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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Illinois is the Future of America


Mayor Randy “Rambo” McCallum Sr. came into office telling cops, “I run this mother___” and ordered them to rob competing drug dealers and split the money with him. When drug dealers were busted, the seized drugs and money were brought to his house where he pocketed the money and resold the drugs.

His police chief went down for stealing Xbox video games from the trunk of a stolen car telling another cop, “I’m gonna put you on some real (expletive), teach you how to be real police.”

Baxton Sr. had replaced Alorton’s former police chief, Robert L. Cummings, who had been locked up for income tax fraud. Corey Allen, Alorton’s interim police chief who replaced Baxton, later went on to be indicted for selling a gun to a sex offender.

Fire chief Carlos Darough’s car was searched after he ran a stop sign. Inside the car were pot, crack cocaine and a scale. Carlos had already been on probation after serving eight years in prison for a cocaine conviction. 

The Most Corrupt Village in America

ObamaCare Causes Huffington Post Parent Company to Cut Benefits


No one knows the real name of the Port Hills Groper, the Muslim refugee who stalked and attacked over a dozen women jogging in Port Hills, even though he was arrested, tried and sentenced. Instead the New Zealand court gave him “permanent name suppression” to protect his status in his Muslim community.

Judge Jane Farish, who had told a Maori rapist who had lured an Australian tourist into a dark street and beat her while trying to tear off her clothing “If I had my way I would release you today,” let the groper off with community service because his actions were caused by “cultural ambiguities.”

Last year, an Egyptian Muslim cleric was arrested for groping women on a beach. The spokesman for the Dee Why Mosque said that by groping a grandmother pushing a stroller and an underage girl, Ahmed Alkahly had been “showing love and compassion but had misunderstood the cultural differences between Australia and Egypt.”

Muslim Rape Culture

ObamaCare Website Partly Built by Communist Dictatorship

Edward Cline's new book, The Black Stone, a detective story set in the 1930s that involves the infamous "black stone" of Islam is out. You can get the ebook at Amazon. And hopefully a print edition will be coming shortly.

Here's an excerpt

"Mujahideen?" Skeen had queried, slowly pronouncing the unfamiliar combination of syllables.

"Moslem fighters, 'sacrificers,' beasts ready to die in the cause of Allah, especially if it means killing Jews. They are an ancient breed. When there are no Jews handy, they will kill infidels with as much fervor and sadistic thoroughness."

Skeen could only absorb the information with a mental shudder. He had said, "But there are no Arab Moslems in the city here, at least, none that we know of. There are Syrian Christians here, and Lebanese Christians who left the French Mandates. But I know little about Islam." He had paused to add. "Still, I don’t think there are any Arab Moslems in the whole country."

Lerner had answered, "You would do well to learn more about Islam, Mr. Skeen. And, you are probably right. The nature of Islam is such that this country, or any Western country, would be inhospitable in regards to the practices and doctrine of Islam. Islam is the most intolerant religion in existence. There are the Sunnis and the Shiites and half a dozen subsects and they are always at each other's throats. God forbid that this fine republic should ever become hospitable to Islam or Moslems of any national stripe."
Cline also blogs regularly at Rule of Reason and is the author of the Sparrowhawk series.


Chuck wasn’t up for whatever it was that Mr. Bloomberg had planned for him — or for predicting how much longer winter was going to last, for that matter. And he got so annoyed at the mayor that he bit the mayor’s left hand, his sharp teeth piercing Mr. Bloomberg’s black leather gloves.

“Chuck and my predecessor didn’t always get along, let’s be honest about that.” Five years ago, Chuck bit Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “But I’m hoping we can start a new day, a new relationship here,” Mr. de Blasio said.

The mayor crouched down. A handler held a carrot in front of the door. And Chuck emerged.

Chuck the Groundhog Smarter than Most New York City Voters

State Department Denounces Israeli Video Mocking Kerry as “Unacceptable”


Dr. Tahir Ali Javed is a politician with the Pakistan Muslim League and has been its local Minister of Health and Minister for Special Education, and a member for Protection of the Environment.

Back in America, he’s known as the man responsible for the largest Hepatitis C outbreak in US history.

Investigators eventually determined that Evelyn and at least 98 other people had been infected after Javed’s nurses repeatedly didn’t change the syringe while flushing cancer patients’ ports using saline from a community saline bag.

In Pakistan, Javed became a public health official and reportedly blamed the situation in Nebraska on anti-Muslim sentiment.

Pakistan Health Minister Caused Worst Outbreak of Hepatitis in US History, Blamed Islamophobia


Strangely enough the questionnaire, which takes the time to break down the Japanese into three groups (but excludes the Ainu who actually are another race) doesn’t do the same thing for the Chinese, though it does separate out the Taiwanese.

Moving on to south of the border, there are Mexican-Americans, Mexicans and Mexican-American Indians listed under ethnicity. (No Mexican-Indians for some reasons.)

Are Mexican-Americans a different ethnic group than Mexicans?

ObamaCare’s Insane Race Questionnaire Lists “Singaporean” as a Race

33% Rise in NYC Murders Under Bill “Soft on Crime” de Blasio - “Cops are reticent about making stops because they don’t want to get punished.”


After being featured as an official one-man hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (the richest poverty group ever), this latest honor was inevitable.

Still the competition here is pretty stiff. There’s Obama, but he’s a pushover. But there’s also Dick Cheney, Stephen Harper, Daniel Pipes and Bare Naked Islam. And that’s just in the US category.

Globally, I’m up against General Sisi, Francois Hollande (for pushing Al Qaeda out of Mali), Aung San Suu Kyi, Geert Wilders and the Bahrain monarchy.

It’s Me vs. Obama for “Islamophobe of the Year


...from the comments

When my son was nine years old I took him grocery shopping, and we accidentally ran into a gay rights parade.

Out in front of the parade was a six foot three woman, carrying an Episcopal Church flag, two alter servers swinging censors in back of her, and in back of them about a hundred choreographed guys in skin tight shorts with a gay rainbow emblem sewed on their shirts, collectively doing a 1930's Busby Berkely dance routine. Across the street were religious fundamentalists with signs with flames painted on them, and large letters spelling out "You'll burn in hell!"

My son, who at the time knew nothing about homosexuality, was on the ground laughing so hard het almost wet his pants. The cop on duty wanted to kill everybody, and he informed me he was sent to police the parade as a punishment by his watch commander.

Bill de Blasio to Boycott St. Patrick’s Day Parade


The Koranic verse that mandates covering states, “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested” (Koran 33:59)

That’s not modesty. The covering is being worn to avoid rape.

The key words here are “distinguished and not molested”. Whom are these women being distinguished from? Women who don’t cover up and can be molested.

The Hijab has Nothing To Do with Modesty

87% of Women in Muslim Bangladesh are Abused - We’re talking about 38 percent of married women in Bangladesh suffering serious injuries from domestic violence.


Everyone from the anti-Israel left to AIPAC have a vested stake in perpetuating the myth of the powerful pro-Israel lobby, but the myth falls apart when looking at actual results.

AIPAC doesn’t produce results. Like the ADL, it’s a machine for generating donations and political speeches. The less AIPAC stands for, the more it can perpetuate the myth of its influence by attracting more politicians to attend and praise its leadership in return for AIPAC dubbing them pro-Israel.  It’s a lobbyist love fest that isn’t unique to AIPAC, but AIPAC is unique in the gap between its function and its power.

The AIPAC influence so often written about in the Israelphobesphere consists of little more than donations from members traded for speeches by politicians.

The Lobby that Couldn't Lobby Straight


Why not turn an organization that can’t figure out how to make money into a bank?

The IG’s report suggests, “The Postal Service has a tremendous opportunity to offer small loans that could save borrowers a lot of money — billions of dollars when aggregated across all potential users.”

A Postal Service that is billions in the hole will lend out billions more to people with bad credit ratings to get out of debt.

Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Have the Bankrupt Post Office Lend Billions of Dollars to People With Bad Credit


It was just after midnight on New Year’s Eve while nearly 700 people crammed into Neighbours for a celebration when customers noticed the staircase at the iconic gay club was on fire.

Management at the iconic gay club in Capitol Hill later discovered a gasoline container near the stairs.

In November, he put up the message,

Terrorism is the robbery of my land.
And the torture of my mother.
The imprisonment of my innocent father.
The bullet in my baby brother.

So American, don’t tell me you know about
the things I feel and see.
I’m terrorized in my own land
and im the terrorist ?

Benghazi Muslim Who Torched Seattle Gay Bar: “I’m Terrorized in My Own Land and I’m the Terrorist?”

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Religious Police Hunt Witches on Twitter


In 2010, Bloomberg badly blew New York City’s snowstorm response because he was obsessed with charting the impact of Global Warming on New York. Then he blew the city’s response to Hurricane Sandy.

Now that he’s out of office, he can only fail upward and with these credentials, he was the perfect choice to become the UN Special Envoy for Climate Change and Cities.

Mayor Who Couldn’t Handle Snowstorm to be UN Global Warming Envoy

Syria Won’t Talk to US Unless Kerry Apologizes

Erdogan’s current crisis began with a 2011 Russian crack-down on a drug-money-laundering ring in this area, which laundered revenues from trading Afghan opium with the Taliban. The investigation also revealed illegal gold transactions in Russian banks, which the Chechens shared with their Turkish counterparts. This probe led to the December 17, 2013, arrests of the sons of a Turkish minister and 34 other suspects, and to mass demonstrations against the government.

Is Russia Bringing Down Turkey’s Islamic Government Over Syrian Civil War?

2 percent of England Doesn’t Speak English


Like many others, Gul left a routine job – in his case, repairing cars in Marco, a small town in the east – to join a thriving industry selling the outcome of next year’s presidential elections.

Gul, who had a long, black beard and was dressed in the traditional loose salwar kameez, said he was able to buy voter cards for 200 Pakistani rupees ($1.89) each from villagers and sell them on for 500 rupees ($4.73) to campaign managers, who can use them in connivance with poll officials to cast seemingly legitimate votes.

Afghan Presidential Election Votes Going $5 Each

Muslim Speaker at Holocaust Memorial Day Likes Hitler, Gas Chambers, Killing Jews


The youngest son of the Baron Swaythling, one of England’s wealthiest men, Montagu was producing early Alfred Hitchcock films when he embarked on a parallel career as a Soviet propagandist and spy.

A true communist believes that everything from family to food, film to sport, is political. By the 1950s, Montagu had already proved as much.

Not only did Montagu tap the Chinese to host their first World Championships, in 1961, but the surrounding publicity helped to cover up the real story: Somewhere between 17 and 44 million people had recently starved to death during the Great Leap Forward, Mao’s collectivization and industrialization program. No matter: China had built the world’s greatest table tennis stadium, and it hosted 33 countries and won most of the gold medals. 

Ping Pong Diplomacy and 44 Million Dead


What is not in photograph?  Women, little girls, nor is there an American in sight, male, female, Black, White, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, only Muslims.

A few blocks over is Coney Island Avenue where from Church Avenue down to until the middle of the Coney Island Avenue between Avenue J and K is another Muslim neighborhood or an extension of Little Bangladesh, I suppose.  This community although Muslim is a Pakistani and I suspect Afghani community.

In the center of Coney Island Avenue between Avenues H and I is a movie theater.  Just a few doors past this theater, a transformation of the neighborhood begins almost as if someone drew an imaginary line Coney Island Avenue transforms from a Muslim community to Jewish.

On the Jewish side of town, in addition to the yeshivas, synagogues, delis, bakeries and other Jewish businesses, one can find every ethnicity traveling, working and socializing in the area.  However, as with Little Bangladesh, the “Muslim” side of Coney Island Avenue does not appear to be as neighborly.

The Islamization of New York


Mike Flanagan, an Irishman, fought in the British army during World War II and participated in the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. After the war, he was stationed in British Mandate Palestine as a technician in the armored forces. On June 29, 1948, Flanagan, alongside his friend and tank commander Harry McDonald, broke into a military base near the Haifa airport, stole the two tanks and drove them to Tel Aviv where Hagana operatives were waiting.

The tanks were hidden in Givatayim and later formed the basis of the Israeli Armored Corps. McDonald and Flanagan joined the Israeli troops and fought in the Mahal volunteer unit during the War of Independence.

“Grandfather said he wanted to stay in Israel and help the weak, the Jewish Yishuv, fight against the Arabs,” his grandson, Lior Hertz said Saturday. “He had sympathy for the Jews.”

British deserter who stole tanks for Haganah dies

The other famous Irish deserter was the grandfather of Arieh O'Sullivan, Jerusalem Post columnist, member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and "Jewish Redneck",

 Toward the end of the Second World War, Thomas O'Sullivan of Bantry, County Cork, decided to join the British army. He was assigned to the Coldstream Guards which was the first unit to liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. After the war he was transferred to the Sixth Airborne Division and was posted in Egypt along the Suez Canal. In 1947 his unit was moved to Palestine where his anti-British sentiments led him to befriend some members of the local Hagana Jewish underground. One night, fortified with a few belts of whiskey, O'Sullivan roared out of his base in Haifa with a "liberated" Cromwell tank. It was the Jewish state's first tank.

O'Sullivan stayed in Israel to fight in its war of independence and married a Jewish girl who had been raised in the Cayman Islands. Eventually they moved to Louisiana, U.S.A. where they raised a family together. Their son, Ephraim O'Sullivan, was a policeman in New Orleans when the Yom Kippur War broke out in 1973. He decided to enlist in the Israeli army and serve the fledgling Jewish nation. After the war he worked briefly as a policeman in Israel before deciding to return to the United States. Ephraim pursued a career in law enforcement and went on to become the police chief of Ocean Springs, the first Jewish chief in the history of Mississippi.

Ephraim "Fred" O'Sullivan collided with history when he was involved in investigating the JFK assassination.


They are not smart. I suggest CNN invest in a dictionary because the word they are looking for is 'cunning.'

The Taliban are cunning, like jackals and hyenas and wolverines.

They are sneaky and ruthless, and when confronted, cowardly. They are hateful, malevolent parasites who create nothing and destroy
everything else.

Smart. Bullshit. Yeah, they're real smart.

They've spent their entire lives reading only one book (and not a very good one, as books go) and consider hygiene and indoor plumbing to be products of the Devil.

They're still figuring out how to work a Bic lighter.

The Real Afghanistan via American Digest


Yesterday, in Tel Aviv, the angry teenager with a bomb on his body came again, as he has so many times over the last few years, and as he will in the years to come. Maybe Spain was right to see the effort as futile. Maybe Europe as a whole should just roll over and not just play dead, but be dead. Perhaps Israel should just shrug and say, "Okay, you win. We'll move or we'll die. You tell us."

After all, what's really in all this fighting and dying for anyone? None of the countries that are engaged in this war against terror seems to be ready to do the terrible things necessary to end terror. ("Don't you see? That would make us just like them!" "Perhaps, but we would be alive to repent and reform.")


And I should know. After all, that boy in the picture up there -- that boy that thought Communism was "something we could live with" -- that young boy was me.

Gerard again, at American Digest


Yet there are really two droughts — nature’s, and its man-made twin. In the early 1980s, when the state was not much more than half its current population, an affluent coastal corridor convinced itself that nirvana was possible, given the coastal world-class universities, the new dot.com riches of the Silicon Valley, the year-round temperate weather, and the booming entertainment, tourism and wine industries.

Apparently, Pacific corridor residents from San Diego to Berkeley had acquired the affluence not to worry so much about the old Neanderthal concerns like keeping up freeways and airports — and their parents’ brilliantly designed system of canals, reservoirs and dams that had turned their state from a natural desert into a man-made paradise. They have become similar to the rarified Eloi of science-fiction writer H.G. Wells’ ”The Time Machine,” who live dreamy existences without any clue how to supply their own daily necessities.

Californians have not built a major reservoir since the New Melones Dam more than 30 years ago. As the state subsequently added almost 20 million people, it assumed that it was exempt from creating any more “unnatural” Sierra lakes and canals to store precious water during California’s rarer wet and snow-filled years.

from Victor Davis Hanson's A Tale of Two Droughts


  1. The last time I visited the doctor's office, I was handed a clipboard with the Obamacare questionaire form attached. Told (!) to fill it out, I asked why being born in a certain local changed one's race. Shrugs from the receptionist.
    On the form I was TOLD to fill out, there were only two ethnic groups..."Hispanic or Non-Hispanic". I refused to fill out the form, so I'm sure the receptionist did it for me after I left, and checked the box "Jerk".

  2. You make Fridays something to look forward to. (?...something to which to look forward?)

    After reading newspapers or watching TV news all week, reading the Friday round up is like stepping out of a dark, dank, smelly cave filled with slimy 'creepy-crawlies' (as we called them when I was young) into the bright sun light of a warm pleasant afternoon. The truth is simply excellent.

  3. Doug thanks, I haven't been able to watch the TV news in a long while. It's like non-stop Pravda

  4. Daniel: As you may already know, I stopped watching TV news years ago. I get my news from the Internet. TV newscasts are ephemeral. A face reads from a teleprompter, says this, that, or the other, and that's supposed to be taken by one as fact. Seconds later, the face switches to another "fact." You can't stop the face from yacking on and on. You can't say: Stop, let's check up on your assertions, because you may have been fed a line, or maybe you're feeding us a line. But on the Internet, you can take your time and confirm whether or not the face is telling the truth or only part of it or none at all. The liberal "glory" days of Huntley and Brinkley and Cronkite are dead and gone and are not missed. What's replaced them is entertainment news.


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