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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama Outsources the Holocaust

Obama's planned photo op stop at the site of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp is all the more repulsive when you consider that his administration has become the primary enabler of those who would like to repeat the final solution.

From the Holocaust denying and Holocaust planning Ahmadinejad, to Venezuela's dictator Chavez, whose anti-semitic rants have contributed to attacks against Jews, to Hamas, whose covenant demands uncompromisingly the destruction of Israel-- Obama has made it his mission to try and befriend dictators and regimes who think that Buchenwald did not go far enough.

The Holocaust happened because of a two way relationship between those regimes which perpetrated it, and those which turned a blind eye to what was going on. Now Obama is repeating the same process, and while he is not building the concentration camps, he is actively enabling those who are. And the practical distinction becomes lost amid the moral distinction.

By making clear that not only will the US do nothing to stop Iran's nuclear program, but that his administration will obstruct Israel from stopping the nuclear program, Obama is giving Iran the all clear for a nuclear program whose end result is to be a nuclear weapon meant for Israel. And in doing so he is outsourcing a second Holocaust to the Muslim regimes who wish to carry it out.

Had Obama chosen some sort of even-handed non-interventionism, opting out of the conflict entirely, he would have stayed true to his rhetoric. Instead his administration has chosen to lay the blame for everything wrong in the Muslim world at Israel's doorstep, and demand that Israel rectify it by destroying itself through territorial concessions to terrorists, lest Obama "allow" Iran to do the job more directly.

It's a cynical gambit that is exact opposite of even handedness. Like Clinton and Condi, Obama has once again turned the "Special Relationship" between America and Israel... into a gun pointed at Israel's head.

This time the message is that Israel must allow itself to be destroyed so that Obama can cut a deal with Iran to "stabilize" Afghanistan and Iraq before a quick withdrawal. The message is that Israel must allow itself to be destroyed so that the Muslim world, which views the non-Muslim world the way a starving bum views a chicken sandwich, will come to like America. The message is that if Israel does not comply, Obama will not protect it from Iran... something he has made it obvious he has no intention of doing anyway.

While Obama conducts his never-ending world tour, deluding himself that he's a world leader instead of a world class pawn of every totalitarian regime he meets, all the camera flashes from the photo ops are meant to blind everyone to what is really going on. As with Obama's treatment of the UK's Prime Minister Brown and the Danish Prime Minister, pressing NATO to make way for Turkey at the expense of Western Europe-- it is all too clear that what he meant by "Strong Diplomacy" was appeasing America's enemies and abusing America's allies.

The foulest crimes are done behind the facade of saintliness. Under the guise of human rights entire countries have been destroyed and mass murderers have been given power. Cemeteries are sown with the dead produced by "progressive" policies and politics.

The lovers of peace, the bleeding hearts and the human rights activists did their part in the 30's to ensure that Hitler would be able to carry out the Holocaust by denouncing any effort to stop him as "warmongering". Like the modern day anti-war activists who could not see past the legacy of the Vietnam War, they could not see past the legacy of WWI, to be able to actually make a moral choice.

Obama's administration is now chock full of the same sort of progressives who view American military power as the problem, and American allies such as Israel, as the problem by extension. Once again the soldiers are the villains and the murderous fanatical thugs are the victims. "Poor Germany", the anti-war activists sighed in the 30's. "Poor Iran. Poor Gaza. Poor Cuba", their spiritual descendants sigh today. If only all these poor oppressed dictatorships would be left alone by the warmongering democracies, there would be a new era of peace on earth.

And so the same cycle repeats itself. It took the destruction of Czechoslovakia and Poland for the West to wake up and fight back. Yugoslavia was the new Czechoslovakia, and it is a toss up whether Israel will be the new Poland or not. With Obama, America has its own Chamberlain, had Chamberlain been a closet Nazi sympathizer. Lindbergh might be more on the nose. The black umbrellas are once again unfurled and Obama flashes a V promising us that all the nuclear weapons will soon be abolished and the world will learn to sing together with him.

If history repeats itself again, then Obama will be able to kill millions of Jews without firing a single shot or making a single hateful statement. He will simply keep the boot on Israel while extending a hand to those who would destroy it. The Holocaust will have been successfully outsourced, the lead buried and the dead countless. We have seen the Reactionary Holocaust. Now we may live to see the Progressive Holocaust. Or we may not.

We have as our example of course the Progressive Holocaust that did not come to be. Stalin's Holocaust, that began with the Doctor's Plot and was to end with government encouraged Antisemitic riots culminating in the Jews being removed for their own "protection". A third were to die in the riots. A third in transport. And a third in the bitter cold of the far northern gulags.

One interesting feature of the planned Progressive Holocaust was that it was a group of prominent Jewish Communists who were prompted to officially sign a letter asking for the deportation. And at the end of it all, Stalin was to come forward, along with a handful of those same loyal Jews who had been kept alive. Stalin was to denounce the whole thing as a conspiracy that he had been unaware of. This gruesome charade of plausible deniable would allow Stalin to still seem civilized to the rest of the world.

After repeating Hitler's worst atrocity, Stalin wanted to appear innocent of it all. "Who did it? Not me. I had no idea. None at all." That cynical charade is echoed by Barack Hussein Obama visiting Buchenwald while enabling those who want to make the Holocaust happen all over again.


  1. This is a really powerful piece.

    Can't resist - am gonna Digg it etc.

    Do you have any optimism re the upcoming talks between Bibi and Obama?

  2. SK, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts to make people see what is happening in our nation and around the world.

    One of the benefits of the internet is that I've been privileged to "meet" many caring, thoughtful people who want to help preserve the American ideal of freedom and personal responsibility that we grew up believing was "just how it was".

    These days, everything we assumed was normal and good is being turned on it's head as socialism rises from the ashes of our federal republic.

    I pray that enough people will listen to make a difference.

  3. No I don't have a great deal of optimism, except to hope that Bibi understands the pressure will be on and the best thing he can do, is say no and mean it

  4. Thank you Tovah, the internet lets us all participate in a larger dialogue that can help reveal the truth and stand off evil

  5. Once more your post is to the point. When I was a young girl my neighbors were great folks. They were German Jews who had both been interned in concentration camps. I never asked them personal questions because that would have been overstepping my bounds. I did dearly love knowing them, it truly broadened my horizons.

    Others in my neighborhood in Massachusetts didn't see it that way. They painted swastikas on their garage doors and just generally harassed them. Unfortunately they moved all too soon because of the anti-Semitism sentiments in our town.

    It saddens me to no end that Obama appears to be of the same ilk. The one thing I can see is that his actions aren't based on being a Christian...I am not sure he understands anything...but I do believe he wants to destroy Israel for the greater good of radical Muslims and other dictators in this world.

    He needs to stop going to places like Buchenwald for photo-ops....it is just totally disgusts me to the core!

    He is no leader he is a puppet. In my opinion he is destroying the country's image as he apologizes to all our enemies foreign and domestic.

  6. Obama is evolving into another Hitler sans the moustache and rants since he's "no drama Obama" as the media constantly tells us. Nothing to fear. Obama doesn't raise his voice and his feathers are rarely ruffled.

    He has no business visiting a concentration camp. He's exploitating the horrors that happened there all the while trying to orchestrate another Holocaust.

    He and Biden are also exploiting Israel. Last summer they toured Sderot and Biden picked up a kassam rocket and joked--yes joked--about how it was heavy enough for him to work out with as a form of dumbell.

    Obama and his people just don't get it. As I have often said and written, most decent people tred gently and sensitively when it comes to Holocaust survivors, their children, grandchildren.

    Those who don't are the same type who would spray paint swastikas and teach their children to do the same.

    What really disturbs me though is how people seem to divorce themselves from the genocide of the 1940s with what they're trying to do in Israel in 21st century. I guess it's morally easy for them to lament (or pretend to lament) the past.

    Quite another to prevent it from happening again.

  7. For TOTUS Hussein, as it is with all pathological narcissists, the story wherever he goes is all about him. His Buchenwald visit will not be about the evil done there, genocide or the ideology of hate. It will certainly not be about recent Jewish history and its warning for the future. It will be about his great uncle or cousin or whatever - and above all, about him.



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