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Why Feminism Failed Cologne's Women

Big Feminism, fresh from fighting pitched battles against swimsuit posters in European subways and other phantoms of "rape culture", failed the women who were attacked by violent Muslim migrant mobs in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg who were the products of an actual rape culture dating back to Mohammed's injunction to his men that Muslim women must wear burqas to avoid being "molested" while non-Muslim women captured in the House of War could be raped by Muslim Jihadis at will.

Big Feminism has a great deal of interest in rape as an abstract idea that can be unpacked to represent everything the left hates from Valentine's Day to environmental degradation to the college frat, but it has little interest in rape as a crime or rape victims as people. Eve Ensler exploited the idea of rape to build up her brand while her PR was being handled by Trevor FitzGibbon, a progressive sexual predator who was also representing Julian Assange, another progressive rapist. Eve Ensler had a great deal of interest in rape as an ideological tool, but none in the women who were raped by her allies.

Feminism is only another of the many manipulative masks that the left wears. Its acolytes cannot see rape as a personal crime, only as an ideological one. To the left, rape, like racism, is a form of institutional oppression practiced by the stronger white male against everyone else. Sexual assaults that don't fit this structural template won't be acknowledged and when they become so public that they must be acknowledged, it will be only to change the conversation.

That process is already underway in Germany as feminists insist that all the coverage of the Muslim rape mob attackers (a coverage that took place despite the best efforts of their left-wing colleagues to bury the politically incorrect story before anyone had even heard about it) is distracting attention from domestic sex crimes. The obligatory feminist protests emphasized opposition to sexism and racism, but they did not mean the form of racism that led large numbers of asylum seekers to see native women as fair game to be abused, degraded and spit on, but the racism involved in calling them out for it.

The hundreds of women who were attacked in a single day by Muslim mobs are inconvenient victims. Like the Peace Corps workers abused by the locals or female activist raped by the Palestinian Muslims they came to help, their stories don't fit the intersectional paradigm and have to be covered up in a politically correct burka.

Big Feminism joined with the left in crying for the migration of a horde of young Muslim men from a culture where sexual assault and harassment are ubiquitous to the cities of Europe. Feminism forcibly introduced the women of Europe to their rapists and then left the grinning mobs to get on with their work. Now it complains that the women it victimized are a distraction from the much more important conversations it would like to have about convincing everyone to fight rape culture by buying forty dollar "I Am a Feminist" t shirts.

Underneath feminism is the rotten leftist creed that all evils originate with the West. It is as impossible for a mainstream feminist in good standing with the political sisterhood to acknowledge what truly happened in Cologne and commiserate with the victims as it was for a Communist to admit that there was no food because a centralized bureaucracy of senile Socialist civil servants is not the best way to run an economy. They cannot even truly admit the crime until they have redirected the blame to that old standby boogeyman on which all Muslim atrocities since the Gates of Vienna have been blamed; failure to integrate due to European intolerance.

Big Feminism's refusal to advocate for women outside the narrow ideological framework of the left is not a new phenomenon. It not only provided politically correct predators like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, not to mention a legion of lesser known names like Planned Parenthood’s favorite politician Bob Filner or Trevor FitzGibbon, with a blank check for their crimes against women, but actually endangered women across entire cities and countries.

Feminist opposition to rape had already been compromised by the left's pro-crime platform leading it to reject sentencing solutions that actually worked. The left's multicultural components isolated the focus on rapes where the perpetrator was likely to be a straight white male. The high rates of sexual assaults in housing projects or tribal reservations had to be ignored unless, as with the Violence Against Women Act, there was some gimmick for using them to indict white men.

While white men are certainly capable of committing any crime, feminism's refusal to cross intersectional third rails at best abandoned countless women of all races and groups to the abuses of politically correct predators. At worst, Big Feminism aided and abetted their rapists.

This indictment is not uniquely directed at feminism. Liberal Jewish and Christian groups, alongside gay and feminist groups, vocally advocated for the entry of millions of Muslim migrants whose contempt for women's rights was only exceeded by their loathing for Christians, their seething hatred for Jews and their violent distaste of gays.

Gay, feminist and liberal Jewish and Christian groups worked overtime to fill their countries with the demographic most likely to commit hate crimes against them. Like Big Feminism, these other arms of the left sold out the groups they claimed to represent for the larger agenda of the left.

Feminism doesn't exist to help women just as credit cards don't exist to help you save money. That is a service they provide on certain specific terms buried within voluminous documents to solicit paying customers. Like your bank, feminism may occasionally help women within very specific intersectional terms buried within its social justice documentation. Banks serve their shareholders, not their customers. Feminism serves its leftist shareholders who want earnest young female college students and a hundred other identity groups to feel that there is a face of the vast multinational Big Brother left looking out for them. As hundreds of European women found out on New Year's Eve and in its aftermath, that is a lie.

The left does not help women. The left only helps the left. Beneath the slick advertising, the artsy designs that lend the illusion of the personal to the impersonal and the touching video narratives is the soul of an ideological machine whose acolytes are trained to allocate empathy in tune with a rigid set of rules that are as inflexible as any Soviet commissar's handbook. The left is not in the business of caring, but of coordinating, and it exploits empathy to gain recruits only to mandate the things that they are allowed to care about in a coordinated ideological fashion.

Big Feminism, along with the rest of its leftist partners, created the conditions that led to the Muslim attacks on women on New Year's Eve. And feminists are leading the cover up of the crisis they caused and continue to worsen by advocating for even more refugee admissions.

As long as feminism remains a slave to the left, it will be responsible for causing more women to be beaten, assaulted and raped. And then it will cover up the crimes and use the victims to sell more red t-shirts.

As Cologne, where hundreds of women were assaulted in one day, reminds us, a feminism in thrall to the left is one of the biggest threats to women.


  1. AesopFan15/1/16

    Brilliant follow-up to your previous post about the Left.
    The RadFemLib Mafia roused my distrust in the seventies when their true agenda was just starting to show, and completely lost me over the Kennedy and Clinton Affairs, but you have precisely articulated why the visceral dislike I have for them is warranted.

  2. Anonymous15/1/16

    Very slick article, SK. This explains that hapless Cologne mayor, an obvious left wing nit wit, who's opening salvo was to blame the women as "within arms length of a muzlim" so you can't fault the mayor's office, the city, or especially any culturally protected minority muzlims for simply displaying essentric customs that are entrensic to a Mohammedans nature! Heaven forfend!!
    But this leftist creed seems to be the same MO as practiced regarding the lack of ever attempting to solve the inner city ghetto crisis, where even mentioning that the solution lies with personal responsability is either racist or Uncle Tom. And one finally gathers that the crisis is to purposely never be solved, and to even be perpetuated to fund a democrat grievance industry and redistribution scheme worth trillions.
    M Porter

  3. Brilliantly written, totally nailed it.

  4. Anonymous16/1/16

    I think if we had marauding mobs of men seeking women to rape, these guys would find, in very short order, that a lot of ladies can shoot back. And a lot more in the wings willing to pack heat if the situation requires that. An armed citizen is America's first line of defense. The founders knew exactly what they were doing in creating the 2nd Amendment. G-d bless the 2nd Amendment

  5. Anonymous16/1/16

    Daniel, how dare you publish the truth? Don't you know that no one is interested in the truth!
    How many people do you think will read or share this article?

  6. "Underneath feminism (or any leftist mantra, gt) is the rotten leftist creed that all evils originate with the West." Perfect.

  7. I suppose the single most disgusting example of "Big Feminism" selling out ordinary women is Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom - who appears to blame it all on middle easterners being radicalized by injustice to the Palestinians. Sayeth MS Margot:
    "Yes, of course we have a reason to be worried not only here in Sweden but around the world, because there are so many who are being radicalized. Here again, you come back to situations like that in the Middle East, where not least the Palestinians see that there isn't any future for us [the Palestinians], we either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence."

    More, if readers can bear it about the Swedish situation here - http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7133/sweden-rapes-acquittals-severed-heads

  8. Rob De Witt16/1/16

    Good, but you still dilute the point: "Feminism" is and has always been Marxism. Full stop.

    Mallory Millett, sister of the author of Sexual Politics (published in 1968) has made it clear what the "movement" has always been about in an eye-opener posted on David Horowitz's FrontPagemag.com over a year ago.

    Read it, and disseminate it as widely as you're able:


  9. Big Feminism is just one of the subscribers to Cultural Marxism, dedicated to sabotaging the "patriarchal" West in pursuit of the regressive left, the end of free speech, democracy and ultimately replacing it with totalitarian regimes that they resonate with.

  10. Thanks for the article.

    "The left does not help women. The left only helps the left."

    The Left is only interested in feminism to the degree that it can be used as part the Left's attack on freedom, individual rights, and Western culture.

    So Feminists scream abuse at the perceived instances of 'sexism' in America but fall completely, deadly, silent concerning the vicious abuse of women by followers of Islam.

    The Left will always egregiously evade any facts which conflict with Left wing philosophy and politics. And that includes the fact of Islam driven rape culture.

  11. Feminism has done it's best to destroy the normal relationship between men and women. Rather than being partners in life they have become adversaries. I just finished reading the article by Mallory Millett that was recommended by your poster Rob De Witt and he's right it should be disseminated widely. It is shocking to see how few people it takes to bring down a society.

  12. Absolutely spot on. Congratulations for exposing today's feminism for what it really is; another vehicle to further the leftist agenda.

    While ISIS barbarians murder men, boys and babies
    Koran wielding zealots like mad dogs with rabies
    Desecrating synagogue, church and temple, defiling sacred graves
    Yazidi women captured, stripped naked, sold as slaves
    The fake Feministas of the Church will not see
    Too busy campaigning for God to be "She" and not "He"
    Kidnapped Christian girls raped, made pregnant by Boko Haram
    Rape victims stoned in Saudi, hanged from cranes in Iran
    Female education forbidden by the Afghan Taleban
    Faces disfigured by acid, for "honour", in Pakistan
    Trapped in their homes and forbidden to drive cars
    Forced to wear sweltering black robes that cover their scars
    Yet the fake Feministas and leftists won't see, speak or hear
    About the millions of women living in violence and fear
    Who cares for little brown girls, their womanhood excised
    Not the Politically Correct officials who averted their eyes
    And what of all the white girls, drugged, raped, beaten, abused
    Nothing to see, shhhh, move on please, that's yesterday's news
    Still the fake Feministas, spout their loony left views
    More concerned we should be forced to use gender-free loos
    Pre-pubescent slave girls are forcibly bedded
    Used, defiled and discarded, many brutally beheaded
    The perversions acted upon them are the base of the basest
    But best to keep schtum, or they'll call you a racist
    And while the EU and UN trumpet "Women's Rights" loudly
    They butt-kiss the woman-hating oil-rich Iranians and Saudis
    Yet still not a squeak from the fake Feministas
    Their morality drowned in the blood of their sisters.
    Copyright - Jeremy Zeid 3/6/2015

  14. For women being able following up on the mayor's advise of staying at an arm's length distance of muslim men one of the two would need to be behind bars. History shall show us who of the two.

  15. The women in Europe better start arming themselves as they have in America. Under the table if they have to become a fifth element. It's no wonder we had to save Europe during World War 2. They pull that mob rape stuff in America and the guns will come out from every sector and they will no longer exist to form a mob. Obama has done all he can to destroy us and open the path for these idiots. The shootings in San Bernadino was a perfect example of how a shackled FBI was suppressed into trying to find some way to make the shooters white instead of radical Muslim. And the left still denies the Obama administration is being run by a Muslim who hates America. The majority no one sees on the news will speak and those idiots will be gone. The Crusaders are coming in force. I hope at some point they will defend themselves in Europe. I still can't believe the German people are letting themselves be that compromised by the left and Muslim radicals.

  16. Whether feminism is a slave to the left or not, the only people responsible for raping women are the men who rape women, whatever their religious or racial origin.

    1. Charles Martel19/3/16

      Wrong. If my dog attacks you, I am responsible.
      Muslims are the attack dogs of the Left.

  17. They don't see it as a failure any more than Pol Pot saw the deaths of millions to be wrong. It's simply what needs to be accepted, in their world view and plan.

  18. Anonymous17/1/16

    This is a superb piece. It is well said and well written. I especially like the line: "Feminism is only another of the many manipulative masks that the left wears." Keep up the good work Mr. Greenfield. I think your work is becoming more popular. Like you once said, your ideas seem to be filtering up to the highest political levels.

    - Halevi

  19. Anonymous17/1/16

    Brilliant as always, Daniel. Thank you! However, aren't you understating it a bit? If only it were just the left. But how does one explain Conservatives-in-name such as Christian Democratic German chancellor Angela Merkel, or even W Bush, acting as Quislings for Islam?

  20. Anonymous17/1/16

    Right on.
    There are true feminists like Phyllis Chesler, but the ones that make all the noise are a part of the "Left", as you describe.

    A bit part of the problem is that they've got themselves public funding out of universities. It's time to shut down their departments and stop listening to their shrill whining.

  21. Anonymous17/1/16

    None of this is new. 2nd Wave feminism in the US, started by Jewish women, turned into an antisemitic polemic decades ago. It merely has come full circle in its own demise. The interesting reality is that these self-important gender warriors live in such a leftwing-bubble that these fools can't understand why young women don't want to be associated with the word feminism in today's day and age.

  22. What goes under the label "Feminism" is collectivist agitprop in service to an agenda that has nothing to do with actual women.

  23. Women rarely identify themselves as Feminists anymore, so far as I know. It was more of a 1970s and 1980s thing which started in the 1960s. I say this not because I am a specialist but because we just don't write or talk that way anymore. I never overhear such conversations casually, at least. So, I think women -- myself included -- do need to learn more about personal defense, but if I enroll in a gun Kung Fu course or something next week, I will say just that: I want to learn to defend myself. I would not tell people I'm going back to the 1980s or something !!

  24. Feminism isn't a slave to Marxism. It *is* Marxism.

  25. Anonymous18/1/16

    The biggest mistake of the commies was to take the feminist cause or the LGBT ‘thing’ for that matter;they simply are correcting it. ‘Drop them and take in the muzzies’ is the order of the day

  26. I just flipped by PBS News Hour and caught a leftist talking about American businessmen going to, I think, the Middle East and "bringing the plague of Western culture" with them. The plague of Western culture ... wow, just wow.

    In my opinion, everything leftists do is in the service of propagating, maintaining and perpetuating their sanctimony, narcissism and grandiosity. Liberalism is at least a neurosis and must be fed, fed, fed. It's been obvious to me for years that they do not give a flying f**k about the targets of their beneficence, but only insofar as those targets can function as tools in their daily grind to feed, feed, feed their ever growing neuroses.

  27. Anonymous25/1/16

    Brilliant commentary as usual. Thank you, Daniel.

  28. this is all the things that needed to be said about Feminism's (particularly 3rd wave but also radfems) betrayal of women and the intersectionality of leftist stupidity.


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