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Home Appeasement of Concessions - The Invisible War with Islam

Appeasement of Concessions - The Invisible War with Islam

"He who sets the terms of the war sets the terms of the peace."

While our focus is on the visible war against terrorists and guerrillas in which our armies are engaged in, this war is only the visible war, the tip of a great dark iceberg which reaches far beneath the surface.

The visible war we are fighting is the war that the most radical Islamists are carrying forward, it is the war that occupies the bulk of our attention, it is the only war that our leaders officially recognize -- but it is also the war that sets the terms for the invisible war happening daily on our streets, in our schools, in government, university, civil service and throughout our lives.

The visible war, the terrorist threat, the car bombings, the shootings, the riots, the stabbings are the threat under which free nations surrender themselves one piece at a time. The goal of the visible war is to make present and clear the threat. But it is the invisible war which extracts the concessions.

The invisible war is not waged with guns or bombs. It is waged with reasonable editorials, with suits and benedictions. With smiles and handshakes and reassurances. It is a salesman's pitch that goes something like this. "We want to live in peace. To be your neighbors, to attend your weddings, embrace your families and create a better world. But first this is what we want--"

The invisible war. The quiet threat that sets the terms of the peace. The "Muslim Moderates" who seem quite reasonable who come bearing a gift, the message that peace is possible, as long as the proper concessions are made to them. And of course those concessions will be followed by more concessions still. And yet more to come after.

And if those concessions are not made, the visible war will follow. There will be riots, bombings, stabbings, shooting. The growing domestic Muslim population, whose presence we are legally not permitted to object to or their deportation to call for, in countries as diverse as England, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Russia and France, will turn hostile and become a weapon in our midst.

The invisible war uses the threat of a visible war combined with the threat of the "radicalization" of the "moderate" Muslim population, positioned like self-reproducing Trojan horses within our midst, to enforce concessions in the invisible war.

While we chase terrorists around the world, their leaders and our domestic sympathizers are busy setting the terms of surrender in our own capitals and getting their way more often than not.

It is easy enough to see the template for it in the countries most seriously affected, a look at Israel, Thailand or the Philippines allows us to total up the final costs that are brought to the bargaining table as terrorist leaders are legitimized to become statesmen and terrorist populations become sovereign nations. But it is not as obvious at the beginning when the butcher's bill has yet to be toted up and the real agenda is still only a whisper in coffee houses, an ink smear on a pamphlet, a hastily recorded speech by an Imam that law enforcement refuses to take seriously. It is not until there is real blood on the streets, when years of conflict become decades of conflict and the toll wears down even the patriot and the hardened soldier, that the real surrender begins and the enemy declares victory in the invisible war.

The real threat is not so much in the visible war, murderous as it may be. The visible war may claim thousands and perhaps even millions. But it is the invisible war that destroys countries feeding them up as menu items for the Islamofascist beast. As great a threat as the terrorist is, the phony moderate Muslim is a far greater threat -- for Islamic leaders extract ten times the price of every moderate Muslim, both at home and abroad, demanding money, political power, influence, land, autonomy, positions and control in their name.

While we fight the invisible war, Islam exploits the fighting to set better terms in its own invisible war. As long as we give lip service to appeasing moderate Muslims, as long as we turn our energies to appeasement, as long as we allow ourselves and our societies to be held hostage to Muslim rage-- we allow the enemy to set the terms of the war and in doing so set the terms of our own surrender.


  1. Sultan

    I agree completely. As I've posted several times I think the Islamists will win this war if they avoid the mistake of again attacking the American homeland.

    The combining of ignorance about the history of Islam, leftist arrogance and stupidity and political correctness could prove lethal.

  2. The attitude of political correct speech and thinking will ready people for any kind of internal invasion from any ideology that is foreign to the US republic.
    People have already been taught that the traditional values of America are "wrong". Now it remains for the deceivers to replace them with their own.

  3. Excellent artice with which I competely concur. We on these blogs can only spread the word as I know personally how serious this was is and will become.

  4. miriam1/6/09

    Whoa! That top picture said it all!!

    (Ms Liberty beheaded. wow)

  5. okay, great, is it not so great that we understand all this? The problem we are having is not us (the people that understand), the problem is how we make the liberals that make that doggie bigger every time he comes back for another bone, lets face it the liberals do not want to give away our freedom neither, however they are too naive to believe that the Islamist "moderates" will make peace. Our combat now a days is not with Islam rather the liberals


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