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Black Lives Don't Matter

The slogan of the wave of Ferguson protests is “Black Lives Matter”. But progressives are far more interested in toting around the corpse of Michael Brown to their protests than in the living man he was.

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and countless others like them grew up in broken families, their lives haunted by fathers and stepfathers with gang ties. The only masculine culture they had was that of the thug and that culture eventually killed them.

Criminal culture is even more fatal to criminals than it is to their victims. If you attack enough people, eventually one of them will fight back. Eventually one of them will kill you.

It wasn’t Darren Wilson who decided that black lives don’t matter. Michael Brown did. He did not grow up with a sense that his life was worth anything more than violent posturing could make of it. Just like Martin, that violent posturing eventually killed him.

Rappers recorded a tribute song to Michael Brown titled, “Don’t Shoot”. But Brown’s own songs had a different theme with lyrics like “My favorite part of killing people is when they hit the ground.”

Black criminals victimize other black people first. The Ferguson looters went after businesses serving the black community and businesses owned by black people. That’s the way it always is.

Which black lives really matter in Missouri; the lives of criminals shot by police officers or the black lives taken by criminals?

Missouri has a black homicide rate that is nearly double the nationwide homicide rate for black people. And it’s nearly six times higher than the overall murder rate in Missouri.

If the media were really outraged by lost black lives, they would be outraged by those numbers. If the protesters really wanted to say that black lives matter, they would fight those murder rates instead of contributing to them with their protests. The story of Missouri’s murder rate is the story of the left. From the beginning to the end of the 1960s, murder rates doubled, rapes, robberies and car thefts doubled, assaults tripled and thefts quadrupled.

A decade in which America changed left a bloody trail of death and misery in its wake. The victims of the left’s transformation of America filled the gutters, morgues, prisons and hospitals.

When Giuliani pointed out that the police were there to protect black people, he was asserting that black lives matter. And unlike every single one of his self-righteous critics, he actually saved black lives.

The decision of his Socialist successor, Bill de Blasio, to move criminals back into housing projects was a statement that they don’t. Housing projects in the pre-Giuliani era belonged to drug dealers. Getting criminals out of housing projects saved black lives, especially those of children.

The “Black Lives Matter” protesters claim that there’s a crisis of police shootings. There isn’t. There is a crisis of young black men shooting each other.

After the shooting of drug dealer Derrick Jones, the NAACP breathlessly reported that 37 black people were shot by police in Oakland over four years. Meanwhile there were 1,594 shooting victims in Oakland in one year.

The vast majority of the perpetrators were black. The majority of murder victims were young black men. So were their killers. The leading cause of death for young black men is murder. The perpetrators are other young black men.

If black lives really mattered, then the life of a young black man shot down by a criminal would matter at least as much as Michael Brown. But those black lives don’t matter.

The progressive Ferguson protesters not only don’t care about them, but they want to take more black lives by empowering criminals and crippling the police.

The gang is to the black community as the cartel is to lawless parts of Mexico, except that the American equivalents of the Narcocorrido, the songs glamorizing cartel drug dealers, are distributed by major music labels and their performers are invited to the White House.

While Mexico tries to fight drug and gang music, American progressives make it mainstream.

Gang culture in Black America, which is responsible for most of the gun violence in the country, isn’t the work of a few thugs in a burned out building; it’s promoted by progressives in the entertainment industry. The black lives taken by its glamorization of drug dealing and violent killing also don’t matter.

You don’t show that black lives matter by supporting criminal control over entire black neighborhoods. When you fight the criminals who are taking black lives, when you roll back crime, then you show that black lives really matter. When you help criminals you are announcing that black lives don’t matter.

Despite its self-righteousness about black lives mattering, the left isn’t any good at saving them. It is however really good at taking them. Planned Parenthood’s black outreach arm announced on Twitter that it was joining the Ferguson protests because #BlackLivesMatter.

More African-American lives were ended at abortion clinics in the United States than anywhere else. But those black lives also don’t matter.

The 6,000 black people murdered in one year don’t matter. The 400,000 black babies killed in one year don’t matter. Does a black man have to be killed by a white cop for his life to matter to the left? That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from Ferguson.

To the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, the furious white hipsters crowding malls and staging die-ins, black lives only matter when they feed their own political agendas, their grudges and their own egos.

If black lives really mattered to the left, it would not have built an entire industry, an entire culture and an entire political movement around taking them.

Progressives only care about black people when they’re using them as weapons. For black lives to matter to them, they have to be dead at the hands of a white man. For black unemployment to matter to them, they have to be able to blame it on Republicans. Black poverty, black homelessness only matter to them when they can cash in on a social justice solution that doesn’t fix the problem.

The rest of the time they don’t pay attention and don’t care.

Black people exist for the political convenience of progressives. Black lives don’t matter to them except when they can make use of them. The master-slave relationship has shifted from the plantation to the poll inflating the self-esteem and power of the masters while destroying the lives of their slaves.

The Ferguson protests are not about saving black lives, but promoting the pro-crime politics that take them. Its message is that all black people are criminals and have to be protected from law enforcement. By turning Michael Brown into the ubiquitous black man, the left reveals how racist it really is.

If black lives truly matter, then they matter when the conditions of their misery can’t be blamed on white people. If black lives truly mattered to the protesters, they would fight crime instead of supporting the criminals taking black lives.


  1. soraya5/12/14

    What a brilliant article and analysis. Every time I reread some of the statements here about the killings by black criminal gangs, I can't help thinking that those are nothing but terror organisations, in fact, (which no American would want to admit to...) labeled by political correctness as 'criminal'. I hadn't known about the words to Brown's song. A weighty insight.

  2. Y. Ben-David5/12/14

    Daniel-telling the truth as it is!
    "Progressives" don't care about human rights. They don't care about humans. Maybe you all remember the joke that said "Communists love humanity, they just hate people".
    The "progressives" who support the rioters in Ferguson are the same as those of the "Red-Green-Brown" coalition that marches against Israel (Red-Marxists-Anarchists/Green-Islamists/Brown-Neo Fascists). They all view the rioter and the Islamo-terrorists as the cannon fodder that will overturn the "system" for them. They oppose the existing governmental/social system which they blame for their own unhappiness and alienation and believe that by overthrowing that system, they will be happier. They also resent people who live fulfilled, happy lives and want them to be unhappy as they are. That is why they oppose religious people and countries with a religious base such as Israel. Studies show that religious people are healthier, happier and live longer lives than those who don't and the secular "progressives" resent this. That is why they condemn Israel and the Christian forces in the American political system.
    George Bernard Shaw asked a 19th century anarchist (that era's version of our current "progressivism") how the world could exist without government. The anarchist responded "since people are by nature caring, sharing, loving and generous, there is no need for government since 'the people' will sort things out for themselves, without a governmental system". Shaw then asked him "if people by nature are so good, how did all the evil governments that exist today ever come to take power in the first place"? No answer then, and there is no answer today. There is merely the exploitation of the Ferguson rioters, and the Islamic state and HAMAS to serve as the cannon fodder as fighters against the society these "progressives" live in. Sad.

  3. Anonymous5/12/14

    FYI Now among media there is an attempt to reclassify terrorist groups at not terrorist so Palestinians in America can fund them. Also at the same time slickly refer to Israel as the biggest terrorist. Jewish lives do not matter to the Western left. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/12/05/pro-palestinian-group-lectured-on-skirting-terror-laws.html

  4. Anonymous5/12/14


  5. Would that Conservatives as a whole and our cadre of elected Black Republican politicians would, even more than they do now, shout this message from the rooftops and not be distracted from continually hammering it home again and again until it can penetrate the calloused craniums of the Plantation victims. They must be lead out of their "woe is me" mindset that leads them, paradoxically, to revere MLK Jr's efforts on one hand while mimicking the Mongol hordes looting and pillaging their own communities on the other. It's just a further example of the Svengali stranglehold the Dem Masters have established over their Plantation puppets. It's infuriating to see some of my devoted, dear black Christian workmates (reared in A.M.E. congregations) only partially seeing the light when I can drop a few nuggets of truth in front of their eyes, yet they still "see men as trees walking." I pray for complete restoration of sight and deliverance into complete freedom for them.

  6. Anonymous5/12/14

    Many blacks are now being recruited into Islam. Add jihad to this, like what happened in Moore, Ok. Think on that.

  7. Anonymous5/12/14


  8. Great post, Daniel.

    Yes, a weapon, a rhetorical weapon.

    I have a friend from childhood who is one of the protestors. In his fantasy ideology he is the redeemer, the savior, the champion of the "oppressed".

    And so he acts out his definition of self heedless of the evidence all around him. His "protest" is not about black people. It's about himself.

    "Progressives" are not ideological, they're psychological. It's about them, personally.

  9. Anonymous5/12/14

    My great grandfather and his brother were Union soldiers, great grandfather was awarded the Medal of Honor, as well as others, for his bravery in battle. Great Uncle died. My grandfather, one of eleven children, and born long after the war, remembers that his uncle's widow and ten children came to live with them on their large farm in upstate NY.
    Grandpa remembers his father, a Scots Irishman, was profoundly committed to State's Rights and horrified by slavery.
    I remember my grandfather as being very interested in politics and government.
    I personally resent all the current 'victims' of slavery, for obvious reasons.

  10. Anonymous5/12/14

    Correct analysis and well-written. The rap-listening, Whitey-hating, Muslim-sympathizing members of the Black community who oppose the ideas of decent and noble African-Americans like Ben Carson, Allen West and Alan Keyes, whom they regard as "Uncle Tom's," also believe that Black lives matter only when they are taken by a white man. As long as a Black man is killed by another Black man, they couldn't care less. The leading cause of death for young Black men is other young Black men, yet they don't regard that as a problem, or they blame it on Whitey. But if a White police officer kills a violent Black in self-defense, then suddenly "Black lives matter." After a bloody civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of White Americans to abolish slavery, amendments to the Constitution and decades of affirmative action and reverse discrimination, they still feel discriminated and believe it is all Whitey's fault. The Russians would have sent them to Kamchatka. The British would have starved them. If their ancestors had not been enslaved by fellow Africans and Muslim Arabs and sold to American plantation owners, they would have lived in Africa now, suffering from hunger, disease and savagery. And let's not forget about the existence of BLACK slave-owners, and that the first thing that re-settled Blacks did when they arrived in Liberia was to enslave local Africans. Hypocritical, savage ingrates.

    1. Anonymous28/4/15

      What you all describe is A shared Thing most HUMAN RACES have done or are doing. It's amazing how ignorant people can be. Throw up 20 things by blacks and you can find 20 by whites, lt Browns etc. it's just a color. The police is a problem for blacks, homeless, poor etc. spend a day looking into police brutality. Now you want to say here, here that's a criminal anyway. Then abolish judges and juries and let's let the cops deal out justice to everyone not just those they think won't be able to do anything by it.

  11. Anonymous5/12/14

    Ba bam, Daniel! You hit the nail on the head with this article!

    ALL lives matter.


  12. Anonymous5/12/14

    ps.. In the above I was trying to explain the conflicting emotions of those times, including the feelings of my great grandfather. He told his son that he didn't want America to become a divided up continent like Europe.. I had the sentence formed in my head, but failed to enter it in my post. I also failed to mention the deprivations the family suffered, due to taking on the responsibility for another family.. Fortunately, the older sons were natural entrepreneurs and with their father, held the family together in very tough times.

  13. Anonymous5/12/14

    I see a correlation between Palestinians and black America in this as well: it is hard for me to believe Palestinian lives matter when they obviously place so little value on them in their own community. Any culture which can accept sending their young men strapped with explosives onto a bus or market do not have a culture which respects life. Likewise, when the single greatest cause of death for black men 18-35 is black men 18-35, there is a fundamental disconnect. If you will march when michael brown is shot down in the commission of a felony, why won't you march when Ray-Ray shoots Pooky over who's a better rapper? I will start to care about black lives when they begin to care about them themselves.

  14. Anonymous5/12/14

    Excellent thesis. Impeccably written. And this is precisely the "angle" that conservatives need to use to have an impact on liberals; that is, to show them how their actions contradict their so-called values. (...without calling them hypocrites, I mean.) Well done.

    And I would add that welfare/section 8 housing is also a form of liberal racism in that it is tacitly saying to Black people that they need this assistance ad nauseam. I once had a female tenant receiving section 8 funding in one of my rental properties who actually wanted to work. She got a job as an intake receptionist at Kaiser hospital--a job which workers can use to raise a family. She had to turn it down because she would have made less overall had she taken the position. An absurd situation like that is what liberals would call koyaanisqatsi--life out of balance.

    King Western Man

  15. mifouf5/12/14

    In 1990 the J Amer Med Assn published a study of the relative mortality of young black men in the military versus those in civilian populations. Those in the military had a 12-fold LOWER mortality due to homicide as compared with the civilian homicide rate for a similar population. The conclusion was: If you want your black young son to survive, urge him to spend his youth in the service of the nation. (Rothberg. JAMA 1990: 264, 2241.)

  16. The collectivists find dead black people too useful for their aim of disarming Americans. It would be bad enough if black lives didn't matter, but it's even worse than that: dead black people are actually useful to the ruling class.

    White lives don't matter either, by the way. All that matters to the ruling class is the ruling class, and their minions.

  17. They had a story today on a Cincinnati news channels that stated that more than half the children in Cincinnati now live in poverty. It has never been as bad as this before in the city history as far as I know. The progressives and their constant flinging of money at problems and constant protests are killing the cities. I truly believe black people are being set up for extermination. There are many good ones, who work hard, and I have black friends I would give my life for if they were attacked, but for the most part, black people contribute nothing. And, as everyone knows, the power is in the money, and if you don't have money to control anything and always have your hand out and never consider working to support yourself...you will be exterminated if the socialists take over. They will use the black race to get what they want, but in the end, the result will be the same, poverty and misery and killing and more killing. The socialists, of course, will go to their homes in the gated suburbs while the cities implode. They actually have the black people convinced that they should be able to commit crimes without punishment because they are, well, angry at the white oppressor. What a joke.

  18. Typical Matt Drudge Chicago Headline

    "41 shot, 2 dead over the weekend".

    What is it with Negroes and shooting straight. Be a lot worse if they could figure our which end of the gun the bullet came out of, but don't tell them.

  19. Anonymous5/12/14

    With Ozero you have to always look at his other hand. Nothing he says is TRUE.

    Ozero is governing by "rules for radicals" written by Saul Alensky and dedicated to Lucifer, just happens to be the book chosen to be taught by Ozero in the college class he professored in Chicago.

    Rules for Radicals instructs that to get CHANGE you need to create CRISIS.

    I keep wondering if he is warming up for a crisis so that he can declare martial law and postpone the 2016 elections so that he can hang around the white house a little longer. He just does not respect the constitution or our system of laws so why would he just leave on his own..... ??

    I have seen nothing he has done that is good for America.

  20. Just a common 'tater5/12/14

    Great article Daniel. Unfortunately you hit the nail on the head and also pointed out a number of issues that I have noticed over the years. The glorifying of gang culture by the media and Madison Ave. so they can sell stuff to stupid teenagers is despicable. I used to live in LA County, and it is not just black gangs capping other blacks. There are Asian and Latino gangs doing the same thing. Sometimes they go across racial lines to try and take control of an area.

    I worked outside of the US for a while and when I came back, one of the first things I noticed were the ads showing school age kids with do rags and gang-style clothes. My first thought was Oh Crap! These kids will be walking targets. I was right. Send your little kid outside dressed up like gangsta baby daddy, and the rivals start shooting. I also noticed a tendency for the students that excel and the teachers that teach were also victims of so-called "random shootings." The media, ad people, and the police do not want to admit that the criminals target those that want to make something of themselves, that want to get out of the hood, and those that help them to achieve something. I know, I grew up in a gang infested area (and left as soon as I had enough cash to get far away). Now you know why the black businesses get targeted.

    Before we got the PC contagion in LA, the LAPD, LA Sheriff and other local LEO's would take the INS cops with them when they did wants/warrants, and section 8 housing clean outs. That got rid of a lot of the trouble makers. Now, in the interest of humanity, our local agencies are forbidden to bring in Immigration.

    We are watching our so-called leaders, including the GOP, ruin our country with political correctness and vote pandering. Unfortunately Daniel, most Americans will not read or see or hear what you, I, and so many of your readers have written.

    Oh, and for the anonymous one who's forefathers fought (and died) in the civil war, you should see the graveyard where my mother's forefathers are buried. For Memorial Day, the state pays people to go and put US flags on the GAR headstones. I had no idea there were so many of my ancestors that fought that war.

  21. I wonder how many of those protesters would be willing to stand in front of an abortion clinic in any black neighborhood, holding up one of their "Black Lives Matter" signs?

  22. Anonymous6/12/14

    King Western Man: Have you ever watched "The Pruitt-Igo Myth" documentary? The projects were a massive failure and a perfect example of the result of bleeding heart liberal plans.

    From Wikipedia: Pruitt–Igoe was a large urban housing project first occupied in 1954[2] in the U.S. city of St. Louis, Missouri. Living conditions in Pruitt–Igoe began to decline soon after its completion in 1956.[3] By the late 1960s, the complex had become internationally infamous for its poverty, crime, and segregation. Its 33 buildings were demolished with explosives in the mid-1970s,[4] and the project has become an icon of urban renewal and public-policy planning failure.


  23. Anonymous6/12/14

    All life matters. But it matters because man was created in the image and likeness of God which gives him a dignity far above the rest of God's creation. That truth has been lost to most of the people of the world who have chosen to follow the wiles of the devil rather than embrace the light of God. That so many choose evil rather than good, wrong rather than right, arrogance rather than humility, vice rather than virtue, hatred rather than love is the real mystery.

    One's skin color has no bearing on the worth of a man but like sex, the Evil One has cleverly used them as his tools of destruction of man's soul.


  24. Anonymous6/12/14

    Here in El Paso, Texas we just had a black ex soldier kill his active duty wife who he just married in September 2014. Back in 2013 he threw his ex wife off a third floor balcony causing severe injuries to her and while he was being arrested, he struggled and punched a police officer in the face. So while waiting for something to be done about the 2013 incident, he went and married another woman (who was white, by the way, not sure about the ex), and killed her. We had people protesting in front of our courthouse chanting "Black lives matter" for Brown which occurred nowhere near El Paso but here a man injures one woman and kills another in the span of a year and where are the protesters now. Where's the "Women lives matter" chant? Would there be a "Police lives matter" chant if the Brown arresting police officer had been killed? People need to protest for the victims of crime not the CRIMINALS COMMITTING A CRIME who then struggle with police and meet with unfortunate consequences for their illegal activities. Like the black woman who is trying to sue for loosing her eye because a police officer shot out the passenger window of the vehicle with a non lethal bullet because her boyfriend was trying to get away from police. She even says in her taped interview, "he was trying to get away" duh, get away why. Or the black man who died after a police officer used a chokehold to bring him down while committing an illegal act. The man was a "big" man, it looked to me that the police officer looked like a little monkey on this BIG mans back trying to control him. His being so overweight most likely was the main factor contributing to his death. His struggle with police probably caused a coronary. After he was down and handcuffed he was alive and did respond to officers that he could not breath. He was probably having a heart attack while waiting for EMT to arrive and by what I read died in route to the hospital. Should EMT be held responsible for taking a bit to get there? No, just as the officers who were forced to take him down should not be held responsible. I know he was just selling cigarettes but it IS against the law and he WAS a career criminal with several previous arrests under his belt. You can't break and continue to break the law and to boot struggle with police when caught in the act of breaking the law and NOT expect to be taken down by force. Come on!

  25. Anonymous6/12/14

    Nothing nauseates me more than the picture at the top if all the hipsters in a yoga studio posing (no pun intended) in front of the "Black Lives Matter" sign. The smiles and posing of the two girls on the left demonstrates the acute lack of seriousness. This is a phony "movement" that is based on spectator outrage. White liberals are fired-up, falling all over themselves about this new, cool cause, rallying around slogans that are so silly. If you question the "black lives matter" mantra, you're a racist. Your non-activity and non-validation (parroting) means that you don't think "black lives matter." Pure, unmitigated garbage. More self-congratulaty nonsense driving social policy. What about the Nigerian schoolgirls and Boku Haram? You know, the kidnapped girls who are still being raped every day by these Islamist lunatics. Stuff like Michelle Obama holding up that hashtag BringBackOurGirls sign. Go on the street and ask about that vaporized outrage. "Oh yeah, that was 'in' a couple months ago, and I was upset about it, for sure, but Mike Brown is the thing now. It's just so wrong hiw the police pick on young black men. Oh, and I want a big iTunes gift card for Christmas." Sickening. Amusement passing as serious activism, taking a stand with some other wealthy bobo white 20-somethings at a yoga studio. Pardon me while I vomit at this fraudulent expression of concern and solidarity.

  26. Anonymous7/12/14

    A few years ago a black pastor and church organization got blasted by the media and left after they posted an anti-abortion billboard that read: "Blacks Are An Endangered Species."

    This organization was protesting the genocide of black lives at abortion clinics/mills yet the group was blasted for taking a strong stance and saying that black lives DO matter and we condemned for it.

    The billboard incident happened in the US while Hamas was shooting kassams at southern Israel particularly hard.

    Sadly, I recall a famous protest picture from Sderot: a mother pushing a stroller, inside the stroller was a small protest sign in front of a child that read, "We have no spare children."

    You have an excellent talent for visual literacy, Daniel. Nobody in the pictures included in this article seem to genuinely believe that black lives matter. They certainly don't have the impact of the Sderot or black anti-abortion pictures do.


  27. Anonymous7/12/14

    If the outrage was real, they'd really be pissed about Blackmon black crime. Since they aren't... Just made for tv/political content. Oh,,and keeps Sharpton in the green.

  28. Anonymous8/12/14

    No. Criminals Lives Don't matter. Want to Live. Don't be a criminal.

  29. Anonymous8/12/14

    The more I read these blogs, the more I realize that this is an anti-black nativist movement wrapped up in a "respectably mainstream" anti-Islam veneer.

    1. Anonymous10/12/14

      In your case, "reading" with your own biased, racially filtered, and islamo-central vision; has simply wasted your time; because you've learned nothing. That thought is typical of the mindset of those determined to turn this and other issues into: 1) a race war, and/or, 2) jihad in America. PLEASE allow Grandpa to caution you: in a race war, consider population, and weaponry. "You" lose. Whites pushed hard enough, genocide will be the result, and we lose as a country. If jihad, again "you" lose, genocide is the result, and we lose as a country. This is simple math, and the numbers don't lie. This is real, it is not a rap song, a video game, or an action movie. And despite what your imam says, the infidels will win. Keep pushing, and you just may get the war you wish for, but the result is beyond your imagination bad for "you".

  30. It takes a will to ignorance to maintain this level of ignorance about the history of America and its treatment of blacks. Your tribal right wing sociology undermines you warnings on Islam.

  31. 1. This article has nothing to do with Islam

    2. This isn't about American history, but the American present. There's no point in litigating history.

  32. Uh-oh, Daniel, you have finally been discovered by the anonymous Liberal anarchists at Berkeley. Get ready for a long stream of ramblings that make no sense as these peace lovers burn another store.

  33. Anonymous9/12/14


    "No. Criminals Lives Don't matter. Want to Live. Don't be a criminal."

    Innocent until proven guilty, and extra-judicial punishment violates the U.S. Constitution. That said...yes, the case of Eric Garner is tragic, and you'd have to be heartless to watch a man saying he can't breath, knowing that he died as a direct or indirect result of what happened.. But it's frustrating to know that his death didn't have to happen had he not sold the cigarettes illegally in the first place let alone simply put his hands behind his back and get arrested with incident. That's the rule rather than the exception.

    Still, police misconduct/brutality happens and something needs to be done about it. However, blacks are not the sole victims of it.


  34. Anonymous9/12/14

    It's fascinating that, by the violent crime numbers, black people are by far the most racist group of people in their own direction. The line about slavery at the polls is apt.

    Big shoes will need to be filled when either Sharpton or Jackson dies first. Can Holder step up when the moment is right???

  35. Anonymous10/12/14

    Picked up our new Honda @ Leta. Blasting out of our brand new car was m-f, m-f, m-f... this is what the dealership considers mainstream.

    I'm pessimistic about how terrible everything is, but I think we're in the thros of D3 (DIM). It won't last. - djr

  36. Thank you so much for this. I will pass it along.

  37. Anonymous4/1/15

    Black lives don't matter. White lives don't matter. Only "good" lives matter.

  38. Anonymous27/1/15

    I just found out about your blog yesterday and felt like I found a twin soul.

  39. How in the world can Black lives possibly matter, when the real facts are that "nobody" on the planet kills more black people than other Black people themselves! When the day finally comes, and black finally realize that they're the real problem...then maybe...just maybe things will change. But, don't hold your breathe on this one!

  40. Anonymous1/10/15

    http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=2228 (Page 6, table 6 & 7)

    So, blacks aren't killed more frequently than whites and Hispanics aren't tailing that far behind either. Claims that "crime statistics" shouldn't reveal that yes, the ghetto tends to have a large criminal element so yes, there will be more arrests made where crime is more likely to be occurring because it somehow is "racist", while fabricating statistics to claim only black people are dying in police custody isn't... well, that's racism right there.

    This is a mixture of hatred for law enforcement officers and the collective racism that black culture keeps well nourished.

    Let's face facts, Trayvon was as unarmed as all of the "victims" who either fight or run from the officers. Yet the same people who support the insanely loose "stand your ground" and "castle doctrine" laws are those who would have a hissyfit if a police officer burst in a room and unloaded his firearm at an intruder.

  41. Thank you so much for this commentary! These points you made are the same ones I made to those who are still Democrats recently. I have left the. Democratic Party after 30+ years because I have had it with their making martyrs out of criminals and supporting crimes made in the name of "diversity". Why would anyone back a thief or drug dealer who is hurting your community and killing your kids in the community with their drug sales? And yes, the failed Democratic-run cities will never change as long as they are run by status quo Democrats! Look how many votes they get from downtrodden city dwellers. They are the Democrat's base, so things in the cities will remain hard as long as these people vote Democratic. I live near Philly and it has had Democratic leaders for so long. Nothing is changing for Philly, and nearby Chester, PA is proof of Democratic leaders remaining status quo.


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