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Remembering Muslim Colonialism on September 11

Anyone who cared to dig through the graveyards of Sudan already knew that Muslims mattered more than Africans to us. The sky full of jets that we dispatched to bomb Yugoslavia on behalf of Muslim terrorists never clouded the skies of Khartoum. But they did show up to bomb Tripoli so that Islamist thugs could begin torturing and murdering Africans.

In the left's pyramid of races, some matter more than others, and Arabs are higher than Africans. So much higher that Sudan is piled with corpses, but the mere thought of Islamist rebels losing in Libya was enough to send in the air forces of bankrupt Western countries already tied up in too many places.

The primacy of the Arab Muslim over the African Christian is a recent thing in the liberal landscape born in part of realpolitik and the red enthusiasm for revolutionary violence. It is a thing which almost no one discusses because it has gone unnoticed. The racial vocabulary of it is one that few are even able to read.

Most still process Obama as an African-American, but while his father was from Africa and he spent part of his life in America-- he is not African-American, because he is not the conjunction of the two. His heritage was Muslim, and so was his Indonesian upbringing at the hands of one of the participants in the genocide of East Timor Christians.

Obama's books studiously attempt to mimic the questions of African-American identity in a painfully literary style that reveals its artificiality. Obama's compulsive borrowing of uncredited quotes from African-American writers and poets shows that same pursuit of authenticity, which always escapes him.

Still to most Americans race comes down to skin color, not culture, and the left believes fervently in the brotherhood of all "brown people" confronting white supremacy, an absurd European leftist construct of little relevance in a continent where European colonialism was a flash in the plan, but Arab-Muslim colonialism has been a going concern for over a thousand years.

The overthrow of Khaddafi by Islamist rebels backed by Western jets is yet another victory for Muslim colonialism in Africa, which is being celebrated with massacres of Africans. Political and media elites in the West who are besotted with Muslim democracy can't see past their theories of political history in which every country ends up just like them to understand the real conflicts in the region.

Even Belgium at the heart of the EU is hardly a poster child for harmony with the Flemish and the Walloons, not to mention the Basque terrorism in Spain and the IRA in Northern Ireland as reminders that ethnic conflicts have not gone away even in Europe where there is far less at stake.

It's only 70 miles from the Italian island of Lampedusa to Tunisia, but the distance in history is far greater than the boat trip made by so many refugees. It's the difference between a continent where ethnic conflicts are primarily linguistic and political, and a continent where they are genocidal.

The Holocaust was the last zero sum ethnic conflict in Western Europe, where the political forces that had resented their loss of power in the last two centuries finally got their chance to vent their fury on the ethnic minority whose emancipation had come to represent everything they hated about the rise of the republics. But Muslim immigration is bringing the zero sum conflict back to Europe.

Terrorism, riots, murders and rapes are the traditional brutal way that ethnic conflicts play out, and the introduction of Islam to Europe, has added layers of furious Pakistanis, Algerians, Turks, Somalis and others on top of the fading ethnic conflicts of native Europeans. The fate of Northern Ireland or the linguistic perils of Belgium are likely to matter very little when the majority of children speak Urdu, and the Orange and the Green give way to the Green and the Black.

But Europe is only beginning to experience a slice of what everyday life is like in parts of Nigeria, India or Israel. And as bad as the No Go Zones of Paris, the rapes of Oslo or the mosques of Munich may seem, it's only the beginning of a road which ends in the graveyards of Sudan or the ghettos of Yemen.

North Africa was colonized long before the French got there, it remains colonized long after DeGaulle waxed his mustache and put on his best Petain act for the Muslims of Algeria. After bombing Libya, we have made it safe for the Muslim colonialists to massacre the continent's native Africans... in the name of democracy, human rights and the rest of that nonsense. Meanwhile the massacres continue in Sudan, despite all the backpatting over South Sudan, and they will continue because this is the nature of the beast.

If bombs are still going off in Northern Ireland and Spain, then why would anyone seriously expect that the lamb would lie down with the jackal in North Africa? Religious conflicts within Islam are settled only when the winners have wiped out the losers or beaten them down so much that the losers are treated as being outside Islam and live as Dhimmis. And conflicts between Muslim colonists and the natives are fought in the same manner, except that the losers are expected to convert or live as second-class citizens in their own country.

Muslim colonialism is behind the endless conflict in Israel where the successful uprising of a minority group has turned the attention of the entire Muslim Ummah to stamping it out-- with the support of the European and American left, and the increasing sympathy of their governments. And second and third generation Israelis who still occasionally visit Auschwitz but fail to understand that this is what zero sum ethnic conflicts look like when you're the minority with no territory to stand on have accepted their portrayal as the villains for all the wrong reasons.

The Western message is that whether you're Black or Jewish-- you matter less than a Muslim does. Your life is worth less than that of a Muslim. Your political aspirations are worth less than theirs are and your national rights are infinitely inferior to theirs. This message was sent before Obama and before September 11, but it has become louder after both of those events. The illusion of parity is completely gone.

Western military intervention in Kuwait and Yugoslavia was followed by atrocities that were rarely reported on. Kuwait's ethnic cleansing and Kosovar ethnic cleansing of Christians were directly approved of by the Bush and Clinton administrations as being within the rights of the people we had fought for. Obama, a man that even most African-Americans wrongly think of as one of them, will turn a blind eye to the Libyan Arab massacres of Africans as he has all along.

President Ford and Secretary of State Kissinger encouraged and covered up the beginnings of Muslim genocide of Christians in East Timor. So did Carter and every president after him. By the time Obama appointed Dennis Blair, who had played a key role in keeping the slaughter going even on the cusp of the 21st century, as the Director of National Intelligence, and made his own Bitburg visit to Indonesia-- these latest obscenities were the continuation of an ongoing national policy that valued the national rights and lives of Muslims higher than those of their victims.

From Asia to Africa to the Middle East, the story remains the same. Muslim colonialism destroys the histories, the cultures and the lives of millions-- and the world nods sympathetically. Resistance to Muslim colonialism is harshly quashed, whether it's in Cote d'Ivoire in Africa, courtesy of the UN and the IMF, or the streets of London where the bobbies who couldn't do much about the rioters are always available to shut down protest marches that might offend Muslims.

The Ground Zero Mosque is no different than the Al-Aqsa Mosque built on top of the holiest site in Judaism, or the Babri Mosque built on top of the destroyed Hindu temple of Rama. And the attacks of September 11 were no different than the piles of butchered Africans in Sudan or the Israeli family slaughtered in their own home. All of them are the bloody toll of Muslim colonialism which will keep on going until it is stopped.

Muslim colonialism will only be stopped when we confront it for what it is, the brutal spree of an ideology that claims supremacy through religion, which whines incessantly even as it butchers leaving a trail of corpses across continents, subjugated cultures, burning cars, destroyed memorials and shattered lives.

Obama insists that September 11 should be a day of community service-- and he's right. The best way to serve our community is to stand up to those who would destroy it and turn our children and grandchildren into second class citizens in their own country.

Standing up to Muslim colonialism is not done on just a single day by a single people, it is up to everyone on every single continent, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Atheists and even those Muslims who know that things have to change, to stand up in resistance. It is up to us to deny the lie that the lives of Muslims, their political aspirations and their power is worth more than ours.

It is up to us to write, to speak out, to protest and to tell the truth about over a thousand years of terror and the story of our ancestors of every religion and race who resisted them, who struck a blow against Muslim colonialism, whether it was by fighting, by teaching the next generation or by simply surviving. By continuing their resistance, we honor them and their sacrifices.

That is the best way to honor the dead, whether of September 11, or of every day in every year when our ancestors and our people have been oppressed and in many cases remain oppressed by Muslim colonialism. And it is the best way to serve our communities by protecting their future and showing that we will continue their resistance into the future. We will not give up. We will not go away. And we will not submit.


  1. When is it going to be alright to engage in physical self-defense against these hateful people? Pointing out Muslim hate and predation matters, but when will Western societies take the next step that is the only sure way to stave off dhimmihood?

  2. I agree. We will not give up. We will not go away. And we will not submit.

  3. when you not confront to the beast
    then the beast become more and more powerful
    and why in the world nobody make steps to resistance against the beast, why we're waiting till it's late - political reasons or financial reasons
    why not to show the beast who "is who", than the animal will run away? if you're not scare of dogs, whatever, it's just run away

  4. "We will not give up. We will not go away. And we will not submit."

    Well stated as usual, Daniel, except for the fact that the West has collectively given up, on the instigation of our glorious leaders, which is amply illustrated by the need for the few remaining voices to never be silenced.

    We have also abandoned common sense and any semblance to fairness or justice, whilst deeming it an honour and privilege to submit as dhimmis in our own lands, and Janissaries for Islam in theirs.

    We can and often do take consolation in trivial victories, such as the end of bin Laden or a burqa ban that we can only pretend to enforce, and to be fair these do allow many to sleep soundly at night.

    But no matter how one cares to frame it, there is no way for Western civilisation to overcome, or even survive Islam, without bloodshed on a scale never before witnessed on this planet.

    Our only hope, in my opinion, is for Islam to initiate a catastrophe that makes 911 seem like a Sunday school outing, with infidel losses running into the hundreds of thousands if not millions. And then for enough browbeaten innocents to awaken from their enforced and often legislated slumber born of complacency and stunning ignorance.

    Then would come the difficult bit, to set aside democratic politeness and suicidal principles for long enough to once and for all confront and eradicate the dysunctional ideology.

    But my guess is that we have lost the will to become embroiled in a religious war, and that future generations will scratch their heads in disbelief that the most advanced civilisation in history so readily capitulated to the most backward.

  5. Anonymous7/9/11

    Daniel is obviously spot on.
    The only "optimistic" remark I would add is since islam is unable to cope with modernity, large pockets of bright and educated non muslim people will always be allowed to survive in order to treat,care,translate or discover.
    All these tasks are out of reach for most muslims .


  6. Anonymous7/9/11

    I am an ex-muslim, living in a muslim country. I want freedom from this ideology of hate and arab supremacy!!! Please, western world, HELLOOOOOO! Wake up! Or one day you will be dreaming of freedom, like me...

  7. Dar al-Islam is unifyiing for its final jihad against Dar al-Harb.

    The Muslim world is seething with a thousand and one real and imagined grievances and resentments against the West.

    They feel humiliated by the West's accomplishments compared with their own inbred backwardness. They want revenge for the Crusades, colonialism, cartoons, Israel, ice-cream wrappers, Salman Rushdie, science, piggy banks and all the other humiliations that they believe in their paranoid state that the kuffars have deliberately inflicted on them.

    To Muslims, all relationships are of dominance/submission.

    If they can't be dominant, they sulk, whine and claim victim status to sympathetic bleeding-heart liberals, while secretly nursing their pent-up fury and humiliation.

    Once they think they might get the upper hand, the sulking immediately flips into murderous hostility.

    So, kuffars, beware the coming Islamageddon. Once Muslims can take on the West there'll be an orgy of rape, murder, torture and mutilation that will make the two previous world wars seem like a family squabble. http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/honor-shame-culture-and-humiliation-in.html

  8. Daniel wrote: “Obama insists that September 11 should be a day of community service-- and he's right. The best way to serve our community is to stand up to those who would destroy it and turn our children and grandchildren into second class citizens in their own country.”

    But once he realizes that what we’re doing is not what he intended, he’d get Jimmy Hoffa to send the Teamsters and the SEIU thugs to bloody a few heads and put down that kind of “community service.” Isn’t this what the left is doing to the Tea Party already?

    But, we fight back. Daniel fights back. Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson and Pamela Geller and so many others fight back. I myself have spent at least half a million words warning about not only Obama’s depredations, and those of past presidents, but also about the Islamic campaign of conquest here and abroad.

  9. Mark Matis7/9/11

    I would remind you once again that it is our fine friends in "Law Enforcement" who enable both the Religion of Peace and the Union Thugs to do their thing. Until THEY are dealt with, NOTHING will change. And there is ONLY ONE message they will understand.

  10. Thank you, Daniel. A truly awesome and heartfelt article that righteously honors the memory of the slain of 9/11.
    I contend that the fight against Islamic colonialism is two pronged.
    The Western Left, the internal enemies, who aid and abet the Jihadists, must be defeated FIRST, politically, in order to remove the treasonous cover and aid that they give to the Jihadists.
    Once that is accomplished, sane leaders can then turn their attentions towards defeating the external enemy.
    It will take a world wide effort akin to the one that smashed the Nazi's to finally end the horror of the moslem expansion.

  11. Excellent post Sultan Knish. The contents within this post are obvious to many of us it seems so called western leaders ignore what is the truth and are aiding and abetting the enemy. Yes Islam is the enemy of western civilization.

  12. Halycon7/9/11

    This article is probably one of the best you have ever written Mr Knish.

    I know that you've meticulously explored many facets of Islam but you're offering a good slap-in-the-face to wake everybody up and cast aside hypocrisy and indifference.

    Obama should have this nailed to the front door of the White door.

  13. An excellent article, Daniel, which rightfully sets the difference between the aggressors, and their victims.
    This truth has to spread, and quickly.

  14. United States politicians: the best politicians islamonazi petrodollars can buy...

  15. I recently had a discussion w/a fellow kuffar in India. Amazingly, he had never heard that between 80 and 100 MILLION Hindus were slaughtered, enslaved or forcibly converted in the Islamonazi invasions of the Indian sub-continent. I was surprised we had our little conversation considering he was at work! He seemed to realize the problem islamonzism represented though.

  16. Anonymous7/9/11

    DEE is right. We are so far down the road of submission that it is going to take a massive lose of life to wake people up.

  17. revereridesagain7/9/11

    It's sobering to note how many of us are coming to realize that it is unlikely that anything short of a decisive crisis is going to shake people out of their complacency at this point. In the 30s it was the invasion of Poland, and even then it took Pearl Harbor to shock this country into the realization that it was surrounded, outmanned, and outgunned by hostile empires who intended to cripple and destroy us. (But, in spite of MAD, it never really got to that point with the Soviet Union, which has perhaps contributed to what observers of disaster-related behavior call our "permanent vacation mentality".)

    Perhaps because this ideology hides behind its "religion" status, I suspect there is going to be an especially acute sense of desperate convulsion in the process of throwing off the tightening coils of the Islamic python. Too many people are going to want to deny that a "religion" could do this, right up to the last moment.

  18. The greatest defeat Islam can suffer is to be ignored. Of course, as in all extinction processes, ignoring Islamic adherents will lead initially to greater efforts to be recognized. Those efforts will look strangely like violent terrorist acts. Nonetheless, one can be pro-America, pro-Israel, pro-secularized Muslim without ever mentioning Islam. "I don't hear you, Mahmud, Mohamed, Ahmad!"

  19. Thanks for standing up for the Serbs. That means more to me than you will ever know.

  20. And....We...Will....Not...Submit!

  21. miriam8/9/11

    I am glad to see the many comments which means people are awake. That's a bit of a relief. I am also weary that the more people wait with inactivity the harder it will be to uproot the problem.

    I'm sorry that it took the Islamization of Europe for people to add Africa to their fingers as they list the many atrocities that Islam has committed. But nevertheless, I am glad that the problem is recognized.

    Its so global, I don't even know what a possible solution would look like. And I sincerely don't think ignoring the problem will make it go away.

  22. monika8/9/11

    in his usuall manner Greenfield is spreading theTea Party lies. First of all , Hollywood is on it ! Havnt you see all the movies, documentaries and very visible and loud protests? Cmone, get real! Im still suspicious about the rebels being the Tea Party in diguise, and the picture of the guy with the large knife? Its a snap from the "Iron Chef" , recent american export to Libya . The show is very popular there, but due to food shortages the competitors must improvise.

    P.S. the meat was said to be very difficult to chew

  23. Patricia G.8/9/11

    I have a friend who isn't as close to me as several years ago as we now live so far apart, but she is totally gung-ho on the Tea Party. They seem radical but they aren't the enemy or rebels in disguise. From what I have learned when they tried to recruit me (I WOULD NEVER JOIN THEM!) that they are wanting change in the USA and are tired of how the gov't screws over the people and now with Obama, they are going to see to it he is voted out of office. That is as much as I can tell of their rebellion.

  24. monika9/9/11

    Gee,Patricia G., what i wrote was satire, and, by the way, Tea Party is not a Party . It is a movement of great and free people. I hope you will reconsider.

  25. Anonymous12/9/11

    The guy in the first picture on the extreme right looks uncannily like the new Islamist head of the Libyan armed forces, who's threatening to sue the UK for torturing him. Aw, boo hoo...

    What's the odds that the black guy in the picture was beheaded?

  26. Anonymous12/9/11

    It shocks me that the population at large doesn't see the dangers of Islam. Islam is an invading army with the sole goal of total domination. They have planted the seed here in the US and soon they will breed themselves into a majority position. It is time to treat Islam for what it is: A military doctrine masquerading as a religion and being protected as a religion by our laws. Just because a billion people are doing it... that doesn't mean it's right.

  27. Anonymous14/9/11

    SK the hard truth is for Israel and Jews is that if a country like Turkey remained Christian or any one of the pre-Christian religions or followed any other religion in the world, you would not see the Turkish aggression under Ergodan today. If Pakistan and Bangladesh remained Hindu, Jews like Daniel Pearl would not be horrifically beheaded, and the Jews of Mumbai would not have been specifically hunted and ensured killed along with over a hundred others (goes without saying Hindus would never have had their holocaust over centuries). If Egypt remained Coptic Christian or any other curent religion or remained following any pre-Christian religion you would not see Egyptians viscerally hating Jews so much that they would seige the Israeli embassy for 13 hours. Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians in fact all non-Abrahamic religions do not have centuries of history persecuting Jews. Only Judaism's offshoots Christianity and Islam do. Christianity seems to have turned the corner and today are much less likely to mass murder Jews. Islam I do not see that changing. Islam is different. As long as any Gentile or Jew convert follows Islam, the scimitar will be at the Jew's throat. As long as their are Islamic countries Israel will always be under seige because it is Jewish and that too in the Arab Muslim heartland that was once and therefore must always be under Muslim rule. Israel's peace treaties will buy very temporary truces. But the hard truth is that peace for Israel will come once gentiles and Jew converts leave Islam and return to either the own gentile faiths (Zoroastrianism for Iranians, Hinduism for Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, Christianity for Turks and Egyptians or another gentile religion). The survival and thriving of other gentile religions among gentiles is the survival of Judaism. All those other religions are very compatible to true democracy unlike Islam. Notice how Hindu majority India is a democracy and has now a growing economy, unlike Islamic state Pakistan which is a joke of a democracy and survives through jizya from terrorism.

  28. Well Jews were persecuted quite a bit by pre-Christian religions as well, that includes the Zoroastrians I'm afraid, and some of the others you mentioned

    I don't want to get into the whole history, but it's certainly there

  29. Anonymous15/9/11

    One crucial difference is that in other gentile religions there is nothing about Jews, while in Islam Jews along with Christians are condemned 5 times a day and the end of the world for Muslims come when Muslims kill Jews. Hamas has that scripture in its charter. And Zoroastrianism is limited to certain region in the world. Iran as Zoroastrian would not be as involved or automatically on the side of the Muslim Palestinians. There is no other ummah of believers spanning at least 57 countries though more if you include living as a minority in the West with nurtured hatred for Jews thanks to their religion.

  30. Anonymous21/9/11

    Serbian workers in Libya (they are the most numerous remaining community of Europeans in the country, as many refused to leave because they identified with what was happening in Libya, having seen the same US-led (anyone naive enough to think it was France and UK that started it, without US 'blessing'?) aggression in their own country), as well as the black Africans (not, 'black' is an essential component) were singled out for violence and retribution. A number have been executed as 'Gaddafi-supporters'. The "unarmed protesters", and teh majority of Libyans, with the notable exception of Gaddafi, see black people as little more than potential slave-material, and certainly not as equals. It's clear why Gaddafi's calls for greater African unity ('gasp! you mean the black too?'-thinks your average Lybian) must have been very unpopular.

  31. Anonymous21/9/11

    As for Christian-Jewish relationship, let's face it: The middle ages were a time of violence and much hatred. Had the Jews been a majority during that time, they would have probably treated Christians the same. Now, that doesn't make it okay or justifiable, but it just means that such were the times. NOW, WHAT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON is WHETHER there is a CONCRETE COMPONENT OF THE RELIGION that INCITES HATRED AND VIOLENCE against another. The truth is THERE ISN'T in either Christianity (TRUE Christianity, and not the Christianity of someone who isn't interested in self-cultivation, and only wishes to find excuses for their hatred and immorality) or Judaism. THERE IS, however IN ISLAM. It CALLS IT'S FOLLOWERS TO HATE, and it's self-cultivation component is rather secondary to most. In fact, I dare say that among Abrahamic religions there is none other that is lawyer-like. I talk about the immoral things Muslims justify simply by citing the Quran. That is the problem. The fact that so many are not approaching God, but are just worshipping the scripture. It's similar to the Bible-idolatry found chiefly among some modern Protestants. The sick worship of the text of the Bible, without any appreciation of it's true meaning, or any real closeness to God. That is the problem. People who are so painfully immoral and hateful, who will never see Heaven because they are so full of evil, using religion as an excuse and justification for evil. That applies to Christians and Jews, but as for Muslims: I'm afraid some parts of their MAINSTREAM TEACHING are equally distancing from God and part of Quran leave NO room for non-violent and non-hateful interpretation. They ask for evil to be done, and full stop. You can't say 'it's wrong interpretation'. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.


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