportunity lawsuit.”

Would the FBI have been as sensitive if Nidal Hasan had been named Frank Wright? No more than Omar Mateen would have kept his security job if his name had been Joe Johnson.

It’s an increasingly familiar story.

The neighbors of San Bernardino killers Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik noticed that something strange was going on, but they were afraid of profiling Muslims. If they had done the right thing, the 14 victims of the two Muslim killers would still be alive. If the FBI had done the right thing with Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood victims would still be alive and whole. If the FBI had done the right thing with Omar Mateen, his 49 victims would still be alive and those he wounded would still be whole.

We have some basic choices to make. We can empathize with Muslims or with their victims.

We cannot however do both.

After 9/11, Muslims somehow became the biggest victim group in America. And even if you contend that most Muslims are not responsible for the actions of Islamic fundamentalist groups, even if you believe that most Muslims are being wrongly blamed for the actions of a smaller group of radicals, the pernicious myth of Muslim victimhood has become a distorting force that protects terrorists.

Muslim victimhood has elevated Islamist groups such as CAIR to the front row of political discourse alongside legitimate civil rights organizations, despite their terror links and history of obstructing law enforcement efforts to fight Islamic terrorism, while mainstreaming their Islamist agendas.

Muslim victimhood has silenced the victims of Muslim terrorism. Every Muslim terror attack is swiftly diverted to the inevitable “backlash” narrative in which the media turns away from the bodies in the latest terror attack to bring us the stories of the real Muslim victims who fear being blamed for it.

This obscene act of media distraction silences the victims of Muslim terrorism and rewards the enablers and accomplices of Muslim terrorism instead. It is every bit as terrible as claiming that the real victims of a serial killer are his family members who are being blamed for not turning him in, instead of the people he killed and the loved ones they left behind.

Muslim victimhood protects Muslim terrorists like Omar Mateen. It shields them from scrutiny. It invents excuses for them. While Omar made his preparations, while the FBI investigation of him was botched, the media leaped nimbly from a thousand petty claims of Muslim victimhood. And the worst of them may have been Tahera Ahmad, a Muslim woman who claimed she was discriminated against when a flight attendant poured her soda in a cup instead of being given a can. This insane nonsense received days of media coverage. That’s more airtime than any American victim of Islamic terrorism has received.

The media will wait as short a period as it can and turn away from Orlando to some manufactured viral media claim of Muslim discrimination that will be unbearably petty. Meanwhile the next Omar Mateen will be plotting his next act of terror. It’s time to tell the truth.

Islamic terrorism is caused by Muslim privilege. These acts of violence are motivated by racism and supremacism in Islam. Allahu Akbar, the Islamic battle cry often associated with acts of terror and ethnic cleansing since its origin in Mohammed’s persecution of the Jews, is a statement of Muslim superiority to non-Muslims.

Muslim terrorism is not the groan of an oppressed minority. Its roots run back to racist and supremacist Islamic societies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt where non-Muslims have few if any civil rights. Muslims are a global majority. Islamic terrorism is their way of imposing their religious system on everyone.

Standing in solidarity with Muslims after Orlando makes as much sense as standing in solidarity with Klansmen after the Charleston massacre. No one should be standing in solidarity with hate groups.

Omar wasn’t radicalized by the “internet”. He got his ideas from Islamic clerics who got their ideas from Islam. He was “radicalized” by the holiest texts of Islam. Just like every other Muslim terrorist. His actions weren’t “senseless” or “nihilistic”, he was acting out the Muslim privilege of a bigoted ideology.

Even in this country, the majority of hate crimes are not directed at Muslims. Instead Muslims have disproportionately contributed to persecuting various minority groups. Orlando is only the latest example of this trend. In Europe, Jews are fleeing Sweden and France because of Muslim persecution. In Germany, gay refugees have to be housed separately from Muslim migrants. So do Christian refugees. This isn’t the behavior of victims. These are the actions of oppressors.

Muslims are not part of the coalition of the oppressed, but of the oppressors. The sooner we recognize that, the sooner we can deal stop Islamic terrorism and protect the victims of Muslim terrorists.

Muslim privilege killed 49 people in Orlando. How many people will it kill next week or next month? How many will it kill in the next decade or the next century?

The Muslim genocide of non-Muslims is already happening in Syria and Iraq. Islam has a long genocidal history. And if we continue to confuse the oppressors and the oppressed, the next genocide we fail to stop may be our own.


  1. There is an editing error in the third to last paragraph.

    "...the sooner we can deal stop Islamic terrorism..."

    Other than that, wow!

  2. Anonymous17/6/16

    This WAS NOT "the worst mass shooting in American history". By SEVERAL orders of magnitude. It WAS the worst mass shooting in a gay bar. But that is about it. There were several dozen mass killings in the US in the 19th century that were far worse. Or do native Americans not count? The "Race riots" of the early 20th century in which dozens and sometimes hundreds of Africans were slaughtered at a time also spring to mind. This is only "the worst" for democrats and republicans that want to abolish the constitution and organize train rides to death camps, and make no mistakes. That is EXACTLY where this government is going , unless it is derailed by civil war. ---Ray

  3. Infidel18/6/16

    Nailed it.

  4. Anonymous18/6/16

    The Mayo Clinic defines, "A phobia is an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation that poses little real danger but provokes anxiety and avoidance."

    www.phobialist.com has been diligently edited since 1995 by Fredd Culbertson. Unless a proposed entry comes from a "reference book or medical paper", Fredd will not accept it.

    "Islamophobia" is NOT on the list. Surprise!

    A phobia weaselword is just the newest enhancement to the politically correct "shaming" (v.tr.) lexicon. Think back to your reactions to: "racist", "smoker", "redneck", "redbaiter". Our journalists, educators, entertainers insinuated them and their connotated disdain into our subconscious over decades.

    "Phobia" should denote a medically validated affliction with a convincing gravitas. But not when highjacked by scoundrels.

    Now being cultivated is the switch of "global warming sceptic" into "global warming denier".

    Josef Goebbels and Orwell's Newspeak are forgotten evils. We would do well to relearn the precision of thought and word practiced by Ayn Rand, W.F. Buckley, Daniel Greenfield.


  5. Thanks.
    Victimization of oppressors is a clever tactics first tried and brought to perfection in Jewish-Arab conflict in the Middle East some 120 years now.

  6. Unfortunately, Liberals will take issue with your statements that Muslims as a group are guilty of privilege or victimhood or terrorism, Daniel. I can just picture my youngish nieces and nephews who vote for every liberal cause there is telling me that it's only a few that do this, and what about Timothy McVeigh and the other Christians who killed? Blah, blah, blah and on and on. I can't imagine EVER getting through to these people who read Huffington Post for their news. God Bless us every one.

  7. Anonymous18/6/16

    Yes, we're from the government and we are here to help you. Disarm yourselves for the public good, for public safety. You can trust us to take care of you. I learned some time ago in my business days that in NYC the word "trust" has various connotations among them "FU!" Sure seems to be what the Feds tell us these days loud and clear, especially directly from the mouth of the Chief Musloid Barry the Clown.

  8. Just wondering what the Muslims would do if entire cities were carpet bombed for 24 hours after each act of terrorism committed on US soil?

  9. The phase that Muslims are victims has already started. NYT:

    "The massacre in Orlando, Fla., has intruded on the Ramadan traditions of the city’s high school students, who value the holiday as a refuge in their typical teenage lives."


  10. Daniel......I would LOVE to use this as a handout at the Islamophobia meeting with State Attorney General Andrew Luger in St Cloud, MN. We have regular "shaming" events in St Cloud from the leftists in MN. Recently Gov Dayton told us if we didn't like Muslim refugees we should leave. Please let me know if I can use giving you credit of course because we are not allowed to speak or question speakers at these love fests.

  11. 1400 years of consistent Islamic behavior. Will we let it continue or will we stop this Islamic crusade? Death to America is their stated goal not life to all.

  12. Anonymous18/6/16

    Brilliant, as usual, Daniel.

    How many more innocent people will have to die before the Western world wakes up?

    The Islam-pandering left has as much blood on their hands as the Islamic terrorists.

    There. I said it.

  13. Thank you for the article.

    One wonders how long those on the Left wing who occasionally think for themselves or have an original (that is, not approved by their Left wing 'compatriots') thought will continue to support the Democrats, who are clearly dedicated to selling out everyone on behalf of their socialist, that is, politically correct and multiculturalist, ideology.

    Many in the Jewish community, having, for years, watched Obama and his cheap appointed cronies do their best to throw Israel under a bus, still support the Democratic party both financially and at the ballot box.

    Now the GLetc. community, which has dedicated itself to the Democrats (if they are willing to take an honest look), can see clearly that when the Democrats are presented with a choice between combating terrorism driven by the belief system, Islam, and throwing away literally everyone, including the GLetc.s, to be slaughtered by followers of Islam, the Democrats unrelentingly choose to support the vicious terrorist scum and Islam itself.

    I'm hopeful that the American will wake up before we have to undergo the Islam driven equivalent of another Pearl Harbor.

  14. Greg Thomas18/6/16

    Or blame guns. Each and overtime a muslim murders an American in the name of islam, the treasonous liberals bemoan that guns are to blame, which of course, deflects attention away from muslims.

    Every muslim is a potential spontaneous act of islam, waiting to erupt. Instead of protecting Americans, our “leaders” double down on muslim immigration to demonstrate how tolerant they are.

  15. Great point, Daniel! You nailed it. Our guilt is so confusing our judgment that we can't distinguish the oppressors from the oppressed. We haven't a clue what danger is anymore.

  16. Anonymous18/6/16

    Hi, Daniel:

    Please see the transcript at the Rush Limbaugh site about Obama's Orwellian-named "Countering [sic] Violent Extremism" program --to which Paul Ryan & Co. are about to give another $40 million in funding.

    This Obama program FORBIDS our law enforcement and FBI to investigate any moslems -- without FIRST hearing from an imam or fellow moslem in their local mosque that they're a threat.

    That's right: Obama is deliberately baring our throat for the knife.


    On the Limbaugh website, under "Obama's CVE Program Is an Outrage and the Republicans Are Funding It."

  17. Anonymous18/6/16

    Here's a slice from the RL transcript:

    "The acting belief, philosophy, policy of the [Obama Administration] is that Muslim communities have uniformly rejected terrorism; therefore, they don't need to be monitored or investigated.

    "Number two. Instead of aggressively collecting intelligence with radical Islamic communities and suspects who could cause a threat, the FBI... Are you sitting down? The FBI is required to partner with "Muslim community leaders," who are essentially members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    "The FBI, according to the Countering Violent Extremism initiative, should partner with Muslim community leaders like the Muslim Brotherhood, who will serve as our eyes and ears to let us know if there's a problem.

    "So the FBI cannot monitor -- by virtue of this program, law, whatever, we cannot monitor -- Muslim communities. We are not supposed to! We are to rely on Muslim community leaders within those communities to tell the FBI if there's something we need to be worried about."

  18. Fantastic analysis,as usual Daniel.Should be compulsory reading for all politicians,FBI,police and other decision makers.

  19. Anonymous18/6/16

    Not even a week since the Orlando Massacre, I'm starting to see detailed articles exploring the life of the shooter. The fawning treatment of purported abuse and hardship seeks to shift the blame from him to the "rest of us".

    So, the shooter becomes a folk hero to lead the next wave of sickos. What's missing here? Accountability. The shooter and family/tribe achieve rewards at no cost.

    Josef Stalin, Enver Hoxha (Albania), Saddaam Hussein knew the answer. Any transgression brought punishment onto the tribe and family of the (likely) transgressor. Tribes and families got the message.


  20. Mr. Greenfield -

    Not enough people are interested in the truth anymore. Evidence that is incontrovertible, absolutely not subject to interpretation, is deemed "misleading" or "biased." And reason? That would require a population that is literate, numerate, and in possession of a strong moral foundation, all things we dispensed with a long time ago.

    Absolutely no amount of writing or discussions will convince these people of the dangers of Islam. Forget the mountain of evidence over the centuries. Just since 2001, our radios, televisions, and computers and phones have delivered to us daily accounts of the horror that is Islam. But it was ignored, inspite of the up front and personal attacks in Paris, Madrid, San Bernadino, NYC, and on and on and on. But the left treats those of us who have consistently expressed concern as crazed fear mongers, afraid of our own shadow.

    Now Orlando. The LGBT community, who the left worships and reveres, the very people they hold up as the pinnacle of all that is good and right in the world, were directly targeted and brutally murdered. Did the scales fall from their eyes? Did they wake up and realize that they are on the front lines of a war that we terrible Christians and Jews have been warning about? Did they suddenly see that if they wish to preserve all that they insist is dear to them, they need to stop their wastefulness and frivolity and learn from people who are well versed in battling Islam?


    They turn their heads away from the truth because acknowledging they were wrong about this issue would force them to confront other uncomfortable truths. They refuse to see that the gays who were murdered are just the latest in a very long line of all sorts of people who have been targeted by this poisonous ideology. The LGBT community just wants to continue pointing fingers at its favorite bogeymen and demand that everyone agree with them that their grief is worse than others because they are homosexual and everyone knows they are the most oppressed group anywhere. And the left in general falls right in line and pressures everyone else to agree with that assessment, or else.

    What will it take for the left to wake up and start seeing Islam for what it is: a true existential threat? How bad is it going to have to get before the left realizes that their colossal hatred of conservatives and traditional Judeo-Christian culture was something that was almost completely made up in their own minds, the "monster under their bed?"

    I don't know but I think eventually we are going to find out.


  21. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    The Grand Mufti [Islamic leader] of Jerusalem, in addition to becoming Hitler’s ally during World War II, adapted Nazi genocidal theory to Islamic theology. He called on his Muslim brothers to: “Murder the Jews! Murder them all.” Other Islamic leaders used Nazi words like “extermination” in referring to the goals of Arab victory [against Israel].

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 4, page 119) published in year 1991 by Little Brown and Company ISBN: 9780316181372 ISBN: 0316181374

  22. Anonymous19/6/16

    "Islamophobia" is a slap in the face of good Americans every time Obama admonishes us. We take it because our resistance has been eroded by systematic devaluation of our well-deserved esteem for our civilization and culture. We have become doubtful of ourselves; ashamed of mocked-up sins. Isn't this what AIDS does; welcome in organisms that were never a menace before?

    Please confront the sheer malevolence of our saboteurs.


  23. Anonymous19/6/16

    Consider these briefly: "Shining City on a Hill", "Morning in America", "Make America Great Again", "Hope and Change", "Islamophobia". My guess is that the first three feel pretty good, the last two, not so much. Here's my take:

    First 3: (Reagan, Reagan, Trump). Inspire us to continue our greatness. Good foreign born Americans tell me they were attracted by adventure, opportunity, becoming part of a culture they admired from afar.
    "Hope and Change": "Hope" says we have no agency. "Change" says anything beats what we now have. How pitiful.

    "Islamophobia" the cruelest cut; we are cast into the pit of racists, bigots, haters. Dismissed as unredeemable.


  24. Anonymous19/6/16

    Think a lot of you are missing the point by getting concerned over previous killings and the meaning of Islam phobia
    I live in England where these ( sorry but I hate using the word people but have to ) can sit in the street in our Capitol and burn our flag and the American flag and threaten our Queen and tell us that we are infidels who they are going to either convert or iliminate then out Government pay them thousands of pounds of welfare money to stay in huge houses as they have such big families and are scared to arrest or condemn there actions.
    Look at abu hamsa for One example, he caused so much in England and the USA but our Governments hands were toed by the Human rights act and the rediculous EU.
    Although he has now, after many years been extradited his family still lives in England and claims massive welfare cheques.
    You think you have problems with Muslims....just wait !!!!!!!!!,

  25. This government will do nothing. This government wants to see a slight uptick in violence, an acceptable level of atrocities it can use for political purposes.

    Ok, since people are going to die and these things can only get more spectacular, we have to force them to own it. Own it all. Every word on MSM, every blog every tweet. We are following the lead of our great and noble Obama government as the body county climbs. That is what they want, that is what they own. If a side effect of that is some verbal abuse from MSNBC how it's my fault, I can live with that. Sure, blame us, blame the Jews, blame whomever you like. But if we never stop calling them out on their ownership of the casualties we can make some progress. If the left wants an Arab Spring here, I say let them try. We'll just keep telling them they own it.

  26. I wrote these pieces five years ago. Nothing has changed since then except the body count.


  27. Things are not always as they seem Daniel. Things are not always as they seem.

  28. Anonymous23/6/16

    Appreciate your always poignant and precise commentary. At least you have the testicular fortitude to speak the truth. Amein and Amein Brother.

  29. Anonymous20/7/16

    If you wish to stop the muslim terrorist a simple method is at hand. Publicly announce that any terrorist act in which the terrorist dies will be met with the collection of the remains of the terrorist. These remains will be wrapped with with a piece of pork and then buried in a land fill.
    Rationale: Any person capable of believing the 72 virgins await will also believe denial into paradise for being unclean is also accurate.


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