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Hate is the Force that Gives the Left Meaning

The American left has never had it this good. It has never had two terms of an unabashed and uncompromising leftist in the White House dedicated to its agenda functioning as a dictator without the military uniform, making and unmaking laws at a whim, siccing the IRS and Federal prosecutors on political enemies and transforming the country at a breathtaking pace.

Obama is what generations of the left have dreamed of and worked toward. This is the flicker of hopethey kept alive after JFK's assassination, the Nixon years, Carter's collapse and the long stretch of Reaganomics. This is what Bill Clinton robbed them of prematurely by gauging his actions against the polls instead of blasting full steam ahead regardless of what the public wanted.

The left finally has its Un-American tyranny. So why is it so angry?

Watch MSNBC or browse any left-wing site and you see a level of anger that would make you think that Al Gore had just conceded or Nixon had just won reelection. There's more anger in the privileged circles of the left than in the political rearguard of the Tea Party.

That anger trickles from the top down. Obama's interview with Bill O'Reilly was yet another opportunity for the most powerful man in the country to blame a vast right wing conspiracy. A day doesn't pass without another email from Obama, his wife, Sandra Fluke or Joe Biden warning that without another five or ten dollar contribution, the "right" will take over America.

The left has unchallenged control over the government, academia and the entertainment industry and yet it talks as if the country is 5 seconds away from Sarah Palin marching into Washington D.C. at the head of an army of Duck Dynasty fans to outlaw abortion.

The apocalyptic political paranoia and the uncontrolled outbursts of rage haven’t changed much since 2003. Ten years later, the ideologues in power still act as if George W. Bush is serving out his fourth term. Every day on MSNBC, a stew of conspiracy theories about oil companies, Israel, the Koch Brothers, Wal-Mart and Karl Rove leaves a slimy trail across the television screen.

On the internet, manufactured outrage has become the only progressive stock in trade. Did Jerry Seinfeld say that he values humor over racial quotas? He's a racist. Did an ESPN magazine out a compulsive liar who also happened to be pretending to be a woman? Lock him up. Did Mike Huckabee say something that could be misinterpreted with enough ellipses and out of context “Twitterized” quotes? Before you know it, he's a sexist pig.

Pageviews are the obvious profit motive behind all this and yet it says something deeply disturbing about a progressive readership that eats up hate and doesn't react to anything positive. The rash of fake hate crimes feeds into that same perverse need for an enemy to hate and fight. The left used to pretend that it wanted to do something positive. But now that it has the power, it can't stop searching for someone to hate instead.

The left is more comfortable being angry than being anything else; it finds it easier to rally the troops against something than for something so that even its triumphs only lead to more anger. The MSNBC tweet about an interracial Cheerios commercial was revealing of a deeper problem within the left. It was assumed that the MSNBC audience wouldn't care about an interracial ad unless it could somehow pretend to “spite” the right by watching it.

Obama's awkward stumble from cause to cause, letting the old Bush policies run on Autoplay unless a crusade kicks in, as it eventually did on gay marriage and illegal immigration, is indicative of the problem with the left's governing style. As with an interracial Cheerios commercial, it cares less about gay marriage or legalizing illegal aliens than it does about stirring up conflict.

Like an overgrown teenager for whom music or clothes aren't about enjoying life or expressing an identity, but about upsetting and offending his or her parents, the left needs the negative validation of the right to be secure in its bad choices. Without that negative feedback to affirm its rebellion, its pet causes no longer seem all that compelling or meaningful.

That is another reason why the left began neglecting some of its bread and butter issues after Obama won. Aside from the need to protect its own man, it wasn't really all that interested in closing Gitmo, gay marriage or opposing the War in Iraq. The things it wants to do are never as important to it as its obsessive need to feel that it is fighting against the right.

For all the Obama Worship, the left is more united by hatred for Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz or any other conservative villain of the month than by its support for its own leaders. It derives its identity more from the things that it is against, the middle class, the country, the businessman, the white male, than from the things that it is for.

The left's sense of self is strongest when it is attacking, not when it is inspiring, when it is destroying, not when it is building.

Deprived of an external enemy, its ideologues carve out narrow orthodoxies and denounce each other for violating them. When the right and the center have been purged, the purges of the left begin and don’t end until there is nothing left except one tyrant-guru and his terrified minions. Or until some outside force throws a pot of cold water on the quarreling and shrieking acolytes brawling over minor points of doctrine.

The small scale bloodsport documented in the outward reaches of feminism by The Nation in its article "Feminism's Toxic Twitter Wars" as transgender rights activists denounce Eve Ensler for excluding them by using the word "Vagina" and black feminists denounce white feminists for ignoring their concerns. This is what the left begins doing when it has free time on its hands. It doesn't stop fighting. Instead its wars become pettier power struggles over points of doctrine.

When all enemies to the right have been eliminated, the left doesn't find peace. Its ideology is a weapon, its gurus are egomaniacs and its followers joined to fight. When it wins in an arena, whether it's academia or entertainment, the winners begins warring against each other proving that even in an ideological vacuum, its ideology remains a destructive force whose followers would rather denounce and destroy, than educate and enlighten.

As a victorious parasite writes its own obituary, a successful left is a threat to its own existence and the only thing saving the left from the violent disintegration into its own insanity is the right.

Hating the right is the only thing that keeps the left together. When it doesn't have Nixon to kick around anymore, it dissolves into a wet puddle of goo. If it didn't have Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney and every other figure who took his turn starring in their grim theater of the Two Minutes Hate, it would revert back to the petty infighting of a thousand minor eccentric causes.

The left needs to believe in a vast right-wing conspiracy. It needs the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Evangelical Christians, AIPAC, oil companies, defense contractors and every other element of its conspiracy theories to keep its gurus and followers focused on the "real" threat instead of purging each other for tone policing, insufficient privilege checking and any other outrage of the week.

Like the Salafists shooting and shelling each other in Syria, the ranks of the left are filled with dogmatic and intolerant fanatics whose only goal in life is the absolute victory of their point of view. Their mutual fanaticism and aggrieved sense of victimhood gives them more in common with each other and that very commonality is the source of their mutual hatred. Only they can understand each other well enough to truly want to kill each other as no outsider possibly can.

Hate is the force that gives the left meaning. It isn't hope that animates its leaders and thinkers, but the darker side of human nature that calls on them to destroy and to kill. That dark side is why the left's victories end in tragedies, why the red flags are painted with blood and when its followers have run out of enemies to kill, they turn on each other and destroy their own movements with firing squads, gulags and guillotines. 

The left finds its identity not in its utopian visions, but in the things and people it wishes to destroy. Only by knowing what they hate, do its followers know who they are.


  1. Anonymous6/2/14

    Envy is the force that gives the Left meaning. Hate is merely a consequence of envy.

  2. The left's leadership doesn't have anything material to envy. It's already in the upper class.

  3. Anonymous6/2/14

    Last week, after a predictable anti-Koch diatribe from a left wing co-worker, I asked if he knew what the Koch brothers actually did. Besides, you know, the usual evil.

    Other than "some banker Wall Street s**t", he had no idea. No idea. To many leftists, Koch exists only as a target of hate.

  4. Anonymous6/2/14

    Envy is never sated, no matter how upper class one is. The basis of envy is not that one is lacking something, but that someone else does not deserve what they have.

    The Left has never run out of people to declare undeserving.

  5. I wouldn't define that as envy. I would call it aspirational feudalism.

  6. Anonymous6/2/14

    Feudalism is the likely result when unchecked envy gives rise to hate and unchecked hate is allowed to govern one's actions.

    The average Leftist lives a lifestyle that a Roman senator could only dream of. It hasn't diminished their envy one iota and the reason is they believe others should not be allowed to achieve a similar lifestyle because others don't deserve it. That is the source of their hate.

    Envy in this country has increased with higher living standards, not decreased.

  7. Feudalism is simply power backed by the belief that others are inferior and unable to run their own lives.

  8. alanstorm6/2/14

    Hate is all they have to unite their disparate factions. It also explains the left's alliance with radical Islam, who also have nothing left but hate.

  9. Anonymous6/2/14

    This is an excellent article. "I hate, therefore I am" seems to be a very workable motto of someone on the left. The religious Jew awakens in the morning to say, "Modeh ani -- I thank you" to God for giving him another day in this beautiful world. The Leftist awakens to list whom he will hate today.

  10. As a victorious parasite writes its own obituary ...

    That's the truth.

  11. Anonymous6/2/14

    It will end only when citizens realize that they have been taken. The indoctrination of the masses can only go so far, there will be a straw that breaks the camels back. I believe it is all over except for the shooting, may God have mercy!

  12. Anonymous6/2/14

    Feudalism does not arise from a belief that others are unable to run their own lives, but from the knowledge that if allowed to do so they might achieve a status higher than their self appointed betters. Feudalism has always been about keeping people down, thus its' appeal to the Left.

  13. I doubt the Czar thought that the Russian peasant would surpass him in status. Nor does the same thought occur to Thomas Friedman. Though it might to Joe Biden.

  14. Anonymous6/2/14

    I would like that "GOP Special Victims Unit" graphic on a poster.

    The only conservatives liberals hate are the dogma and rhetoric conservatives, because it seems so hypocritical to me. "Oh, us? We don't want government intrusion! Except on marriage. And contraception. And abortion. And immigration-" Also, conservatives who are for large government spending in terms of defense irk me too, because on the one hand they say that government spending on things they want is fine - but any social program that doesn't affect them, well cut it!

    So, I personally hold no grudge against fiscal or hard line foreign policy conservatives who are hands off in terms of social policy. In fact, I don't have a grudge against fiscal or hardline foreign policy conservatives at all. If you don't want to have government spend money and take in taxes, that's a-okay. I vehemently disagree with you - especially if you want to cut funding to snap and welfare - but I don't hate you for it. Please continue the support for Israel and continue to combat those countries who lack any kind of basic human rights. However, if you want to stop gay people from getting married, take away women's access to abortion and birth control, and things like that? If you call people sinners and full of hate for disagreeing with the blatant homophobic, anti-women agenda and then call us intolerant for standing up against their intolerance - well then I will hate you and we'll have some problems.

    Ultimately, I don't think that (most) liberals have a problem with conservatives in their entirety. The have a problem with the Republican party and conservative hypocrites who force their beliefs onto everyone and then say we are full of hate because we won't stand it and we actually fight back now.

    1. You seem to realize that the left is wrong to demonize Israel while tolerating its enemies. You might want to consider that if they can make such an obvious mistake you ought to be at least a little skeptical in regard to liberal rhetoric and dogma no matter how good and self righteous it makes you feel.

  15. Correct diagnosis. What's the cure, though, for this pervasive hatred and envy?

    In the old days, the hard Left was attractive for the have-nots, whether their deficits were economic or emotional. They were a subset of society, not society's center.

    Over the past 40 years or so, though, the hard Left has co-opted the soft, left-of-center area that used to be occupied by Kennedy Democrats. I know this, because I've lived this. I grew up in a San Francisco Jewish Democrat milieu that opposed communism, supported economic growth, valued hard work, etc.

    In the last 40 years, through a combination of public school, media, and entertainment control, my kind of Democrat is gone. I've become a conservative -- and most of my peers, the ones who started with the same gauzy Democrat ideology I did, have become MSNBC acolytes. They don't have reason to hate -- they're solvent and, objectively speaking, un-oppressed -- but they've been trained to hate through relentless indoctrination.

    Considering that the indoctrination process took 40 years, and inculcated the "haves" with all the class hatred, loathing, and envy that used to characterize the "have nots", can the process be reversed any time soon? Or like Moses and the Israelites, is America doomed to spend 40 years in the political desert until this tainted generation finally dies?

  16. Anonymous6/2/14

    It almost sounds like you were writing about Islam. The left, in entering in an alliance with radical Islam, fails to see just how unspecial they are to the Islamists. Who are the Leftists going to call on when the crocodile starts to eat them?.

  17. Bookworm, conservative democrats are an endangered species in major northeastern and west coast urban areas. The left has become too dominant. And the whole Democratic Party might go that route.

    American Jews are being split sharply down the middle between the left and the right with less middle ground than ever. Demographics favor the right with NYC being able to look forward to a conservative Jewish majority in two decades.

  18. Anonymous, frankly I don't think you have a very good read on what liberalism really looks like today.

  19. Anonymous6/2/14

    Europe's nobility spent a century and a half rooting for the United States to fail precisely because they understood the effect a successful peasantry in the United States would have on the peasantry of Europe and on themselves. The Czar and Thomas Friedman understood and understand perfectly well their possible status absent feudalism: irrelevance.

    Regardless of our pleasant disagreement I ask you to undertake a simple experiment for yourself. Next time you see another leftist tirade of hate directed at someone, look beyond the symptom, hate, and ask yourself why they envy this person. You'll have a much better understanding of the Left and be much better prepared to face them in a conflict. The Left will almost always cheerfully defend their hate. They are much more exposed, and much more reluctant to fight when confronted with the envy behind the hate.

  20. Until fairly late in the game, the nobility couldn't even conceive of a "modern" system without them. They weren't threatened by the alternative, they viewed it as a mob rule anarchy that would inevitably fall apart and revert to the pre-existing system.

    The starting assumption with the United States was that it would fall apart and need a European king. It took them a long time to learn otherwise.

    The left's clients are envious. The left itself however is obsessed with control because it is too egotistical to accept not getting its own way.

  21. Anonymous6/2/14

    It is now that I ask you to begin your experiment. Consider instead the left as obsessed with control because of envy. Consider that their desire to control extends even to the sunflower farmer in Kansas who they just met and whose existence was previously unknown to them. They envy him. They envy his happiness without their prior presence and in spite of he fact that he lacks their material possessions. They contrive reasons to control him because they do not believe he is deserving of happiness. It's not his actions, but his mere existence as a happy individual that triggers their envy and results in their hate. Thus you see the modern trend towards "privilege" in attempting to justify the Left's hate. Privelege, that is mere existence, now being the justification in the absence of any actual action on the part of the individual.

    Don't ask them why they hate. Acknowledge their hate as a symptom of envy and ask them instead why they envy. Observe the reaction you get from that.

  22. it's a nice formulation, but no. They don't even see the farmer in Kansas as a person with feelings, but as a tool or obstacle to building their utopia.

    It never occurs to them whether he is happy or not.

  23. Anonymous6/2/14

    I don't dispute for an instant that they don't consider the farmer in Kansas a person, although they are immediately aware of his happiness, but that's not the point. The Leftist is already lost, you aren't going to change him. But, by exposing his motivation as envy, and the result of his envy as hate, you can prevent him from spreading his envy to others.

  24. Anonymous6/2/14

    Brilliant! I understand the left very well. My father is a socialist and one of the most hateful, unpleasant people I have ever known. He was never happy and seemed to hate anyone or anything that made his children happy. You nailed it, Sultan. I wish all young people would read your works. Then we might be able to turn this thing around.

  25. I live in one of the leftist capitals, Woodstock, NY.

    The leftists I know all have a plan of various degrees of depth and complexity to fix everything.

    They assume that this is just a mirror reflection of the actions of what they presume to be "the right."

    Everybody is assumed to have a plan.

    I don't have a plan. I just live by tradition, as my father taught me, without a big program that will fix everything.

    I encounter almost a unanimous refusal to accept this from leftists. They assume that I must have a grand plan, and that I must be lying when I say that my political leanings are issue by issue rationalizations of my, and my family's, self-interest.

    Every hard leftist guy I know is a megalomanic pretending to be an enlightened, sensitive, feminized guy. Every one has an in-depth plan to fix everything and demands I produce my own plan, or admit that I'm a... bigot.

    Bigotry is not having a plan. Bigotry is dealing with individual moments and individual people. Bigot hunting is thought to be the highest of all moral purposes.

  26. Anonymous6/2/14

    It's fear of losing power. It appears to be the far radical left that has its fists on the reins of power now. People with ties to terrorists and communists and the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the US government and can see their goals finally being realized. They've got power and they are not going to give it up. They will bully and destroy the enemy who can take it away from them, the right and the middle class. Bullies don't stop unless someone stands up to them.


  27. Anonymous6/2/14

    Only the truly un-hinged personality can maintain this level of rage. A normal human would be exhausted after a time and cool down, but not these sick bastids!


  28. "The left’s sense of self is strongest when it is attacking, not when it is inspiring, when it is destroying, not when it is building." This is why the Left finds Islam copasetic. It's no coincidence that the Left regards Islam as an ideological ally – an ally committed to destruction for its own sake – while Islam's proponents and propagandists regard the Left as a useful idiot that can help it further its ends of total submission. This is also why the Nazis and the Communists, when they triumphed in Germany and in countries that went Red, couldn't stop finding enemies to identify and campaign against. Tyrants and tyrannies need enemies, they need nemeses. Otherwise, they have no identity of their own. They need to keep the populace scared and obedient, and what better way to do that than to invent terrible bogeymen. In real life, Orwell's "Two Minute Hate" must be a sustained, years-long hate founded on a never-ending succession of crises.

  29. Liberalism is a religion and every religion needs a devil. For the left, that devil is whomever happens to be convenient: President Bush, President Reagan, Rush Limbaugh. The average conservative isn't the Devil, he is worse: he is a heretic, an apostate standing in opposition to the 'one, true religion' and its goal of 'benevolent unification'. It is Islam or North Korea writ large.

  30. Anonymous6/2/14

    Leftism is an ideological recipe for the overthrow an existing order by a minority claque for the purposes of obtaining material wealth for itself. To maintain its position and power it must keep the majority at bay especially rivals and enemies. Thus, hate is an integral part of the recipe.

    Andy Texan

  31. Naresh Krishnamoorti7/2/14

    Joseph Sobran, probably not one of your favorite people, once said to me that there is a centrifugal tendency in all heresy (and in every error).

    Leftism is defined by rebellion (from the first rebellion of Satan), the will to power, and the centrifugal tendency (the tendency to break apart into smaller infighting groups that leads to purges).

    We see these in the French revolution and Robespierre's Reign of Terror, in the Russian revolution and the Stalinist purges, etc. Never has the Left produced anything positive. It's a wonder that anyone should still be attracted to the Left out of some positive feelings of idealism. This is the great deception of evil.

  32. Leftists seek death, and the destruction of civilization.

    They just want to see everyone else die first.

    Another spot on article Daniel.

  33. Anonymous7/2/14

    Some days I wistfully wonder, '"whatever happened to live and let live"? Most Americans that I know, just want to be left alone, have work that allows them to sleep inside and support their children..Gay marriage or abortion do not incense them, in most cases, until it is shoved under their noses, or they find themselves paying for the 'choices' of people they don't know and don't care to know.
    I find myself wondering who the hateful hysterics are yelling at, seems like wasted energy to me. But then again, along with race hustling, hysteria can be profitable, and help ratings, which in turn, create profits..
    It always comes back to the pocketbook, doesn't it ?

  34. Mike7/2/14

    It occurs to me that the left is much like Islam. Muslims work together to kill the infidels, then turn to killing each other according to sect, tribe, family, etc.


  35. Terry Baker7/2/14

    Tolkien's Sauron was unable to imagine that anyone would actually seek to destroy the ring of power. I have seen exactly this same projection of motive in the leftists I grew up with.

    I see the envy explanation, and the hate, but I think there may be another, deeper reason. Each of those mentioned above hated or resented their fathers. I don't know why, I don't know how. But I'm sure I saw that. It confounds me.

    When you look at the fierce emotional promotion of abortion, homosexuality and socialism, the end game of the far left seems to be to get rid of dad, followed by biological extinction.

    Is my observation distorted? Am I misguided in my conclusion? Please, other posters, set me straight if I've gone off the deep end here.

    PS: Another great post, Daniel, as usual.

  36. The left, in general, is also quite self absorbed and selfish. Their policies are meant to make themselves feel good. "Look what we did, we gave money (usually not theirs) to the poor"....they assign success on intentions and don't really care about outcomes. Never mind their policies often have the reverse effect to the problem they are attempting to address, it does not matter. What matters to most of them is "they care".

  37. Churchill certainly had the right of it when he said "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy."

    That certainly describes many of the Leftists I've dealt with over the years. It also explains the hatred that lies just under the surface.

  38. Terry, it's because they're perpetual teenagers, they never really grow up and mature no matter how old they get.

    I wrote a bit about this here


  39. Piercing post - stellar comments. This is the most intelligent spot on the internet.
    I have to say I agree with the envy underpinning. Envy is one of the most destructive emotions in the human condition.

  40. Anonymous7/2/14

    NY's newest control freak mayor is refusing to march in the city's St Patrick's Day Parade..The organizers, while welcoming gays to march, will not permit Gay Pride signs.
    Why would anyone think this is important enough that the Mayor needs to make an ass out of himself ?
    St Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish tradition and the heritage of people who helped build NY. It is formerly a religious holiday, my immigrant grandparents used to attend Mass on Mar.17th.
    The new mayor is a perfect example of Lib, nonsense, it never proves anything, but it manages to upset a majority while supporting a tiny 'special' few.
    As long as he 'proved his point' that's all that matters, at least until re-election time comes around.

  41. Anonymous7/2/14

    According to Comrade Barry Soetoro´s musings the biggest problem in America today is inequality. Traditionally leftists were talking just about income inequality. As inequality reappears despite all their efforts, they have broadened their scope to include everything at the roots. The new leftist paradise entails for starters: same IQ (compulsory public schooling), same skin color (compulsory hybridization perhaps), same religion (syncretism of islamo-judeochristian-marxist traditions: don´t worry they know how to). Feel free to add to the list…

  42. The parallels to Islam are unmistakable, as like Sunnis and Shiites, when they're not killing "Infidels" they're killing each other. No wonder islam is the darling "religion" of the left.

  43. This country is all hate now, and it's not going to end well. The idiots who spew the most hate will the be the first executed when Polpot like regime takes over. I read somewhere that government has ordered 600,000 AK steel mags and millions of rounds of 7.62x39 ammo for the mags. Who are they planning to arm?

  44. DenisO7/2/14

    Now that you have defined the problem, we can work on it. It's fairly simple, really, they hate because hate is easy to direct, easier than justifying. If the Left can keep their "people" sufficiently enraged over undefined injustices and cruelties, they keep them engaged and the leaders in power. If they had to rationalize, and identify. the injustices, they would be in trouble. Hate, by itself, is enough to motivate followers, who really don't want to question their hate. At some point, it should dawn on most of them that their emotions are being driven by weak manipulators, just to use them to gain and maintain political power, and the perks and payoffs that come with it. Some will understand that they are voluntarily the useful idiots of the puppet masters. The revolutionary image makes them feel superior, and Lord knows they need something to feel superior about.
    The "victories" of their Party will hurt them as much, or more, than Society. Wasting half a life as a useful idiot, once realized, will be depressing and hard to overcome. Projecting hate is not productive or something to be proud of. Some people take longer to grow up and find a useful life, worth living. Free psychological care may be more limited than they will need, once they realize how easily they were made chumps of.

  45. Anonymous7/2/14

    The left exists on the victim,villain and savior para dime.Government being the savior.It's that simple.

  46. I am in Australia. We have recently removed a rampant Socialist govt (The Australian Labor Party, in coalition with the Greens). The county was falling apart, literally, and the broader population were embarrassed by the leadership, as it behaved in a mirror manner to Obama and Co. Our family now watch your federal politics very carefully, because we can see identical behaviour, and worry for you, given you still have too long until the elections and Obama has eroded the sensibility of Americans to a very deep level (with the increase of welfare dependence and the 'empty promise', of more).
    The topic of 'the psychological problem', that seems to plague socialists (idealists), or lefties in Australia was often discussed. The behaviour was so 'culturally unAustralian'. The left invented class war here, racial division, open borders, filled our courts with corrupt judges (who we are still suffering from), gender war, tolerance for Islamic abuses of girls, attacks on the Catholic Church, that shamed even the non-religious, rewarded union cronies, belittled business champions, to the point where our heroes began to look like fools, while they championed the welfare queue. They imposed the Carbon Tax despite the country opposing it, lied, stole money, blew our deficit out from a surplus when they took office in 2007, to a massive debt when they left late 2013 which will take generations to pay off. They stood up at a press conference televised worldwide and told the world our sports people were a drug riddled disgrace, which was a complete fabrication as now proved. They destroyed our border control in one pen stroke, and then said they were proud as they let 35,000 illegal immigrants Muslims invade our shores unchallenged as thousands died at sea getting here. All of these illegals went onto welfare, there is more, but you get the picture my American friends.

    How did they do it? The conservatives in power for 10 years prior until 2007 were so good, the greater population became bored with the comfort, and in 2007 voted in a Left wing govt. Kevin Rudd, who used slogans, chants, social media and charismatic, evangelistic marketing campaigns to get elected. We got seduced by 'his charm, and Santa Clause like bubbly face'... What a nice friendly guy. (Obama?) Taking for granted the affluence and luck we had had (thanks to China mostly), who wanted the boring 10 year old conservatives any more most voters said...

    But we paid dearly, we were duped deeply, by lefties and their lust for power at ANY COST. After a very short time, a union hack - the deputy PM, infamous 'misogyny speech', union hack Julia Gillard knifed her leader Kev in the back, with no warning, not unlike the Romans did to Ceaser, and took over the leadership - with no election, just a 'press conference' to tell us all we had a new dear leader one evening. They turned on Kevin tearing the rock star PM to pieces, oblivious to what the public thought or voted for. But no fear Julia Gillard, was our first female 'token' Prime Minister - hailed by the left as a dream come true and evidence by all the left 'lovies', that Australia had made it in the modern world. ( Julia GIllard is currently under investigation for major fraud). Then guess what? A few years later, Kevin who was still seething, came back, and waited till those inside Julia's cabinet turned on HER as they saw their policies had caused the polls to nosedive. The public were seething with a division never seen before in Australia between the left and right. Fights were breaking out all over the place, friends were lost, gender wars on fire, Muslims were now running our bikie gangs and importing Glok pistols through now corrupt Customs open gateways, and terrorising neighbourhoods with drive-by shootings, etc the place was a mess. My fairy tale (true) has not finished – I will continue in a second post...

  47. Part 2 of the Australian story!

    So...Kevin Rudd, pounced, and while she was still in office, KNIFED HER IN THE BACK .... he toppled her, (party vote). Once again the Australian people never got to vote in a leader!. Kevin proved to be the flake we all remembered him to be. He would text pictures of his 'shaving cuts' to the world to try to rally the youth vote. That gives you an idea.

    Anyway finally this bunch of idiots were removed, late last year and a calm has come over Australians as confidence and pride in our govt returns, under a very responsible conservative govt. They have for instance stopped the illegal boats, going from 800 a year to ZERO. The left is screaming blue murder at this, as you can imagine. They are furious that the govt is turning the country around. I will continue in another post...

    From all the observations we have made in Australia, about the "Left Brained", most of us agree - the problem is that they have simply not grown up, and are still acting out as Dan presents, a very simple childhood complex. Carl Jung referred it to the 'Eternal Purer. We see it often in the idealist typology (referring to Analytical Psychology which is my area), where the person/s cannot fully develop their personality and stay locked in an 'era'', or earlier stage. Ill keep it simply but it always harks back to that old saying - If you are not a socialist at 18 you are heartless, but if you are still one by 40 you are brainless.

    As I said, there are some of us in Australia that have deep empathy for what you are dealing with as we had a small taste, and it was not pretty.

  48. The left must be overwhelmed with rage for the same reason urban blacks began rioting within days of the passage of the Civil Rights Act. When there's no one left to hate but oneself, one must double down on hating the other.

  49. Terry Baker8/2/14

    Thank you, Daniel, for responding to my comment.

    Yes, teenagers. A co-worker working with me in LA said that Hollywood was just teenagers with money. I think he was right.

  50. Helen, I've been following some of it in the Australian papers. The propaganda seems about as pervasive there as here. From the angle of the left, Tony Abbott is the new Bush.

  51. Terry, wannabe teenagers anyway, playing at immortality with hair dye and trends

  52. Fodderwing8/2/14

    I have explained to a number of my lefty acquaintances that they are in need of a conservative "foil" to validate their ways, without which the many and varied leftists would consume one another. They don't get it. They just don't get it. I then explain that if everything and everyone conservative disappeared from the Earth today, there would remain a complete political spectrum, left to right (relatively speaking), that would continue the bickering. They still don't get it. Perhaps we should disappear for a while so they will understand.

    To Anonymous who said the left only has "a problem with the Republican party and conservative hypocrites who force their beliefs onto everyone" I must say, choose a side now. There is no place on the fence in a cultural civil war. A Christian cake-baker can decline to participate in a same-sex wedding or a same-sex couple can force their beliefs on the bakers and destroy their business to boot. It must be one or the other. The "force" you speak of is cultural, and one side or the other will determine what kind of civilisation, if any, we will have.

  53. The left needs to reread Homage to Catalonia or the Nation's article on feminist twitter wars. It keeps forgetting that it eats itself

  54. Anonymous11/2/14

    “Hatred is the central element of our struggle! Hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him a violent and cold-blooded killing machine. Our soldiers must be thus.” - Che Guevara

  55. Anonymous30/11/22

    I have wondered when and where their hatred began and always thought how ignorant they were to Obama being a Dictator. Now his puppet is doing the same thing and they fall for it, all over again. I never realized the hatred they spew until 2016 and beyond. It really is sad that their hatred runs so deep that they have begun to hate their own Countrymen and Country.


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