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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of Disunion

We know that the state of the union is good no matter how many Americans are out of work, how many families are counting every penny, how many industries are falling off a cliff and how high the national debt gets. We know it's good so long as another politician takes a victory lap up to the podium and tells us that it's all good because he's here.

Iraq? Nothing to worry about. We just brought all the troops home. Sure it's breaking up into a civil war, but you won't hear about it on the news. Osama bin Laden is no longer a threat, but his allies have taken over Egypt and Tunisia, and are moving on Libya. The Taliban's momentum has been broken and they are on the verge of taking over the government which means they will finally have been defeated. These achievements are a testament to a military which is facing the biggest budget cuts in decades.

The American soldier is a role model to us. I take away his weapons, fire him, put him on trial and force him to marry his bunkmate to show his tolerance, and he never complains because he's not allowed to. The rest of you need to take a lesson from him. Stop complaining or I'll send you to a military tribunal.

Now it's time for an applause break. We need to spend more money funding college degrees and political indoctrination for everyone. More applause. Only by creating more unemployed people with six figure student debts working at McD's will we be able to restore the post WW2 economy that was built on manufacturing jobs which my administration is working hard to completely eliminate.

More applause? No you shouldn't have. And I didn't get you anything but a monopoly for my buddy Warren Buffett's rail line. Sure it cost a 100,000 American jobs, but who needs them anyway. We need to keep the promise alive and fight the rich whose irresponsible investing tanked this economy. And the only way we can do that is by going deep into debt with irresponsible investments. That's why we've put new rules in place to hold Wall Street accountable in case they ever borrow more money than they can pay back and we've also put new rules into place so the government can borrow as much money as it wants.

The economy is great right now. There are millions of jobs everywhere, even if you can't see them because they're invisible jobs. They only come out at night and during State of the Union addresses. In the last 5 minutes over 3 billion jobs have been created. The auto industry used to be on the verge of collapse. It's still on the verge of collapse but now it's being subsidized by taxpayers. Now the auto industry is too big to fail, no matter how many Volts it makes and how few people buy them. And just wait till you see the GM Lada that uses Soviet manufacturing processes to create a car that only works one day a month and runs entirely on hot air. Just like me.

I will work with anyone who agrees with me, but fight anyone who disagrees with me through executive orders, appointments that I have no right to make and any other way that I can find to violate the Constitution and appoint myself King of America. Applause? Damn right you should be applauding. Your applause just created 300 trillion jobs and eliminated all our debt. Why? Because I said so! I'm the King of America!

What we did in Detroit, we can do in Philly, Raleigh and any other place where a bunch of working class white people are worried about their jobs. As long as they are represented by unions and as long as I need the support of those unions, and as long as my good buddy Warren Buffett can't make any money by putting them out of work, and as long as the Chinese keep lending us money, then I will subsidize every industry until we beat the Chinese.

I don't know why you're all applauding, even I think that's stupid and I used to own a Zune. I still haven't learned how many states there are and even I know that's not going to work. I believe money is made by leprechauns which is why it's so green, but even I'm not serious about the crap I just said. If I was really into creating white working class jobs, I wouldn't have killed Keystone XL. Look Warren Buffett's secretary is applauding. Isn't that sweet?

The real problem is that we're outsourcing too many jobs, that's why I just signed a bunch of trade agreements that will make it easier for South Korea to sell their products here. It's time we stopped giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas and start subsidizing them, like my stimulus plan which created more jobs in China than it did here. Applause? I didn't know Beijing had their own congressional delegation. Hell we invested 2 billion in Brazilian offshore oil drilling in support of my left wing buddies in the gov over there. If that doesn't create American jobs, I don't know what will.

And hey, you guys are gonna think this is funny, but remember when we loaned half a billion to make electric cars in Finland. Yeah Al Gore loved that one, he was an investor. But don't pay attention to anything I'm saying. As I stand here today, I vow that I will bring the jobs back to America. They just have to go through China, South Korea and Finland first. When they're done with them, we get first dibs. Indonesian scout's honor.

I will go anywhere to open up new markets to American products. Like Martha's Vineyard and the golf course. Thanks to my inability to hit a golf ball anywhere besides a lake, a thousand Americans are hard at work in Shanghai making new golf balls for me to hit. And it doesn't end there. German companies are forming partnerships with community colleges to shoot lasers. Chinese wind turbines are making Finnish cars grow Arugula. All we need is more teachers unions to make it happen.

We have told every state to raise their standards which means more kids who can't read or add being promoted from class to class so the schools don't lose Federal funding. And now we need to start paying teachers more. I don't care if you can't afford to keep your home and pay property taxes, the teacher's unions need more Viagra benefits. Statistics show that a great teacher can teach her students how to cheat off each other's tests just like I did at Harvard. If we just pay teachers 250,000 a year, then every student will be able to cheat their way to Harvard just like me.

The best way to create more American jobs is by legalizing illegal aliens and paying for their college educations. Applause? By the Prophet's beard, you people really will applaud anything. We need to kill puppies. Applause. It's time to start burning down more churches. Applause. If we kill every tenth person there will be more jobs for the survivors. Applause. Sometimes I'm embarrassed at how easy this is.

The rate of crossings from Mexico has gone down ever since I tanked the economy and I pledge to you if you give me another four years, every Mexican who doesn't work for the government will be back home trading in his dollars for pesos before American currency is completely worthless. That's why we need to legalize them right now and ply them with benefits so they don't run away before they get a chance to vote for me a third time as El Dictador.

But that's not all. I am opening millions of acres for offshore oil drilling. Not. I am also investing more money in training children to harness the power of positive thinking. Scientists at Federally funded labs estimate that every child who thinks positively can create enough power to light up an entire city. The only problem is figuring out how to stick the plugs into his head while we stick him in some sort of Matrix. And that's where our Federally funded labs come in. That is why I am asking Congress not to gut funding for the Matrix.

Take a look at Wilson E. Picket-Rammsby over there. Born in a shack in an up for grabs district in North Carolina, he had no arms or legs. Ever since my stimulus plan he works at the Buffett-Gore Wind Turbine Making Co. which is entirely financed by taxpayers. Wilson's job is to take 'Made in America' stickers and affix them with his mouth to imported Chinese wind turbines.

I promised Wilson that I would not walk away from workers like him. I will not allow China to buy more Chinese wind turbines than we would buy Chinese wind turbines with their money. I will not allow Germany to seize the lead from us in wind turbines or paper kite manufacturing or aura beaming technology. We've subsidized oil companies long enough. It's time to start subsidizing Al Gore.

Best of all while the Navy will be losing a whole bunch of ships and Marines, they will be purchasing all that clean energy so that our armed forces will have even less money and Al Gore will have even more money.

Now that I spent 15 minutes discussing tax credits and incentives for companies owned by my friends and my supporters, let me completely switch topics and state firmly that it's time to stop the bailouts, the handouts and the copouts. After we pass my Bailouts, Handouts and Copouts plan to force the Navy to buy Finnish electric submarines from a company co-owned by some guy who hosted a fundraiser for me last week. It's possible the submarines don't work underwater, but they're painted green which means they're good for the environment.

We've all paid the price for lenders who sold mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. And by that I mean the lenders paid me money and helped finance my campaign. That's why we need smart regulation. Regulations that are so smart that they automatically exempt me.

Rules that prevent Gibson from making guitars, prevent Canada from selling us cheap oil and prevent businesses from creating new jobs don't destroy the free market. They make the free market work better by taking it out back and putting a bullet in its head, just like my stepfather, the Colonel, used to do to dissidents back home in Indonesia.

Four years after the economic meltdown, I am asking my Attorney General to take some time from being investigated by Congress for shipping assault rifles to Mexican druglords in a plot to subvert the Constitution, and form a special super commission of fact finding investigators to root out financial corruption that we're not responsible for and make them give us our cut.

This proposal is in no way belated election pandering or a way to shake down Wall Street firms into donating to us. They're already donating to us. Applause. Oh yeah, they're donating to us like a Mexican drug dealer with a brand new AK-47.

Because of all the loopholes and shelters and basements in the tax code, Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Unfortunately other people besides Warren Buffett are also benefiting from these loopholes and we need to close them so that only Warren Buffett benefits from them.

I'm a Democrat, but I believe what Abraham Lincoln believed, that habeas corpus should be suspended, First Ladies should be able to spend as much money as they want during a war and that some races are inferior to others. But most of all I believe that you cannot fool all of the people all of the time-- but I am hoping that I can do it at least long enough to get reelected.

Losing the war in Iraq has allowed me to shift the war to Afghanistan where we are losing the war from a decisive position of strength. A wave of change has washed across the Middle East. Women are running for their lives and the Al Qaeda flag is flying in Libya. Iran is on the verge of getting the bomb. And I just want to take credit for all of it.

The renewal of American leadership can be felt around the globe. Now the world knows that they don't have to take us seriously anymore. We're not even paper tigers, we're more like paper tigers who set themselves on fire and then the chief paper tiger gets up and makes a speech about how much fire has done for the standing of paper tigers in restoring human dignity around the world.

To keep pace with our new global role, I have called for eliminating most of the parts of the military that don't buy clean energy from my supporters or bomb the people that the President of France orders me to bomb as incidental to my core mission of destroying America.

And I would just like to finish by invoking the inspirational words of a truly great American. Eldridge Cleaver of the Black Panther Party who wrote in his his autobiography, Soul on Ice, that he began his career as a rapist by practicing on black girls in the ghetto before moving on to other prey. Like him I began practicing on Chicago and then moved on to the Great State of Illinois and then to America.

Thank you and God Damn America.


  1. Perfect!

    Has anyone ever accused you of being sarcastic?

    Seriously, Daniel, you make reading even the most dreadful topic easy.

  2. Me? Sarcastic? Perish the thought.

  3. Now I'm depressed. Thanks for translating, Daniel.

  4. Anonymous26/1/12

    What's with the transcription of Obama's speech? Can't you write something, Daniel?

  5. It was refreshing to read something based on the truth and reality for a change.
    I don't have the appetite to even listen to Mr. Taqiyya in the White House.

    Something you won't hear from his enablers in the media that I came away with ;

    A nation stupid enough to allow the media to deceive them and to elect this destroyer without his being impeached and removed from office by now has just about run out of time.

    Job 12
    He makes nations great, and He destroys them; He enlarges nations [and then straitens and shrinks them again], and leads them [away captive].
    He takes away understanding from the leaders of the people of the land and of the earth, and causes them to wander in a wilderness where there is no path.
    They grope in the dark without light, and He makes them to stagger and wander like a drunken man.

  6. Anonymous26/1/12

    Didn't I hear him promise Spidy powers too?

  7. Daniel: Whatever you’re making (and I’m assuming you have some kind of income), you’re underpaid. Great speech. But, is it really “satire”? Listening to Obama the Blowhard on Tuesday night caused me to fill in the blanks or read behind the lines and what I heard was more or less what you’ve written here. I did not need Ralphie’s Ovaltine secret decoder to translate Barack’s Bolshie yadda yadda, either. It’s always been clear to me that he’s determined to destroy the country and bask in thousands of rounds of applause.

  8. Sadly it's close enough to the truth.

  9. Yep. I didn't watch the speech at all but I imagined it exactly as you wrote it.

    News analysis through satire is the way to get me paying attention. Great writing! You should be a presidential speech writer.

  10. Anonymous26/1/12

    As I forced myself to listen to parts of President Barrack Hussein Obama's speech, and concomitantly recalling the news about the benefit that Warren Buffett derives from BHO's actions and inactions, I was struck, hard, at the parallels I observed to the plot elements I recently saw in the movie of "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1". It's not a great movie as entertainment, but the message is clear. As my largely apolitical daughter (age 48) said after we watched it together: "How could Ayn Rand predict so accurately what it would be like in the USA so many years after she wrote the book?".

  11. Alexis de Tocqueville is really the one who predicted what America could become if not careful.

    So did Washington, Jefferson , Madison, Eisenhower and Franklin. No one listened and no one is listening to them now.
    Rand did to some extent but her philosophy is too self centered and that is not from an American mind either.
    In Obama we have a foreign-minded president.
    He has a third world mentality and outlook.

  12. Dear Lemon,

    So did Plato. In democracies, a population who can vote entitlements to themselves will. People who have entitlements will never vote to lose them. Politicians will therefore always have to promise more in order to keep or get power, etc....until no more $$$; i.e., no more state becausethe state has become so rotten at its core that it becomes easy prey.

  13. Incredible! The ultimate in black humor! (Or are we still allowed to say that?)

    BTW, Eldridge Cleaver eventually became a conservative after seeing what life was really like in utopias like Algeria and the USSR. This should be more well-known.

  14. Lemon: Rand was more American than most Americans were when she first arrived in the 1920’s, escaping Soviet Russia, and than they are now, because most Americans have become inured to the welfare state and the enveloping police state. She came here to become an American. That’s what she became. And it’s unfortunate that she wasn’t around to advise the Founders, so that she could suggest that they include in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law abridging or regulating free trade,” and “Congress shall make no law separating freedom of speech from property….” We see the disastrous consequences of the omission of those amendments all around us today. And, well, yes, of course her philosophy was “self-centered.” So was the Declaration of Independence. Britain, after all, was asking the American colonials to live for the sake of Britain, and the revolutionaries grew tired of it. Just as we should grow tired of it now.

  15. HankH26/1/12

    Now that's some weapons-grade snark!
    He really is a piece of dog poo, isn't he?


  16. That would be insulting to the bodily functions of domestic canines.

  17. You seem to be channeling Iowahawk.

  18. Better than channeling BO.

  19. Absolutely wonderful and posted.

  20. R. Chatt said...
    Very humorous in a juvenile way, but why aren't there any Republican who can offer a serious and coherent critique of Obamas policies? Why are the Republicans fighting over their portfolios and lobbying activities instead? Aren't the Republicans interested in winning based on offering the best solutions to the nation's problems? Or is this election business about which flavor corruption you prefer and whether you are wealthy enough to benefit from government connections? IOW and the election result is insignificant to ordinary people?

    Oh, BTW, your snarky comment about the American soldier being forced him to marry his bunkmate to show his tolerance? -- that wasn't funny, it was truly disrespectful to the service of gay/lesbian soldiers, citizens who are willing to fight and die for their country. If they are hit by bullets and bombs they bleed just like anyone else. All our soldiers deserve our respect.

    Not your finest work. As they say, sarcasm is the weapon of the weak.

  21. Anonymous27/1/12

    You really are twisted and need help. Were you bullied a lot growing up and bow hide behind the printed word. Must be the real reason for your fake pic on your side, attempts at satire aside. You have real serious issues.

  22. Well, I see the trolls have finally appeared.

  23. Fantastic post (ignore the trolls, I always do).

  24. R. Chatt, in between the usual primary bickering, the candidates are. You'll remember plenty of bickering on the Democratic side in 2008.

  25. Fuzzy, thanks. Must be one of their annual conventions

  26. Trouble is, Knish, this isn't 2008. After eight years of Bush there was little likelihood the country would elect an another Republican, especially a bellicose John McCain. Clinton and Obama could afford to go after each other.

    2012 -- There is an incumbent president who is incompetent. It's a serious matter to have him bumbling on for another four years.

  27. I'm not getting a coherent message out of the Republican camp. Lower taxes? Smaller government?
    That's just same old vague "business as usual."

    All that amounts to more money going into the industries Republican cronies own. i.e., military equipment and contractors, oil, big agriculture. etc.

  28. occupant 927/1/12

    The worst part of your satire is the horror it induces, oh, and the chuckles too.

    I am constantly amazed that some folks insist on measuring Obama as if he's actually like any of the previous presidents. His mission is unique. His background is no mystery since it has been revealed as a sinister pillar.

    Obama won't "win" a second term; he'll "take" it. He's ultimately in charge of all the non-investigations of voter fraud after all.

  29. A year or two ago I would have said the Republicans had 2012 in the ag. I seriously doubt that now.

    I wrote my first impressions of the candidates a couple of weeks ago: Ron Paul looked like John Applegate, nutcase cult leader who wanted his followers to jump on the Halle Bop comet.

    fastforward to 2012 and Ron Paul is mocking Newt Gingrich about wanting to build a space colony. Can't any of these guys come up with better analogies?


    Lower taxes for the big business owners (and major employers) will only plunge the country into a depression. Do we really need to tax them out of business? I don't favor bailouts but I can see how tanking big businesses too much can have a catastrophic effect on the economy.

    I don't know what the answer to this mess we're in but we do need a more rational alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties.

    The only sane and not sleezy candidate of the bunch is Rick Santorum. But I imagine he'll drop out eventually to support Romney since for whatever reason he seems most likely to beat Obama.

  30. Lower taxes for the big business owners (and major employers) will only plunge the country into a depression.

    I don't understand your rationale.

  31. Deregulation and empowering people would seem to be pretty big ideas and a solid contrast to the only proposal on the other end which is more of the same.

  32. Linda Rivera27/1/12


    Brilliant! Hysterically funny. Thank you so much for a good laugh! You would make a great comedian! As well as being a fantastic writer!

  33. Sorry for the confusion, Brock. I meant to write that making the big businesses pay higher taxes would put a financial strain on them, and the big businesses would have to start laying people off.

    I think it's a balancing act when it comes to taxing wealthy business owners that employe millions of Americans.

  34. Anonymous29/1/12

    The problem the West has is not too little education, but too much. In the UK, you can leave high school at 16. If you stay on, you do 'A' levels which get you into University at 18. There is absolutely no reason why what they are taught now up to 16 can't be done up to 14, and then they can go out to work at 14. The UK government from '97-'10 under Labour had a target of 50% of the population having a degree - totally ridiculous. In Europe, it's common for people to stay in college until they are in their late twenties/30, before they've even done one day's work in their life. This is utterly unbelievable. My father and mother both left school at 14, and it never did them any harm. My wife's parents both left school at 14 - ditto the above. Both sets of parents started businesses in their early 20s - having been working their as* off already for years - that now have thousands of employees. People with guts and drive and ambition make the economy work, not people with masters degrees in social studies and a subscription to the fu*king Guardian or the NYT.

  35. Mr. President and Secretary of State Clinton, please explain to us veterans along with the American people why you are prosecuting U.S. Marines that urinated on the a couple of enemy Taliban (the same people in this video) while they are executing captured prisoners? Please explain this to us. Are you against us but sing a different tune when on T.V.?

    1. Executions: http://www.longwarjournal.org/videos/2012/02/graphic_video_taliban_execute.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LongWarJournalSiteWide+%28The+Long+War+Journal+%28Site-Wide%29%29&utm_content=My+Yahoo

    2. Marines: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/13/world/asia/video-said-to-show-marines-urinating-on-taliban-corpses.html?pagewanted=all

    3. Amnesty: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/12/30/will-obama-release-fazl-from-gitmo-for-peace-talks-with-taliban/



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