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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dying to be Green

Some 8,000 people die in the UK every year due to what is being called "Fuel Poverty", or more simply when it costs too much to heat your home. Naturally the left is already on the case, staging "Die-Ins" outside energy companies and demanding that carbon credits be used to make homes "super-energy efficient".

Left out of the equation is that rising fuel prices can in no small part be attributed to the environmental mania which is at the heart of the movement. It isn't oil and gas companies that are killing the elderly with high fuel prices, it's carbon mania and environmentalism. Energy companies are not run by saints, but they don't have an interest in making oil and gas prices out of reach of ordinary people. It's hard to sell home heat to the dead or the destitute. On the other hand environmentalists do indeed have that agenda.

When Obama's energy secretary communicates that he has no interest in lowering the price of gasoline, instead focusing on energy efficiency and clean energy, he's following the same inhumane line which has made it so expensive to drive a car or heat a home in Europe.

Talk of using carbon credits for "super-energy efficiency" is an admission that a movement using dead seniors as a prop is actually pushing to make energy use as expensive as possible and to reduce it as much as possible. The "Die In" crowd isn't for lowering energy prices, it's for adding more taxes that will benefit energy efficiency and clean energy experts.

Say what you will about energy companies but their business plan generally involves getting a product to market. The energy plan on the government side is to make energy more expensive and keep as much of it off the market as possible. The costs of their policies are not just a talking point, they are a grim reality.

The family that has to choose between feeding their children or being able to afford to drive to work or heat their home is not a talking point, they are the new Kulaks, the victims of ideological government policy that has no problem with watching people die so long as it gets its way.

Stalin killed millions to industrialize the Soviet Union, the New Left will kill millions to deindustrialize the West. It's already doing it. While its activists are trying to peg the blame for fuel poverty fatalities on a government which is badly out of cash, it need look no further than its own activists and celebrities who preach the green life from their mansions.

In a more reasonable world, Lucy Lawless' drilling publicity stunt would be connected directly to high energy prices. Instead the media cheers her on and denounces the government for not diverting enough carbon credits to its latest scheme. But while they lecture on the menace of global warming, ordinary people are freezing to death.

Clear energy has become the new Communism, an ideological program that can never be achieved, but for which we must all strive no matter how many die all along the way. In Scotland, the perennially deranged Scottish National Party has called for generating 100 percent of the country's electricity from wind, wave and tidal power by 2020. He may have only left out the fairies. This plan would add 900 pounds to the average fuel bill. Which is how fuel poverty gets started.

Wales, which has the highest fuel poverty rate in the UK, is working on one of Europe's largest wind farms and has a plan for total clean energy by 2025, if anyone is still alive and hasn't frozen to death. Wind farms don't tend to do too well in the cold and human beings don't tend to do too well without heat.

The current "green" policies will see higher prices for two out of three homes in the UK by the end of the decade. And while it's easy to blame energy companies for that, it's government policies that are responsible, especially when companies and homeowners get saddled with the cost of wind farms and various voodoo measures to fight global warming that mainly end up putting money in the pockets of the well-connected.

Americans complaining about high gas and oil prices can buckle up because what is happening in Europe is only a taste of what is coming this way. Last year UK petrol prices hit 6 pounds per gallon. That's nearly 10 dollars, though for the imperial gallon which is higher than the US gallon. If you think it costs a lot to fill up a tank now, consider that the UK has a better ratio of production to population n than we do. The high prices aren't an accident, they're part of the green program.

The Obama agenda isn't to make energy prices affordable, it's to make them so horribly impossible to afford that we'll use less energy. Fuel poverty is the agenda here and we know that's so because he told us so.

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times  and then just expect that other countries are going to say ok," he said. And, "If somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted. That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in solar, wind, biodiesel and other alternative energy approaches."

That doesn't mean Obama can't heat the White House at 72 degrees, or as it happens to be Hawaii level temperatures. Or as David Axelrod put it, "You can grow orchids in there." It means that you can't do it. That's what fuel poverty really means. It means you have to freeze and if you die, then the community organizers of tomorrow will use your corpse as a prop in their ghoulish protests outside energy companies which have to not only cover all the clean energy boondoggles, but also take the blame for passing on the costs.

Every clean energy program comes with a rider for ending fuel poverty by 2015 or 2025 or 2255, which would be at least slightly more realistic, but it's the clean energy that's causing the fuel poverty. Which lets the left have its green cake and eat the rich too. A program to create fuel poverty obviously cannot be expected to prevent fuel poverty. A plan that makes energy use more expensive will not end fuel poverty, even with any amount of government subsidies, which fewer governments can even afford to hand out.

Yet oddly enough there was a time when people were able to heat their homes and drive their cars, when they were even able to carry shopping bags, minus Wales' tax on shopping bags, and afford to eat. That brief golden period was stomped out by the friends of the working class, who knew how urgent it was to make life harsh and miserable and who are busy finding ways to make it even worse.

Naturally all this is for the greater good. Someone's greater good anyway. Clean energy is supposed to make for energy independence, but since going green the UK has become a net energy importer. Scotland risks going the same way. Unsurprisingly enough ideological investment in not-ready for prime time technologies leads to people freezing to death and purchases of energy from outside to cover the shortfall.

When all else fails, fake the figures. Promise impossible energy savings from energy efficiency. Obama's original stimulus plan focused heavily on energy efficiency in order to save money and create jobs. It accomplished neither goal, but the right people in the right companies got paid, which is how it always works.

Green is too big to fail, even when people are turning blue. The left from Prince Charlie to Caliph Hussein keep telling us that we have to make do with less and part of making do with less is shivering in homes without heat. You can't make an energy efficient omelet without killing 8,000 or so people a year.

Progress doesn't just mean unsightly factories and people putting on suits and going to work in corporations and all the other things that the left despises. It means the technological progress to keep large numbers of people from dying. If the US or the UK are to embrace the living standards of Africa as Prince Charles would like us to, it will also embrace its mortality rates. A reduction in the standard of living at this scale and on such a comprehensive level amounts to mass murder and fuel poverty is only one aspect of it.

The West is not nearly as rich as the left's 1 percent would like to believe. It is only rich in resources, know-how and technology. Take those away and it very quickly becomes very poor. That is what is happening now as the basic elements which make life possible are being chipped away by the followers of an inhuman ideology who are every bit as ruthless in their dogma as the reddest Red.

The Soviet Union killed millions for its ideology. The Western left has only begun and the day will come when a few thousand pensioners dead in their homes will be weighed as the smallest part of their toll.


  1. Jewel1/3/12

    The utopists always kill their brain trust. They kill off the ones who actually have workable solutions, ideas and skill. They do it through education, killing the intellect through indoctrination, and then in the end, through the firing squads.

  2. British monarchy is steeped in eugenics as are some of our government types.
    They worship nature over mankind. Its a religion and a sick one.
    I am all for protecting the environment but not at the expense of human kind.

  3. Laurette Smith (big fan)1/3/12

    Where can I buy that coffin you show? Its soooo pretty!

  4. dave s1/3/12

    In Britain when it gets very cold the wind is always easterly and light.
    Any countryman knows this from childhood. Windmills are then useless. Can you tell them? Their ears and eyes are blinded by their dogma.
    The roads outside commuter hours and the cities are now emptying of traffic. Quieter than the 1960s. Fuel sales are falling fast. Tax revenues too as so much of our petrol price is tax. This means economic activity is less and less. The Western world has gone off it's head. .

  5. Dutch farmers in the eastern provinces of the Netherlands are rubbing their hands on the prospect of pocketing the big fat subsidies they are getting for having the Greengangsters spoil the landscape with the big fat ugly and inefficient windmill parks that shall be placed on their land starting this year. The stupidity and maliciousness of the GG politicians to knowingly waste taxpayers money on these proven by science wastes defies understanding.

  6. I fell in love with the Sultan Knish Blog/ the bonus is the comments, like dessert after the meal

  7. Anonymous1/3/12

    AGW, aka known in the criminal fraternity as "Climate Change" was and is all about wealth distribution by force or stealth. Now that the AGW/Climate change con has been uncovered, the criminals, like con-artists or pyramid scammers, have changed the game to "Sustanability".

    To keep the money pouring in via stealth energy taxes, sustainabilty will be marketted in the West as "Diversity" of energy supplies.

    The AGW debate is over. Indeed it is over, as the political scam has has moved to stealth taxation. Like a chamelion it will change its colour whenever there is a threat.

    And then this

    Cardinal O’Brien: repent over indifference to climate change

    March 01, 2012

    Cardinal Keith O’Brien of St. Andrews and Edinburgh has joined other Christian leaders, including Anglican Archbishops Rowan Williams and Desmond Tutu, in calling for repentance over indifference to climate change.


    Its understandable why Desmond Tutu is in this. He wants the money for the tanking South Africa.

    What we have hear is that anyone sceptical of the hype and downright lies of the AGW/Climate Change, is not just a climate change denier or anti-science, but anti-God.

    So it has come to this. Hell fire and damnation if we dont happily fork over tens of billions each year to the corrupt UN, and then on to corrupt Third world dictators.

    But finally, we are to blame. If the people dont stop this scam, even as the poor in the West die in the tens of thousands, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  8. Jules1/3/12

    Daniel this is spot on... once again.

    I filled my car yesterday with diesel at a pump price of £1.42 a litre... that's +- $8.53 for a US gallon (3.785) or $10.32 for the slightly large UK gallon (4.546 litres).

    The price of fuel is literally killing us here. There has to be a breaking point somewhere or the system is going to implode... How can it carry on like this?

    Household gas prices have just recently gone up 19% (yes, NINETEEN) pretty much across the board from all suppliers. The effect of green taxes is fudged somewhere in there.

    Poorer OAP's (Old age pensioners/ Senior citizens) have taken to buying old cheap books from charity stores to burn in their fireplaces in order to get a bit of extra heat. It's cheaper than buying coal or firing up the heating. A twisted version of Fahrenheit 451?

    It really is as bad as you make out. I'd advise any Americans reading this to cleanse your political system of the leftist-socialist-eco disease which is threatening to ruin your nation. Don't become like us. Cut the cancer out before it's allowed to grow any more. I don't know what hope we have anymore. The main parties are mirrors of each other and offer no hope for real root and branch reform.

    p.s. Really appreciate your blog and articles. It would be great if you could regularly devote a few of them to the UK. You seem to be one of the few sane commentators left.

  9. Jules, thank you very much for your contribution. And Dave and Mindrider as well.

    I do try to devote a certain number of articles to the UK and Europe.

  10. London_Liz2/3/12

    As a single earner household we have always been careful with our heating, the thermostat is kept to have a temperature of 18C. This year due to the rise in fuel prices (as you read 19%)the temperature has been 15C which has meant several layers of clothing when sitting down in the evening. The Government is raising petrol prices again by over 3p a litre in the summer by a device called the Fuel Price Escalator which was introduced as another green initiative. Green taxes have also made flying to visit children living outside Europe almost impossible (unless you are part of the 1%).

  11. The Green taxes on flying from the UK (as pointed out by London_Liz) are indeed becoming a genuine barrier to travel. I fly a lot to Israel and occasionally amass enough airmiles for a 'free flight' which used to be exactly that. But my most recent 'free flight' cost about £200 most of which was in green taxes. These green taxes go to fund the Government's obsession with climate change and the money that is not spent on political ideology is sent to fund crackpot schemes in countries like Pakistan, where no doubt it is partly funnelled into supporting Islamic terrorism. So at the end of the day my money invested in El Al flights actually gets to fund terrorists attempting to shoot down El Al planes.

  12. Anonymous2/3/12


    I filled up my car in London this afternoon, a Ford Mondeo (equivalent to a Ford Contour for the US readers). It cost me £99.30, or $160 at today's exchange rate. I recall being in the states about twelve years ago with my american girlfriend at the time, and she and her parents were going off their heads that gas was 90c a gallon.

    And yes, the cost of natural gas and electricity for my house makes my eyes water when the bills come in. Luckily, I can afford it, but for people who can't in the UK, like the old, and those on low incomes, it's appalling. The tory/ libdem coalition government is just socialism-lite. All it means is a slightly shallower curve toward Utopia. Total bullshit. The Gramscian Marxists have won in the UK. They're dug in like an Alabama tick. America, save yourselves before it's too late.

    Another good one Daniel. If I got to read an article of your quality once a week, I'd be happy. But you seem to churn them out like sausages on a daily basis. Christ, I deserve the 'Order of the Brown Nose' in 'Private Eye' for that...

  13. Unfortunately they're nearly as dug in here, especially in the centers of power.

    Thank you. I do try to put out material on a day to day basis.

  14. Jules2/3/12


    Yikes.. London fuel prices... I live in the North East, where things are marginally (only marginally) better.

    Mine's also a Ford Mondeo ( 2 litre diesel estate). I've taken to driving around everywhere at 55mph to try keep the consumption at 60mpg or above (successfully thankfully). This and judicious use of the cruise control to smooth my driving seem to be helping a lot.

    We also eke out the value of fuel bought by buying mainly at Tesco (supermarket) because then we get the points which we can then spend on something else later on.

    We're lower middle class if you want to put a label on it. Like you, I shudder to think how people on low incomes are getting by.

  15. Anonymous3/3/12

    Here's why it's going to get worse. Yesterday, Herman Van Rompuy, the 'President' of Europe, was handed another two years in power, unelected, of course (what? You think he'd have to be elected? Don't be dumb) Here's what the Marxist toe-rag had to say:

    "All national parliaments have become, in a way, European institutions".

    And that's the idea. Thanks for that...

  16. Anonymous3/3/12

    I live on a disabilety living allowance, I am struggling to pay my fuel bills as is. I've lost count of the amount of times my natural gas bill has gone up, and if I did not qualify for a freedom pass I would be screwed royally. (A freedom pass means free travel on trains and trams in London and free national bus travel, and now thy are talking about taking that away ffs!) I have had to sleep in coats fully clothed with a duvee cause I could not afford to heat my flat when there was snow on the ground last month. I've also had to cut back on daily baths to two or three baths a week. I've also had to switch from fresh meat to processed shite just to be able to afford one hot meal A DAY, America, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PATH.

  17. Anonymous3/3/12

    A very interesting as well as devastating piece. Thanks for it.

    Bill in AZ

  18. Billy3/3/12

    To Jules, who wrote:

    "I'd advise any Americans ... Don't become like us."

    Don't worry, we will. (actually we'll be much worse)


    To Anonymous who wrote:

    "America, save yourselves before it's too late."

    Don't worry, we won't.



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